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Laurence yap resume complete  september 2012
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Laurence yap resume complete september 2012


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. L A U R E N C E Y A PS E N I O R M A N A G E RL E A R N I N G & O R G A N I Z A T I O N D E V E L O P M E N TC AR EE R B ACK GR O U ND & OB JE CTIV E16 years in training, talent management, organization development andleadership development in local and US multinational corporations inComputer Hard Disk Media, FMGC, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical andFinancial Services.His key areas of competencies are Training Department Management, SoftSkills and Leadership Training, Talent Development, Facilitation, Multimedia,Learning Management System, Organizational Development, OnlineLearning, Internet Research, People Management, Training Administration,Coaching and Corporate Learning StrategiesP RO FE SS IO N AL E XP ER IE N CE SPaypal Sdn Bhd 10000 employeesSenior Manager of Learning and Organization DevelopmentAsia PacificDec 2010-April 2012Level 26, First Avenue, 47800 Bnadar Utama, Selangor Tel: 03 – 2032 2263Scope of workLeadership TrainingCareer DevelopmentCoachingTalent ManagementOrganization DevelopmentFacilitationA. TrainingCarried out Training Needs Analysis for People and Management SkillsConducted leadership course for senior agents, supervisors and managersManaged vendorsManaged training evaluationB. Organization DevelopmentAdapted Leadership Development course for APAC People ManagerEssential, Harvard Manager Mentor, and Supervisor On boarding
  • 2. Implemented Talent Management in the area of Talent Review Meeting,Talent potential criteria clarification and talent developmentExecuted Employee Engagement project in APAC for local job title modificationProposed the needs of APAC leaders on Intercultural awareness and trainingto PayPal HQ in US.Accomplishments1. Localized two leadership training programs (leadership fundamental andpeople manager essential) for new people managers and senior agents.Scored 96 to 98pc in participant feedback in KL and Shanghai.2. Carried out job title modification for APAC region with the help from APACleaders, Talent Acquisition and HRBP.3. Conducted on boarding training for new people managers in KL for a newstart up operation center4. Facilitated corporate strategies sessions for APAC and Shanghai for 2012.5. Carried out Talent Review Meeting for Malaysia management team.Facilitated talent identification, talent selection, review and developmentprocess with business unit leaders6. Management of career development site in APAC. Teamed up withAccenture to conduct interviews for merchant support, customer services, riskand financial servicesReason for Leaving: More than 50% of intensive travelingCarsem Malaysia Sdn Bhd - 10000 employeesSenior HRD Manager - Managed Six Divisions of 100 staff2007 Jan -2010 AugustLot 52986, Taman Meru Industrial Estate, Jelapang, P.O. Box 380, 30720,Ipoh, Perak Tel: 05-5262333Scope of WorkOrganization DevelopmentHuman Capital DevelopmentTechnical developmentFrontline Employee DevelopmentProcess improvementTraining AdministrationA. TrainingCarried out Training Needs Analysis for Supervisors and Management LevelsConducted various soft skills programs for internal employees – facilitation,internet research, training management, communication and managementskillsManaged Operator Training – Training and Certification for 6000 operators.New employees can produce 80% output after 21 days of training
  • 3. Engaged consultants and internal trainers for various quality and engineeringprograms such as SPC, DOE, FMEA, Wire bonding, 8D and etcManaged HRD Fund and training budgetWorked with various consultants to improve customer service, leanmanufacturing, FMEA, and supervisory development.B. Organization DevelopmentFacilitated and reviewed of Carsem’s KPI and Strategy PlanningManaged Lean Manufacturing and Factory Physics to improve door to doorcycle time and reduce wasteOrganized plant wide team building to improve employee engagementAnalyzed various Department Structures for Senior Leadership TeamFacilitated lean manufacturing and TQM team culture through projects,training and proliferationConducted team bonding programs to regain confidence after VSSManaged Young Manager Acceleration ProgramAccomplishments1. Exceeded 80% expectation of both Training Department Contributionand Team Building in Employee Survey of Carsem in 2009. Overall resultsare 83pc averagely. CEO Team gave my department and I a specialmention in annual strategy meeting 20102. Managed 100 staff and reported to COO to deliver training andorganization development needs of 10000 employees. Using positivepsychology, leadership model of Kouzes and Posner Situationalleadership to manage the department3. Worked closely with CEO, COO and Senior leadership team in corporatestrategies, employee engagement, leadership development andorganizational development4. Adopted many OD approaches to assist Carsem to regain morale andproductivity during down time and post VSS time such as team binding,team building for operator, leadership teaching, organization designanalysis along with HR initiative in town hall meeting and festivalcelebration5. Conducted talent selection and talent review for HiPo employees.6. Facilitated Annually Corporate strategies with senior leadership teamsand managers. Review corporate strategies quarterly with ManagingDirector and Directors. Provided clear strategies and priorities to wholeorganization
  • 4. 7. Adopting lean manufacturing process to improve productivity, cycletime and reduce waste. Using John Kotters change management modeland action learning to facilitate the change. Tangible results of leanprojects from 20 to 40 percent of improvement are evident in most leanimplementation. Ramesh Victor from AMC had relentless devoted himselfto the success of lean manufacturing8. Linked training to corporate strategies. Working with HOD to find outperformance and department needs. Lean, customer services, technicaldevelopment, factory physics are few good examplesReason for Leaving: Regional ExposurePfizer Pharmaceutical - 100000 employees globallyLearning & Development Manager - Malaysia and Singapore2006 3rd July – 2007 28thJanuary(Outsourced by iHR Sdn Bhd)Level 3&4, Bangunan Palm Grove, No 14, Jalan Glenmarie (Persiaran Kerjaya,Section U1, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Tel: 03-5568 6688Scope of WorkDelivery of Soft Skills TrainingConduct Training Needs AnalysisManage training fundCarry out OD activitiesManage training activitiesA. Training and EducationConducted Training on One Minute Manager, Facilitation, Nano Training andInternet Research SkillsEngaged consultant to train Medical Department on Work Planning and FilemanagementEngaged consultant for Marketing Department for Presentation SkillsAdministered Education Assistant ProgramConducted team building for IT, Legal, HR, Marketing and Sales TrainingDepartmentsB. Organization DevelopmentSolved team conflicts in Sales Department. The team performance improvedafter the facilitation sessionDiagnose issues faced by Sales Training DepartmentImproved communication and research skills of Marketing DepartmentManaged MBA class of 15 high performance employees. The program is
  • 5. collaborated with Nottingham Trent UniversityInterviewed 300 employees in Singapore and Malaysia for their developmentneedsAccomplishments1. Managed to conduct TNA for Malaysia and Singapore employees. Theoutcome used for employee development programs.2. Using various Organization Development tools to improve the followingdepartmental challenges- Team Conflict in Sales Training Department- Communication Issues in Marketing Department- Team Leadership in Sales Training Department- development needs of IT Department3. Conducted department planning and bonding activities by using modifiedappreciative inquiry during annual team building for IT, Marketing, legal andHR Department4. Conducted various soft skills training for all level of employees such ascommunication, one minute manager, Internet research and facilitationReason for Leaving: Opportunity to manage 100 staff and report to Chief OperationOfficerMydin Mohamad Holdings Berhad 3000 employeesSenior Training Executive2005 May – June 2006Lot No. 675 & 676, Persiaran Subang Permai, USJ 1, 47500 Subang Jaya,Selangor Darul EhsanScope of WorkCustomer Service Development and TrainingSupervisory DevelopmentCustomer Service Team DevelopmentProcess improvementEvent management improvementA. Training and EducationLed a team of trainers to provide soft skill training to 3000 employees.Training courses include Supervisory training Facilitation and Meeting Skills Customer Service Effective Thinking Skill Communication SkillsDeveloped Customer Service Program for shop floor staffB. Organization Development
  • 6. Developed Customer Service TeamProcess Improvement on Emporium Renovation Project Foreign Worker Data Outstation Recruitment Process A&P Opening Ceremonial Work Process Improved Customer Service by setting up Customer Care Streamlined Wholesale activities Improved product ordering by establishing Monthly Sales DataAccomplishments1. Implemented customer service culture in Mydin such as cs team, Friday csbriefing, cs training for shop floor employees2. Process improvement for foreign worker management, work flow forstorage3. Facilitation of event such as branch opening in Malacca, floor managementduring opening days and store renovation4. Delivered training to shop floor employee in HQ and btanches. Teachingnew customer service mindset and skills. About 1000 employees had gonethrough the training.Reason for Leaving: Opportunity to work with MNCOrifresh Sdn BhdBusiness Development Manager2002 August -2005 April1. Marketed natural and organic health drink2. Managed Halal certification3. Promoted products onlineReason for Leaving: Professional Development in Training and DevelopmentWestern Digital Media 3000 employeesSenior Training Executive1995 April – 2002 JulyBayan Lepas FTZ Phase 3, - Penang 11900Scope of WorkLeadership and People skills trainingTraining fund managementMultimediaTraining Facilities
  • 7. Training AdministrationA. Training & EducationDelivered soft skills to over 2000 employees including technicians, executiveand managerial staff Team Training (Joiner’s Quality Training Guide) Communication skills Supervisory skills Feedback skills Positive thinking Internet Research Learning Skills Facilitation and Meeting skills Six Thinking Hats 5S HousekeepingManaged and Trained in a Structured Interpersonal Program – Zenger MillerInternational Basic Principles Being a team player Giving feedback to help others Listening to understand clearly Requesting help Resolving Issues with othersCarried out TNA for Technicians and SupervisorsManaged Training Facilities and EquipmentAdministered HRD Fund and budgetManaged Overseas Training bondManaged Industrial Training ProgramDeveloped Multimedia for Manufacturing ProcessDeveloped people skills of technicians and supervisors by managing ZengerMiller’s Leadership Working ProgramAdministered Scholarship ProgramAccomplishments1. Managed Zenger Miller Leadership and People Training Program. Managedtwo teams of facilitators (MD and Director and Senior Managers) to trainmanagers and executive of Komag. Managed to create a conducive peopleculture though the training+Zenger Miller program:Your Role and the Basic Principles, Giving Constructive Feedback,
  • 8. Getting Good Information from Others, and Getting Your Ideas Across,Recognizing Positive Results Getting Good Information from Others and etc.2. Led a team of managers to train supervisors3. Managed to effectively use hrd fund to manage training activities of Komag4. Managed multimedia lab and equipment. Produced process related andevent video4. Delivered many soft skills training such as 5s, Zenger Miller WorkingProgram, Learning Skills, Stress Management, Internet Research,Facilitation Training and Supervisory SkillsReason for Leaving: Development of Business AcumenHenry ButcherProperty Agent1994 October -1995 April1. Marketing of Properties2. Follow up of Transaction Process3. Customer ServicesMBF FinanceMarketing Executive1993 October -1994 September1. Marketing of Financial Products2. Customer Service3. Marketing of DepositE DU CA TI O N, LA NG UA G E AN D TRA IN IN GEducationM.A. (Social Sciences)1stOctober 1990 – 9thAugust 1997 University of Malaya -Kuala Lumpur(Full time turned part time due to long period of cross examination)Social Mobility and Education of Chinese in MalaysiaSocial Mobility, Malaysia community and politics development, Sociology,Malaysia History, Overseas Chinese Community Development andResearch methodologyB.A. (Honors) (Social Sciences)
  • 9. 1stJuly 1987 – 11thAugust 1990 University of Malaya -Kuala LumpurBusiness Management, Economics, Asia Politics, European and Asia History,Indian Culture, Chinese Literature, Religion and JapaneseA Level - STPM1986 5 Subjects Passed (3B2E)Arts Stream E09/1089SMK Mat Salleh, Ranau, SabahO Level - SPMNov/Dec 1984 Grade BScience Stream W874/1122SMJK St Patrick, Tawau, SabahLanguage ProficiencyEnglish, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Cantonese and HakkaTraining Attended People Manager Essential – 2011 Leadership and Organization Development 2011 Working Globally 2011 Coaching 2011 Lean manufacturing -2010 Difficult Employees- 2009 HRD Best Practice Seminar - 2009 Presentation Skills - 2009 Asia Pacific Facilitation Conference, Kuching- 2008 Corporate Learning Strategy, Knowledge Com - 2007 Asia Pacific Facilitation Conference, IAH - 2007 People Development Seminar by Ken Blanchard, KL – 2006 Dale Carnegie Interpersonal Training – 2004/5 Advanced Toastmaster Bronze (ATM-B) AwardSPE AKING ENG AG EME NTOnboarding Impacts on Retention7thJune, 2012 Singapore Hilton, SingaporeKey Media – HR Seminar on Onboarding ProcessHR RoundTableJune 2012, KL Hilton, Kuala LumpurHR MattersHR as Leading Department9th-10thApril 2012 Ritz Carlton Kuala LumpurTrueventus – 2ndAnnual HR SenateEffectively managing Conflict in the Workplace7thDecember 2010 Intercontinental Hotel, Singapore
  • 10. Key Media – HR SeminarFacilitating Corporate Strategy Planning29th-30thNovember 2010 Ritz Carlton Hotel, Kuala LumpurThe Asia Business Forum – Performance and Measurement for KPI of HREducating and Training Line Managers Iin Talent Management29th-30thSeptember 2010 Novotel Hotel, Kuala LumpurIQPC – Talent Management South East Asia SummitLearning and Employee Retention: Leadership Development23th-24thSeptember 2010 Parkroyal Hotel Kuala LumpurJFGS – Global Learning and Leadership Development 2010The Future of HR Development in Manufacturing Malaysia25thJuly 2009 Holiday Villa Subang JayaUUM – Angkasa – MBA StudentsL EA DE R SH IPModelLeadership Challenges Model by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner ModelModel the WayInspire a Shared VisionChallenge the ProcessEnable Others to ActEncouraging the HeartLeadership StyleParticipative leadershipSituational leadership: Direct, Coach, Support and DelegateMy Own Leadership Rulesa. Coaching for growth; no scoldingb. Resolving issues togetherc. Utilizing strengths of employees at workd. Bringing joy to workplace; not feare. Treating everyone the same; no favoritismProfiling – ENJF of MBTIParticipative Leadership: People-oriented, motivator, builds personalrelationships, likeable, interpersonal skills, cares for others,Leadership Training
  • 11.  People Manager Essential 7 Habits Coaching Zenger Miller Frontline Leadership Zenger Miller Working People Development Seminar by Ken Blanchard Dale Carnegie Interpersonal TrainingPERSONAL BAC KGRO UND & WEBLaurence Yap Tung Siong, 46, Married, MalaysianAddress: V4-04-17, Subang Court 9, Jalan USJ 14, 47630 Subang JayaContact: +6016-2080096 (Mobile)Emergencies Contact: Noor Hasrul NizamAddress B-1-09, Pangsapuri Suria, Kajang Utama, 43200 Kajang, SelangorTel: 03-20323969 (Office), 019-2662628 (Hand phone)E-mail: hasrul-izam@ambankgroup.comEPF: 13081776 Income Tax: SG4118624090Email: laurence.yap@gmail.comLinkedin: http://www.linkedin/in/laurenceyapBlog: Journey of HRD http://www.journeyofhrd.blogspot.comSlideshare: EC OM M E N D A TI O NS A ND RE FE R E E S“Laurence is a diligent individual and works well independently and able toliaise well with all levels. He has great passion in training and development andwill be a good asset to any organization.” August 2, 2009Top qualities: Personable , Good Value , High IntegrityShankar Nagalingam HR DIRECTOR (ASIA) , DELLTEL: 0195228588EMAIL:“I have had the good fortune to be associated with Laurence Yap for many yearsnow. Two things stand out about Laurence. He is a voracious reader. As suchhe is very knowledgeable and is always very up to date on the latest andgreatest in Management, Leadership and Training & Development trends.Secondly, he is excellent at networking with people and very easy to get alongwith. He is always willing to share what he knows with others unselfishly. A goodrole model for what positive and effective leadership in Training & Developmentshould be.” July 19, 2009
  • 12. SUNGEI WAY BREWERY, LOT 1135, BATU 9, JALAN KLANG LAMA, PETALINGJAYA, SELANGOR, 46710TEL: 0194702186EMAIL: CORNELIUS.KOH@YAHOO.COM“I never cease to be amazed by Laurences passion for his work, energy andselflessness. He is a true believer of organizational development and isconstantly looking into new ways to support the organization and colleagueswhilst developing himself at the same time. He builds rapport easily with alllevels of people and treats everyone with respect. He is a respected leader, atrusted colleague and an asset to any organization that he works with.” October8, 2009Malini Tharumalingam, HR RESOURCES DIRECTOR, PFIZER MALAYSIA managedLaurence Yap at Pfizer (Ex Supervisor)TEL: 0122950352EMAIL:“Laurence has the substantial experiences in Learning & OrganizationDevelopment area. Laurences facilitation skills in Leadership Developmentprograms impressed me the most. He is also good at social network building... Ibelieve Laurence is a great facilitator, executive coach and OD expert.” May 1,2012Norman Song, SR. MANAGER, LEARNING & ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT,EBAY worked with Laurence Yap 叶东祥 at PayPalTel: 13671829190 (China)Email:“Laurence Yap has a natural flair and genuine interest in helpingemployees and friends alike to gain new skills in raising the bar oftheir level of competencies.His energy and passion are admirable, and participants in his trainingand facilitation find him impressive. Some of his expertise are :-A. Great interactions with all levels of employeesB. Excellent results and feedback from people managers of all levelsC. Leadership feedback and value added functionD. Good networking skillsE. OD and talent management competenciesF. Sharp business acumenOverall a great asset to the company and proactive team-player.” April 10,2012Steve Teoh, HR BUSINESS PARTNER, PAYPAL MALAYSIA SERVICESworked directly with Laurence Yap 叶东祥 at PayPalTel: 0123767348Email:
  • 13. Email:“Laurence is good in managing and facilitating managerial training anddevelopment program. He understand details and develop creativeapproach to engage participants.”tCk Ha, TEST OPERATIONS MANAGER,CARSEM (M) SDN BHDTel: 0126110038I am writing the letter of reference in respect of Mr Laurence Yap, who wasworking closely with me during he tenure with Carsem Semiconductors IpohMalaysia.At that time I was the V.P. of manufacturing and Laurence was heading up thecompanies HRD department.During that period, we accomplished several key initiatives. Such as influencingthe company corporate culture, by helping to create a learning organization andone where we helped influence an environment where people were selfmotivated. This was coupled with key top down leadership training, supervisorydevelopment program and strategic alignment of the organization using astructured process and structure tree approach.In this respect, Laurence was very instrumental in our employee engagement,with his strong and vast experience as a trainer, coupled with goodmanagement experience.I found Laurence to be very creative and appeared to have a vast network ofconnections in several industries to pull information and get necessary supportwhen needed.His ability to execute well was very clear, I found him to be very hard workingand diligent in completing several key tasks. He offers great idea’s on trainingcontent and delivery techniques and I learned much from our many interactions.I also found Laurence to be very honest and sincere and always offering to helpeven though his work schedule was fairly intensive.Iain Meikle V.P. of ManufacturingCarsem semiconductors Ipoh MalaysiaTel: 012-433-5115Email: