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LexisNexis and Vizibility Release Research Results on the Use of Social Media Within Law Firms

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Social Media Legal Infographic

  1. 1. > Fortune 500 companies with Bench mark corpo: a:: Twitter account 62% 0 t ese ave tweets Data in the last 30 days Giving some perspective to legal sector data Source ruiiurie Magazine i-100 101-200 201-300 301-400 400401 > Fortune 500 companies with > Fortune 500 companies > which legal directoria and online lawyer profiles in-house legal professionals recognize Maruriaaienubeeii iinteairi Bast LawyeslUS News and Wand Report super Lawyers Chambers 5 Partners Legal 500 M30 Value liidex AWO some art Conwliiirg Group > What percent of your attorneys are active or have complete and up-to-date ' Vizibility' Q‘ LexisNexis' > Law firms using social media in 2011 Those in the legal profession are embracing social media, not just individual attomeys > Individual attorneys using social media for professional purposes in 2011 99 5% 97.9% 84 3% 82.2% 62% 37% 19% 22% 7% 6% Liniiedin Faoobouk Twrilei Lintedin Faoabcok Twitiai scum 2011 Ainerirari Bamssocianuri redrrniagy survey report > Monthly Google searches for the terms "attorney, " " lawyer’ > However, there are only 393,338 Linked profiles containing one public facing corporate mags Wm‘ Facebook page profiles on the following sites? of the following words in the and "counsel" F500 companies have slowed A slight increase. just like Twitter. ' wnem me (less man a min. ‘ down their social media efforts Both are preferred to blogging I Have profile a‘ some pain‘ 0‘ completion of an attorneys in the U. s_) 0 60% I Have a complete and up-lo-dale profile Dupiicares were remove‘; “Counse| " 56°/ a 53 / ° 823,000 60 5° “Counse| " o 40 23 / o , , , so .3 . . “Lawyer” 16% 22% 2a°/ 23°/ 20 4 / Lawyer“ 9_‘ 4m 10 D L lied F osooeii Twill 2005 2009 min mi 2009 2010 2911 M M a H Legal Social . Vizibilrty arid LaxisNexis sent formal Media Survey invitations by email to me membership of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Additionally, the survey invitation was posted on more than two dozen Linkedln message boards for LMA local chapters. shared with Twitter and Faoabook followers of both Vizibilrly and LexisN- exis, and posted on LexisNexi5 blogs. Source V1lhl| lIyll.8xlsN9kIS survey The LMA email invitations were sent to 2,144 members and had a 224% open rate. The overall click-through rate was 23,5"/ or AS a benchmark, according to Constant Contact, the typical click-through rate for legal services mailings is 13% Therefore this mailing generated almost two times the typical click-through rate for emails sent to this industry segment. The LMA represents 233 of the top 250 U 5. law firms. Source Lirikediri Source Google We received 258 responses to the survey, Firm sizes of respondents with 40% from the LMA members, and 4% ‘,5 afiomeys 195% from Lirikedlri groups. or the respondents, am am, ,,, ey5 73% 74% perform marketing/ business 2150 Euumeys 124% development roles within law firms and 13.7% 51 _1 Do ammeys 15_4% are attorneys. AmLaw I00 and AmLaw 200 ‘O0, ammeys 44% firms represent 15.3% and 9% respectively Approximately 73% of survey respondents were from firms Will] 21 or more attomeys. when do you plan to Implement social media as part of your marketing programs? How Important is social media In your flnn's overall marketing strategy? Does your firm have a social media policy or guidelines for using social media? Not very important Not important at all Ves No C 1.7 We already Wflfiln Vifilhin Wilhlri No immediate Exliernely Somewhat use social media 6 months 12 months 24 months plans important important A" respondents 0 1o. i Q 2.: o 1.2 . 5.4 AmLaw 100 firms . 5,9 g o . 5,9 AmLaw 200 firms Number of attorneys In firm 1-5 What social media services do you plan to use in these marketing programs? Bloggirig Twiifer Professional Corisurner Social QM Video QR code: for Other social networks social nemorls (Wikipedia, (YouTube. attomays (Llnksdln (Facebook. Quota, Yahoo’ Vlltleo, (Vizi'bl| lty. etc. ) Googiei, Answers, eiui etc) Paperllnks, elc ) Kawya, etc. ) All respondents How do you measure the success of your social media programs? Improved Increased Number of Lead New Nol Were not Other client website followers generation business sure yet traidring satisfaction traffic and online connections AmLaw 100 firms AmLaw 200 firms Number of attorneys _> in firm 1-5 6-20 21-50 51-100 101+ Legal Directories and Online Lawyer Profiles Smros arr Cdrisulnrig Grow > Which Legal Directories and Online Lawyer Profila Legal Decision Makers Find Extremely Helpful > How in-house legal departments use legal directoria and online lawyer profiles Over 70% of corporate oounsel and legal stall tum to an online lawyer profile or legal directory to identify, Manndale-Nublzell 51 .6°/ e evaluate or validate credentials of outside counsel urtiediri identity outside counsel in an uriramiiiar ]iAfISdIl'.1IOrl Super Lawyers wrieri a personal referral is unavailable 903% we Vim Mex Validate the credentials of a referral 77.1% chambers & Paws Evaluate outside counsel quaiiricaiioris 73.4% sea-urrrarvusvm ‘“e""'’°§lil‘iii°$’. ';irZ? 'r? fi§fi'£‘r§§? a'fl£’i. '‘R1§i‘; il2%$ 704% and Worid Rrzpm , _ Compare outside counsel qualifications to competitors Legal 500 Periodic reviews oi current outside counsel AWO > Legal directories and online lawyer profiles recommended by legal decision makers > How frequently do legal decision makers use legal directoria and online lawyer profila? Nine out of ten in-house legal prolessionals tum to online lawyer profiles or legal directories at least once a year Chambers ACC Value index 2.6% Llnkedln Daiy Wedtly 1.6% Best Lawyers/ US News and Mum, 23 5% World Report _ ' — 1.4% Super Lawyers ‘””, ";“; ‘, 35.5% o.3% Legal 500 yea", 1.7% Other Donmue > Percent of legal decision makers unlikely to hire an attorney not listed in a directory or online lawyer profile One in two legal decision makers are less likely to hire an attomey not listed in a dictionary When conducting research to validate the credentials of a referral When identifying outside counsel in an unfamiliar jurisdiction or area of expertise (when a personal referral is unavailable) . Vizibi| ity' Q‘ LexisNexis' As smartphones continue to on codes become more popular, the for Attorneys number of people scanning OR codes will continue to increase. > U. S. adults > 14 million QR codes who scan scanned by US 2D bar coda adults In June 2011 (OR codes) (0005) 5% 13.4% of all QR — code scans were pfimed from a businau magazine or card or brochure a newspaper Poster. Flyer ‘ / ° Product or kiosk packaging zmu my Website on PC Soiree Forrester Researdt > Percentage of users who scan 2D bar codes (by OS) Android comes preinstalled with a bar code scanner while iOS Nidmid > How do legal marketers plan to use OR codes in their marketing programs‘? 46% plan to use OR codes on Spun» Corrisoore > Lawyer smartphone use in 2011 While Android and iPhone are used most often to scan QR codes, BiackBerry is still the leading smariphone platform for attorneys does not None Blackflerry 2% Other Android iPhone 05 Solace Forrester Researdl Rim vinndous Source 2t71lArnericanBarAssoa'an‘ori ledwiobgystiweyrepoit > When do legal marketers plan to Implement QR codes in their marketing programs? 80% of legal marketers will be using OR codes by 2012 individual attomey business cards Brochures collateral Business cards Source V1lblllIySiiNEy and marketing No immediate plans Online bio pages Website 5.2% 24 months We're not Source viziuiiny survey © 2012 Vizi lity Inc. 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