New asia manager phase 3 participants day one ver 5


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New asia manager phase 3 participants day one ver 5

  1. 1. Leadership Development forNew People Manager Phase 3现代人员管理者领导力的发展与培训
  2. 2. Agenda 议程Day 1第一天• Review回顧• Team Development团队发展• Team Learning团队学习• Team Facilitation团队促进流程• Team Thinking团队思考Day 2:第二天• Team Planning团队规划• Team Meeting团队会议• Team Conflict冲突• Team Motivation团队激励
  3. 3. ReviewReview Phase One and Two回顧What have you done well?你做了什麼呢?What areas you find challenging?哪些領域具有挑战性Advise to others提醒
  4. 4. Key EffortsJoy, Fun and Care
  5. 5. 1. Team Learning团队学习
  6. 6. Team Learning 团队学习团队学习
  7. 7. Impacts影响• Reality versus Virtual真實與虛擬
  8. 8. Team Learning: Internet• Blogs部落格•• Yahoo answer雅虎答案• Wikipedia維基百科• YouKu 優酷網• Google谷歌• E-Magazine電子雜誌• E- Conference電子應用會議
  9. 9. One Point Lesson单点教学• Objective目标• Key Points要点• Impacts影响
  10. 10. Team Learning: BooksWays to read a Book 讀一本書的方法a. Outline概述b. Browse瀏覽c. Index指數d. Chapters –Key sentences關鍵句子e. Note Writing: Action, question, New ideas筆記: 動作,問題,新思路
  11. 11. 2. Team Development 团队发展
  12. 12. Members• Forming : team members are polite to each other butlittle is achieved成型: 团队成员彼此客气• Storming : members start to argue风暴: 成员开始争论• Norming : members accept each others differences正常: 每个成员接受他人的差异• Performing : members trust each other更好的绩效: 成员彼此信任
  13. 13. What can you do?• Forming (Group A)• 成型• Storming (Group B)• 风暴• Norming (Group C)• 正常• Performing (Group D)• 更好的绩效
  14. 14. 2. Team Thinking 团队思考
  15. 15. Group Thinking群体思维• Dominating thinking• 主导思想• Disallow new opinions• 不允许新的意见• Personal influence and ratios• 个人的影响力和比例Discussion of Pros and Cons
  16. 16. Other People Views (OPV)他人意见Identify a situation确定情况Identify the people involved确定参与的人Try to Imagine what they would think and feel试着想象他们的想法和感受
  17. 17. OPV• You• Supervisor• General Manager• Customers• Competitors• Vendors• 您经理总经理客户竞争对手供应商
  18. 18. Exploring Issues Together共同探讨的问题• Positive and Negative正反• OPV他人意见• Solutions解决方案• 90pc
  19. 19. APC可能性• Alternative, Possibilities and Choices• 替代性,可能性和选择• Generate 5 to 6 ideas• 生成5到6个想法• Match with Criteria• 搭配标准
  20. 20. CAF• consider all factors 考虑各方面的因素• Generate 5 to 6 ideas 生成5到6个因素
  21. 21. FIPFirst Important Priorities第一个, 重要的, 优先事项What is the most important factor?最重要的因素是什么?
  22. 22. 22Operacy skills目的 - 输入 - 选择 - 结论 - 操作
  23. 23. 2. Team Facilitation
  24. 24. Facilitator 促进者• Facilitator is the individual responsible forguiding a team through systematicconversation to accomplish a specific task ora specific goal• 促进者是负责指导一个团队,通过系统的对话,以完成特定任务或特定的目标
  25. 25. Facilitation促进对话• Clarify objectives 澄清目标Ensure full participation 确保充分的参与• Stay on track 控制议程• Stay on time 控制时间• Clarify understanding 澄清• Ensure commitments to action 确保行动的承诺• Recap 总结
  26. 26. Systematic Dialogue• Post Mortem回顧• Brainstorming脑力激荡• Department Planning组织规划
  27. 27. Post Mortem回顧• What areas we have we done well?• 哪些方面我们做得很好了吗?• Where can we improve?• 我们在哪里可以改进?• What do we do next time round?下一次我们该怎么办?
  28. 28. Brainstorming脑力激荡• Everyone contributing ideas• 每个人都贡献想法• No judgment• 暂缓判决• Write it down• 把它写下来• Sharing• 共享
  29. 29. Department Planning组织规划• Discover our strengths and successes了解我们的实力和成功• Dreaming for our future• 梦梦想我们的未来• Design our action plan• 设计我们的行动计划• Determine our destiny by assigning responsibilities分配职责的,决定我们的命运
  30. 30. Learning Key Points学习要点