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Earnest's quick guide to sports sponsorship for B2B brands
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Earnest's quick guide to sports sponsorship for B2B brands


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Earnest's quick guide to sports sponsorship for B2B brands. …

Earnest's quick guide to sports sponsorship for B2B brands.

We provide you with a guide on how to make the most out of your sponsorship deal or partnership. Whether you sponsor within entertainment, sport, or a completely different sector, it's important to ensure that your sponsorship is utilised to it's full potential, ultimately maximising your return on investment.

We take a look at some of the common mistakes that sponsors in the B2B business sector make, and look at how to rectify these to maximise commercial benefit.

Don't rely on sponsorship rights alone to activate your partnership.

Get in touch for information on how we can help your brand activate sponsorship rights.

Published in: Business, Travel
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  • 1. © Earnest (London) Ltd Earnest’s quick guide to sports sponsorship for B2B brands EARNEST INSIGHTS
  • 2. © Earnest (London) Ltd The right sponsorship deal can bring huge benefits to your brand When you find a partner who shares your values, the association can reward you with a wealth of new business. Sponsorship rights alone aren’t enough. Without a great activation strategy in place, the potential of your partnership will remain as just that: potential…
  • 3. © Earnest (London) Ltd So, what makes a sponsorship successful?
  • 4. © Earnest (London) Ltd Sponsorship works best when… • It is a central part of a well defined integrated sales and marketing strategy. • It generates meaningful data and relevant content, putting the brand at the heart of the conversation and driving awareness. • It works to increase return on investment with specific business targets in place. © Earnest (London) Ltd
  • 5. © Earnest (London) Ltd w It’s easier if… • A significant number of the property’s fans are heavily involved in the sponsor’s product category. The higher the percentage of cross- interested consumers, the greater the impact the sponsorship is likely to have. • The connection between the sponsored property and the product offering is obvious. If the link is too tenuous or takes too long to explain, it’s unlikely to capture buyers’ imaginations. © Earnest (London) Ltd
  • 6. © Earnest (London) Ltd But… This can be difficult for B2B brands. More often than not their target market will not be heavily involved in the property they sponsor, and relevance of the association may not be clear. © Earnest (London) Ltd
  • 7. © Earnest (London) Ltd Therefore… It’s essential that B2B sponsorships are supported by a considerable investment in activation and other related marketing activities. If a company isn’t promoting the sponsorship to their target market, they’ll get far less value from their initial spend. © Earnest (London) Ltd
  • 8. © Earnest (London) Ltd What common mistakes are sponsors making?
  • 9. © Earnest (London) Ltd Treating sponsorship as separate from other marketing efforts Sponsorship needs to be part of an integrated marketing plan, with sales teams leveraging maximum value from the partnership at every opportunity.
  • 10. © Earnest (London) Ltd Failing to track results As well as having a clear strategy in place from the start, it’s important to measure everything and continually test new ideas to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign.
  • 11. © Earnest (London) Ltd Not directing the right people toward relevant content and data Sponsorship is about more than one- event wonders and hospitality. Brands need to speak to their audiences in ways that mean something.
  • 12. © Earnest (London) Ltd Neglecting to make staff and current customers feel part of the journey It’s not just about drumming up new business. Sponsorship can help you strengthen existing relationships, motivate your team and improve loyalty.
  • 13. © Earnest (London) Ltd Mimicking B2C tactics Sponsorship activation in the B2B sphere is a different ball game. You need to remain focused on your audience, where they are and what’s meaningful to them.
  • 14. © Earnest (London) Ltd Sponsorship is changing, so must the way we think about it.
  • 15. © Earnest (London) Ltd Call to action Earnest, who? Earnest is a multi award-winning full service marketing agency, brimming with passion for B2B and sports brands. Finely-tuned strategy. Heavyweight ideas to pack a punch. Campaigns that turn heads. Earnest likes to call it ‘impact through insight’. entertainment entertainment/ideas-and-insight/ earnest-blog Twitter: @earnest_ents © Earnest (London) Ltd