Preparing mashed potatoes


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Preparing mashed potatoes

  1. 1. Tips on how to prepare mouthwatering mashed Mashed Potatoes potatoes Mashed potatoes are one of those side dishes that sound simple but this dish too often comes out disappointing. Perhaps you are trying to recreate the fluffy mashed potatoes your grandmother or mother made and yours do not seem to be the same. How can you make the best mashed potatoes? The answer is that there is no one perfect recipe for mashed potatoes because different people have different ideas about the flavor and texture of this dish. Perfect mash depends on various factors including the variety of potato you are using, how they are cooked, what you are using to mash them and the milk, butter,cream, egg, herbs or other ingredients you are going to add to them as you mash them.Cooking the PotatoesWhether you are making mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes oranother potato dish, always begin with the chopped potatoes incold salted water, not hot water. Only add enough water so thepotatoes are just covered.Bring the water to a boil and keep cooking the potatoes until theyare tender. The exact timing depends on your stove, the variety ofpotatoes you are cooking and the size of the potato chunks.When the potatoes can be pierced easily with a knife, drain themright away. You do not need to rinse them but you should drainthem and return them to the pan. Put the pan over a low heat sothe excess water can evaporate.Mashing the PotatoesYou might like to use a wire masher, a potato ricer, an electric mixer, or a fork to mash your potatoes. It depends onwhat you have available and what kind of results you want. A wire masher will allow you to make textured mash orsmooth mash, depending how much you work. A fork does the same but requires more work and more time. A potatoricer makes the mash really smooth. It is a bit like a big garlic press.If you want to make airy, fluffy mashed potatoes, an electric mixer is your best bet. Restaurants often use these to makemashed potatoes because this machine whips air into the potatoes, giving them more volume.Poultry breast farm, mashed potatoes of old bachelorIngredients: Method:4 poultry breasts farmer of approximately 180 G each one300 G of button mushrooms Slice thinly shallots and the mushrooms, make just sweat them in a2 shallots knob of butter and wet them with height. Let reduce lengthily. Cook600 G of potatoes potatoes with the vapor, approximately 20 mn. Poêlez the poultry20 milk Cl breast, to give a side crusty and gilded to the skin, and stop cooking70 G butter1 pinch of nutmeg with the oven with 180 degrees, preheated during 15 to 20 mn. Passsalt and pepper to Chinese the mushroom aroma and add a knob of butter there.