Carbon neutrality & vetiver


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Carbon neutrality & vetiver

  1. 1. Earthizenz Eco Friendly SystemsREDUCING THE FOOTPRINT & INCREASING THE HANDPRINT Through Positive Interventions with The Vetiver System Linkup with AR Projects under CDM M.P. Singh B. Tech.(Civil); M.I.E. (Mech.) Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems email: Presentation at ICV-5, Oct 28-30, 2011
  2. 2. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Presentation Sequence Defining Carbon Neutrality One slide on Kyoto Protocol One Slide on Significant Green House Gases with linkage to Vetiver A brief on the Project being described wrt resultant revegitation due to Vetiver. Back to Carbon with a link up with the vetiver role. Other aspects of the project.
  3. 3. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems What is Carbon Neutrality?Carbon Neutrality is achieved through Zero net Emission of Green House Gases (GHG) by:1) Reducing our Carbon Footprint or offsetting it with positive action like Carbon Sequestering.2) Investing in or buying Carbon Credits from some other projects.India is a Developing Country so the second option is not needed.Projects of Developing Countries can get funded via Carbon Credits earned by our own positive actions and bought by polluters of Developed Countries.
  4. 4. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems What is Kyoto Protocol? Bindingemission targets for industrialised countries (called Annex I Countries) Voluntary participation of developing countries (called Non-Annex I countries, e.g. India)
  5. 5. Earthizenz Eco Friendly SystemsRelevant Green House Gases Vetiver mitigates this by itself Carbon Dioxide and as an initiator of Reforestation Projects Global Warming Potential 1* In a rural scenario, surplus leaves of vetivar can be part of a mixed feedstock of vegetable & leafy biomass waste, to Methane produce and capture methane Global Warming Potential 21* 21 Vetiver when used in a wastewater treatment process possibly reduces this Nitrous Oxide emission both in the nitrification & denitrification phase Global Warming Potential 310* 310 * tCO e 2 *Times Carbon dioxide
  6. 6. Earthizenz Eco Friendly SystemsThe Structures rise from the The Roofs are Stainless Steel, facingSand Cliffs. the South andThey’re built in concrete and Reflecting Light TowardsSandstone the Temple ie’s e fd S n e io sh is o V M ol FoT taW re do llaV et i y h e on ereS a t si
  7. 7. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Te hC atch th mn et e Ae are sen dn Sn ad ra and ig toneCif nsl fs os f il M t to os v o f ois M hnis aneseb e t ex pc of n rog i te nh Ge r taWs era nd The only way forward was Bio Engineering Through different apps of the Vetiver System
  8. 8. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Applications of VS used at Anandpur Sahib Revegitation and Possible Reforestation Prevention of Soil Erosion and its migration Steep Filled up Slope Stabilization (Road Batter) SiltControl in water body (Planting in the Catchment Area)
  9. 9. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Vetiver application forRevegitation & Reforestation at Anandpur Sahib, Punjab (Hillock Slopes) Before & After
  10. 10. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems BEFORE Thi s soi hill h l sa a ver s on it Road Batter
  11. 11. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems AFTER The hill with the soil saver Road Batter
  12. 12. Earthizenz Eco Friendly SystemsBEFORE
  13. 13. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems AFTER
  14. 14. Earthizenz Eco Friendly SystemsBEFORE
  15. 15. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Local Species have already started coming. AFTER
  16. 16. Earthizenz Eco Friendly SystemsBEFORE
  17. 17. EarthizenzSpecies have Systems Local Eco Friendly already started AFTER coming. Soon they will take over and the HERO would perish
  18. 18. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems AR Projects under CDM Vetiver is the only plant that can bring a totally wasted land back to life. Lands like vacated mine fields. After bringing the land back to life, it allows other local species to take over. Some other species can also be introduced to fit the local definitions of forests, submitted to the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Vetiver will ultimately perish under the shade of the forest it has itself initiated.
  19. 19. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Existing AR Methodologies under CDM AR-ACM0001: Afforestation and Reforestation of degraded land. AR-ACM0002: Afforestation or reforestation of degraded land without displacement of pre- project activities AR-AMS0005: Simplified baseline and monitoring methodology for small-scale afforestation and reforestation project activities under the clean development mechanism implemented on lands having low inherent potential to support living biomass
  20. 20. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Existing AR Methodologies Cont’d AR-AM0002: Restoration of degraded lands through afforestation/reforestation AR-AM0006: Afforestation/reforestation with trees supported by shrubs on degraded land
  21. 21. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Action Reqd. We need to propose amended methodologies to add Vetiver as the initiater of the Reforestation process. Vetiversacrifices itself , without this sacrifice, the AR project could not have begun
  22. 22. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Vetiver application forPrevention of Soil Erosion & its Migration Before & After
  24. 24. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems ZERO SOIL MIGRATION DESPITE RECORD RAIN
  25. 25. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Vetiver application for Steep Filled up Slope Stabilisation (Road Batter) Before & After
  26. 26. Earthizenz Eco Friendly SystemsBEFORE
  27. 27. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems AFTERVetiver has stabilized theentire slope AFTER
  28. 28. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Vetiver has retained moisture AFTER within the slope enabling other vegetation to grow.
  29. 29. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Vetiver application for Silt Control in water body (Planting in the Catchment Area) & Silt Before V/s Silt After
  30. 30. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Location ‘V’ Rain Cuts & Gullies
  31. 31. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Water BodyLocation ‘V’(Behind Drop off) Area Z Gully/ Rain Cut
  32. 32. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems t h vtN eo tta itre eh ac v t il l os t ab i ren oyn i h gl a en . k c s dan
  33. 33. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Dr. Paul Truong H C T K A da n aR ia Cn n su at d T eh G da ill u s Bse oemo e th eh C oB e taet r G mca nyd tn m r ht lu n e de , at eh e ae as to m r e
  34. 34. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems 1 or 2layers of Soil bags + soil from reshaped sides Avge. length of re shaped channel 25m Avge. widened width of re shaped channel 10m
  35. 35. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems us “p oro oi dal two as pez e or Tra ” on w all e need it Average 5 rows running across reshaped per s slopes. Total rows per raincut ( average) =5+5=10 Total length of rows/raincut = 10X25=250m Total length/ raincut in addition to the rows running across hill= 250+50= 300mtrsVetiver rows running Assume 5 additional rows at the bottom of theacross hill, already cannel, total lenfth=5X10=50m/ raincutaccounted for
  36. 36. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems SILT IN OCT 2009
  37. 37. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Polythene liner is VisibleSILT IN 2010 Catchment Area Protected with Vetiver
  38. 38. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Polythene liner is VisibleSILT In 2010
  39. 39. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems First Cell: Zero SiltSILT IN 2010
  40. 40. Earthizenz Eco Friendly SystemsOur Intervention: Clumps of Vetver strategically Planted in the rainto Prevent Silt Carried by the same rain to the Water Body.
  41. 41. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Location ‘V’ (Behind Drop off) Part of Catchment area (Z)
  42. 42. Earthizenz Eco Friendly SystemsThe Silt was reduced by 99% at the end of the same monsoon asplanting
  43. 43. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems
  44. 44. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Rows of vetiver @ 7plants/m, rows at 1m spacing quantity as per measurement at site e o n i ng St tch Pi
  45. 45. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems 2 Rows of Vetiver Mother Plants (Clumps) , 10 m apart, @ 3 clumps/M, in basin. Each Clump would have Rows of vetiver @Vetiver Mother Plant Clumps 7plants/m, rows atcontaining average of 100 1m spacingtillers each approx. 0.3m widthwith 0.20 clear gap betweenclumps. Distance betweenrows= 2m
  46. 46. Earthizenz Eco Friendly Systems Thank You