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eBay Presentation TF Library

  1. 1. The Ins & Outs of World’s Largest Garage Sale Candy Reedy Beaver Creek IT Consulting www.beavercreekconsultants.com 406-827-7573 Click on Page to bring up objects Note: Hyperlinks are on several pages to eBay note blue underline Expectations 7 years experience with lots of buying and selling Know a reasonable amount High level overview to get started Criteria Computer Email Average user with internet access preferably high speed eBay account Start by buying on eBay Sell on eBay How many just want to see what the fuss is all about? 1
  2. 2. Click on Page to bring up objects Welcome to eBay (spelled eBay) Echo Bay September 1995 Computer programmer originally named auctionweb Selling a broken laser pointer for $13.83 147,000,000 users 431,000,000 listings 24 countries have sites India now most of interest trading zone 2
  3. 3. eBay Companies & Franchise eBay Wiki beta Click on Page to bring up objects Express Retail Shopping cart 2006 – 85% buy now, Half Sell books, Video and Audio International locations all over the world Several high end auction houses Peoples Encyclopedia & blog Live auctions Telephone over the internet Classified business ads Gumtree Retail franchise operations Stores ProStores for websites wanting to sell through eBay Competitors: Amazon, Price Grabber, Yahoo Auctions Overstock Auctions, Epier, Ubid, Ebid, others for specific collectors IBM one of largest sellers 3
  4. 4. Getting Started Decide what to sell: You have thousands of dollars in your house right •Registration eBay now! •Getting Started on eBay Prepare to sell: (1) Take good photo of item; (2) Use simple “Sell Your Item” • Paypal registration Checklist to get organized. List your item: (1) Explore the ”Sell Your •Purchase on eBay Item” form; (2) Create "The Perfect Listing," (3) Get paid immediately with •Feedback Paypal. •Feedback Complete the sale: (1) Track your listing in “My eBay”; (2) Visit the eBay •Sell on eBay shipping center; (3) Print labels and postage right from your desktop. Or Find a Trading Assistant Click on Page to bring up objects Getting Started – Register – www.ebay.com Look at categories surf around on the site Get a Paypal account for buying online. Will need email bank account number. Two deposits are made to account to verify. Monies for Paypal can be taken directly from bank account or use credit card. Study feedback of seller. Number one most important asset of eBay. Purchase using Paypal something on eBay so you get a feel for the process. 4
  5. 5. eBay, a Well Behaved Self Disciplined Community* * What about Fraud? 1. Receiving payment and not shipping merchandise. 2. Shipping items other than those described . 3. Shipping faulty merchandise. 4. Counterfeit or bootleg merchandise. 5. Selling stolen goods. 6. Inflating bids by bidding on own auction with a "shill" account: • seller under an alternate account, • another person in collusion with the seller, • XXLsell service (Strictly forbidden), • Shill bidding is strictly prohibited by eBay and illegal. Bidders are allowed to subscribe to Sniper Services Click on Page to bring up objects #1 Most important aspect of and eBay account The major fraud prevention mechanism for eBay users is its feedback system. eBay seller fraud .01% Disputes Disputes & Paypal 5
  6. 6. Why Sell on eBay? The Selling Model • No time constraints: (1) Bids are placed any time; ( 2) List for a specific number of days. • No geographical constraints: (1) More accessible; ( 2) Reduce cost of "attending" an auction. • Intensity of social interactions: (1) Social interaction is passive; ( 2) Anticipation of "win" is exciting; (3) Successful bidders are called “winners”. • Large number of bidders: (1) Low price; ( 2) Broad scope of products and services; (3) Ease of access = large numbers of bidders. • Large number of sellers: (1) Large number of bidders; (2) Potential relatively high price; ( 3) Reduced selling costs; ( 3) Ease of access = large number of sellers. • Network economies: Large number of bidders encourage more sellers, which, in turn, will encourage more bidders = virtual spiral Buy or Sell day or night, Listed for 3, 7, 10 days, buy now, make best offer, Dutch multiple Buy anywhere including Thompson Falls Montana No interaction, no pressure, watch list, exciting when you win, more exciting when you win by snipe (25 cents per win) *(Downside—don’t get right away minimum 3 days, international weeks) grow accustom Large base of bidders, lots of products, lower costs Large base of sellers, lots of similar products, sell in volume Virtual spiral feeds itself 6
  7. 7. eBay.com Auction Fees Final Value Fees Insertion Fees Closing Price Final Value Fee Starting or Reserve Price Insertion Fee Item not sold No Fee $0.01 – $0.99 $0.20 $0.01 – $25.00 5.25% of the closing value $1.00 – $9.99 $0.35 $10.00 – $24.99 $0.60 $25.01 – 5.25% of the initial $25.00 $1,000.00 ($1.31), plus 3.00% of the remaining closing $25.00 – $49.99 $1.20 value balance ($25.01 to $1,000.00) $50.00 – $199.99 $2.40 Equal to or Over 5.25% of the initial $25.00 $1000.01 ($1.31), plus 3.00% of $200.00 – $499.99 $3.60 the initial $25.01 - $1,000.00 ($29.25), plus 1.50% of the remaining $500.00 or more $4.80 closing value balance ($1000.01 - closing value) Click on Page to bring up objects Auctions Fees Reasonable compared to swap market, consignment etc. Insertion fee + any additional pictures special marketing etc. Final value fees low, low overhead. Can charge handling fee built into shipping expense. Watch out for high shipping fees when bidding. 7
  8. 8. eBay Stores Insertion Fees Subscription Fees Starting or Reserve 30 days Good 'Til Store Level Fee Price Cancelled* Basic $15.95 / month US$0.01- US$0.05 US$0.05 / 30 Featured $49.95 / month US$24.99 days Anchor $499.95 / month US$25.00- and US$0.10 US$0.10 / 30 above days Final Value Fees Closing Price Final Value Fee Item not sold No Fee US$0.01 – US$25.00 10.00% of the closing price US$25.01 – US$100.00 10.00% of the initial US$25.00 (US$2.50), plus 7.00% of the remaining balance US$100.01 – US$1,000.00 10.00% of the initial US$25.00 (US$2.50), plus 7.00% of the initial US$25.01 – US$100.00 (US$5.25),plus 5.00% of the remaining balance US$100.01 – US$1,000.00 Over US$1,000.01 10.00% of the initial US$25.00 (US$2.50), plus 7.00% of the initial US$25.01 – US$100.00 (US$5.25),plus 5.00% of the initial US$100.01 – US$1,000.00,plus 3.00% of the balance(US$1,000.01-closing value) Sanders County Mall Click on Page to bring up objects Store Fees Just like on store shelf Buy now price, best offer, or auction Larger volumes Listing fees significantly lower Final value fees about the same Payments received minus final fees through Paypal. Payments for listing fees and store billed monthly 8
  9. 9. And Much More! •Integrate with Website •Features to Enhance Website •Importance of Research Click on Page to bring up objects Final Comments (before examples sold): Links can be built into website Use eBay features to enhance website like fabric glossary #2 most important Research, Research, Research – the most fun part! eBay as the largest appraiser of goods – setting the market value by how they sell. Something special to sell – animal friendly bear tooth necklace from IT box Practice great customer service, get great feedback! 9
  10. 10. What is Click on Page to bring up objects Marketing program to IT, it Fits! Prohibited Tobacco Alcohol Nazi paraphernalia Bootleg recordings Firearms and ammunition Used underwear and dirty clothing Teacher editions of textbooks Human body parts and remains Certain copyrighted work Many other wholly prohibited items –stuff bear 10
  11. 11. Dunkin Donut Click on Page to bring up objects 35 bids, Selling price $2375 11
  12. 12. Bacon Click on Page to bring up objects Brand spankin' new! This auction is for 1 (one) tin of Bacon Bandages. Ouch! That smarts! Treat your minor cuts, scrapes and scratches with the incredible healing power of a designer bandage. And if a fancy bandage isn’t enough to dry up your tears, how about a FREE TOY! Each comes in a 3-3/4" (9.5 cm) tall metal pocket tin and contains a small plastic trinket to help make even the ouchiest owies feel all better in no time. The 3" x 1" (7.6 cm x 2.5 cm) Bacon Strips are cut to look like small slabs of bacon. Fifteen per tin. $3.99 + 4.50 shipping buy now 12
  13. 13. Own Spot on the Moon Well today Power Mix FM Inc Is offering you a piece of your childhood an Authentic Certificate for 50 Acres on the moon. This certificate will also have the state of Maine Notary of public on it. Just close your eyes and imagine your friends faces when they see that you have a certificate for 50 acres of land on the moon hanging on your wall.  Still having a hard decision on placing your bid on this life altering auction? Click on Page to bring up into everyone's childhood shall we? well lets look deeper objects Own A Spot On Thethose childhoodMiss Out" always made you forget about the Remember all Moon "Don’t dreams that 16 Bids, Sold $18.50it always seem to have put a smile on your face. real world and Or how about that time when mom and dad walked out of the kitchen with your very first birthday cake, Or the first time your eyes open to see two loving people smiling at you for the very first time. These are moments to cherish forever.. And that's what this certificate will do. It will remind you that life is too short to let things pass you by, that dreams really do come true if you put your mind to it. With this said dig deep into your heart and soul and place a bid today for your childhood dream 13
  14. 14. Absolutely Nothing Click on Page to bring up objects Selling nothing Sold for $5.50 Kloof, KZN, South Africa Nothing ..... absolutely nothing. Free delivery worldwide! Auction ended early with Buy It Now. Seller: walterw2004 ( 16 ) Feedback: 100% Positive Air Guitar from Arizona sold for $5.50 14
  15. 15. MY….. My Collection No Jeans! Brand sweaters 1980’s My collection Over 30 sweaters 4 years, seasonal, each unique, Antique Road show hopeful collection Y2050 BRAND NEW SWEATER BY NO! JEANS, PURCHASED AT MONTOMERY WARD FOR $69.99, FULLY LINED CARDIGAN, BRIGHT COLORS OF RED, PURPLE, WHITE, BLACK, GREEN, GOLD, & YELLOW, FRONT POCKETS, EXTRA BUTTON SIZE SAYS WILL FIT MOST SO CHECK MEASUREMENTS. ARM LENGTH: 21.5 UNDERARM TO UNDERARM: 24.5 LENGTH: 33" 15
  16. 16. The Beginning & End Questions? Lamb chop in $1.00 bag at Church sale Sells for $6.00 - $10.00 Coogi sweater 100% cotton like Bill Cosby wears from Australia from Food Bank store $1.00 a bag Sold for $85 Mambo shirt, vintage, sells for $55-$99 Levi store $4.00 16