The New TV Remote


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Digital TV is surging. New forms, new functionalities. As the traditional TV-changer begins to collect dust, here are the contenders for the NEW TV remote.

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The New TV Remote

  1. THE NEW TV REMOTE DIGITAL TV IS SURGING. With the explosion of connected devices TV’s accessories are being refashioned. New forms, new functionalities.
  2. THE QUEST TO BE A “NEW TV REMOTE” IS ON 56% The New York Times reports of millennials say they prefer online video vs. TV because they can access content anywhere. As the traditional TV-changer begins to collect dust, here are the contenders for the NEW TV remote.
  3. THE CONTENDERS NPD reports that by 2015 there will be 202 million internet-capable devices in US homes. PCs Connected Devices Mobile & Tablet A 44% increase from 2013, representing gaming consoles, tablets, streaming devices and connected TVs - all with their own way to “change the channel”
  5. In 2012, there were 350 million TV remotes in the US – nearly 3 per household (WSJ). But TV shipments are set to decline for the second consecutive year.
  6. 2013 2012 2.7% 5.8% IHS forecasts a 2.7% decrease in television shipments this year, and saw a 5.8% decrease last year. (SolidState Technology) TV SHIPMENTS DECREASE YET CABLE COSTS SOAR UPWARDS The average TV bill was $86 in 2011. NPD Group estimates this will rise to $123 by 2015. (Forbes)
  7. THE CORD-CUTTING RATE IS ACCELERATING Moffett Research estimates more than 900k US homes cut the cord in the past 12 months, versus 258k in the year prior. (MultiChannel News). The ‘clicker’ is morphing as users turn to digital content to consume content.
  9. COULD OUR FINGERTIPS BE THE MOST PROMINENT TV REMOTE? About 85% of Americans have a phone or tablet in their hands while watching TV and 70% of all tweets on Twitter occur during programming rather than commercials (Business Insider)
  10. + A “UNIQUE AUDIENCE” Nielsen is incorporating new measurement for these consumers, dubbing them the “unique audience,” (NYT) as mobile devices become the go-to object in hand while watching TV.
  11. Ooyala’s Q3 2013 Global Video Index Report shows that the share of online viewing occurring on mobile & tablets have more than doubled year over year, surging 133% in 2013 alone.
  12. PCs
  13. The PC mouse is the TV remote king… during work. Ooyala’s Q2 2013 Global Video Index shows that PC views rise steadily during office hours and peak at noon during the workweek. More than 50% of the content is “snackable” being LESS THAN SIX MINUTES LONG
  15. THE “LEAN-BACK” EXPERIENCE Though as the work day winds down, people turn to connected devices for their “lean-back” experience. From Rokus to Apple TVs to gaming consoles, the “TV remote” is represented in many different forms. 31% of the time was spent watching videos longer than one hour.
  16. Parks & Associates reports that by 2017 the overall market of connected devices is expected to double to 330 million per year. Growth in US homes has already doubled since 2011, reaching 14% in 2013. (CNET) 330 MILLION
  18. THE TV REMOTE IS STILL CHANGING SEE IT In October of 2013 Comcast and Twitter announced the “See It” button that allows users to change the channel with a tweet. Voice activation and hand gesture “controllers” are becoming more of a reality thanks to new technology from smart TVs and Xbox One.
  19. Just as the term “TV” has blurred due to the proliferation of mobile devices, the term “TV Remote” is following suit. It has changed, but isn’t done yet. WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL BE NEXT FOR THE TV INDUSTRY?
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