Minimalist Marketing Strategy Framework


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This deck is an annotated version of a Minimalist Social Media Strategy Framework presentation. Enjoy!

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Minimalist Marketing Strategy Framework

  1. 1. MNMLMKTGSTGYFRWK © Ernest Barbaric |
  2. 2. 1 Target Profiles2 Digital Objectives These are the five components of The Minimalist Marketing3 Channels Strategy Framework.4 Engagement Map5 Content Strategy © Ernest Barbaric |
  3. 3. 1 © Ernest Barbaric |
  4. 4. Marketing Persona+ Empathy Map To develop a proper profile, you will use and combine the best of+ Archetype these 3 methods Target Market Profile © Ernest Barbaric |
  5. 5. NAME Trina  FoleyAGE 44GENDER FemaleJOB HR  ManagerATTRIBUTES Mother  of  2  teenagers Works  downtown  in  O&G Lives  in  Tuscany,  Calgary Drives  a  BMW  SUVATTITUDES Introvert AnalyKcal This is what a marketing persona Close  group  of  friends would look like. © Ernest Barbaric |
  6. 6. Think & Feel?Hear? See? Using the empathy map, you put yourself in your customer’s head. Say & Do? What are they thinking, feeling, seeing , hearing and doing right now? © Ernest Barbaric |
  7. 7. Use this link and find an archetype that best suits your target market. Pick one or at most t © Ernest Barbaric |
  8. 8. The CaregiverCore desire: to protect and care for othersGoal: to help othersGreatest fear: selfishness and ingratitudeStrategy: doing things for othersTalent: compassion, generosityThe Caregiver is also known as: The saint,altruist, parent, helper, supporter These are some of the main characteristics of The Caregiver type of personality. Usually really well suited to moms. © Ernest Barbaric |
  9. 9. This is a very brief example of what a finished PROFILE looks like.Trina - Adventurous MomThis tech-savvy mom of 2 teenagers wantsto provide memorable experiences for herkids, living vicariously though theiradventures.■ Wants the best for her children■ Safety is a serious concern■ Willing to sacrifice self for family■ Large, social group of friends■ Works to provide first, then to escape © Ernest Barbaric |
  10. 10. 4 © Ernest Barbaric |
  11. 11. The blue line represents Traditional Media, and the red line represents Digital.REACH MARKETING ASSET ENGAGEMENT © Ernest Barbaric |
  12. 12. © Ernest Barbaric |
  13. 13. » Marketing Hub » Audience Centered » Primary Metrics The heart of your map acts as the HUB of all your marketing efforts. It’s also the one assetyour audience would be MOST comfortable with. © Ernest Barbaric |
  14. 14. » Supporting Asset » Specific Audience » Specific Function Think of the supporting assets as nets youtoss out in the ocean, to catch specific fish. At the end of the day you pull all your nets into one boat (The Heart of the map). © Ernest Barbaric |
  15. 15. » Asset Connection» User Path» Uni / Bi Directional These engagement directionals will let you understand how each asset interacts with each other. © Ernest Barbaric |
  16. 16. EducateConvert# Subscribers# Time on Site Each asset MUST have a clear and specific purpose. Based on that purpose, we can figure out what to measure. © Ernest Barbaric |
  17. 17. Customer ServiceGenerate Leads# questions answered# visitors to site © Ernest Barbaric |
  18. 18. Top SEO Rank for...International reach# SERP position# visitor location © Ernest Barbaric |
  19. 19. A finished map can be as simple orcomplicated as you want it to be... I like to have bet ween 4 to 5 assets in play. © Ernest Barbaric |
  20. 20. 5 © Ernest Barbaric |
  21. 21. A need or a want is triggered... and so begins our decision journey. TRIGGERMcKinsey Quarterly © Ernest Barbaric |
  22. 22. We can immediately think of t wo or three suppliers or brands to solve our need. INITIAL CONSIDERATION SET TRIGGERMcKinsey Quarterly © Ernest Barbaric |
  23. 23. ACTIVE EVALUATION INITIAL But before we make a decision, we’ll do research CONSIDERATION and comparison. We may ask our friends and SET social circles for advice or recommendations. TRIGGERMcKinsey Quarterly © Ernest Barbaric |
  24. 24. ACTIVE EVALUATION INITIAL CONSIDERATION MOMENT SET OF PURCHASE TRIGGER This is when the credit card gets swiped or payment gets made.McKinsey Quarterly © Ernest Barbaric |
  25. 25. ACTIVE EVALUATION But what happens after the purchase is INITIAL PARAMOUNT!! This experience may CONSIDERATION entice your customers to give a thumbs MOMENT SET up or a thumbs down to their friends, OF when they ask for advice in the active evaluation process of their own. PURCHASE TRIGGER POST-PURCHASE EXPERIENCEMcKinsey Quarterly © Ernest Barbaric |
  26. 26. ACTIVE EVALUATION INITIAL CONSIDERATION LOYALTY LOOP MOMENT SET OF PURCHASE If you rocked the post-purchase TRIGGER experience... your customer will default back to you rather then starting all over again. POST-PURCHASE EXPERIENCEMcKinsey Quarterly © Ernest Barbaric |
  27. 27. STAGE CHANNEL CONTENT Trigger YouTube ? Initial Set Facebook ? So, how would you use marketing or social media to address each part of the ? decision making process? Evaluation Trip Advisor Purchase Twitter ?Post-Purchase Instagram ? © Ernest Barbaric |
  28. 28. join the revolutionMINIMALIST MARKETING STRATEGY .COM Join our community of Digital Leaders and Troublemakers - and get the whole Minimalist Marketing Strategy Framework!