Social Studies Westward Expansion
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Social Studies Westward Expansion






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Social Studies Westward Expansion Social Studies Westward Expansion Presentation Transcript

  • Social Studies Westward Expansion
  • 1783
    • Territory of the Original Thirteen States
  • 1803
    • Louisiana Purchase
      • Why? Thomas Jefferson expanded due to the fact that the French were expanding; this caused him great concern.
      • Also, settlers needed the Mississippi River for transportation of travel and goods.
      • President Thomas Jefferson requested (in secret because the French owned the territory) an expedition.
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  • Surprise!
    • France offers the entire Louisiana Territory to the United States for $15,000,000.
    • Result of the purchase:
      • Doubled the size of the U.S.
      • Added land from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada.
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  • 1818
    • British Cession
      • The Louisiana Purchase extended into Canada, but did not include a piece of land near the Lake of the Woods. With the Convention of 1818, the United States and England decided to create a border at the 49th Parallel. In addition, they agreed to share the Oregon Country.
  • 1821
    • Florida Purchase
      • After the Louisiana Purchase, Florida was still controlled by the Spanish. With the invasion of Florida by Andrew Jackson, Spain realized that the Americans were a world power. In the Adams-Onís Treaty of 1819, Spain ceded Florida and gave up claims to the Oregon Country. The United States gave up claims to Texas.
  • 1821- Florida Purchase
  • 1845
    • Texas Annexed
      • The events leading up to the Texas Revolution are important in understanding why the United States annexes Texas in 1845.
      • Learn More!
    • Texas History
    • The Alamo
    • The Republic of Texas
    • Annexation of Texas
  • 1846
    • Oregon Country
      • In 1818, the United States and England agreed to a joint occupation of the Oregon Country. With the Election of 1844, James K. Polk had promised to take Oregon with his "54° 40' or Fight!". Since neither country wanted war, they agreed to extend the boundary between Canada and the United States at the 49th Parallel all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The Oregon Trail saw thousands of settlers moving across the country to settle the fertile land. They traveled in wagon's called "prairie schooners" instead of conestoga wagons.
  • Learn More!
    • The Oregon Territory (America's Story)
    • The Oregon Trail
    • End of the Oregon Trail
  • 1848
    • Mexican Cession
      • The Mexican Cession was the result of the Mexican-American War from 1846-1848. President James K. Polk had promised to fulfill the "Manifest Destiny" before he left office, even if it meant going to war. With the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, ended the war. In exchange for $15 million, the Mexican government under Santa Anna gave away 1/2 of their land.
  • 1848 Mexican Cession
    • Learn MORE!!!
    • The Mexican-American War (PBS)
    • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    • Mexican-American War
  • 1853
    • Gadsden Purchase
    • The Gadsden Purchase was intended to allow for the construction of a southern route for a transcontinental railroad, and was also designed to fully compensate Mexico for the lands taken by the United States after the Mexican-American War. In 1853, U.S. Minister to Mexico James Gadsden and Mexican President Antonio López de Santa Anna agreed on the price of $10 million.
    • The continental United States was now complete. Later we would add Alaska and Hawaii to our possessions.
  • Gadsden Purchase