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Career portfolio  od focused april 2014 ver 3
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Career portfolio od focused april 2014 ver 3


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Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. CAREER PORTFOLIO Laurence Yap
  • 2. CAREER PORTFOLIO Laurence Yap Training and Development Talent Management Organization Development Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh Kulim, Shanghai, Singapore, US 18 Years of Professional Experience
  • 3. STRENGTHS ▪ Innovate and simplify current processes ▪ Research online to access to best practices worldwide ▪ Adapt best practices for organization growth ▪ Create new models for organization effectiveness Global Exposure Singapore Shanghai San Jose Omaha Perrysburg Tempe Kuala Lumpur Penang
  • 4. COMPETENCIES Organization Development Facilitate Corporate Strategies, Change Management, Team Development, OD Interventions, Facilitation, Process Improvement, Lean Manufacturing and Career Development Talent Management Talent Review, Talent Development, Talent Evaluation, Talent Actions, Succession Planning, Bench Strength Measurement, Leadership Development, Senior Leadership Team Development Training and Development Strategic corporate learning, Learning and Development, Corporate University or Learning Academy, Learning Technology and LMS, Training Audit, Policies and Manuals, Annual Training Plan, TNA and Evaluation, Training Marketing, Promotion and Exhibition, Department Budget and Training Investment, Partnering Skills, Virtual Team, , Multimedia, Management of Stakeholders and Business Leaders, Training Council, Management of Training Curriculum Training Delivery and Instructional Design Strategic OD, Talent & Learning Tactical Tools & Methodologies
  • 7. SUSTAINABLE GROWTH ORGANIZATION Profit ▪ Developing strategies, performance and coaching to achieve business goals ▪ Serving customer well ▪ Building successful leadership to drive changes Productivity ▪ Improving processes to remain competitive Development ▪ Developing competencies of employees Engagement ▪ Building positive culture to retain employees ▪ Rewarding performance
  • 8. FOUR NEEDS OF ORGANIZATION Sustainable Growth Model Business Profit Strategy Customers Productivity Execution Innovation People Development Talent Leadership Dev Engagement Culture Structure M&A
  • 9. HR DRIVEN T 13HR Driven Business Sustainable Growth Model Process Development Organisation Development Talent Development Productivity Profit Talent Culture Strategy Management Team Development Effective Org Structure Engagement Culture OD Interventions Talent Management Leadership Development Bench Strength Training & Dev Productivity Innovation
  • 11. THE LEARNING ORGANIZATION CONTINUUM Focus on filling gaps in employee’s currentjob roles or on specificprojects Tactical Learning Focus on developing employees’skills and capabilities against a best- in-class modelthrough formal and informal training. Integrated Learning Focus on integrating all components that affecthuman performanceand organization effectiveness. Strategic Learning Source: Adapted from Deloitte Research: From e-Learning to Enterprise Learning Training Management Development Corporate University
  • 12. LEARNING FOR CORPORATE LEVEL Target Growth: Critical Business Challenges Annual Corporate Strategies Business Sustainability Leadership Talent Continuity Tools: Action Learning Business Sustainable Growth Analysis Corporate Strategies Mapping McKInsey 7s Performance Consulting Apprecitative Inquory Succession Planning Talent Management Bench Strength Measurement Outcomes: Improvement of Productivity Resolve of critical business Issues Achieving corporate annual strategic goals Strengthen Leadership pipelines
  • 13. LEARNING FOR DEPARTMENT LEVEL Target Growth: Critical Department Challenges Department Goals and Tactics Leadership Talent Continuity Tools: Action Learning Tactical Mapping McKInsey 7s Performance Consulting Apprecitative Inquory Talent Management Performance Management Coaching Outcomes: Improvement of Departmental Productivity Resolve of critical Department Issues Achieving annual strategic goals Leadership pipelines Coaching culture to achieve department goals
  • 14. LEARNING FOR EMPLOYEE LEVEL Target Growth: Critical Business Challenges Annual Corporate Strategies Business Sustainability Tools: Action Learning Business Sustainable Growth Analysis Corporate Strategies Mapping McKInsey 7s Performance Consulting Apprecitative Inquory Outcomes: Improvement of Productivity Resolve of critical business Issues Achieving corporate annual strategic goals
  • 16. Strategy Communication Forum 2010 Jun 24
  • 20. Wave 1 •Lean overview •Value Stream Mapping •Set-up Reduction •5S •Change Management Wave2 • Visual Management • Standardized Work • Error Proofing • Handling Resistance LEAN IMPLEMENTATION IN CARSEM • Factory will be more Visual & Organize • Reduced set-up time • Factory will have less error • Work will be more standardize/repeatable Wave3 • Material Control (Kanban) • Total Production Mgt (TPM) • Overall Engineering Efficiency (OEE) • Performance Measurement • Introduce pull mechanism through Kanban • Working with lower level of inventory • Improve equipment OEE Wave4 • Theory of constraints • Lay-out optimization • IT Tools • Lean Diagnostics • Further strengthen the whole Value Stream Map after the 3 waves project. • Lean Masters have advanced diagnostic ability for continuous improvement on their own VSM (Value Stream Mapping) • Lean lay-out
  • 22. NEEDS OF ASIANS ▪ Asian Job Title Change ▪ Global Communication culture ▪ Link corporate values to management competencies ▪ Lean manufacturing process ▪ Deployment of Career Development, Talent Identification, Talent Review, Leadership Development Programs
  • 24. IDENTIFYING OUR BEST LEADERS: CALIBRATINGTALENT ON THE PERFORMANCETO POTENTIAL (P2P) MATRIX HIGHLY PROMOTABLE Agile, promotable, a track record of success High Potential EXPANDABLE Complexity, impact and scope of role can expand High Potential UNDER-PERFORMING Mismatched to position or role has outgrown individual Skill Alley? EXPANDABLE Complexity, impact and scope of role can expand High Professional WELL PLACED Well-suited for growth in current role UNDER-PERFORMING Mismatched to position or role has outgrown individual Skill Alley? WELL PLACED Well-suited for growth in current role WELL PLACED Well-suited for growth in current role Blocker? UNDER-PERFORMING Mismatched to position or role has outgrown individual Act Now! Potential HighMediumLow Does Not Meet Meets Some - Meets Exceeds Some - Exceeds Most Performance
  • 25. They are… • Agile: Demonstrating a willingness and ability to learn new skills and apply them to being successful under new, tough or different conditions • Promotable outside their areas, with the willingness and ability to take on a role of greater complexity, impact and scope And they demonstrate… • A track recordof success: with effective problem solving capabilities and the consistent delivery of results over time and changing circumstances • Self-awareness: the depth to which an individual recognizes skills, strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, and hidden strengths HIGH POTENTIALS are the people you are betting on to take more responsibilities or bigger roles in the future
  • 26. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER 36 • Agility:Demonstrating a willingnessand abilityto learn new skillsand apply them to being successful under new, tough or different conditions • Promotabilityoutside their areas, with the willingnessand abilityto take on a role of greater complexity, impact and scope • A track record of success: with effective problem solving capabilitiesand the consistent delivery of results over time and changing circumstances • Self-awareness: the depth to which an individualrecognizes skills, strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, and hidden strengths Create a discussion around these 4 areas, balancing science and art Inputs: • Leader Assessment & Discussion • 360 / Upward Feedback Inputs: • Leader Assessment & Discussion • Performance Management • Focal Promotions Process • Development Planning Inputs: • Performance Management Inputs: • Leader Assessment & Discussion • 360 / Upward Feedback
  • 27. Potentials Mental Agility People Agility • Curious • Able to get to root causes • Comfortable with ambiguity and complexity • Finds parallels and contrasts easily • Questions conventional wisdom • Finds solutions to tough problems • Reads broadly and has wide interests • Open-minded and tolerant • Self-aware • Comfortable with diversity and differences of opinion • Able to play many roles simultaneously • Understands others • Relishes helping others succeed • Politically agile • Deals with conflict constructively • Skilled communicator Change Agility Results Agility • Loves tinkering and trying new things • Easily accepts challenges • Accepts responsibility and accountability • Introduces new slants on old ideas • Builds high-performance teams • Can pull off things against the odds • Has tremendous drive to accomplish tasks • Very flexible and adaptable • Has significant personal presence
  • 28. 38 TALENT REVIEW PROCESS Discuss organizationand people Create talent action plans Conduct Talent Review Meeting Follow up Provide feedback to colleagues and follow-up on action plans Talent Review Process Prepare Gather organizationand talent data
  • 29. 39 Talent Gaps/Issues* • #1 • #2 • #3 Talent Management Action Plan (2005) • #1 • #2 • #3 • #4 • #5 Current Changes/Challenges Impacting Your Business • #1 • #2 • #3 Future Changes/Challenges Impacting Your Business Talent Management Accomplishments (2005) • #1 • #2 • #3 • #4 • #5 • #1 • #2 • #3 2006 Talent Management Action Plan • #1 • #2 • #3 • #4 Talent Strengths* • #1 • #2 • #3 * Aggregate organization talentstrengths and gaps Talent Development Organizational Overview Template
  • 30. 5. FORMULATING DEVELOPMENT PLAN 制定发展计划 70/20/10 HREC8thAnnualTalentManagement&LeadershipDev
  • 31. 41 SUCCESSION CHART 1. Candidate (Codes) 2. Candidate (Codes) 3. Candidate (Codes) 1. Candidate (Codes) 2. Candidate (Codes) 3. Candidate (Codes) 1. Candidate (Codes) 2. Candidate (Codes) 3. Candidate (Codes) 1. Candidate (Codes) 2. Candidate (Codes) 3. Candidate (Codes) 1. Candidate (Codes) 2. Candidate (Codes) 3. Candidate (Codes) Position Name Incumbent Name Position Name Incumbent Name Position Name Incumbent Name Position Name Incumbent Name Position Name Incumbent Name Position Name Incumbent Name
  • 33. LEADERSHIP CHANGE ▪ Fear ▪ Results ▪ Weaknesses and find faults ▪ Scolding ▪ Work ▪ Focus on present job ▪ No recognition ▪ Company goals ▪ Freedom ▪ Process  Strengths  Coaching ▪ Work + Personal Life ▪ Career Development ▪ Appreciation and recognition ▪ Company goals + personal aspiration
  • 34. NEW SENIOR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ▪ Annual Strategy Planning and Review ▪ Review of Organization Effectiveness ▪ Management Benchmarking of Self Director Work Team ▪ Team Building for Senior Leadership Team ▪ Benchmarking of Lean Manufacturing
  • 35. ZENGER MILLER LEADERSHIP PROGRAM ▪ Zenger Miller Frontline Leadership ▪ Zenger Miller Leadership 2000 ▪ Zenger Miller Working Program
  • 36. PAYPAL GLOBAL LEADERSHIP FUNDAMENTALS PROGRAMME 2011 Session Classroom Self-Directed Competencies 1 • Leadership • Social Styles • Career Inventory • Listening • Business Value Link • Personal Board of Directors • Personal Development Plan • Practice Generous Listening • HMM: Presentation Skills • Self Knowledge • Business Acumen • Action Oriented • Listening 2 • Business Value Link • Values & Behaviors • Facilitation • Motivation in Practice • Facilitate Team Learning & Daily Stand Up • 1:1 for Facilitation Feedback • HMM: Difficult Interactions • HMM: Change Management • Presentation Skills • Motivating Others • Ethics & Values • Integrity & Trust 3 • Change Management • Feedback • Coaching • Managing Conflict • Conduct 2 1:1 sessions (if appropriate) • HMM: Team Management • Dealing with Ambiguity • Conflict Management • Developing Direct Reports & Others 4 • Effective Teams • Final Presentations to Management • Contingency Placement arranged by manager (if appropriate) • Building Effective Teams • Presentation Skills 46
  • 38. MANAGEMENT OF LEARNING ACADEMY Previous Corporate University Management Experience Training Council – First Solar- HR VP Carsem – HR Development –COO Western Digital – Komag College –Training Manager (Malaysia is not allowed the term Corporate University by the government to be used by private sectors. Thus we have the term U, College, Center and etc.)
  • 39. FACILITIES – TWO FACTORIES IN MALAYSIA ONE IN SUZHOU ▪ 12 Classrooms ▪ 2 Auditorium with 200 seating capacities ▪ 2 Computer Labs ▪ 3 Technical Centers ▪ 2 Multimedia Labs ▪ LMS System ▪ 3 Training Administration Centers ▪ 1 TPM Room ▪ 100 subordinates
  • 40. FIRST SOLAR –TWO CAMPUSES IN MALAYSIA ▪ 7 Classrooms ▪ 1 Auditorium with 200 seating capacities ▪ 1 Computer Lab ▪ 1 Multimedia Lab ▪ 1 Video Conference Room ▪ 2 subordinates
  • 41. FACILITIES SIX FACTORIES IN MALAYSIA ▪ 6 Classrooms ▪ 2 auditorium with 200 seating capacities ▪ 1 Computer Lab ▪ 1 Multimedia Lab ▪ LMS System ▪ 4 subordinates
  • 42. BUILDING CORPORATE U ▪ Work with Management to craft a long term vision, mission and direction ▪ Link the proposed training strategy to corporate business strategy ▪ Link Corporate University Structure to training and OD Strategies ▪ Decide on your delivery methodology and facilities ▪ Partner with experts, vendors and universities for maximum results ▪ Prepare a funding strategy ▪ Branding Your Corporate University
  • 43. IMPLEMENT CORPORATE U ▪ Define the scope and deliverables ▪ Develop and implement the product and services ▪ Monitor the progress and communication ▪ Continuous Review and Promotion
  • 44. 55 Solar Tech Projects Product Support Software Hardware Process Safety Lean People Leadership Business Supp Academy Adm. Asst. Mgn Academy Engineering Academy Manufacturing Academy IT Academy Training Director HR VP HR Finance Security OD ConsultingCenter Competencies Career Development Vendor Management Talent Development Performance Consulting E-learning LMS Regional Center Coordination Metrics Admin Center Records,Tech and System
  • 45. ACADEMY GOALS Department Emphasis PerformanceIndicators Engineering and Innovation (R&D) Product Innovation Patents Sources of ideas Manufacturing (Operation) Operating Efficiency Productivity Process Marketing and Sales Customer Intimacy Segment Service Brand Supply Chain Distribution Logistic Channels IT Technology Hardware and software New Applications Leadership and People Management Bench strength High Potential Community People Skills Business Support (HR, Fin. etc) Process Turn around time Process simplification
  • 49. CURRICULUM DESIGN AND DELIVERY OF TRAINING ▪ Facilitation Skills ▪ Supervisory Skills ▪ Organization Development ▪ Instructional Design ▪ Train the Trainers ▪ Junior Manager Development ▪ Middle Manager Development ▪ Communication Skills ▪ Internet Research
  • 51. INTERNET RESEARCH ▪ Taught Internet research in 1996 to engineers and managers in Komag, Carsem, Pfizer and Mydin ▪ Use research skills to learn from US for the latest OD practices such as Appreciative Inquiry , Action Learning, Business Sustainability Growth Model, McKinsey 7S and Lean culture. Ahead of my peers in OD and Training fields.
  • 53. CAREER DEVELOPMENT HREC8thAnnualTalentManagement&LeadershipDev ▪ Identifying Career Path to Motivate and Retain High Potential Employees The 8th Annual Conference on TALENT MANAGEMENT& LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENTHREC 人才管理与领导力发展年会 Beijing, Rosedale Hotel 2012 23rd-25th, October Beijing 明确职业发展路径是激励和留用高潜力员工的助推器 Laurence Yap Sr. Manager of Org Dev & Training
  • 54. 7 PHASES FOR EMPLOYEES 1. UnderstandingCareer Development了解职业发展 2. Assessing yourselves 评估自己 3. Exploring Options 探索选项 4. Discussing with Managers 与经理讨论 5. FormulatingDevelopment Plan 制定发展计划 6. Learning and Developing学习与发展 7. EvaluatingProgress 评估进展情况 ▪ HREC8thAnnualTalentManagement&LeadershipDev
  • 56. Coaching for growth Managing by strengths Solving problems together Taking responsibility Creating a motivated working environment Leadership Values
  • 57. NINE STRATEGIES Focus on Performance Solution Align to Corporate Objectives Broadening Learning Activities Building Employee Branding Invest in Strategic Learning Leverage on our intellectual capital Partnership with Different Business Unit Cultivate Values and Positive Culture Speed up knowledge transfer
  • 58. Lean Quality People Engagement Quality Program (Engineer) OPL Operator Quality (OD effort) TSDC Training Method (TWI-Operator and Department) Lean Manufacturing Phase 1 (AMC) Lean Supply Chain Lean Manufacturing Phase 2 Lean Culture (Prod Floor) Executive Development (Nexus) The Leadership Challenge (Pace Learning) Supervisory Development (Focus Learning) Business Skills (Intuitive Sdn Bhd)
  • 59. ANNUAL EMPLOYEE SURVEY Exceed Expectation in Training Effectiveness 83%
  • 60. Training Organization satisfaction rate  About 80% of respondents are satisfied with Training offered in Carsem % 85.06 82.65 82.09 82.33 83.53 81.12 40.00 45.00 50.00 55.00 60.00 65.00 70.00 75.00 80.00 85.00 90.00 Orientation and induction program Adequate effectiveness of training opportunities Equipment and facilities in training room Teaching materials and aids Trainers' behaviour and attitude Multimedia training adequate and effective %
  • 61. REFERENCES 82
  • 62. FIRST SOLAR – HR VP (US) ▪ Since joiningFirst Solar, Laurence took on leadershipof our Malaysian site as well as APAC regionalcoverage for Trainingand OD. He did a phenomenaljob managing the programs through a successful transitionof the function. He providedtremendous support organizationallyto both the HR and trainingdepartments and assisted a number of our functionalleaderson key OD projects. ▪ I highly recommend Laurence to anyonelooking to improve their training and organizational developmentprograms. He has deep knowledge and expertise on OD and training mattersand has the abilityto work independentlyyet collaborativelyto improve company processes. ▪ Matthew Dills(ex-supervisor)
  • 63. PAYPAL SENIOR MANAGERS (CHINA) ▪ Laurence has the substantial experiences in Learning & Organization Development area. Laurence's facilitation skills in Leadership Development programs impressed me the most. He is also good at social network building... I believe Laurence is a great facilitator, executive coach and OD expert. ▪ Norman Song, Sr Manager L&OD EBay
  • 64. PAYPAL HR BUSINESS PARTNER (MY) ▪ Laurence Yap has a natural flair and genuine interest in helping employees and friends alike to gain new skills in raising the bar of their level of competencies. His energy and passion are admirable, and participants in his training and facilitation find him impressive. Some of his expertise are :- A. Great interactions with all levels of employees B. Excellent results and feedback from people managers of all levels C. Leadership feedback and value added function D. Good networking skills E. OD and talent management competencies F. Sharp business acumen Overall a great asset to the company and proactive team-player. ▪ Steve Teoh PayPal HRBP
  • 65. CARSEM VP OF MANUFACTURING (MY) ▪ I found Laurence to be very creative and appeared to have a vast network of connections in several industries to pull information and get necessary support when needed. ▪ His ability to execute well was very clear, I found him to be very hard working and diligently in completing several key tasks. He offers great idea’s on training content and delivery techniques and I learned much from our many interactions. ▪ Iain Mickle (ex stakeholder)
  • 66. PFIZER SENIOR DIRECTOR OF APAC (MY) ▪ “I never cease to be amazed by Laurence's passion for his work, energy and selflessness. He is a true believer of organizational developmentand is constantlylookinginto new ways to support the organization andcolleagueswhilst developinghimself at the same time. He buildsrapport easily with all levelsof people and treats everyone with respect. He is a respected leader, a trusted colleague and an asset to any organizationthat he works with.” October 8, 2009 ▪ Malini Tharumalingam(ex-supervisor)
  • 67. 88