China volunteering


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China volunteering

  1. 1. Volunteering in China With Fairworld Travel a jointStudents in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Social Enterprise
  2. 2. The Issue• China’s production lines and construction sites rely on an army of low-wage migrant workers.• The workers travel from rural areas.• China forbids these workers from putting down roots under a system of household registration, known as the hukou.
  3. 3. The Issue• Around 252 million Chinese (2011) left the countryside and migrated to the cities. • a number equivalent to two thirds the population of the United States and four times the number of people who emigrated to American from Europe over a century.
  4. 4. The Issue• The hukou, the city household registration, was developed to keep the rural poor from swamping the cities.• Without hukou, migrant workers do not get – social benefits – They have difficulty sending their children to school.
  5. 5. Migrant’s Children• China has about 20 million children of migrant workers living in the cities.• Xu Ling, a teacher in Zhangjiagang, wrote a popular novel about them – Floating Flowers (Xiwang de Huaduo, Xiwang Publishing House, 2009) One of the Top 10 childrens literature works since 1949
  6. 6. Migrant’s Children• Xu says: “Students from the countryside are very sensitive and fragile psychologically. They look strong and tough… but actually break down easily.”• … “But they are only children and they need happiness and encouragement as they are growing up.” [Ibid]
  7. 7. These Children are very poor
  8. 8. How you can help Fair World Travel (FWT) a social enterprise set up with Sheffield SIFEFWT is developing volunteer programmesin China and Africa.
  9. 9. How you can help• Liu Zhen – Jane – is from Beijing and she is setting up these links for us. – She is a Sheffield University PhD student.• Jane & FWT are working with the Dandelion Schools & the Chinese Red Cross to set up volunteer programmes in China.
  10. 10. How you can help• The Dandelion School has an established volunteer programme – they work with Duke University in the USA.• Sheffield can help too!
  11. 11. The Benefits• The benefits of volunteering are great – It is immensely rewarding – You make genuine connections with people – Volunteers keep returning to volunteer again & again – The Dandelion volunteer programme is established with various opportunities for volunteers
  12. 12. The Benefits .Jane can help with the Beijing Reception.To help you find your way around Beijing andmake the most of your visit. Can help make your Chinese experience unforgettable.
  13. 13. A Dai Village? Where else would you like to go in China? Xishuangbanna?Jade DragonSnowMountain? Shangri La? Lijiang?
  14. 14. Please consider volunteering during your stay in China The FWT website is at WWW.Fairworld-travel.comWe will post more information aboutvolunteering on this website –Or you may contact