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A menu timetable for wives connection and busy families

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  • There is stress in thinking about what to serve the family every day. This timetable is created from recipes published on this blog and a few others. You are free to bring suggestions that can improve it.Hi Ladies, this our Menu time table is still being edited, open to corrections and suggestions that can improve and make it more simple while still healthy.Any suggestions?
  • Wives connection menu timetable...

    1. 1. HEAVY DINNER LIGHT DINNER Menu Timetable for Menu Timetable For Light Heavy dinner Dinner Monday Monday Breakfast: cereals Breakfast: cereals Lunch: fried plantain Lunch: Eba with vegetable with pepper sauce soup Dinner: eba with Dinner: Fried plantain with vegetable soup pepper sauce Tuesday  Tuesday breakfast: bread with Breakfast: Tea with tea and boiled or fried Bread and egg
    2. 2. MENU FOR HEAVY MENU FOR LIGHTDINNER DINNER Tuesday:  Tuesday: Breakfast: Bread with Breakfast: beverage with beverage and egg bread and egg Lunch: Fried beans with Lunch: Any available boiled unripe plantain food Dinner: Ekpang with Dinner: potatoes chips smoked fish and green with chicken and vegetables ketchup
    3. 3. MENU FOR HEAVY DINNER MENU FOR LIGHT DINNER Wednesday  Wednesday Breakfast: quaker oats Breakfast: Oats with a with a sausage sausage Lunch: Vegetable Lunch: Green jollof rice Indomie noodles with any meat Dinner: green jollof rice Dinner: vegetable with any meat indomie noodles
    4. 4. MENU FOR HEAVY DINNER MENU FOR LIGHT DINNER Thursday  Thursday Breakfast: sandwiches Breakfast: Sandwiches made with made with sardines, cream and sardines, cream and lettuce lettuce Lunch: Naija mashed Lunch: Unripe porridge potatoes with pepper plantain with smoked fish soup and green vegetables Dinner: unripe porridge Dinner: Naija mashed plantain with smoked fish potatoes with pepper and green vegetables soup
    5. 5. MENU FOR HEAVY DINNER MENU FOR LIGHT DINNER Friday  Friday: Breakfast: beverage or Breakfast beverage or tea and bread with tea and bread with corned beef corned beef Lunch: fufu with white Lunch: Fufu with white soup soup Dinner: boiled yam or Dinner: Fruit salad with plantain with tomato juice egg sauce
    6. 6. MENU FOR LIGHT DINNERMENU FOR HEAVY DINNER Saturday:  Saturday: Breakfast: akamu or Breakfast: Akamu or custard with custard with akara akara, with or without Lunch: Edikang Ikong eggs and crayfish soup with pounded Lunch: edikang ikong yam soup with pounded Dinner: Indomie yam noodles with green Dinner: vegetable pepper and cabbage, macaroni with chicken served with fried fish
    7. 7. HEAVY DINNER LIGHT DINNER Sunday  Sunday Breakfast: any beverage Breakfast: Any beverage or tea or tea Lunch: fried rice with Lunch: Fried rice with chicken chicken Dinner: Fufu with Dinner: Dodo with egg vegetable ogbono soup sauce