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    February 2005.doc February 2005.doc Document Transcript

    • CANYON LAKE COMPUTER CLUB NEWSLETTER February 2005 A Publication of the Canyon Lake Computer Club in Canyon Lake, Texas The President’s February Meeting Corner When: Monday, February 28, at By Shaunesse Clark, 6:30 PM President Where: GVTC Auditorium in Smith- At our last meeting, son Valley (100 FM 3159) I gave the presenta- Presentation subject: Home net- tion on “How to buy working, by Jim Gansle. This will be & sell on eBay along with buying on- a power point presentation, cover- line.” We had a lot of fun checking ing (lightly) all the aspects of home out the different eBay auctions. We networking – what a network is good also purchased a Dell computer on- for, how to set one up, and how to line for Frances Shannon who had use it. Now that many households her credit card ready. Dell Comput- have more than one computer, ers was running great sales on refur- maybe including one or more you bished computers with free ship- don’t know what to do with, a net- ping. Frances’ computer arrived on work is a very useful thing. Wednesday; just two days after or- dering it online. She absolutely loves Last Month’s Meeting (Jan- her new toy. uary) Our President, Shaunesse Clark, Jim Gansle will giving Monday kept things moving by showing us night‘s presentation on the advan- how to shop for bargains on Dell’s tages of home networking and how refurbished site—she actually bought to set one up. Please plan to attend a computer—and how to sell on and bring a friend along for the eBay. Very interesting! meeting. The date is Monday, Febru- ary 28th at 6:30 PM. Afterwards a bunch of us meet at the Dairy Queen in Startzville for an informal after- the-meeting get-together. Everyone is invited.
    • Member News. Scottie Gound having a SIG meeting (including one has moved to New Braunfels and Hal on a subject we haven’t done be- Hodges will do the same in the near fore) let one of the officers know future. Scottie and Hal are founding and we will try to accommodate fathers of our Club, and we will miss you. them being close. I hope they will Note: SIGs, as they are commonly still come to Club meetings when called in computer user groups, are they can. And most of all, that they subgroups of the club whose mem- fare well in their new homes. bers share a special interest. They May Meeting. It’s never too ear- typically engage in a variety of ac- ly to think about the May meeting, tivities, such as presentations, re- when we hold our annual anniver- ports, discussions, and so on, on the sary supper social. Keep the date subjects that particularly interest open (May 23) and think about what them. would whet your appetite because Computer Instruction Op- Ray and Mary Bacon are sure to ask you soon. portunities The Tye Preston Library in Sattler Club Web Site provides computer instruction for The Canyon Lake Computer Club beginners, using laptop computers. Web site is at www.clcc.us. Our For more information, call the li- site was created and is maintained brary at 964-3744. by Jim Kirkpatrick. Jim has put up a The Comal and New Braunfels ISDs lot of material of interest to Club offer hands-on computer-related member computer users, including classes—Beginning Computing, Inter- pictures of officers and chairper- net, Word, Excel, Access and others. sons, current news, and items of in- Online courses are also offered by terest. Check it out often to keep up the New Braunfels ISD. These cover to date. You can do that by clicking a wider range of topics, such as on a link in the first line of this Front Page, Java, Dreamweaver, paragraph. Note that the member PowerPoint, Publisher, Quicken, and list is not publicly available. If you so on. Phone numbers and Web site need to see it, click on “Members” addresses follow: on the navigation bar that shows up on the home page and go from Comal ISD: (830) 221-2000 – www.- there. comalisd.org New Braunfels ISD: (830) 643-5700 – Special Interest Groups www.newbraunfels.txed.net (SIGs) For Internet courses: www.ed2go.- At the moment there are no active SIGs. If someone is interested in com/nbisdce. 2
    • Officers and Chairpersons President: Shaunesse Clark: (935-4050, shaun@shaunclark.com) Vice-president: Ray Bacon: (899-5222, raycon@gvtc.com) Secretary/Treasurer: Leslie Becker: (905-4344, skyscot@gvtc.com) Programs: Mike Bolles (935-4779, mike_bolles@swt.edu) Publicity: Frances Shannon (885-2226, frances@gvtc.com) Webmaster: Jim Kirkpatrick (899-7647, jasejr@gvtc.com) Newsletter Editor: Jim Gansle (899-5580, jgansle@gvtc.com) Reports of New Viruses http://www.grisoft.com/us/us_dwnl7.php Thanks, Editor’s note: A couple of weeks ago John I got an email from a family friend notifying me of the death of his Thank you, John. The link is to a site mother. At the same time from which you can download the GVTC/Postini intercepted a couple free AVG anti-virus software. In an- of messages from his address, telling other communication, John told me me they contained a virus. I hesitat- it is very powerful and only about ed to say anything to my friend at 1/3 the size of Norton. the time, but then decided to tell Editor’s addition: there is another him in case he did want to deal with free piece of virus protection avail- it despite his time of grieving. Sure able called “Prevx.” I put this on my enough, his anti-virus program had daughter’s computer and it seems to gone south and it took a Herculean work quite well. Also, it appears to effort for him to clean up his com- be well regarded by other users and puter. Thank goodness he was grate- reviewers. When it’s running and ful and didn’t consider my bringing you are installing software it is best this up to him an unwelcome intru- to “suspend” it because otherwise it sion at that time. will drive you crazy asking you if it’s Second Note from the editor: I re- okay for the installation routine to ceived the following email from do every little thing it does. You can John Buckelew at GVTC: download it from various sites, in- cluding www.download.com or Jim, www.tucows.com. I noticed in the newsletter that you have a section in regards to viruses John also mentioned Ad-aware as a and scanners. I wanted to let you protection against spyware. He said know there is a new scanning pro- that he has seen a lot of machines in gram that works really well, and it's the last few weeks that are being all free. I thought I would pass it on to but shut down due to spyware. An- you in case some of the members other popular and well-regarded were interested. The link is below. program in this category is Spybot. 3
    • (I run both of these frequently, as Map24 “takes online mapping to a they supplement each other.) See more personal level. Things like your two articles in the Articles section preferred speed and road type are about Microsoft’s entry into this considered in the routing. For exam- field. ple, you can pull a ‘Smokey and the Following are the usual links to anti- Bandit’ by choosing to avoid toll virus-related sites. roads altogether.” Norton Antivirus list of latest Earthcam. Access lots of Webcams threats worldwide. Trend-Micro’s page on “Security From the Langalist Information” Think Clear. This site will “read Trend-Micro’s Weekly Virus Report your mind.” It uses an old and inter- esting mathematical trick, which I Reminder: If you would like to scan won’t go into here. your computer for worms, viruses, Trojans and other malicious code, Funny Microsoft Q Articles. A col- visit HouseCall, Trend Micro's free lection of computer humor directly online virus scanner or Norton’s from Microsoft. Security or Virus Scan. Both of Free batch files. “Any one of these these sites have a lot of informa- six free batch files can scrub your tion on viruses and other threats to hard drive clean of many junk files, your computer. freeing up (typically) anywhere from Web Tidbits tens to thousands of megabytes of otherwise-wasted disk space.” From Kim Komando VII Photo. A Photojournalistic site From the Tourbus with some quite interesting stories Free Linux Tutorial. “This free on- on various subjects, including the line tutorial will teach you about the Tsunami Disaster and some private Linux file system, useful commands, moments in the President’s life. text editors, data manipulation, shell programming, accessing DOS Science@Nasa. A NASA site devoted and Windows Files from Linux and to the tracking and sighting of much more.” spacecraft. Zoom in and out to pin- point one of over 500 satellites. As I From the Scout Report write, the Space Station is over the America in the 1930’s. The site is southern portion of Africa. organized into thematic sections, The Movie Spoiler “posts blow-by- such as "On Film" and "On the Air. blow reviews of the most popular The section dedicated to American movies. Included are write-ups of radio programming during this the surprise endings. For a peek at decade is quite nice, as it affords played-out pictures, check out the users the opportunity to learn about archives. these shows and listen to some of 4
    • the old shows, including Little Or- how to use the VBA Editor and pro- phan Annie, Amos 'n' Andy, and Jack gram in VBA in WORD, EXCEL or AC- Benny. CESS. From Other Sources Humor Crossword Puzzle Games. With Contributed by Ray Bacon 32,400 free crossword puzzles, you IF YOU THINK YOU'RE DUMB ABOUT could do one a day for 88 years and COMPUTERS, READ THIS - YOU'LL still not run out! FEEL BETTER! Take heart, anyone Own Made Audio Books. If you among you who believes he or she is want a voice recording of a book technologically challenged, you that doesn’t have one this is a place "ain't seen nuthin" yet. This is an ex- to go. cerpt from a Wall Street Journal ar- Binary Wolf. Make your own wire- ticle: less antennas from a Pringles or cof- 1. Compaq is considering changing fee can. the command "Press Any Key" to Computer Help for Absolute Begin- "Press Return Key" because of the ners. “I recently received an email flood of calls asking where the "Any" that read, ‘helpmeeee w/download key is. n all of every thing i know nothing! 2. AST technical support had a caller thankyou from, prissy crissy’ (Sic). complaining that her mouse was Well, it's easy to ignore such pleas hard to control with the dust cover for help because you don't even on. The cover turned out to be the know where to start. But I feel sorry plastic bag the mouse was packaged for such folks – heck, we were all in. beginners once. So I did some re- 3. Another Dell customer called to search and was able redirect crissy say he couldn't get his computer to to these sites designed for true ab- fax anything. After 40 minutes of solute beginners. Good to bookmark troubleshooting, the technician dis- for the next time one of your rela- covered the man was trying to fax a tives calls. If you know any similar piece of paper by holding it in front sites, write in and I'll pass the infor- of the monitor screen and hitting mation on. the "Send" key. http://www.mdx.ac.uk/www/study/be- 4. Yet another Dell customer called gin.htm http://www.geekgirls.com/ab- solute_beginners_01.htm to complain that his keyboard no longer worked. He had cleaned it by My VBA (Visual Basic for Applica- filling up his bathtub with soap and tions) tutorial website has links to 6 water and soaking the keyboard for FREE online tutorials that should be a day, then removing all the keys of interest to anyone wanting to and washing them individually. learn the basics of computer pro- 5. A Dell technician received a call gramming techniques and skills and from a customer who was enraged 5
    • because his computer had told him The user hadn't realized that "Insert he was "Bad and an invalid." The Disk 2" implied removing Disk 1 first. tech explained that the computer's 10. A story from a Novell NetWare "bad command" and "invalid" re- SysOp: CALLER: "Hello, is this Tech sponses shouldn't be taken personal- Support?" TECH: "Yes, it is. How may ly. I help you?" CALLER: "The cup holder 6. A confused caller to IBM was hav- on my PC is broken -and I am within ing trouble printing documents. He my warranty period. How do I go told the technician that the comput- about getting that fixed?" TECH: "I'm er had said it "couldn't find printer." sorry, but did you say a cup holder?" The user had also tried turning the CALLER: "Yes, it's attached to the computer screen to face the printer- front of my computer." TECH: but that his computer still couldn't "Please excuse me. If I seem a bit "see" the printer. stumped, it's because I am. Did you 7. An exasperated caller to Dell receive this as part of a promotional Computer Tech Support couldn't get at a trade show? How did you get her new Dell Computer to turn on. this cup holder? Does it have any After ensuring the computer was trademark on it?" CALLER: "It came plugged in, the technician asked her with my computer. I don't know any- what happened when she pushed thing about a promotional. It just the power button. Her response, "I has '4X' on it." At this point, the pushed and pushed on this foot ped- Tech Rep had to mute the caller be- al and nothing happened." The "foot cause he couldn't stand it. He was pedal" turned out to be the comput- laughing too hard. The caller had er's mouse... been using the load drawer of the 8. Another customer called Compaq CD-ROM drive as a cup holder and it tech support to say her brand new had snapped it off the drive. computer wouldn't work. She said 11. A woman called the Canon help she unpacked the unit, plugged it in desk with a problem with her print- and sat there for 20 minutes waiting er. The tech asked her if she was for something to happen. When "running it under windows." The asked what happened when she woman responded, "No, my desk is pressed the power switch, she next to the door. But that is a good asked, "What power switch?" point. The man sitting in the cubicle 9. Another IBM customer had trouble next to me is under a window and installing software and rang for sup- his printer is working fine." port. "I put in the first disk, and that 12. And last but not least: TECH was OK. It said to put in the second SUPPORT: "O.K. Bob, let's press the disk, and had some problems with control and escape keys at the same the disk. When it said to put in the time. That brings up a task list in third disk, I couldn't even fit it in. " the middle of the screen. Now type the letter "P" to bring up the Pro- 6
    • gram Manager." CUSTOMER: "I don't product so I can give it the highest have a 'P'". TECH SUPPORT: "On your possible recommendation. Some keyboard, Bob." CUSTOMER: "What downsides: the active protection do you mean?" TECH SUPPORT: " 'P' will eat up a few percent of your on your keyboard, Bob." CUSTOMER: CPU resources, it’s a bit prone to "I'm not going to do that." false positives, the beta expires in Articles July and it’s for Win2K and later only. That said, I was more than Anti-adware misses most malware , happy to pay $29.95 for the Giant By Brian Livingston. (After you bring product so you should be delighted up the page, scroll down a bit to to get essentially the same product catch the article.) “Now that 80% of for free. However, like all security home PCs in the U.S. are infected products, its detection is not perfect with adware and spyware, according so don't throw away Spybot or Ad- to one study, it turns out that nearly aware just yet. Tip: the active pro- every anti-adware application on tection is better than that in Spybot the market catches less than half of S&D so you may want to disable that the bad stuff.” The article also dis- feature (called TeaTimer)in Spybot cussed the Giant software which Mi- and save a few CPU cycles. (6.4MB) crosoft recently purchased. Microsoft's Free Spyware Scanner. (From “Gizmo’s Freebie of the Reading this Newsletter Month.”) Most readers will be aware By the Editor that in December 2004 Microsoft This newsletter is distributed as an bought the company that makes the MS Word document attached to an Giant Antispyware scanner. It was a email message, and is “optimized” good choice. Their product, though for reading on your computer little known, was one of the best on screen. You should look at it in On- the market. In my experience, it of- line View (Web Layout View in fered just about the highest level of Word 2000/XP) if it isn’t already dis- spyware detection of any single played in that view when you open product I've tested and additionally the attachment. Also, selecting had outstanding active protection “Document Map” under the view against new infection. I know be- menu in Word (if it isn’t already cause I’d been using the Giant prod- showing on the left) will make it uct for two months and was about to easy to navigate to various sections write a rave review when Microsoft of the Newsletter. announced the surprise acquisition. The Newsletter will also be posted To its credit, Microsoft has acted on the CLUB WEB SITE. quickly and re-released the Giant If you don’t have Word itself or an- product under its own moniker in other word processor that will han- the form of a free beta. As far as I dle Word documents, you can down- can see, it’s pretty much the same 7
    • load MICROSOFT WORD VIEWER for free, or simply read the newslet- ter on the CLUB WEB SITE. The Word document is actually “columnized” and can be seen that way in Word’s Page Layout View (Print Layout View in Word 2000/XP). Also, it will print out in columns for easy reading on paper. In the Online View (or Web Layout View in 2000/XP with “Document Map” selected from the View menu), you will see a list of sections of the newsletter to the left, so that you can click on whichever section you want to see and the text on the right will be positioned there. With this facility (“Document Map”), there isn’t a need to include a table of contents in the main body of the newsletter. In addition, the width of the “Document Map” on the left and the text window on the right can be adjusted to your reading comfort by dragging the border between them. If you don't see the document map, you can turn it on in the Word 2000 menu under "view.” 8
    • Help Lines Several of the club members have volunteered to make themselves available to other members to answer questions and provide aid on specific subjects. This list is still expandable! If you wish to volunteer for an existing or new topic, please let one of the officers know. Subject Leader Tele- Email phone General Questions Scottie Gound 899-3842 sgound@gvtc.com Jim Gansle 899-5580 jgansle@gvtc.com Internet Explorer Jim Kirkpatrick 899-7647 jasejr@gvtc.com Microsoft Excel Ray Bacon 899-5222 raycon@gvtc.com Jim Gansle 899-5580 jgansle@gvtc.com Microsoft Front Page Jim Kirkpatrick 899-7647 jasejr@gvtc.com (web page documents) Microsoft Outlook Ex- Jim Kirkpatrick 899-7647 jasejr@gvtc.com press Microsoft Outlook Scottie Gound 899-3842 sgound@gvtc.com Microsoft Windows Scottie Gound 899-3842 sgound@gvtc.com Jim Kirkpatrick 899-7647 jasejr@gvtc.com Jim Gansle 899-5580 jgansle@gvtc.com Microsoft Word Jim Gansle 899-5580 jgansle@gvtc.com Please note: E-mail queries are preferable to a telephone call. If you call by telephone, do so at a reasonable time, say not before or after 9:00 (am/pm). Try to resolve the problem yourself before you email or call. Be precise. It might help to write out the problem to get it clear before contacting the volun- teer. None of the volunteers can promise you a solution. Do not expect the volunteers to spend a lot of time on intractable or unusual problems. Volunteers are not responsible for the outcome of a suggestion you try, unless of course, the suggestion works! More seriously, if after discussing the problem you decide to try some solution based on the conversation, the re- sponsibility of any outcome is your own.
    • PC Magazines at a Discount A handy source for subscriptions to computer-related magazines at discount prices. Please note that you may also find bargains elsewhere, particularly for first time subscriptions. MAGAZINE 1 YEAR 2 YEARS 3 YEARS Computer Games $10.95 $20.95 $29.95 Computer Gaming World $14.95 $28.95 $41.95 Computer Shopper $16.97 $32.95 $47.95 Dr. Dobbs Journal $15.95 $30.95 ----- Mac Addict $10.97 ----- ----- Mac Home Journal $15.97 $29.97 ----- Mac World $12.95 ----- ----- Maximum PC $9.95 $18.95 $27.95 Microsoft System Journal $21.95 $39.95 ----- PC Gamer $12.95 ----- ----- PC Magazine (22 issues a year) $25.97 $48.95 $68.95 PC World $16.95 ----- ----- Wired $6.00 $12.00 $17.00 These prices are for new subscriptions and renewals. All orders must be accom- panied by a check, cash or Money Order. Make payable to Herb Goodman, and mail to: Herb Goodman Telephone: (561) 488-4465 8295 Sunlake Drive e-mail: hgoodman@prodigy.net Boca Raton, FL 33496 Please allow 10 to 12 weeks for your subscriptions to start. For renewals you must supply an address label from your present subscription to insure the cor- rect start of your renewal. As an extra service Mr. Goodman will mail a renewal notice about 4 months pri- or to their expiration date. Mr. Goodman can also get you more than 300 other magazines at discount prices. Email him at the address above if you are interested in a subscription and he will send you information on the price. The above table was last updated in September 2004.