eatbigfish - an overview of our offer 2013


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Who we are and how we work.

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eatbigfish - an overview of our offer 2013

  1. 1. CHALLENGER CONSULTANCY SPEECHES TRAINING TOOLS BOOKS CONTACTConsultancySpeechesTrainingToolsBooksStrategyFacilitationPositioningBrand CultureInnovationAN OVERVIEW
  2. 2. CHALLENGER CONSULTANCY SPEECHES TRAINING TOOLS BOOKS CONTACTChallenger BrandsWe believe that being a Challenger is a state of mind – not a state of market.Challenger thinking is as relevant for a market leader as for a niche player.We believe that Intelligent Naivety – intelligently applied inexperience –has changed the face of most of the categories around us more profoundlythan a lifetime of applied category experience.We believe in values and belief based branding. That brands should have astrong point of view. That this internal compass helps drive every decisionthey make.We believe that Challengers with this clear sense of themselves act likea Lighthouse. They take a stand, on solid foundations, and intensely andconsistently project their point of view in everything they do. Encouragingthe consumer to ‘navigate’ by them.We believe that if you are not the Market Leader in the category, youhave to be the Thought Leader.We believe that you have far more media at your disposal than youthink you do. You are just not recognizing them as media at the moment.We believe that innovation is embedded in a culture, not in a ‘six sigmainnovation funnel’.We believe successful brands are idea centred – not consumer centred.That momentum is the currency that sustains a Challenger’s appeal,and that ideas are the fuel of that momentum.And finally, we believe that the Challenger model is the strategicbusiness model of the future. eatbigfish is a brand consultancy whose unique focus is Challengerthinking and behaviour. Our expertise is grounded in The ChallengerProject - founded in 1998, it is an ongoing study of how Challenger Brandssucceed by doing more with less.There is no such thing as an objective consultant. Everyone brings theirprejudices to the table. Ours is a belief in the Challenger approach.
  3. 3. CHALLENGER CONSULTANCY SPEECHES TRAINING TOOLS BOOKS CONTACTYou are looking to grow your business.Challengers represent some of the fastest growing companies in the worldeconomy.You are looking for greater differentiation.The best Challengers bleed differentiation into everything.You want to create alignment across your team.Our facilitated approach is all about creating a solution as a team and acommon sense of ownership.You are trying to do more with less.This thought is central to Challenger behaviour.You need to define what your brand stands for.This is the focus of our defining programme - The Challenger IdentityProgramme.You are looking for access to innovative thinking.Whether that is through books, speeches, our web activities, training, blogsor our workshops, we are committed to sharing our thinking more widely.Why Work With Us?
  4. 4. CHALLENGER CONSULTANCY SPEECHES TRAINING TOOLS BOOKS CONTACTOur core business. We take a strategic approach, based on our analysisabout how Challengers succeed. Although we offer a number of productstailored to a client’s particular needs, they all draw from this central pointof view. Our products centre around helping clients who want or needto think like Challengers in some or all of the following areas - brandpositioning, strategy, brand culture and innovation.Our approach utilises facilitated workshop-based programmes developedfrom our learnings and understanding of Challenger brands and theirbusiness.Webelievein workingwith across-functionalseniormanagementgroup and their primary business partners to help them arrive at theirown solutions. This cross-ownership is vital to the project’s success and theprogrammes have a strong bias to action.The length of the programme depends upon the nature of the task –anything from a one day Ideation workshop to a multi-stage ChallengerLighthouse Identity programme which would run over several months.Recent clients we have worked with include Audi, BBC Worldwide, CharlesSchwab, Jim Beam, London 2012, Marriott, Nike, PepsiCo, SAB Miller, andUS Cellular to name but a few.Challenger ConsultancyWorkshop programmes include:• Building a Challenger Lighthouse Identity.• Explore the range of Challenger Narratives your brandcan tell, and map out the implications for your strategy.• Breaking with your Path Dependency to find unexploitedgrowth opportunities for your business.• Developing a stretching 5 or 10 year Category Vision (andthinking through the portfolio implications that fall fromthat vision).• Challenger Brand Experiences - including new waysto map consumer touch points in service and retailbusinesses• Brand Subcultures - nurturing Challengers withinmultinational, multi-brand organisations.
  5. 5. CHALLENGER CONSULTANCY SPEECHES TRAINING TOOLS BOOKS CONTACTOur current speeches cover the latest thinking on Challenger strategy,innovation and internal culture. They are populated with case studiesdrawn from our extensive library of interviews with Challenger Brandleaders and pose inspirational questions to help apply the thinking to yourown business.Subjects include:The Principles of Challenger Thinking and BehaviourIf you want to introduce your audience to what it takes to act and think likea Challenger, then this is the speech for you.The 12 Challenger NarrativesThis speech explores 12 different ways to tell the Challenger story, andposes the question – ‘Which type are you?’Necessary PiracyWhat personal qualities do we see in successful Challengers? A speech thatlooks at what it takes to be a Challenger yourself.SpeechesA Beautiful ConstraintOur latest speech, how challengers lean into constraints to drivebreakthrough innovation both real and cultural.Creating a Culture of InnovationWe believe Challengers offer a different perspective on Innovation.This speech brings this distinctive approach to Innovation to life.
  6. 6. CHALLENGER CONSULTANCY SPEECHES TRAINING TOOLS BOOKS CONTACTHow do you bring the Challenger mindset to your business at large andgive your team the tools to be Challengers? How do you seek to embed thisapproach in your team? How can you transcend geographies and cascadethe learning?We have developed training and coaching for some of the world’s largestcompanies. The content always comes from our Challenger perspective, andbe it a learning programme delivered globally over a number of months oran intensive facilitated workshop, the structure of the training is designedaccording to your specific needs.Options Include:• Facilitated ‘train the trainer’ workshop sessions.• DIY workshop kits to run sessions with your own teams back in theoffice.• Inspiration modules (curated online content) and group step by stepexercises. Work through the theory and apply Challenger Thinking onyour own brands or business issue to embed the learning.• Personalised introduction to your session from an eatbigfish partner.Challenger Training & Tools• Customised Workshop in a Box – your choice of 4 exercises fromour library of 12 with bespoke stimulus.• Online content curated from the Challenger Project which can beused as pre-work or to follow-up to meet your brief.• Bespoke introductory PPT presentation for you or your facilitatorsto deliver (including briefing and support).
  7. 7. CHALLENGER CONSULTANCY SPEECHES TRAINING TOOLS BOOKS CONTACTOur ‘In A Box Workshop’ kits contain all the material needed to run yourown one day ideation workshop including digital content, printable files andphysical stimulus.Each workshop kit contains four of our most tried and tested exercises, withstep by step instructions to ensure a successful outcome. We also provide tipson running a productive session, additional digital and physical stimulus toget the creative juices flowing, and voting stickers to help you select the bestideas.You don’t need to have any prior experience and there is no need to haverun a workshop before. We designed the kit so anyone could run a sessionusing the step by step guide, however if you’d like a facilitator to guide youthrough the day we can also help with that.“The toolkit was very easy to use and we were able to run the day smoothly in SouthAfrica.The techniques in the toolkit made us look at our brands from a different perspectivethrough the use of an excellent framework and engaging stimulus material thatincorporates the principles of Challenger Thinking.”Carolyn LinnellSAB MillerIn a Box WorkshopsAvailable Now:Brand ViewpointEach of the four exercises in the workshop box builds on thefundamentals of your existing positioning to add greater meaningand to define its edges more precisely - to help you add someChallenger bite and purpose to your brand.OutlookingAn idea generation session to find insights of opportunity. Theexercises in Outlooking ask us to look outside for inspiration –outside of our own category, our consumer and our competition.InlookingThe exercises in Inlooking ask us to look inside – to look at thefamiliar in fresh ways. To interrogate what we have, but througha magnified lens.Outlooking and Inlooking can work in conjunction to create a two day session.
  8. 8. CHALLENGER CONSULTANCY SPEECHES TRAINING TOOLS BOOKS CONTACTAre you looking for inspirational content to stimulate your team? ThoughtStarters combine brand insights curated from The Challenger Project withan exercise to apply the thinking to your own business.Delivered digitally via a password protected website, or as interactive PDFwith embedded content, each One hour session consists of short films andbrand stories to watch and read, with an exercise worksheet to complete inteams.
Thought Starters are available off the shelf or bespoke. If you would like torun a session with your team, but require a more tailored approach, we canwork with you to provide inspirational content for your particular needs.Remote facilitation and coaching is also available.“[we were]… able to show the video and stimulate the audience into thinking outsideof the current frame of reference. We discussed this way of thinking in a plenary way.The tool was received well and have the feel people are eager to learn more. Lookingforward to explore further opportunities in the future and push the envelope onbuilding brands.”Willem Jan van der HoevenGlobal Brands Director, HEINEKEN InternationalThought StartersAvailable now (more sessions in production):
Finding InspirationWhy Challengers need to look outside their category forinspiration in order to create differentiation in the market.House MediaLearning from brands that use every asset they have to sharetheir message in new and compelling ways.Word of MouthInspiring examples of brands who use word-of-mouth andcompelling storytelling as key tools to connect with peopleand bring in new consumers.Customer WowThe opportunity to create unexpected moments along theCustomer Journey of the brand.
  9. 9. CHALLENGER CONSULTANCY SPEECHES TRAINING TOOLS BOOKS CONTACTEating the Big Fish – How Challengers Compete with the MarketLeaderThere are common Challenger practices that work across categories — The8 Credos.Mindset is critical — embrace the implications of the gap between ambitionand resources.The little guy who lacks confidence copies the big guy. This won’t work.Challengers can’t compete by being a better version of a leader.Challengers need a whole new playbook; one with equal rigour, butwith some often counter-intuitive ways of framing the opportunity, andboldness in developing the strategy.Overthrow – 10 Ways to Tell a Challenger StoryIt’s time to learn from a new generation of Challengers. This book outlinesa more evolved model of what it means to be a challenger today. Publishedin conjunction with PHD Worldwide.BooksThe Pirate Inside - Being a Challenger within a CorporationSurely Challenger culture only thrives in entrepreneurial single brandsingle focus companies?How do I become a Challenger working within Behemoth Inc?This book explores the personal qualities required and team dynamicsneeded for Challenger brands to thrive within multi-brand multi-nationalcorporations.ABeautifulConstraint–EnablingPossibilityintheAgeofConstraintThe Challenger approach to innovation and opportunity. How to useyour biggest challenges to propel your biggest breakthroughs. Our latestthinking - to be published in 2014
  10. 10. CHALLENGER CONSULTANCY SPEECHES TRAINING TOOLS BOOKS CONTACTYou can explore our offer in more detail at, or contactus directly at maybe what you are looking for doesn’t fit neatly into one of the servicesoutlined here? We are a small personal business and we enjoy the challengeof briefs that are a little different. So, if it’s not here, please don’t assume wecannot help.If you want to speak to someone in person you can call our London office on+44 (0)20 7234 9970, or contact one of the partners below.Contact UsNew YorkChad 203 227 6919San FranciscoMark 415 891 8348LondonTeresa (0)20 7234 9970