Discover an exciting new eBay sales channel


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Discover an exciting new eBay sales channel

  1. 1. Discover an exciting new eBay sales channel
  2. 2. Welcome to 02
  3. 3. Do you want to grow your online sales? Do you want to raise your profile and increase your reputation when you sell online? Are you looking for new sales channels? Our brand new shopping site can fulfil your needs eBay is offering a new channel, which has all the benefits of eBay, but will feature only new products at fixed prices from professional sellers. It’s a great opportunity to feature all your new lines, as well as sell excess stock. Experience it here: eBay Express can help your business flourish eBay Express is perfect for professional sellers because it offers a conventional online shopping experience for buyers. The site is contemporary and products are attractively presented through top quality photography. With just one click, buyers can place each new product in a shopping basket and then proceed to checkout. No additional fees for sellers on eBay Express You’ll be delighted to know that you can access this powerful new sales channel without paying any additional fees. Simply by listing products on eBay using eBay’s Buy It Now format or eBay’s Shop Inventory format, your products can also appear on eBay Express. Alternatively you can choose to list your products only on eBay Express. 03
  4. 4. has its own identity and benefits eBay Express is a vibrant marketplace that offers an enjoyable shopping experience. With eBay Express, buyers will be able to choose from a huge selection of new products from different sellers and pay for them in one go at the checkout. It doesn’t make any difference if each item selected is from a different seller; eBay Express has stream- lined the payment, making it easy for buyers to pay for everything in one go. Sellers must be approved by eBay before they can join us. You must have registered as a business on eBay and must have agreed to eBay Express’s Service Standards to be able to list here. There are only professional sellers on eBay Express. The selling format on eBay Express is easy to under- stand: it offers new goods at fixed price only. eBay Express will have a diverse range of new products on offer. 04
  5. 5. still has many of the benefits of eBay eBay Express has the enormous, vibrant, buying audience of eBay. eBay Express is exactly like the main eBay site, as it is a marketplace where buyers and sellers meet. The binding contract is still directly between buyers and sellers. eBay members can use eBay Express with their existing user name and password. The feedback system on eBay is also part of eBay Express. Just as on eBay, buyers and sellers communi- cate directly with one another. Approved sellers have the opportunity to list their products through eBay and eBay Express simultaneously – or they can choose just one. 05
  6. 6. Happier buyers mean more successful sellers eBay Express has been designed in response to what we have heard from our buyers over the last 10 years. 06
  7. 7. Why is our new shopping site set to become a firm favourite? It offers only new products from professional sellers at a fixed price. Buyers can buy with confidence. Every order is safe, secure, and all sellers offer a seven working day returns policy, as a minimum. If sellers fail to adhere to their stated returns policies, then buyers may be able to claim back the cost of their purchases from eBay, provided they comply with certain conditions. It will provide an easy and intuitive way to compare prices for similar products. It features clear and accurate product descriptions. It enables easy price comparisons. eBay Express has one shopping basket for all purchases. It enables buyers to shop flexibly, and change their minds as they browse — before reaching the checkout. The payment system is simple, safe and secure. Payments can be made with PayPal, credit or debit cards. eBay Express offers superb customer service. Millions of buyers are just a click or two away eBay has approximately 15 million members, out of an online population of approximately 25 million, in the UK. Every eBay Express seller can benefit from this enormous pool of active online shoppers. 07
  8. 8. targets two types of customer The existing eBay buyers will find eBay Express a really exciting offer. They know and love eBay for its wide range of products but sometimes they are looking for a wider selection of new products. eBay Express offers them this. In addition, eBay Express should open up a whole new clientele for sellers because it will also appeal to online buyers who prefer a conventional online shopping experience and are looking for the reassurance that comes from buying from professional sellers. 08
  9. 9. has its own character Exclusively professional New and Now Find exactly what you sellers Only new goods at fixed want easily Buy only from sellers with prices so shoppers can Easy, effective browsing eBay business accounts, buy immediately. and searching. who have been approved by eBay and have committed to high service standards. Shopping basket Peace of mind if the New Design Buyers can place products buyer decides to return Contemporary site from a variety of sellers in the item design and great a single shopping basket, Seven working day returns functionality for then use the quick, simple policy, as a minimum, from ease of use. and secure payment the seller. system via PayPal, debit Potential for claiming back card (including Switch and the cost of purchases from Solo) or credit card. eBay, if the seller fails to adhere to its stated returns policy (conditions apply). 09
  10. 10. is an effective new way to attract more buyers Buyers will be delighted by eBay Express. It will give them instant access to a huge range of new products whilst offering them a simple and efficient shopping experience, from searching through to payment. 10
  11. 11. A new search facility that Product Descriptions serves you better eBay Express has a new search facility that will combine Buyers can find information about the products they the information sellers provide in item titles, categories want easily through large pictures and clear, detailed and item specifics without any extra effort needed from descriptions. sellers. As on eBay, sellers have the opportunity to write When buyers‘ and sellers’ languages differ, the search their own product description. facility will recognise the real meaning. For example, For categories with catalogues (pre-filled product it will understand that ‘Sz 9’ and ‘Men’s 9’ both mean information) like Music & DVD’s eBay’s member ‘size 9’. Reviews and Guides will be featured on eBay The search facility will quickly deliver all the relevant Express. results. eBay Express also offers up to three levels of categories. A listing may appear in more than one category, e.g. Projectors may be found in “Computing > Projectors” and “Audio, TV & Electronics > Video > Projectors”. Search results will be displayed in a picture gallery format. 11
  12. 12. Shopping baskets Payment Buyers can place products from several different Buyers can pay for all the products in their shopping sellers into one shopping basket with a single click basket in one go at checkout. and pay for them all together at checkout. Postage costs are added to the price of the item and The products are grouped by seller in the basket. everything is paid in one go. Sellers must state reasonable postage costs, which Buyers can choose between three different payment are then automatically calculated for the customer. methods: debit cards (including Switch and Solo), credit cards or PayPal. When a buyer orders an item, we check the availability immediately. If the product is not available All payments are seamlessly transferred to the the buyer will be informed straight away. seller’s PayPal account. eBay Express will work seamlessly with all the leading eBay selling tools for sellers, in order to support a smooth transfer of data. After the seller has been notified of the purchase, the payment sum will be credited in the seller’s PayPal account. The payment for each individual product will be displayed separately. 12
  13. 13. Approved seller status provides the basis of successful transactions on Only approved sellers with eBay business accounts can sell on eBay Express. These sellers have committed to eBay Express’s Service Standards and are able to guarantee a high level of customer service. On eBay Express purchases are paid for before the order is confirmed to the seller. This means fast, safe and easy payments from buyers. This is great news for sellers because the risk of Unpaid Items* is significantly lowered. *An Unpaid Item occurs when buyers do not pay sellers for what they have committed to buy. 13
  14. 14. Optimise your Sales Strategy 14
  15. 15. You can list your products on eBay and eBay Express simultaneously. Or you can offer certain products solely on eBay Express, to emphasise their exclusivity and their value. Products listed on eBay Express with eBay’s Buy It Now format are live for 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. Products listed with eBay’s Shops Inventory format are live for 30 or 90 days or until cancelled. Products listed on eBay Express only are available for 30 days or until cancelled. You can really emphasise your professionalism as a seller by listing products through eBay Express. That’s because only approved sellers with eBay business accounts who offer a high degree of quality and service to buyers are selected to list on eBay Express. To list your products on eBay Express you must fulfil the following conditions: The item must be brand new. The item must be offered at a fixed price. There must be at least one photograph of the item. You must offer a seven working day returns policy, as a minimum, during which time buyers can return the item and request a refund if they wish to do so. You must specify reasonable postage costs. You must send the product from within the UK with an invoice and inform the buyer that the item has been sent. Other things buyers like to see: Professionally shot, large, clear photographs. Simple and clear descriptions, in one colour and font. Reasonable postage costs – products will be displayed on eBay Express including the postage costs so it will be easy to compare the total item price. 15
  16. 16. The categories 16
  17. 17. You can start listing in these categories from the launch of Audio, TV & Electronics Baby & Nursery Books Cameras & Photo Fashion, Lifestyle & Accessories Computing Health & Beauty Home & Garden Jewellery & Watches Mobile Phones Music & DVDs Video Games Sports & Leisure Baby, Kids & Toys Please note that not all the sub-categories currently available on eBay will be included in eBay Express. Please check for further details. 17
  18. 18. No additional costs for using 18
  19. 19. Fees for Listing fees When you list your products in eBay’s Buy It Now format or eBay’s Shop Inventory format on eBay and add them to eBay Express there are no additional costs. If you want to place an item on eBay Express alone, then you pay the eBay Express listing fee. This is the same as the fee for listing products in eBay’s Shop Inventory format. Buy It Now format + No additional final value fees Shop Inventory format There is no additional final value fee when the products in 1x eBay listing fee your Buy It Now format or Shop Inventory format listings 1x eBay final value fee on eBay sell through eBay Express. In this instance you pay the usual final value fee. If your item was listed 2x Sales channel and through eBay Express only, the final value fees are the NO EXTRA SELLING FEES same as the fees for products sold through eBay that were listed in eBay’s Shop Inventory format. 19
  20. 20.’s Service Standards for Sellers You must have a business account on eBay. You are required to have a verified PayPal Business or Premier account. You must provide PayPal with further business informa- tion, as is requested from all high volume sellers. You must be based in the UK and your products must be located in the UK. You may only sell new products on eBay Express. Your percentage of products reported by buyers as not received need to be less than 1%. Your eBay account must be in good standing. You must post products within three working days of receiving payment. You must provide an invoice, including a returns address, with each purchase and email the customer to confirm that the product has been sent (can be automated in Selling Manager Pro). You must charge reasonable postage costs. You must offer a seven working day returns policy, as a minimum, during which time buyers can return the item and request a refund if they wish to do so. 20
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. Selling on a quick summary 22
  23. 23. To take advantage of this new eBay sales channel and to develop your business online, sign up to eBay Express at As a professional seller you should be able to meet the requirements of eBay Express’s Service Standards. It’s easier if you’re already an eBay member. You simply use your existing eBay account on eBay Express. Conditions for selling on eBay Express: You must have registered with a business account on eBay or switched your account to a business account in My Account/Personal Information within My eBay. You must have a verified PayPal Business or Premier Account. You will have agreed to eBay Express’s Service Standards. If you cannot fulfill all the criteria, we’d like to help you to do so. Please go to for step-by- step advice on what you need to do in order to become an active eBay Express seller, quickly and efficiently. 23
  24. 24. June 2006
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