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An overview of some of our Challenger Consultancy - Find out more at

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eatbigfish workshops 2013

  1. 1. CHALLENGER BRAND CONSULTANCYStrategyFacilitationPositioningBrand CultureInnovationWORKSHOPS
  2. 2. CHALLENGER BRAND CONSULTANCYThe Challenger Lighthouse Identity Programme is what we are bestknown for, based on the strategic idea of a brand lighthouse identity asoutlined in Eating The Big Fish. This multi-stage workshop programmeis genuinely cross-functional in nature and results in a distinctivepositioning and vision for your business.Challenger Brands project what they believe like a Lighthouse so younotice them, even if you are not looking for them.• Based on a strong belief system.• Anchored on a product rock or compelling truth about their offer.• Projected insistently and consistently in everything they do and allaspects of the business.• Inviting consumers to navigate by them to drive strong preferenceand loyalty.“We were looking for a challenger identity to infuse all our actions and to bethat North Star, the pole star, the guiding point for everything we do. The TVcreative, perhaps, was just one aspect of it.What we were able to do was take a look at our pricing practices, take a lookat our product development pipeline, new hire introductions, even investorpresentations, and infuse all of those with the work from the lighthouse identityproject. So having this piece of work has been just fantastic, it’s been a greatfoundation for us.”Julian King, VP Marketing and Corporate Development - XoomThe Challenger LighthouseIdentity ProgrammeHow does it work?The Challenger Lighthouse Identity Programme is an intense facilitatedprocess run over a 12 to 16 week timeframe with a cross functional team(including agency partners).With strategy and execution running together, the deliverables for theprogramme are both tangible and intangible. At the end of the processyou will have created a 3 to 5 year vision for your business, illustrativeexecutional ideas to accompany it, and a sense of ownership andalignment across your team.
  3. 3. CHALLENGER BRAND CONSULTANCYPiracy is an analogy for following a different set of rules than those setout by ‘The Navy’. Pirate School introduces us to the personal qualitiesand cultural conditions required for challengers to succeed - behaviourswhich are every bit as important as the challenger strategy itself.In order to nurture a challenger culture it is necessary to explicitly binda team together with a different kind of culture code - The Articles.How does it work?• A 1 or 2 day event to launch a shift in mindset and method.• The elements of a challenger pirate culture are introduced andcompared to a ‘navy style’ culture.• Includes the opportunity to reenact a famous pirate battle as a fun,interactive way to dramatise challenger behavior and attitudes torisk.• Create our own set of Articles to define explicitly what kinds ofbehavior we need to value to have more market impact.“Our three day programme focuses very strongly on what our brand teamsneed to do in order to develop and get agreement for their brand plans; thePirate Battle session is an excellent element which focuses on how they do it.It is particularly relevant to our participants who operate in a highly complex,bureaucratic environment.”Irene Donaldson, Organisational Capability Lead - NestlePirate School
  4. 4. CHALLENGER BRAND CONSULTANCYOften, internal beliefs and processes are intended to act like a speedboatbut end up being nothing more than a life raft. We want to find a newpath to follow. Not the one that we find safe and comfortable, but onethat really challenges. If we were to disrupt our paths and process,which questions would we want to ask and how would they help?This workshop is designed to help your business to break from the paththat you have set yourselves to achieve step change growth, to be thecatalyst that will give you the confidence to venture into the unknown.How does it work?• Hidden Potential is a multi workshop process delivered over a 12 to16 week period with a senior management team.• We undertake a Path Dependency Analysis of the organisation tounearth evidence of the instinctive bias of the organisation andgenerate vital proof of how hard it may be to instil change.• Through a workshop process we help the team break with theirimmediate past and apply the principles of Intelligent Naivety togenerate and explore new growth opportunities.Hidden Potential“One of the big strengths of the eatbigfish process is the fact that it’s highlycollaborative, so you really can engage multiple people, both across the agencies,and internally. When you need to get a lot of people engaged behind a futurepath of growth… getting different people internally, from different functionsand agencies all together in a collaborative process really helped with that.The second thing that really helped was the belief that strategies and ideas canrun in parallel, and actually, you need them together, because they inform eachother. And I found that incredibly valuable, because it meant that we could shapethe output, and make sure that what we were creating was really workable.”Miranda Sambles, Marketing Director – Walkers
  5. 5. CHALLENGER BRAND CONSULTANCYThe challenger’s strategic canvas permits a much wider choice ofpotential stances than the narrative of ‘irreverent little player vs.monolithic and unscrupulous bigger player’, which is what the clichéseems to be.Marketers and agencies need to understand a broader challengercanvas, based on a deeper insight into the different kinds of challengernarratives that are currently succeeding across the globe.This new workshop helps you explore the range of challenger storiesyour brand can tell, and maps out the implications for your strategy.How does it work?• A two workshop process over a 6 week period with a cross functionalteam.• Understand the new model for challenger brands throughapplication.• Identify the dominant narrative within your category.• The workshop will help you to explore a number of differentnarratives for your own brand, revealing areas of opportunity.• Cement and build upon your positioning by playing out theimplications for every aspect of the marketing mix.“As a challenger brand ourselves, we have long been a fan of the work donein this area by Adam Morgan and eatbigfish. It’s great to be partnering onthe launch of ”Overthrow, 10 Ways to Tell a Challenger Story”, which offersmarketers the chance to explore a new model. I’d say that PHD is a Visionarywith a splash of Real & Human Challenger”.Mike Cooper, CEO - PHD WorldwideWriting Your ChallengerNarrative
  6. 6. CHALLENGER BRAND CONSULTANCYLooking for new growth in a category?Trying to create distinct offers for individual brands in a portfolio?Constrained by the traditional view of your market?Our Category Visioning programme paints a much broader canvas ofopportunity.How does it work?• A two-day workshop with a cross functional team, agency partnersand intelligently naïve participants.• Map the current landscape of the category and apply challengerthinking through a series of exercises to identify areas of whitespace and opportunity.• Pulsing uses a new lens through which to see the experiencebusiness, helping challengers reframe the playing field to their ownadvantage.• Outlooking & Inlooking enable a group to see what might bepossible for their brand when they view things through a completelydifferent lens.“eatbigfish has a successful history of projects with PepsiCo beverages. Thequality of the team is world-class, and their commitment is second to none.Most recently, they worked with us in the most critical phase of a year-longproject that was both very sensitive and very difficult to crack : they havehelped us create some breakthrough thinking that reframed our view of theproblem and delivered great solutions.While the process was really well managed, the output – both in terms ofthinking and concepts ready for test – has been outstanding.”  Francois Bazini, Senior Director, Global Innovation - PepsiCoCategory Visioning
  7. 7. CHALLENGER BRAND CONSULTANCYHow do you bring the challenger mindset to your business at large?How do you seek to embed this approach in your team? How can youtranscend geographies?We have developed training and coaching for some of the world’s largestcompanies. The nature of the session always comes from our challengerperspective but it is designed according to your specific needs.How does it work? Options include:• A speech to kick off the training and inspire the team (either inperson or virtually).• Facilitated ‘train the trainer’ sessions.• DIY workshop kits to run sessions with your own teams back in theoffice.• Inspiration modules (curated online content).• Work through theory and complete practical exercises to applychallenger thinking on your own brands to embed the learning.“We organised a five day training course with eatbigfish to help take ourCadbury chocolate innovation department to the next level of performance.The multi cultural innovation team were highly energised by the course,describing it as ‘outstanding’ and ‘game changing’. We have already seen animpact on the output of the team and the overall department spirit as a resultof the course”Sarah Barron, Global Innovation Director - CadburyChallenger Training& Capabilities
  8. 8. CHALLENGER BRAND CONSULTANCYYou can explore our offer in more detail at or contact usdirectly at you want to speak to someone in person you can call our London office on+44 (0)20 7234 9970, or contact one of the partners below.Contact UsNew YorkChad 203 227 6919San FranciscoMark 415 891 8348LondonTeresa (0)20 7234 9970