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On November 17, 1938, 45 librarians met at the Cortile restaurant on West 43rd Street in New York City to form the Law Library Association of Greater New York. The purpose of the Association was to "assist in the professional standing of law librarians." It was to include librarians in New York County, as well as the adjoining counties in New York and New Jersey. By the time the first membership directory was published in 1939, the membership had grown to 59. Today LLAGNY has 700 members, 70% of whom work in private law libraries. LLAGNY became incorporated as a non-profit organization in New York State on August 24, 1987.

LLAGNY members may join a number of committees, including: Advertising, Corporate Sponsorship, Education, Grants/Scholarships, MCLE/Teaching Legal Research, Membership, Placement/Interns, Pro-Bono, Public Relations, Special Events, Technology, Union List and Volunteers. Frequency of meetings for committees is at the discretion of the Chair of the committee. Generally, Committee Chairs are appointed by the President. Each committee is given a LLAGNY Board member who acts as a liaison between the committee and the Board of Directors.

Our education meetings are primarily held in the evenings, 6 times per year. Recent programs included: "Closing of Libraries in the Private Sector" and "Librarians as Gumshoes". We have also attempted several 1/2 day seminars. Additional activities include the annual Law Library Student Interns Luncheon, Bridge the Gap Program for Summer Associates and the Job Hotline.

In addition to the educational meetings, we have occasional luncheons. The luncheons include a brief presentation (usually by a vendor), and a chance for librarians to talk informally about mutual interests and concerns. LLAGNY also hosts an annual Holiday party, and the Annual Association dinner in June.

The LLAGNY Board meets monthly to discuss the business that has come before the Association. The Board consists of the President, Vice President/President-Elect, Immediate Past President, five Directors, Treasurer, Secretary, and the newsletter Editor (in a non-voting capacity). Each position is a one year term, with the exception of the Secretary and Treasurer, who serve for two (2) years. The newsletter Editor is an appointed position.

LLAGNY has published four different newsletters throughout the years. The first was called The Information Bulletin. Following the Bulletin was The Legist. Legist II appeared in 1963, and finally in 1976 our current publication, Law Lines, made its debut. Law Lines is now published bimonthly, and is paid for by LLAGNY. We do seek advertising from publishers and vendors to help defray the costs. Our advertising rates range from $120.00 to $475.00 per ad. LLAGNY also publishes a Union List of Serials and an annual Membership Directory. Advertisements are also accepted for these two publications.

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  1. 1. LLAGNY’S 65 YEARS: YEARS A TIMELINE First LLAGNY LLAGNY Newsletter, 1938 meeting held November 17 “Information Information LLAGNY Bylaws and Bulletin,” debuts 1939 Constitution adopted Beginnings of 1940 9 0 First color TV broadcast“Information Science” as we know it today 1941 First calculating machine with automatic control built in Germany 1942
  2. 2. LLAGNY’S 65 YEARS: YEARS A TIMELINEMark I is completed and 1943 first programmer is hired 1944 June 6th D-Day Normandy France American futurist LLAGNY Post-War Post- foresees the 1945 9 Planning invention of hypertext Committee created 1946 Term “bit” for binary NYCRR now available; digit is used for Ocean Publications is the first time by started 1947 John Tukey
  3. 3. LLAGNY’S 65 YEARS: YEARS A TIMELINE New York hosts AALL LLAGNY hosts 41st Annual Meeting 1948 demonstration of microcard reader 1949 LLAGNY becomes a chapter of AALL First Joint Computer Value of Law Conference held 1950 9 0 Librarians to the legal profession is IBM sued by DOJ for LLAGNY meeting monopolizing punch- punch- 1951 topic cards Revision of standards 1952 for Law school libraries discussed
  4. 4. LLAGNY’S 65 YEARS: YEARS A TIMELINE First information High speed printer retrieval system on a 1953 invented by g general purpose p p Remington-Rand Remington- g computer announced. 1954 Gene Amdahl develops first operating system gSAGE, first major online 1955 9 for IBM 704 system, for air Government antitrust suit against IBM is defense application 1956 settled announced Smith-Corona makes Smith- portable electronic 1957 AALUNY created typewriter
  5. 5. LLAGNY’S 65 YEARS: YEARS A TIMELINE First electronic Luhn at IBM creates computers built in 1958 automatic Japan by NEC p y document indexing g program (KWIC) 1959 First removable disks appear 1960 960 XEROX commercial copier introduced First IBM transistorized 1961 Telstar computer with 64-bit 64- communication data paths, satellite becomes operational until 1971 1962 active
  6. 6. LLAGNY’S 65 YEARS: YEARS A TIMELINE Controversial graphics LC develops MARC consoles developed 1963 resulting in CAD g BASIC is created and 1964 first time-sharing time- Demonstration at basic program run ABA annual meeting of McKinney s McKinney’s statutes retrieving health- health- 1965 96 put on magnetic related statutes, regs tape. Potential of and city ordinances 1966 electronic research from a mainframe for legislative docs computer discussed by 1967 LLAGNY members
  7. 7. LLAGNY’S 65 YEARS: YEARS A TIMELINE Computerworld first LLAGNY newsletter issue published 1968 becomes “Law Lines”First International Joint 1969 The as-yet unnamed as- Conference on CALR system is Artificial Intelligence demonstrated Mead Data Central 1970 9 0 publicly for the created first time at a NYC press conferenceFloppy disks introduced 1971 to load the IBM 370 microde First electronic 1972 pocket calculator
  8. 8. LLAGNY’S 65 YEARS: YEARS A TIMELINE Mead Data Center AALL begins student introduces Lexis 1973 memberships The New York Times 1974 3-M develops Post-It Post- Information Bank Notes produces first public Westlaw introduced access online 1975 9 Radio Shack markets newspaper abstract first pre-assembled pre- and index service 1976 personal computer LLAGNY members First ComputerLand tour Library of store opens in NJ as 1977 Congress Computer Shack
  9. 9. LLAGNY’S 65 YEARS: YEARS A TIMELINE Conversion to AALL Code of ethics Microfiche— Microfiche—a new 1978 is adopted way to store y documents presented to LLAGNY members 1979 The Source and CompuServe Information Total computers in use 1980 980 Services go on-line on- in US exceeds one ABA Journal article million 1981 discusses cost- cost- effectiveness ofOne time license fee for using CALR Westlaw is $400 1982 LLAGNY produces first union list
  10. 10. LLAGNY’S 65 YEARS: YEARS A TIMELINE Westlaw Interface for Total computers in IBM Displaywriter 1983 the US exceeds 10 introduced million units Apple introduces Mac 1984 First Law LibraryLLAGNY adopts ILL code Publication Award LLAGNY is the largest presented AALL chapter with 1985 98 AALL annual meeting 845 members held at the NY Hilton 1986 NJLLA becomes approved as 27th LLAGNY incorporates AALL chapter 1987 as a non-profit non-
  11. 11. LLAGNY’S 65 YEARS: YEARS A TIMELINE LLAGNY officers and Nondestructive worm articles highlighted in 1988 spreads via the AALL Chapter News p Internet to infect several thousand 1989 computers Special Committee on National Information Policy approves 1990 990 Microsoft introduces Government Relations Windows 3.0 policy for information industries 1991 Millionth LexisNexis user id is issuedAALL annual meeting in LLAGNY re-organizes re- San Francisco largest 1992 board and to date committee chairs
  12. 12. LLAGNY’S 65 YEARS: YEARS A TIMELINE FREESTYLE, new plain- plain- LLAGNY members English search style 1993 participate in 1st introduced on Lexis annual Legal g Research Teach-In Teach- 1994 held in conjunction Lexis introduces world wide web site with NationalBNA pledges $40,000 for 1995 99 Library Week b k two years for AALL Spectrum is publication of AALL s AALL’s 1996 launched Law Library JournalSmaller publishers begin LLAGNY announces to disappear as West 1997 own list-serv and list- and Lexis grow home page
  13. 13. LLAGNY’S 65 YEARS: YEARS A TIMELINE LLAGNY co-sponsors co- Y2K plans are being LegalWorks New York 1998 discussed AALL adopts “Ethical 1999 Law firm Intranets Principles” introduced at LLAGNY education LLAGNY approves 2000 meeting revised bylaws 2001 AALL membership isLLAGNY union list goes record high with online over 5,000 2002 members
  14. 14. LLAGNY’S 65 YEARS: YEARS A TIMELINE 2003- 2003-2004 LLAGNY Celebrates 65 Years