New asia manager phase 1 day 1 2 (chinese)


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New asia manager phase 1 day 1 2 (chinese)

  1. 1. Picking the bestHRM 10 Jun 2011Bryan Jasper BalangueCountry Recruitment Manager, HR, IBM MalaysiaI do not ask “tough” interview questions; rather I ask questionsthat enable me to identify candidates that are most likely toperform well on a specific job. It is important for the interviewerto really assess and have a good understanding of the candidate’scompetencies whether it is foundational or technical and the best way to assess thisbased on my experience is by conducting a behavioural-based structured interview.Some candidates have a “tough” time though because they are not used to this typeof interviewing technique but I make it a point to ensure that they still provide theinformation that I need to know by using techniques such as informing them to taketheir time to think about the answer/experience and also by paraphrasing thequestion. Towards the end of each interview, I also ensure that candidatesunderstand the benefits of joining IBM.Ultimately, whether they pass or fail the interview, it is important for anyrecruitment professional to ensure that candidates have a great experience withregard to their application.Laurence YapSenior HR Development Manager, CarsemI’ve asked many tough questions during the interviews,including “What was your greatest challenge at work and tellme how you solved it. What else was involved in it too?” I willask this question to access how well the candidate handlescrisis and tough challenges. I need to see if they havehandled tough situations before. This will allow me to have an idea of how they willfunction under pressurising situations that may arise at Carsem.Another question I normally ask is, “What are your values in life? How do you applythese values in your current jobs and give me three examples.” These questions willtest the value system of the candidates. With examples, we can know if he walks the
  2. 2. talk. We are also able to assess if the candidate is a good fit, bearing our company’sown values in mind.Finally, this open-ended question, “How do you ‘change the world’ at yourworkplace?” helps to see if the candidate really sees his work as career or just as hisor her job. People with conviction and passion will answer this with ease.George KwokHead of Human Resources, ThaiExpress ConceptsOne tough interview question I always ask is: “Why should weemploy you?” Good candidates will answer this question byhighlighting their strengths with real life experiences, especiallytheir accomplishments. What we are looking for is a candidatewho is the best for the position advertised. It is what theapplicant can do for the company that is important.I also ask the candidate why he/she wants to work for our company. Candidates whoare truly interested will indicate their passion to join a stable company and how keenthey are with their application for the post advertised. What we are looking for issomeone is proactive and decisive about their career goals which in turn shows thatthey will be committed to work at our Company.Lastly, I’m interested to know what the candidate knows about our company.Candidates who are prepared have done their homework before the interview. Whatwe are looking for is a candidate who has carried out some research on the currentsituation of the company and has conscientious interest in joining our Company.Source: