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How to Buy and Sell Designer Handbags on eBay for Profit
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How to Buy and Sell Designer Handbags on eBay for Profit


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  • 1. Buy and Sell Designer Handbags For Big Profits By Ann Ricks Copyright Notice © 2008 All rights reserved. Any unauthorized use, sharing, reproduction or distribution of these materials by any means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise is strictly prohibited. No portion of these materials may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever, without the express written consent of the publisher. Copyright 2008 1
  • 2. Buy and Sell Designer Handbags on eBay for Big Profits Profit Designer handbags are hot items today and will no doubt be hot items for a very long time. People love to own and wear well-known, quality name brand clothing and accessories. Men and women alike clamor for these items. Buying and selling designer handbags is a highly profitable online business for many eBay sellers. Millions of dollars in women’s accessories are bought and sold every year on eBay. You can get in on this million-dollar-industry and start making money yourself! If you haven’t already registered with eBay, here is a good place to start. Click here to register with eBay. Go ahead and register so you can get started buying and selling on eBay. It’s fast and easy! Psychology of Buying Designer Handbags Why do people desire things that are well-known to others as a status symbol? Psychologists tell us that one of the strongest human yearnings is to feel like we belong to a group. When an item becomes popular, it gains momentum for this reason: People want to have what others have, because it makes them feel like they are a part of the inner circle, the “upper crust” of society. This is human nature, and it has been true since the beginning of mankind. When we find that someone else wants something, it often makes us want it more! That is the reason designer handbags are so popular. We want one because everyone else wants one. So how can you make money on eBay buying and selling handbags? Well, it is partly easy and partly difficult. The easy part is that you just bid on handbags, pay for them, Copyright 2008 2
  • 3. and then resell them on eBay. Or you can pick them up at thrift stores and garage sales. It sounds easy, right? The only problem is that just buying willy-nilly will get you in trouble. As you’ve probably already guessed, it is very likely that when you sell an item on eBay that you purchased there, the chances are high that the handbag will sell for less than you paid for it yourself. That’s not good – that means you’re losing money, and you want just the opposite to occur. You want to make money selling handbags on eBay. Well that’s what many have found to be the difficult part. Many eBay sellers have tried to buy and sell designer handbags on eBay and found that they lost much more money than they ever made. Most of them give up before they learn the hard way how to make money doing it. But you’re one of the smart ones – because you purchased this valuable, nifty little ebook that’s going to tell you how to actually make money rather than lose money! There are secrets and tricks to making money on eBay, and I’m about to share them with you. You can keep them to yourself, or you can share them if you like. If you have browsed the virtual streets of eBay and done some observing, you have probably noticed that some items sell for a lot more than other similar items. And some items don’t sell at all, while a very similar item will sell for over $100. Nothing happens by accident. There are reasons that this happens. There are several factors that have a strong affect on whether an item sells and for how much. These factors include: Price, popularity, timing, and presentation. All of these are very important when it comes to whether or not an item sells. I will cover all of these factors in depth so that you will have an understanding of how they all work together. Copyright 2008 3
  • 4. Let’s start out with a listing that did not sell: VINTAGE COACH TAYLOR ZIP TOP SHOULDER PURSE Item number: 300122556032 This Coach handbag was listed at $19.95 with $10.65 shipping and handling. The listing ended on Monday afternoon. There were several pictures of the handbag and plenty of detail. The reason this listing did not sell is probably because it is an older vintage handbag, and the starting price was placed too high. There is a good chance the seller could have sold it for more than $20, but there must be several bidders to get the bidding activity going in order for a handbag such as this to go for $20 or more. So the reason this handbag did not sell is due to the price being listed too high. Many sellers, especially if they own the item, have a hard time starting the list price low, because they are afraid the item will sell very low, and they don’t want to sell their valuable Coach handbag for a measly few bucks. That is the risk you have to take, however, when you buy and sell on eBay. The following rules on the next few pages are rules you should follow when selling handbags for profit on eBay. If you follow these 12 rules, you should be able to obtain the highest prices for your authentic designer handbags. Rule No. 1: Set the starting bid low. Keep in mind that this strategy works best on very popular items such as designer handbags. Even though starting your item out with a low bid can be scary, you must trust the process. If you Copyright 2008 4
  • 5. have done everything else correctly, you will have bidders get very excited about your item from the beginning, and you’ll see a great deal of bidding activity and buying excitement surrounding your item. And that’s how the most money is made! Rule No. 2: Use auction format – do not use Buy it Now. Again, this strategy is for very popular items such as designer handbags and other popular name brand items. The reason you should always use the auction format is that it allows several buyers to compete for the item, and buyers enjoy competitive bidding. If you have participated in auction bidding on eBay, you have no doubt experienced the thrill of winning a bid on an item you really wanted, and also the disappointment at losing a bid. This psychological factor alone is the reason many popular items go for higher than normal prices, and that brings us to the next rule. Rule No. 3: Do Not Use Reserve Price. This turns buyers off and gives them the impression that it does no good to bid on the item. It is very frustrating to win an auction and then lose the item because the Reserve Price was not met. Often Sellers contact the buyer after an auction end and offer to sell the item for the highest bid, but they don’t always do it, and buyers now tend to avoid an auction with a reserve price. Copyright 2008 5
  • 6. Here is a good example of an auction where the item did not sell due to the Reserve Price: Authentic Signature Coach Handbag This item did not sell. Although the gallery picture is not a good quality picture, this handbag most likely would have sold if it had not been listed with a Reserve Price. The starting bid was set at $50 with an unknown Reserve, and there was a Buy it Now price of $210. Buyers simply ignored this auction. Ebay charges an extra fee just for adding a reserve price. The are times when a Reserve Price is appropriate, but it usually doesn’t work when selling designer handbags, so try not to list items with a Reserve. Rule No. 4: Only buy and sell popular items. 4 Just because an item is in your category of designer handbags, doesn’t mean that it is a popular item. All things are relative, and some items in a popular category are more popular than others. It is important to continually research and determine the average price obtained for specific bags. Just because a brand new purse goes for over $200 does not mean that every purse similar will sell for that much. It is better to sell spring handbags in the spring and summer, and to sell dark leather handbags in the fall and winter. Items sold off season are less popular. Many designer purses are year-round colors and styles, and they can be sold any time of year. Copyright 2008 6
  • 7. Rule No. 5: List items with at least 4 pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words, and buyers in this category demand to see lots of pictures. You should post at the very minimum four pictures of each handbag. You should have a full front view, back view, picture of the inside including the Coach Creed, and a picture of the bottom of the handbag. It is also good to take a picture holding the purse by an arm or carrying it on the shoulder, so buyers can see how the handbag looks being carried. Many designer handbags go unsold or sell for much less than they would if there were plenty of clear pictures of the handbag. It is best to self host your photos, but even if you can’t do that, you should pay the extra small amount to have 4-6 photos. The small amount of money spent on extra pictures will almost always help the handbag sell for more than it would with just one picture. The only exception to this is if the handbag has flaws, and the pictures point out the flaws. Ethically the flaws should be shown to buyers. Which brings me to the next rule. Select a background color that does not take away from the handbag. Light backgrounds show off the handbag the best. Don’t use a bright background color such as red. This handbag did not sell. It was listed as a Buy it Now auction for $19.99. The photograph is blurry and poor quality, and the handbag is photographed against a bright red background. The background does not enhance this handbag and actually takes away from it. Choose a background that provides contrast with the handbag and also enhances the handbag. For example, use a dark background to photograph a light colored handbag. Use a light background to photograph a dark colored handbag. Copyright 2008 7
  • 8. Backgrounds should be neutral colors, however, and never bright red or orange. Always use a gallery picture with your auctions. Items with a gallery picture sell better than average and sell for higher prices than those that are listed without a gallery picture. Auctions without a gallery picture often get lost in the crowd as buyers browse through items. Rule No. 6: Invest in a good digital camera. This is an absolute necessity if you sell items online! A good digital camera will be your most important asset for an online business. Choose a digital camera with an excellent macro feature and zoom capability. I recommend one of the Sony digital cameras since Sony is one of the highest quality brands and takes great digital pictures. Rule No. 7: Take photographs in good lighting : photogra hs that enhance the handbag. You absolutely should show flaws to buyers, but don’t give attention to the flaws. Merely mention them while you are describing the “beautiful” handbag. Make sure you have good lighting when photographing your handbags. Use several different light sources. Sometimes using just the camera flash distorts the color and texture of the handbag. It is best to have at least two light sources, such as small lamps, while taking pictures. Never photograph an empty, flat handbag. Always stuff the handbag with clean material such as wrapping tissue paper or plastic bags. Stuff the bag just enough that it looks plump but not stuffed. This picture is a good example of a well-stuffed bag: Copyright 2008 8
  • 9. This handbag was stuffed with clean, plastic bags. If a handbag is stuffed just the right amount, it photographs much better and the stuffing will help the bag stand by itself. It is difficult to stand a flat handbag for photographing. When photographing your handbags it is a good idea to photograph them from several different angles and in different states. For example, it would be good to have one picture with the purse standing on its own, another picture with the purse being held by someone’s hand, and another picture with the purse laid on a flat surface. Handbags photographed hanging on a hook on a wall do not make attractive pictures. A handbag will photograph much better being stuffed and standing on its own. Some thin handbags will be difficult to stand up even if they are stuffed. In these cases, try propping the back of the handbag against something such as a small cup turned upside down or a small box so the handbag will stand long enough to be photographed. When using this technique, make sure the item used to prop the handbag cannot be seen in the photograph. Your auction should include a picture of the front, back, top, bottom, and inside of the purse. Any flaws should be photographed so the buyer can see what she is actually getting. I cringe when I see a gorgeous designer handbag photographed in a junky garage, on a rusted metal table outside, or against a stark white wall. Try to make your pictures interesting, and place then handbag in an attractive setting. People who carry designer handbags consider the handbag a thing of status, and having it pictured in the Copyright 2008 9
  • 10. midst of junk takes away the handbag’s status and turns off buyers. Many designer handbags are selling in spite of poor pictures posted on the auctions. Even so, clear sharp pictures will enhance the auction and bring even higher prices for your handbags. Rule No. 8: Provide details in the auction 8 listing. Providing details in your auctions is very important. Studies have found that auction listings that include a lot of details sell for higher prices than those that include few details. Measurements, especially, should be included in the auction details. Buyers want to know exactly how large the bag is before bidding. Color is important, too. Try to obtain the exact name of the color given by the manufacturer. A positive and upbeat detailed description of the handbag will increase sales. Again, let buyers know about flaws, but keep the attention on the benefits and features of the handbag, rather than any negatives. Rule No. 9: Never lecture, scold or warn 9 potential buyers. Your auction details should be positive – always. Don’t lecture, scold, or warn buyers – ever. Whenever I see an auction listing informing lookers that “all sales are final,” “do not bid if you can’t pay,” or “if you don’t pay I will report you to eBay,” I always wonder how many potential buyers have walked away in disgust. It doesn’t pay to be rude to your buyers! All eBay Sellers deal with a few buyers who won the bid but don’t want to pay. It is true that sometimes buyers can be a pain in the neck. The pain-in-the-neck buyers, however, are in the minority. Most eBay buyers pay promptly, give Copyright 2008 10
  • 11. positive feedback, and go on to their next purchase. When you include negative statements in your auction listings, you run the risk of losing future buyers because warnings offend buyers. When you put warnings in your auction details, you are actually scolding all buyers, even the good ones. Always assume that every transaction will be a positive and smooth transaction. Sellers usually get about what they expect. This goes along with the Law of Attraction that is currently sweeping the country. If you expect to get problem buyers, then you probably will get them. If, on the other hand, you expect to get buyers who appreciate your services and pay promptly, then you will usually get smooth transactions and fast paying buyers. If you have negative statements in your auction listings, remove them, start thinking positively about buyers and watch your sales increase! Rule No. 10: Timing is everything – list items 10 when the most buyers are online. It is best to list items for 7 days, and when you do that the listing ends the same day it began. Many people believe Sunday afternoon and evening is the best time to list items. Others say weekdays are better. Most eBay Sellers say that Sundays are good days and so are weekday evenings. There are a few times that are not as optimal because fewer buyers are online. Those times include early morning, the middle of the night, and rush hour. Probably the best time to list your items is on Sunday afternoon, Sunday evening, and weekdays between 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. Keep in mind that many people are away from their computer on Friday and Saturday nights. Copyright 2008 11
  • 12. Rule No. 11: Learn how to clean and condition 11 handbags. If you can learn how to clean a handbag and condition it, then you will be able to make handsome profits buying and selling handbags. Many leather handbags suddenly gain new life after receiving a conditioning treatment. Coach retail stores carry a leather cleaner and a leather conditioner. Both products are excellent and will give new life to handbags. Rule No. 12: Use as many keywords as possible 12 in the auction title. The title of your auction is very title important because the title attracts buyers’ attention and the keywords in the title are searchable. Many people look for items using the search feature rather than browsing categories. So it is important that you place all the relevant keywords in your title. The most important keyword in the title is the brand name of the designer handbag. Keywords such as “handbag,” “shoulder bag,” “purse,” and “x brand” should be put in the auction title because most people search using those terms. In order to jazz up the title, mix up your use of all caps and lower case wording. For example this title is somewhat boring: Authentic Coach Handbag Black. This title appears more interesting: AUTHENTIC COACH Handbag Purse Bag Black. It is better to put a few words in all caps, but don’t put all the words in all caps because mixing them up looks better and grabs the buyer’s attention. Try to use all the spaces and put as many keywords as you can squeeze into the title. Rule No. 13: Accept PayPal. Most buyers on or off eBay prefer to pay for purchases with PayPal. It’s easy and convenient, and many eBayers have money in their PayPal Copyright 2008 12
  • 13. accounts to spend. Some sellers manage to eke out a living on eBay without accepting PayPal, but they would no doubt do much better if they started accepting PayPal. If you are serious about selling on eBay or any other auction site, you should accept PayPal as payment. It will allow you to accept credit cards from buyers without going through the hassle of signing up for merchant credit card services. PayPal is a very convenient and affordable service, and you can send and receive money quickly and easily. It is especially nice to have buyers pay through PayPal and watch the money add up in your PayPal account. Sign up for a PayPal account here. Buying Tips When it comes to buying and selling for profit, you make your money when buying the item. That’s because if you don’t get a good price when you buy the item, then chances are high that you won’t be able to sell the item for a high enough price to make a profit. Therefore, your goal is to buy designer handbags at a low price. But how can you do that when there is so much competition on eBay? It is true that it is difficult to buy items cheap enough to be able to make profit. Some Sellers find they are unable to do it and end up quitting because they find they are losing more money than they are making. I myself have been burned a number of times when buying items on eBay. You just have to be persistent, learn from your mistakes, and practice the tips in this ebook. The following are tips you should follow when buying designer handbags on eBay. If you follow these buying tips, you will be much more likely to obtain designer handbags for prices that will enable you to make a profit when selling. Copyright 2008 13
  • 14. Remember what has often been said about buying and selling: “You make your profit when you buy.” Buying Tip No. 1: Look for auctions with just one picture. You’ll be taking a chance since it is difficult to assess a good purchase with just one picture of the item. Buying and selling any kind of goods is a gamble, and buying and selling online is often more of a gamble than traditional merchandizing. The gamble often pays off. Read the listing carefully to determine if there are major flaws in the item. Don’t assume anything, and ask questions. Buying Tip No. 2: Look for auctions with blurry or poor quality pictures. These auctions often go for less than auctions with good quality, sharp pictures. Buyers depend on lots of high quality pictures to determine whether or not to bid on an item. If there is just one blurry picture to sell an auction, often the item will not sell because buyers do not have enough information to convince them to bid on the item. Again, read the auction details carefully to determine if there are major flaws. If you purchase an item through PayPal and the item you purchase is different from the item advertised, you can file a claim for a refund. Buying Tip No. 3: Watch auctions of Sellers atch with less than optimal feedback scores. Sellers with low feedback scores sell less than Sellers with high feedback scores. A seller’s feedback score is what tells buyers that he is an honest and respectable seller who provides quality products and service. Oftentimes there are reasons why a seller’s feedback score is low, and you can look at the feedback comments and determine whether it is worth the risk to bid on the seller’s items. Use caution when buying from such sellers. Copyright 2008 14
  • 15. Buying Tip No. 4: Look for auctions with little or no description content. Typically auctions with little or no content will sell for less than auctions that give plenty of details about the item. Be sure and ask the seller questions about the details of an item, such as measurements and authenticity. Give yourself plenty of time to ask the seller before the auction bidding ends. Buying Tip No. 5: Watch auctions with too-high starting bids. If you know the average selling price for bids the item, determine whether buying the item at the Buy it Now price will enable you sell the item at a profit. If you think you could make a profit, however, go ahead and buy the item. If not, then walk away from bidding. Buying Tip No. 6: Watch auctions with negative content. Auctions with negative statements will often go . for less than average, because the negative content turns off buyers and many will just walk away. These sellers usually either stop selling altogether or remove the negative content. In the meantime, however, you can pick up some good deals on their items. Buying Tip No. 7: Shop at garage sales and S thrift stores for good buys. Look for design handbags in good to excellent condition. Often designer handbags can be obtained at surprisingly low prices at these types of sales. Buying Tip No. 8: Watch auctions that ended without selling. Oftentimes auctions that did not sell . Copyright 2008 15
  • 16. the first time will be listed a second time for a lower price. If the newly lowered price is enough to give you some room to make the sale and make a profit, then go for it. Advantages of Buying and Selling Online There are definite advantages to buying and selling online. For one thing, if you do all your buying online, you won’t have to pay travel expenses to make your purchases. Everything is online, so the process is easier. You will save on gasoline, parking, and other travel expenses. More and more people are shopping online, so you will have the added experience of putting yourself in your buyers’ shoes. Shopping online is becoming more and more a way of life, mainly because of the convenience. It is so nice to be able to sit down at a computer, place an order, and have it show up on your doorstep! This is why your buyers like to buy from you, too! They also buy online for the convenience it affords. Fake Designer Handbags s Fake designer handbags is big business online. Many sellers seem to make money selling fake designer handbags, but they run the risk of being shut down by eBay, and even being investigated by law enforcement. It is always best to sell ethical items and follow the law. Even if you don’t believe in the ethical philosophy that honesty is the best way, you should refrain from dealing in fake designer handbags simply because it is not worth the risk of getting caught and paying a high price for deceiving your buyers and breaking the law. Copyright 2008 16
  • 17. Recognizing fake designer handbags is important when buying them, because when you unknowingly buy a fake designer bag, you will probably be stuck with it, not being able to sell it for even the amount you paid. It is often difficult to tell the fakes from the real thing, but you should educate yourself in how to recognize fakes. This is very important if you plan to make a profit buying and selling designer handbags. How to Recognize Fakes There are certain clues to recognize fakes in every designer brand, and these differ with each brand. Be careful when purchasing designer handbags from new websites. Here are a few tips for identifying a website selling fake counterfeit designer handbags and purses: Beware of websites with missing contact information, websites with registration information on listed as “private.” Beware of websites in which you cannot locate the owners. Websites that offer fake designer handbags often offer a few designs in many colors, and the designs are those that you’ve seen often on other websites. If the prices are too good to be true, the merchandise is most likely fake. Before buying a designer handbag from a website, talk to the owner and ask specifically if the handbag is authentic, and insist on a guarantee of authenticity before purchasing. Websites selling authentic handbags should have a proof of authenticity on the website. Look for a money back guarantee. If they do not have a money back guarantee, there’s probably a reason for it, and you should shop elsewhere. Copyright 2008 17
  • 18. If you buy a handbag out of the trunk of a car, that’s a sure sign it’s a fake. Pay close attention to the details of a handbag you are about to purchase. Fake handbags have uneven stitching and other inferior details. If you have any doubt that the handbag is authentic, you should walk away and not follow through with the purchase. Keep in mind that a number of eBay sellers proclaim that most designer handbags sold on eBay are fakes. They infer that the only way you can be sure to get an authentic bag is to buy it from them. Sometimes the very seller making these accusations is selling the fakes! If a seller is selling a designer handbag as authentic, you can often check the authenticity simply by going to the website for that particular brand and do a comparison. Is that exact style of handbag for sale on the website? If a seller says the purse was bought a few months ago, then you should be able to find it on the website. If you are unable to locate the handbag on the designer website, then you should be wary. When it comes to vintage designer handbags, a sure sign of authenticity is how well the purse has weathered age. If there are tears or obvious signs of wear, then the chances are high that the purse is a fake. On the other hand, if the handbag has worn well, if the leather is soft, supple, and well worn, then the handbag is probably authentic. Cheap knock-offs don’t age well and show signs of aging much sooner than the real article. Copyright 2008 18
  • 19. Bate and Switch Scams Beware of bait and switch scams. Some sellers offer an authentic handbag for sale, but when the buyer wins the bid she receives a fake bag rather than the authentic bag. Shipping Tips Online selling is easy and lucrative, but getting the item to the buyer can be a big headache. Countless packages are lost in the mail every day, and those that arrive at their destinations do not always get there undamaged. Buyers place great importance on shipping. When they bid on an item and win the auction, they expect prompt and excellent shipping. Even if they are very slow to pay, they still expect prompt shipping. It’s a good practice to have the item ready to mail when the auction ends and then you will be able to ship it immediately when payment is received. Your time is valuable – too valuable to spend time standing in line at the post office or waiting for a USPS pickup. You’ll save time and money by signing up for an online postal service such as Endicia. For a small monthly fee, you can take care of virtually all your postal business online. You can pay for postage, print labels, buy insurance – all online. All you need is a computer, a printer, and an internet connection. Once you have experienced using an online postal service, you’ll never want to go back to standing in post office lines again. When shipping with USPS, you should consider purchasing the insurance. You can either include it in the shipping cost or pay for it yourself, as it could save you much time and Copyright 2008 19
  • 20. effort, not to mention the stress when dealing with an unhappy buyer if the item is lost or damaged. Delivery confirmation is highly recommended since it gives you evidence that an item was delivered to the buyer. The United States Postal Service offers delivery confirmation for a fee, but if you use the shipping option on eBay/PayPal, delivery confirmation is free. Delivery confirmation is offered for a reduced fee when using Endicia. Expensive handbags should be shipped in a box. Never ship a handbag in an envelope without protective wrapping, since doing so could damage the handbag. You want buyers to want to buy from you again, and shipping is a big part of gaining and maintaining an excellent reputation as an eBay seller. If you ship packages USPS Priority Mail, boxes are available at no charge. You can order Priority Mail boxes on the USPS website and have them delivered – all at no charge. For items over $100, you should always provide insurance – whether or not the buyer pays for it. In fact, I provide insurance for all items over $50. You should insure high- priced items for your own protection. The best part about USPS insurance is that if the item becomes lost in the mail or is damaged during shipping, the mail receiver (buyer) must go to the post office and complete paper work for getting reimbursement for damged/lost articles. When you provide insurance for your buyers, they will appreciate your great customer service, and if something does happen to the item, they (not you) will spend the time going to the post office and filing claim forms. Copyright 2008 20
  • 21. Shipping Do’s and Don’ts • Ship items quickly – within 48 hours of receiving payment • Pack items in a sturdy box with protective packaging • Never mail a handbag in an envelope with no protective material • Charge enough for shipping to cover shipping and packaging • Don’t overcharge for shipping – it will anger buyers and hurt your reputation as a seller • Always use delivery confirmation • Provide insurance for items over $100 to cover mail loss and shipping damages • Ship worldwide – most sellers won’t ship worldwide, so just this one extra service will put you ahead of many sellers • Don’t stand in line at the post office – use PayPal online postal service or Endicia to print labels from your computer at home Another shipping alternative to consider is UPS Ground shipping. This is a good alternative for large items because UPS Ground is usually less expensive for large items, and the item will often be delivered earlier with UPS than with USPS. Copyright 2008 21
  • 22. Cleaning and Conditioning Designer Handbags Handbags should be in the best possible condition when sold. That means you will need to learn how to clean and condition a handbag. Coach sells three types of handbag cleaners: Leather Moisturizer, Leather Cleaner, and Signature Cleaner for cloth handbags. They can be purchased at any Coach retail store. Wholesale Guides Many successful sellers buy designer handbags from wholesalers. In order to find reputable online wholesalers as sources to obtain designer handbags, you should get your hands on a good wholesale guide. One of the most up-to- date wholesale guides for legitimate authentic designer handbag suppliers is The Wholesale Designer Handbag Directory. This wholesale guide will give you a list of legitimate designer handbag wholesalers. Another excellent wholesale guide is Authentic Designer Handbags. Copyright 2008 22
  • 23. I hope you have learned a great deal about buying and selling designer handbags to start making a nice profit for yourself in this field. Lots of eBay sellers are making money doing this on eBay, and you can, too. You can also sell designer handbags on other sites, too. There are online sellers who sell handbags and other items on websites other than eBay. Some of these websites include the following: Visit the RedMeow blog often for the latest money-making ideas and internet marketing tips. This ebook has been brought to you by - The End – Copyright 2008 23