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PRINT2012 - How to improve the quality of your Data with a better conception of your document - Catherine Lambrecht, Fedaso
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PRINT2012 - How to improve the quality of your Data with a better conception of your document - Catherine Lambrecht, Fedaso


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PRINT2012 - How to improve the quality of your Data with a better conception of your document - Catherine Lambrecht, Fedaso

PRINT2012 - How to improve the quality of your Data with a better conception of your document - Catherine Lambrecht, Fedaso

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  • 1. How to improve the quality of your Datawith a better conception of your document
  • 2. 1. Current context
  • 3. Paper still remains important in a multi-channel datacollection process Post E-mail Paper Fax Call
  • 4. Importance of the layout of the document • Conceive your document using guidelines and instructions • increase the readability of the data on the document • Increase the quality of your database. Madame Yda Mamey YOLA NIAMEY A. Michel, 45 bte 1 AVENUE ALBERT MICHEL, 451 1180 Bruxelles 1180 UCCLE
  • 5. Check-list :• How the document will be received• How it will be treated (Scanning & OCR), Manual treatment• How to simplify• How to improve the layout •Open question/closed question •Tick boxes •Don’t forget
  • 6. Evolution•Internal•External (offshore, nearshore) •Scanning (external) •Scanning (internal)
  • 7. Evolution• from physical treatment• to image treatment
  • 8. 2. Data capture process
  • 9. Recognition tools ICR OCR BCR OMR
  • 10. Example
  • 11. OMR
  • 12. OMR
  • 13. OMR
  • 14. OMR & controls 0% 15% 25% 95% 100%
  • 15. ICR
  • 16. ICRStreet recognition
  • 17. ICR
  • 18. ICR
  • 19. Standardization
  • 20. Standardization
  • 21. Standardization Notstruct. struct. struct. struct. structured struct. struct.
  • 22. Anchor points• Size: minimum 3 mm * 3 mm• Colour: black or very dark colour• Distance: minimum 10 mm from the borderof the page, from the barcode or any other texton the document.• Where: in every corner of the document
  • 23. Use of drop-out colour
  • 24. 4. Check-list
  • 25. How to simplify• Simplify the task of consumer •Standardization •Speed •Essential questions• Give your documents a classical form •Avoid too little format
  • 26. How to simplifyIs the question well formulated ? • Don’t ask the age of a person but his birthdate • How many children do you have / How many children are living with you ?
  • 27. How to simplify•Preference of closed questions
  • 28. Open fields• Use a comb system or boxes (clear split between the characters)• Preprint information as much as possible
  • 29. Open fields• Ask to use a black or dark blue pen
  • 30. Open fields• Sufficient boxes
  • 31. Name and address details• The structure of an address• The average length of the field is different from one country to the other• Make sure to foresee a sufficient amount of boxes for each field Belgium
  • 32. Name and address details• For the documents in French : don’t ask «rue» but «adresse» CATHERINE LAMBRECHT DU ROI 65 1000 BRUXELLES CATHERINE LAMBRECHT RUE DU ROI 65 1000 BRUXELLES
  • 33. E-mail address•Put the e-mail address on 2 lines• @ at the beginning of the second line
  • 34. Tick boxes• Size: minimum 1,6 mm * 1,6 mm• Distance: enough from any other text, tick boxes or background• Shape: depends of your supplier (Fedaso : preferably to have always squares rather than rectangles)• Colour: depends of your supplier (Fedaso : preferably black or very dark colour)
  • 35. Tick boxes • Advise customers to tick the boxes with a cross (give example)
  • 36. Tick boxes
  • 37. Identification : sex code / language code
  • 38. Identification : sex code / language code Ik wens mijn briefwisseling in het Nederlands te ontvangen Je souhaite recevoir mon courrier en Français
  • 39. LegislationVos données seront enregistrées dans notre fichier (Nom société + adresse) afin de vous tenir informé de nosactivités. Vous pouvez à tout moment de nous demander de consulter, modifier ou même faire effacer vosdonnées. Vos données (sauf votre adresse e-mail) peuvent être transmises à dautres sociétés (telles quepartenaires commerciaux, secteurs caritatif, associatif ou groupements d’intérêt ou d’opinion) qui vousenverront des offres promotionnelles personnalisées. Si vous ne le souhaitez pas, cochez la case ci-après rUw gegevens worden in ons bestand (Naam bedrijf + adres) opgenomen om u op de hoogte te houden vanonze activiteiten U kan uw gegevens steeds raadplegen, verbeteren of laten schrappen. Uw gegevens kunnenaan andere bedrijven (zoals commerciële partners, partners uit de liefdadigheidssector, uit hetverenigingsleven of belangen- en opiniegroepen) worden overgemaakt zodat ook zij u gepersonaliseerdepromotionele aanbiedingen kunnen bezorgen. Indien u dit niet wenst, kruis dit hokje aan r
  • 40. Test
  • 41. Adaptation
  • 42. Catherine Lambrecht FEDASO | Orone 00 32 2 528 08 37