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Hadoop Summit Japan 2011 Fall - LT by IBM
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Hadoop Summit Japan 2011 Fall - LT by IBM


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Data Discovery Tool for BigInsights (on top of Hadoop) - MapReduce with no coding.

Data Discovery Tool for BigInsights (on top of Hadoop) - MapReduce with no coding.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Data Discovery Tool BigSheetsMapReduce with No Coding? p gAtsushi Tsuchiya ( Tsuchiya ( Big Data Tiger Team IBM Software IBM Software
  • 2. Looking at Data Looking at Data• What would you do with Big data?  h ld d ih i d ?• How to make use of it?• It is difficult! – too vague. • No specific problem that needs to be solved. p p • No specific question that needs to be answered.• Only you know is to improve the business. yy p• But you have *data*• So what would you do first? So, what would you do first? Looking at Data! g
  • 3. IBM with Hadoop IBM with Hadoop• IBM has been working with Open source  y g community for the long time. – Eclipse, Hadoop and so on …• BigInsights include Hadoop
  • 4. BigInsights• BigInsihgts i i ih is IBM Hadoop product for Big data  d d f i d analytics. – Basic Edition (up to 10TB) – Free 無償で使えます! – Enterprise Edition  p• Next version BigInsights ‐ coming soon Next version BigInsights coming soon. – v1.2 available.• And many more
  • 5. BigInsights Componetns BigInsights Componetns• BigInsihgts i l d i ih includes: – IBM Java – JAQL - IBMが開発した言語(オープンソース) – IBM Distribution of Hadoop – BigSheets - データ探索ツール – FLEX scheduler for Adaptive MapReduce  – Orchestrator (Workflow Engine) – SystemT (Text Analytics), SystemML (Machine Learning) – LDAP – Web Console / Developer Studio
  • 6. BigInsights – Basic Edition BigInsights – Basic Edition Version Will be Update Basic EnterpriseFunction in Nov Edition Editi Edition Editi release.Integrated Install Inc IncOpen Source components:Hadoop (including common utilities, HDFS, MapReduce framework) 0.20.2 Inc IncJaql (programming / query language) 0.5.2 Inc IncPig (programming / query language) 0.7 Inc IncFlume (data collection/aggregation) 0.9.1 Inc IncHive (data summarization/querying) 0.5 Inc IncLucene (text search) 3.0.2 302 Inc IncZookeeper (process coordination) 3.2.2 Inc IncAvro (data serialization) 1.3.0 Inc IncHBase ( (real time read/write) / ) 0.20.6 0 20 6 Inc IncOozie (workflow/ job orchestration) 2.2.2 Inc IncOnline documentation Inc IncCapability to integrate with DB2, InfoSphere Warehouse Inc Inc Two DB2 UDFs to submit jobs, and read results from BigInsights
  • 7. BigInsights – Enterprise Edition Enterprise Edition Basic EnterpriseFunction Edition EditionR Connector Jaql module to invoke R statistical capabilities from BigInsights n/a IncNetezza CN t Connector t Jaql modules to read/write data from/to Netezza n/a IncLDAP n/a IncWeb Console n/a IncWorkflow Engine n/a IncScheduler (Orchestrator) n/a IncText Analytics Module (System T) n/a IncEclipse support (for System T)* n/a IncBigSheets – Data Discovery Tool n/a IncIBM Optim Development Studio V2.2.1.0 n/a IncSupport by IBM pp y n/a Inc
  • 8. BigSheets• A data exploring tool for Hadoop• Only comes with BigInsights Enterprise edition Only comes with BigInsights Enterprise edition
  • 9. BigSheets Concept Model Concept Model Enrich Inspect ExploreInternet No Coding is Required! Gather BigSheetsIntranet Publish Get/ Manipulate Logs Gather Massive Results Other in BigInsights Explore &  Analyze
  • 10. It s like a spreadsheets.It’s like a spreadsheets Looks very familiar ?!?
  • 11. Visualizations• Predefined visualization• Customer Plug‐in Customer Plug in A number of coffee shops in North America for each States.
  • 12. DEMO
  • 13. Internet BigSheets Intranet Gather Logs Other BigInsight s• BigInsights can gather data from i i h h d f – Predefined formats : • BigSheets data reader • Basic crawler data reader • Basic crawler data reader (binary support) Basic crawler data reader (binary support) • Character‐delimited data reader • Tab Separated Value (TSV) data reader p ( ) • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) array reader • Comma Separated Value (CSV) data reader – Customer BigSheets Reader 
  • 14. Internet BigSheets Intranet Gather Logs Other BigInsight s• BigInsights can import structured and  i i h i d d unstructured data – CSV – Files – Network • http p • hdfs • AWS (S3n/S3) – Other • Customer Importer
  • 15. Internet BigSheets Intranet Collection Logs Other BigInsight sA complete list of MacDonald s in North America.A complete list of MacDonalds in North America
  • 16. Internet BigSheets Intranet Logs BigInsight Other s Calculate ReformatImport A complete list of MacDonalds in North America.
  • 17. Internet BigSheets Intranet Logs BigInsight Other sColumn chart Heat map
  • 18. BigSheets in Action in Action 映 売 げ• Blockbuster 映画売り上げ予測 – ABC Newsより
  • 19. Blockbuster – 映画の売り上げ予測 IBM BigInsights/BigSheets ①週末につぶやかれたTweets  ①週末につぶやかれたTweets (約200,000)フィードを受けて、 ②数時間以内に、 (今までは、月曜の朝になってから) 売り上げ予測チャ ト作成 ‐売り上げ予測チャート作成 ‐センチメント分析 例えば、今年の夏は、 がどれよりも人気があ た( X‐manがどれよりも人気があった(つ ぶやかれた)→宣伝、上映戦略など をこまめに修正
  • 20. Conclusion• We all need to improve the business.• S So, where would you start with Big data? h ld t t ith Bi d t ? Data Discovery is a key to start improving  YOUR Business! YOUR Business!
  • 21. Thank you!Thank you!