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Senior Managers


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  • 1. Leadership Development of Senior Managers Delivering Superior Results Through People
  • 2. 1Title Date Leadership Development of Senior Managers Overview The Leadership Development of Senior Managers is designed to help senior managers enhance their leadership skills. It also provides them the opportunity to learn from colleagues and develop networks that are vital for success in a changing environment. Course Objectives At the end of the course, participants will be able to:  Managing the engagement culture to create strength, positive and appreciation focused working environment  Growing your influence by developing several critical competencies  Partnering with peers and leadership teams  Improving productivity by focusing on process and change management  Developing Business Acumen competencies Who Should Attend (Target Groups) Senior Managers Course Duration 2 days (16 hours) Medium of Instruction
  • 3. 2Title Date English Training Methodology Interactive learning with a mix of: Lectures, Discussion, Role Play, Exercises, Games, Videos, Surveys, Presentation, Sharing Course Outline for Day One A. Setting Engagement Culture Employee Engagement Create a Departmental Culture Leadership By Example Strengths, Positivity and Appreciation B. Growing Your Influence Be Resourceful Partnering Facilitation Influencing and Persuasive Course Outline for Day Two C. Productivity Performance Consulting Process Mapping Change Management D. Putting Strategies Into Action Vision, Mission and Values Applying Strategy Planning and Tools Conducting Strategy Review
  • 4. 3Title Date E. Sharpening Business Acumen Business Priorities Business Sustainability Model 2. Key Learning Points • Applying Influencing strategies in dealing with people • Mastering facilitation skills • Choosing effective ways to presentation data • Learning different conversation and questioning techniques • Achieving business goals through strategic planning and review • Understanding Business Sustainability Model and application • Applying change management process 3. Tools and Approaches Influencing Tactics Facilitation Skills: Meeting, Post Mortem, Decision Making ORID Focused Conversation Method and samples Fifteen Impactful Questions Strategic Planning Tools: PESTEL, SWOT, SOAR, Structure Trees, Balance Score Card Business Sustainability Model by Professor Nitin Nohria Change Management of John Kotter
  • 5. 4Title Date Profile of Facilitator Background Laurence Yap has more than 18 years of training, talent and organization development.. Most of his employers are American Multinational Corporations (First Solar, PayPal, Pfizer and Western Digital). He has driven business growth and people culture through training, organization development, talent management, leadership development, process improvement and corporate strategies. Area of Expertise He has conducted many training programs related to people and leadership skills. As organization development practitioner, he has facilitated corporate strategies, managed lean processes, developed leadership capabilities and enhanced corporate culture Education and Certification Laurence holds a Master in Social Sciences from University of Malaya. He was awarded Fellowship Award. He graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences with Second Upper honors from the same university. He is a Certified Trainer of Zenger Miller for interpersonal and leadership Skills. He has also been accorded the title Advanced Toastmaster and Competent Leader by Toastmasters International Corporate Clients and employers PayPal Shanghai, PayPal Malaysia, ParkYard Hotel JiaXing, ParkYard Hotel Shanghai, Green Packard, Carsem, Andaman Hotel, Tan Chong Motor, Pfizer Malaysia, Pfizer Singapore, PSMB, Maxis, USM, National Service, Mydin, Schwarzkop, Komag, Royal Customer Department, First Solar