Do you want to know everything about Mobile Account??


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Find out the everything in the FAQS , you want to know about the new Easy Paisa product "M-account" ; your virtual bank accounts works like the normal usual bank accounts..

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Do you want to know everything about Mobile Account??

  1. 1. EasyPaisa Mobile Account FAQs What is an easypaisa mobile account? An easypaisa mobile account is an easy to use virtual bank account, available for Telenor subscribers to access from their own mobile phones at any time. easypaisa mobile account subscribers can use Bill Pay, Money Transfer and a whole host of new services from their own mobile phones. How is it diffe rent from other competitor services? There are a handful of other services being offered on GPRS phones but these have a limited appeal because less than 5% of the people who have mobile phones use GPRS services. Also, GPRS is an expensive channel to use and very few Mobile Phones are GPRS compatible. No other competitor is offering virtual bank accounts from the mobile phones that allow the range of services that easypaisa Mobile Account offers. Mobile Accounts run on any phone a nd no particular phone is required. Who can be an easypaisa mobile account s ubscriber? Any Telenor customer, post-paid or pre-paid, with a valid and original NADRA CNIC/NICOP/POC can sign up for an easypaisa mobile account. This service is only limited to Telenor Subscribers. From whe re can a customer register himself for easypaisa mobile account? A customer can register for an easypaisa Mobile Account from any of the Telenor Franchises, Telenor Sales and Service Centers, Tameer Bank branches or Tameer Bank Sales and Service Centers. All they need to have is a valid and original NARDA CNIC/NICOP/POC. The customer representative will: 1. Capture the customer information in the system 2. Capture a customer photograph 3. Print the account opening form and get it signed and the thumbprints from the customer 4. Print the account opening fee receipt and hand it over to customer. 5. The customer will get a verification call from the Bank Team within 3 hours and after successful verification from the Bank Team, an account for the customer will be opened. What if the subscriber does not own a Telenor SIM? In that case, the customer can either MNP into Telenor pre-paid or post-paid services or buy a new Telenor connection, either pre-paid or post-paid. In both the cases, the easypaisa mobile account will only be opened once the subscriber record is successfully updated with relevant ownership details in the Telenor systems. Can I have more than one Mobile Account associated to my numbe r? As per State Bank of Pakistan rules, there can be only one Mobile Account per Customer.
  2. 2. I have 9 Telenor numbe rs. Can I have multiple Mobile Accounts? How many at maximum? As per State Bank of Pakistan rules, there can be only one Mobile Account per Customer no matter how many phone numbers they have. The Mobile Account will only be associated with one Telenor Mobile Phone Number. What is my easypaisa Account Number? For transactional security purposes and to minimize errors, the system will generate a 12-digit easypaisa Mobile Account number (the customer's Telenor number plus 1 random check digit) at the time of account opening. For example, if the mobile phone number is 0345-8501100, the easypaisa Mobile Account number generated could be 0345-8501100-3 where the last digit (3) is the random check digit for the account. What is my PIN? After the account creation, the customer would be asked to create a secret 5-digit numeric PIN code for his easypaisa Mobile Account. Similar to an ATM PIN code, this secret PIN code will be used to authorize all transactions from the easypaisa Mobile Account. Without this PIN code, no transactions will be possible. It is extremely important for the customer not to share this PIN code with anybody. How secure is the Mobile Account? Mobile Accounts encompass the same level of security that you have when using an ATM card. Each Mobile Account has a 5-digit secret PIN code which is required for each transaction. All transactions from the mobile phone are encrypted using standard GSM e ncryption. What if the subscriber forgets his easypaisa mobile account PIN? In this case, the customer needs to call the help line to log a request for PIN reset. The customer will get a verification call from the Banking Team within 1 hour and after successful verification, a new PIN will be communicated to the customer. What if a customer's SIM is stolen, is his easypaisa Mobile Account compromised? No, the account is never compromised because the easypaisa Mobile Account cannot be used without the customer's secret PIN code. The customer should call the help line and log a request for blocking the stolen SIM. After verification from the customer, the SIM will be blocked, the easypaisa Mobile Account will be blocked and the customer PIN reset. The customer can then collect a replacement SIM from any Telenor Sales and Service Center or Franchise and continue using his easypaisa Mobile Account after changing his PIN code. How can I access my easypaisa mobile account? Subscribers can either dial *786# from their handset or log into the easypaisa Mobile Account website ( to access their easypaisa mobile account. All transactions available on *786# are also available through the easypaisa Mobile Account website, although the website provides the subscriber with additional tools to manage their accounts more efficiently. For example, a subscriber can schedule recurring payment transactions and see the complete history of transactions from the website.
  3. 3. Can an easypaisa account holder change his/her package plan? Yes, just like the normal process. Can an easypaisa account holder request for pre-paid to post-paid migration? Yes, just like the normal process. Is there any idle timeout for the easypaisa Mobile Account website? Yes. If the subscriber session is idle for more than 30 minutes, the session times out automatically and the subscriber needs to login again. What are the different services provided with easypaisa mobile account? Currently, following services are offered on an easypaisa mobile account Utility Bills Payment Money Transfer to easypaisa account Money Transfer to a CNIC (Over The Counter) Schedule payments Cash Deposit Cash Withdrawal Transfer In from a Tameer Bank Account Transfer Out to a Tameer Bank Account More payment solutions coming soon What is Transfer In and what do I require before I perform Transfer In? If a subscriber has an account in Tameer Bank, he can transfer money from his Tameer Bank account to his easypaisa mobile account. A subscriber can have only one Transfer In account. Subscriber can Add/Update transfer in account from internet, but this update is to be verified from Tameer Bank. Subscriber then has to call the help line to log a request to authorize whenever he has updated his Transfer In Account Number. Transactional limits do not apply for transfer in. What is Transfer Out and what do I require before I perform Transfer Out? If a subscriber has an account in Tameer Bank, he can transfer money to Tameer Bank account from his easypaisa mobile account. A subscriber can have multiple Transfer Out accounts. Subscribers can Add/Update Transfer Out account details easily from internet. Transactional limits will apply for transfer out. What is my daily/monthly/yearly limit? Can I change these limits? What is the procedure for increasing my limits? The daily limit is Rs. 10,000/-, monthly limit is Rs. 20,000/- and yearly limit is Rs. 120,000/-. As per SBP's regulations, these limits are fixed and subscribers are not allowed to alter them. These limits are applicable on money transfer, UBP, Cash Deposit, Cash withdrawal, Transfer Out and are not applicable on Transfer In.
  4. 4. When a transaction is reversed, will the Fee and FED also be reversed? Yes, the Fee and FED will be reversed if the reversal request has been made within 24 hours. What is meant by Schedule Payments? If a customer wants to send money automatically from their easypaisa mobile account to other easypaisa mobile account they can schedule a payment transaction from the easypaisa Mobile Accounts website and the transaction will be executed on the date/frequency set by the customer. Can I buy things with my Mobile Account? Will that happen in future? We are signing up Payment Solutions for Mobile Accounts so in the near future you will be able to use your Mobile Account to pay for things like Airline Tickets, Bus Tickets, Movie Tickets, Fast Food restaurants, Traffic Challans etc. I have international roaming activated. Can I use the money if I go to anothe r country? You will be able to access and use your Mobile Account on your phone even if you are roaming outside Pakistan. You need to be in a country with one of our roaming partners and you can find the complete list of countries and partner operators on our website at Since the customer support is at Telenor Pakistan. Do you have bankers who understand the particulars/problems of banking and accounts? Our support team at our help line is staffed with a dedicated, trained team of bankers to provide support on any issue with your Mobile Account Will customers earn interest on the deposits? At the moment, only current accounts are going to be opened after the launch of Mobile Account. Hence no interest is going to be earned on any deposits. What is the procedure for closing easypaisa mobile account? To close an easypaisa Mobile Account, the subscriber would need to visit a Telenor Sales and Service Center, Telenor Franchise or Tameer Bank and fill the account closing form. The request is then sent to Bank Team and the Bank Team after verification from the customer would close the customer's Mobile Account. Any remaining balance in the customer's Mobile Account can be picked up from the same Telenor Sales and Service Center, Telenor Franchise or Tameer Bank where the request was initiated to close the account. What if the easypaisa subscriber wants to MNP out to another operator? The subscriber has to first close their easypaisa Mobile Account before being able to MNP out. What if a subscriber wants to terminate his Phone Number? The customer has to first close his/her easypaisa Mobile Account and then request for number termination.