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  • 1. Copyright 2006 This book may not be duplicated or distributed. September 2006 Revision A little about Me eBay eSsentials Computer/Internet Connection Digital Cameras Printers Organized Work Space Overview How do I get Started Usernames Passwords Is eBay safe? Completing Seller Registration Why does eBay need both Credit and Checking account information? Paying eBay fees How do I determine what to sell and for how much Searching completed items Google Search Buying For Resale Drop-Shipping Advantages Drop-Shippers Disadvantages How Will I Receive My Payment? PayPal
  • 2. Sellers Protection Policy Accepting Credit Cards Security Money Orders and Checks eBay Fees Insertion and Final Value Fees Optional Fees Reserve Price Buy It Now Buy it now Single item Buy it now multiple items What time a day should I list my auctions Sold! Now what do I do Items I’ve sold section Item Did NOT Sell, Buyer Doesn’t Pay Did not sell Buyer did not pay Shipping Packaging Building Credibility Gaining respect through Feedback How Do I get buyers to leave Feedback Where do I get my Brand Name Merchandise!!! ……. See page 15
  • 3. 3 A little about Me I wrote this book to teach people how to become sellers on eBay or improve their skills. By reading this book you will learn new techniques to becoming an eBay pro. My family and I have many eBay accounts, and have been hooked on eBay now for 5 years now and we have made many mistakes over those years. I would like to share with you some of the mistakes I have encountered on my journey using eBay. Learn how to start now so you don’t make the same mistakes I did. After reading this book you will be that much closer to becoming an eBay expert. eBay eSsentials The first thing you are going to need to be successful in the eBay business is persistence. Having the right attitude towards business is one of the best primary goals that a seller can have. Seeing that you have purchased a product on eBay you probably have the most essential instrument for eBay, a computer. Telling you to go out and buy the most expensive computer, with top of the line picture software, and a professional digital camera is crazy. Although these tools are great for professional power sellers, they are not needed to start selling on eBay. Don’t go wasting money on pointless items; let’s get started with what you have. The following are all the essentials needed to start selling now. Computer/Internet Connection Let’s start with the computer/internet. Having a personal computer at home is a great start and will save you time. Another alternative if you don’t have a home computer is to use a library or a close friend. Working with a dial-up connection is quite frustrating when trying to get from one page to the next quickly. Although dial-up will work fine I highly recommend a faster connection such as (DSL or Cable). Digital Cameras A digital camera is a fantastic tool for eBay but not a “must have” item. A digital camera has great features it allows you to insert original pictures of you item on you listings. Also if you dislike the picture that was previously taken you have the option to delete that picture instantly. A digital Camera is another product I recommend getting if your planning on
  • 4. 4 becoming a eBay seller. If you’re looking to just sell a few item hear and there this tip may help you. Photo CD can be purchased at any local drugstore such as (Wall-Mart/Jewels). Pictures can then be put onto the CD. One other way to get your photos is to use your regular disposable camera and scan the pictures with a flatbed scanner. If you’re looking to purchase a digital camera I would NOT recommend any camera lower than 2 megapixels. I personally own a 7 megapixel camera and let me tell you this baby takes sweet pictures. Any digital camera higher than 2 megapixels will work great for eBay. Printers There is nothing really special about printers that you need for eBay. I like laser printers witch in fact print very quick so I don’t have to waste my time sitting around. In reality any printer will get the job done, it just comes down to your patients. Organized Work Space Most any business runs better when everything is clean and tidy. Here’s a few ways to stay organized. What I do is keep a file cabinet with all the papers from past. Within this cabinet I split it in three sections: pending payment, pending shipping, and shipped. One other way witch I have recently found was too make a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel, this seems to work fairly well for me. I’m sure you will think of your own way that suits yourself but I thought I would share with you how I go about organization. Overview • Computer/Internet Connection • Digital Camera • Printer • Organized Work Space How do I get Started Seeing that you have purchased this book on eBay shows that you are already a registered as a buyer. If you’re not a eBay member go to click on the register link located at the top of the screen. When the page displays, it will take you step by step to becoming a member. This trouble-free process will take know more than five minutes tops.
  • 5. 5 Usernames Being a seller you should now come up with a creative username for your business. Yes, you’re going to have to think making a username is one of the most important parts in a business. Many people don’t think so but a creative name will get you more buyers. Think of something that roles off the ________ and is easy to remember and spell. Passwords eBay is a very safe internet site and has many protection programs and people watching for hackers. Although just like any other web site fraud can occur. As long as your keep all your passwords and addresses to yourself you will reduce your problems all together. For a password make sure you use upper and lowercase lettering along with a few numbers. Changing your password every once and a wile is also not a bad idea. I have had past experience with buyers who’s kids have gotten a hold of there passwords and went a bid on items. So don’t keep your password written anywhere close to your computer otherwise you may have problems. Is eBay safe? Just like I said before, any web site can in couther fraud but there are many protection programs and people watching for such things. Let’s put it this way if you keep all your personal information to yourself you will greatly reduce the risk of fraud activity. Completing Seller Registration Now that you are a registered user on eBay it is time to create your sellers account. To become a seller on eBay follow the instructions below. 1. Sign into eBay 2. Click on the “Sell” button located on the tabs on the top of the page 3. Click on the “Sell your Item” (you will need your credit card and checking account) 4. Click on the “Create Seller’s Account” (You cannot sell one eBay if they do not have your credit and checking account in their system). Why does eBay need both Credit and Checking account information? The only reason that eBay needs both credit, and checking is so that eBay can verify your personal identity. This protection procedure is made so that if fraudulent action is taken they
  • 6. 6 cannot make multiple accounts under your name. Having your checking account as a backup this insures a safe eBay experience. Paying eBay fees Over time your fees will add up. Every time you list an item on eBay it cost a cretin amount, paying these fees is no problem. I trust eBay do their job and keep my identity safe and so far have never had a problem. This is why I give eBay permission to pay my fees every month through my checking account. This process of letting eBay pay saves me a lot of time where I can be doing something else. Another way to go about paying eBay fees is to do it manually. Paying with a credit card or PayPal is easy and almost hassle free. Also if it come down to mailing them a check you can do that to. How do I determine what to sell and for how much On eBay anything goes. You can sell just about any item as long as your endorse your item with a good write-up. Search your house and storage areas for item in good working condition. You many want to even ask a friend if you may sell their things and make a little money out of it. Before going to list your items make sure they are clean and in good working condition. Within your listing make a note to put down the items condition such as New in box (NIB), New no box, damaged, or used. Theses are important factors when selling an Item. Searching completed items This searching method is actually fairly new to me and helps a great deal. What I like to do before I start a listing is see similar items that others sellers have listed. By following the steps below you will be able to see listings that have already expired. Seeing listings that have expired is useful because you can see what there write-up consists of, and what they sold for or if they sold at all. Items with red pricing did not sell. On the other hand the prices that are green sold. 1. Go to eBay home page click on “Search” 2. Type in the item you are looking for 3. Check the box that says “Completed listings only” 4. Click “Search Google Search Google is a good way to learn about the product you are selling. Seeing what the product goes for retail price is always good. You may also find good write-ups to help you make your own
  • 7. 7 when it comes to listing. Remember you would not buy something that does not provide accurate information, nor someone else, so get as much information as you can. Buying For Resale I would not recommend purchasing resale items unless you have more experience. Buying resale is sometimes hard but can make a great profit. The problem with resale is that products that you don’t want will start accumulating in your home. If you are looking to sell resale items I would highly recommend starting at this is a great place to start your business. They have many products to offer ranging anywhere from designer clothing to accessories. Drop-Shipping Advantages This is one process that I love and have become very successful at. Drop-shipping is a great way to go about selling on eBay. It saves on space because you don’t ever have to touch the items being sold. The drop-shipper will do all the dirty work for you all you have to do is sell. But not everything is good about Drop-shipping it has its ups and downs. If you find a good connection and can build a lasting relationship Drop-shipping is good. It may take a wile to find the one you’re looking for but they are out there. The following is how the transaction should go about. 1. You list your appliance on eBay 2. You get paid (retail price) 3. You pay drop-shipper (wholesale price) 4. Give drop-shipper mailing address 5. Drop-shipper sends you item out to you buyer Drop-Shippers Disadvantages Now for the bad side of drop-shipping. Say that you have just sold an item an item, you go to your drop-shipper and tell him that you need a product sent out. He replies that he is out of stock or better yet they discontinued that item. Now what, you can’t let your customer go because your feedback is on the line. The only thing left to do is find your item else ware or refund the money. Before selling an item you have to make sure that the item is in stock and can be shipped out within 48hours. Many drop-shippers may take weeks to get out an item which is unacceptable
  • 8. 8 for your buyer. Drop-shipping is great and I recommend trying this, but not unless you have more experience. How Will I Receive My Payment? Buyer’s one eBay are looking for the fastest payment method available, which is safe easy to use and accepts credit card payments. The best way to go about this is using a online program called PayPal. PayPal The program PayPal is one of the most widely used programs in the world. With a network of over 103 countries and many different languages PayPal gives you and your business a way to receive money. PayPal is the overall the best payment method available to eBay sellers. Sellers Protection Policy PayPal has many security breaches and you should take a look at them before becoming a member. For more detail do the following: 1. go to 2. click “Security Center” (bottom of page) 3. click “learn how PayPal protects you” (right side) Accepting Credit Cards When you start using PayPal you are signed up as a personal account that has no fees. With a personal account your maximum monthly limit is $500.00, with no transaction fees. But as soon as you go over the $500.00 mark or someone pays using a credit card your account is change to a Premier Account. Now this is where the fees kick in. PayPal is now going to charge you a fee of 2.9 percent plus $0.30 for every transaction from now on. It’s not a big deal, yes it’s a few bucks but it is much cheaper than any other program out there. Security In my past few years using PayPal I have never encountered any problems with them. They keep my money safe and provide me a great way to keep everything in line. You could say that PayPal is like a bank it’s just as secure. In eBay listings some sellers solely rely on PayPal for all there payment needs. What if other buyers don’t have PayPal account? They are looking for a seller that takes other payment options in to consideration.
  • 9. 9 Money Orders and Checks Although Money orders and Checks are much slower than PayPal they still get the job done. Money orders, cashier’s check, and personal checks should all be accepted as payment options for buyers. Money orders are the best of the three because it just like sending cash. You don’t have to wait for a money order to clear once you receive payment through the mail you can ship out. On the other hand cashier’s checks and personal checks you must wait for the check to clear witch may take a few days. I would not recommend shipping out an item until the check clears I found this out the hard way. eBay Fees When listing an item on eBay there are optional choices that make your listing more noticeable but these options don’t come free. With these options you will get more lookers, witch in the end means more bidders, more money. Insertion Fees Final Value Fees Starting or Reserve Price Closing Price Insertion Fee Final Value Fee $0.01 – $0.99 Item not sold $0.20 No Fee $1.00 – $9.99 $0.01 – $25.00 $0.35 5.25% of the closing value $10.00 – $24.99 $25.01 – $1,000.00 $0.60 5.25% of the initial $25.00 ($1.31), plus 3.00% of the remaining closing value balance ($25.01 to $1,000.00) Insertion and Final Value Fees It’s easy to understand that eBay needs to make some money too. This is why they charge you an insertion/final value fee. An insertion fee is the price that eBay charges you to sell your item. After your items sells you have something witch is called a final value fee. This is a fee that eBay charges you after your item sells. Both of these fees range in price according to how much you list your item for and how much it sells for. Below are the Insertion and Final fees that you will pay.
  • 10. 10 Buy It Now Fees in US$ Buy It Now Price (US$) Fee (US$) US $0.01 – US$9.99 US $0.05 US $10.00 – US$24.99 US $0.10 US $25.00 – US$49.99 US $0.20 US $50.00 or more US $0.25 Optional Fees Reserve Price Say that you have an item that you do not want to sell for less than a given price. Reserve price is just that it will let you start your item at a low price so you have more people looking at it. Think about it if you start an item at a high price many people just pass it by because it is out of there price range. Reserve price lets people bid on your item and if the bidding does not reach your requirements you don’t have to sell your item. Below are the fees depending on the reserve price. Buy It Now
  • 11. 11 This has to be my most favorite option of them all. Buy it now is a great way to make money quickly with very little extra effort. There are 2 different routs you can take with buy it now single item or multiple item listings. The price of buy it now is listed below. Buy it now Single item When using the buy it now pricing method there is no starting price of bidding. As soon as a buyer purchases your item it is immediately taken off eBay. If you list your item for 5 days and someone buys it within a few minuets the listing is taken off instantly. The buyer then sends payment to you and your item is sold!!! Reserve Fees (fully refunded if item sells): Reserve Price Fee $0.01 – $49.99 $1.00 $50.00 – $199.99 $2.00 $200.00 and up 1% of Reserve Price (up to $50)
  • 12. 12 To list a Buy it now you need ONE of the following: 1. feedback score of 10 or higher 2. feedback score of 5 and accept PayPal as your payment option 3. Be ID Verified Buy it now multiple items For this option you obviously have to have more than one item that are identical. Again there is no starting price or bidding, just the price you want them to pay. After an item is bought ,the auction does not end. Depending on how many items you have your listing will go until all items are sold, or your duration time has ran out. The buyers can pay immediately so they don’t have to wait until the end, witch means more cash quicker. To use this option you need ONE of the following: 1. Feedback score of 15 and accept PayPal as a payment option 2. Feedback score of 30 and be ID verified What time a day should I list my auctions Finding a good time to list your items is a great way to get more bidders. Now most bidders including myself do not bid on an item until the last few hours of the auction. Give it some thought you don’t want to list any product too late at night because you do not get a lot of traffic at night. The best time of the day for listing is when you get the most people on eBay. Most people are one eBay on the weekends when they have free time to surf the web. I found it most excellent to list your entry to end sometime on Saturday of Sunday. Whatever time you list your item is when it is going to expire. I recommend listing your entries anytime from 7-10:30 AM and then at night between 7- 9:30. I found these times to be the most effective for same as yours. Sold! Now what do I do? Well done!!! You are almost finished; all you have to do is receive payment so you can ship out your item. Click on send invoice in your items I’ve sold section. This is the bill for the
  • 13. 13 buyer to go about paying. After payment is made the dollar sign will appear and PayPal will notify you of their payment. Items I’ve sold section The items I’ve sold part of eBay shows the detail in the transaction. The user name, price sold, and date sold are just a few details. To be specific there are 6 parts that I will list below. The icons will be grayed out until the process has been completed. • Shopping cart- eBay check out is complete. • Money sign- payment has been sent. This icon will bold once PayPal receives payment • Box- Item has been shipped. (you will have to use the drop down menu for this one) • Star-You left feedback • Bubble- Buyer left feedback • Arrow-you listed the identical item Item Did NOT Sell, Buyer Doesn’t Pay? Did not sell If your item did not sell it can be for a few reasons. First, it may be that you’re trying to sell it for too much. Try lowering the price; witch in return will get your more bidders. Second, you may have listed the item in the wrong category one with low traffic. Try different categories for more traffic flow to your item. Buyer did not pay This may happen more than you think. Buyers may have found the item cheaper somewhere else or have just decided to blow you off. This does not hurt them on the other hand you may loses money. One way to get your listing fee back is to relist your item and have it sell or send it that the buyer did not pay. This process is simple to do just click on nonpaying buyer in your items I’ve sold list. Shipping Now this is where it starts to get a little rugged. Going back and forth from the post office got old really fast and I knew that there had to be another way. Gas prices were going up
  • 14. 14 and it was getting to the point where I was losing money trying to ship my items. But this was when I first started and did not have a plan now that I have done eBay for a few years I learned enhanced ways to go about shipping. The first thing you’re going to need to do is get a plan. When I first became a member on eBay I started off underestimating my shipping and it got to me when I found out I was losing money. What I mean by underestimating is that I did not charge my buyers enough hard cash for shipping. Trailing money every now and then was ok but they all started to add up and I had to change something. I thought that if maybe I overcharge my customers that would cover me in the shipping. That was the wrong answer. I ended up losing my bidders and lowering my outcome. The higher your shipping is the less money you’re going to make on your item itself. I found this out the hard way. When it comes down to companies to pick for your shipping needs I would highly recommend FedEx. Over the years I have dealt with many companies and FedEx is the only one I trust for my eBay needs. I have to say that I have never had a problem with FedEx never had an item sent back because it was broken in shipping and also never lost my any of my items. FedEx has many more advantages over other companies. They make sure that your item is safe by keeping a tracking # on the item for no extra charge. I know that not all companies do this sort of thing and I always like to know where my merchandise is for my waiting customers. This is another good thing for eBay the tracking numbers. Once you have shipped your item you can get back to your buyer with the tracking number this is very professional and will greatly be appreciated. Getting back to FedEx they have this great program online where you can print your shipping labels before you get to the store. This saves a godly amount of time believe me you are going to want to look into this. If you are a busy person you do not want to spend your time at the post office waiting in line. If you have them already printed you can just drop them off and they will scan them in when they have time. To find out more information on this go to and take a look. Just because FedEx works great for me because they are close in location, does not mean they are the best for you. There are plenty of other companies out there to name a few other good ones UPS and USPS. You just have to find the one that suits your needs best. Packaging
  • 15. 15 I know that one time or another you have received a package that was raped in an unpleasant manner. This has happened to me a few times and I told myself that I would never treat any of my customers in such a way. The item was shipped in a plain envelope with no raping material to protect my item inside, I was lucky that it was not broken. From then on I made sure that all my products were professionally raped. I have taken the pleasure to insure my buyers that not only are they getting a good product but it will be in one piece when they get it. What do I use to ship do you ask? Well to start off I get leftover boxes from stores. Sometimes you can drive along the back of stores and they will have dumpsters and next to them will be boxes. You have to make sure that the box is not too big or small for your item. I personally like to leave a little extra space for packing materials such as bubble wrap or tissue paper this insures for a safe trip. You can never have enough packing material I always say, the safer the better because you don’t want that product coming back broken, that just creates more problems. And finally after your all done one of the best things to do that promotes your business and makes you a better seller is to put a business card in the box. Or sometimes I like to leave a little thank you note, this will also get you positive feedback every now and then. Building Credibility Gaining respect through Feedback Having good feedback is one of the best ways to get people to look at your items. Think of it this way, if you were going to buy an item, you would buy from the person with 100% positive feedback rather than the person who has 76%. Same with everyone else good feedback makes the customers more trustworthy in their transactions. Just a warning for some of you out there, if you leave bad feedback you are asking for it in return. How Do I get buyers to leave Feedback Getting buyers to leave feedback is a very simple procedure. Feedback is a lot about respect if you and your buyer have a good relationship they will gladly leave feedback. Getting back to your customers when they have problems is a good why too earn credibility. Communication is highly appreciated. Sure you’re going to have the people that forget or just don’t leave any, but that’s ok. One thing I like to do is put little thank you notes in my packages. In these notes I mention leaving good feedback so I can do the same. So far it has worked for me, its like a reminder for them to do so. Where do I get my Brand Name Merchandise!!!
  • 16. Over the years I have been selling A&F (Abercrombie and Fitch) and have made a great profit doing so. I have come to the conclusion that A&F is highly profitable, in which I currently sell on eBay. Now I would like inform you of where I get my stock at wholesale prices. I buy from a company in the USA called rtronics. I have looked around for many years now and rtronics seems to have the best prices around. They get me all the A&F products you see listed in my eBay. They do good business, and have had no problems with them. Great communication, decent shipping times, and outstanding profit outcomes. rtronics gets their products from overseas quickly without a hassle. I would highly recommend rtronics for your first wholesale buy; they really make the transaction quite easy. Contact information: Email-