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  • 1. Looking towards the Spanish EU Presidency: Media Literacy Policies 26 November 2009 Andrea Millwood Hargrave
  • 2. AudioVisual Media Services Directive – 19.12.09
    • Article 26
    • Not later than 19 December 2011, and every three years thereafter, the Commission shall submit to the European Parliament, the Council and
    • the European Economic and Social Committee a report on the application of this Directive and, if necessary, make further proposals to adapt it to developments in the field of audiovisual media services, in particular in the light of recent technological developments, the competitiveness of the sector and levels of media literacy in all Member States.
  • 3. The value to the economy
    • on current definitions the Digital Britain sectors account for nearly £1 in every £10 that the whole economy produces each year
  • 4. Commission Rec 2009/625/EC
    • a higher degree of media literacy would significantly help to approaching the objectives set.. in particular regarding a more competitive knowledge economy, while contributing to a more inclusive society
  • 5. It is a complicated picture Platform access Spectrum access Content standards Technology & commercial understanding Content provision & regulation Consumer-facing Content Rights Business-facing Regulatory Framework Parental control Ease of use Platform economics Legal advice Through partners
  • 6. Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
    • Must promote media literacy
    • Could:
    • Research
    • Initiatives with industry
    • Information exchange
    • Expert groups
  • 7. Possible responses
    • Develop responses appropriate to
      • The technologies
      • Common principles
      • Accepting the need for increased autonomy
    • Increased information and reassurance
  • 8.
    • Thank you
    • [email_address]
  • 9. A good starting point
    • Communications
    • Act of 2003 places the responsibility on the
    • regulator, OFCOM, to promote ‘better public
    • awareness and understanding of material
    • published by electronic media, the purposes for
    • which such material is selected or made
    • available for publication, the available systems by
    • which access to such published material is or
    • can be regulated, and the available systems by
    • which persons to whom such material is
    • available may control what is received’.
  • 10. Harm and the communications technologies
    • Content
    • Contact
    • Conduct
    • Risk of inappropriate contact and increased accessibility/availability