I Can See The Light!


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History of Raves and Light Shows

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I Can See The Light!

  1. 1. I CAN SEE THE LIGHT!History of Raves and Light Shows
  2. 2. RAVES Rave, rave dance, and rave party are parties that originated mostly from acid house parties, which featured fast- paced electronic music and light shows. Originating from London in the 1950’s, “Rave” was a term used to describe “Wild Bohemian Parties”. While usually most raves are held “underground” some are held in public places, such as Australias Olympic Arena because of its fast rising involvement.
  3. 3. USES FOR LIGHTSHOWS IN HISTORY The great magician David Copperfield used the idea of lights at your fingertips to create one of his widely know tricks, D’Lites. A small light hidden away in a false thumb tip, he could produce what seemed to be a bright red light that would travel between his hands, through his ears, and out of his mouth.
  4. 4. DIFFERENT TYPES OF LIGHTSHOWS Many different types of light shows are incorporated into the rave scene to facilitate everyone and their idea of having fun.  Orbits  Hooping  Glow sticking  Gloving  Poi (Fire Dancing)
  5. 5. ORBITS Attached to a nylon string on both sides, when wound up and pulled taught, the four leds Spin making fantastic shapes that are always eye pleasing.
  6. 6. HOOPINGHooping is exactly what itsounds like, a hula-hoop filledwith colorful leds that will putanyone in a trance.
  7. 7. GLOW STICKINGGlow sticking is simply taking any glow stick, tyinga string to and dancing to the beat of the musicswinging them around your arms and around yourbody.Some companies offer long lasting glow sticks thatare powered by leds and flashing lights but mostperformers uses your standard one time use glowsticks.
  8. 8. GLOVING Gloving can be best described as fingertip leds placed inside of cotton gloves using different techniques such as tutting and finger rolls to producing a mind- numbing effect.
  9. 9. Fire Poi is actually an ancient art of dance that was pulled into the rave scene. A ball of cotton soaked in accelerant and hung by string or twine swung around your entire body creating shapes and traceable paths.POI OR FIRE DANCING
  10. 10. MASKS AND APPARELWhen attending a rave, you will seeing nothing but the unusual. Frommouse heads to gas masks, to crazy outfits and glowing shoe lacespeople use the raving experience to express a certain side ofthemselves that would normally go unnoticed.
  11. 11. DRUGS Now, it is a common myth that everyone who attends raves, whether they be underground or public does some type of Hallucinogenic or other Psychedelic drug.  LSD (acid)  Ecstasy (rolls)  MDMA (Molly)  Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) Yes these types of drugs are usually very common and accessible at these kinds of functions, but it is not in everyone’s interest to participate it the use. Many people like providing light shows to people who are “tripping” or “rolling” to give them a full body experience of the drug.
  12. 12. MANUFACTURES OF LIGHT SHOW APPAREL EmazingLights.com is the world’s leading supplier for anything “Rave”. There are other companies that produce cheap knock off gloves and such that are usually sold at the door at the Merch table. But none that even come close to comparing to the quality of Emazing Lights products.
  13. 13. DIFFERENT TYPES OF LED PATTERNS FOR YOUR GLOVE SETS AND ORBIT SETS Strobe - ... There are single color strobes ... 3 color strobes ... 7 color strobes Ribbon - these are bulbs like dashes that create a ribbon effect. ... There are no single color ribbons as these would be considered solid ... 3 color ... 7 color Dash - longer streaks of colors between the spaces Fade - These will fade from a solid color, to a dash, to a dot then change colors. Solid... repeat with new colors Rainbow/ Slow Rainbow - 7 color faders I-Morph - 7 color strobe/ribbon
  14. 14. SPONSORSHIPS Emazing Lights is constantly sponsoring different teams of glovers and rave enthusiasts to get their products out into the public. Some popular glovers include..  AYO?  Sharky  Team [E]  Gummy  Blitzen  And MANY MANY MORE!