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EarlyBridge case activating the brand in one to-one customer contact
EarlyBridge case activating the brand in one to-one customer contact
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EarlyBridge case activating the brand in one to-one customer contact


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Activating the brand in one-to-one customer contact …

Activating the brand in one-to-one customer contact
Giving form to brand values in day-to-day customer contact is the key to differentiating your company from your competitors.

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  • 1. Turning Case Thought Into Action studyBUILDING THE BRAND FROM THE GROUND UP WITH BRANDED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCESGiving form to brand values in day-to-day customer contact is the key to differentiating your company from yourcompetitorsActivating the brand in one-to-one customercontact An internal sales organization for lenged themselves to look at a large Dutch telco volunteered to their work differently. They were be the guinea pig for initiating a ready to take the next step and brand activation program for the excited to take part in this pilot. entire organization. By challenging the organization One team in particular had been to look at themselves through wrestling with how to give form their customers’ eyes, the advi- to the brand values and had sors were triggered to align their asked for help in understanding day-to-day activities with their what this meant to them in their brand values in order to deliver day-to-day customer contact and on their brand promise. customer-related activities. They realized that the choices EarlyBridge designed a program that they made each day in their for brand activation based on the contact with customers, directly brand values and the desire to impacted the customers’ view of put the customer at the center of them and the company. They their business. The team was mo- had the power to make a differ- tivated and had already chal- ence! Impact  Net Promoter Score improved  Employee engagement was at an all-time high for the team and far above average for other teams in the region  The quality and quantity of leads for the Sales Account Managers improved
  • 2. EarlyBridge BV Herengracht 518 “We’ve are more 1017 CC AMSTERDAM The Netherlands aware of our 31 (0) 20 715 5918 own influence on our customers”Advisors learned to focus on what was within their control to make a difference for their customers 5 building blocks Management focus on the cus- tomer Critical Success Factors The program was designed using EarlyBridge’s customer engagement Alongside the transformation of the  Five building blocks model. This model uses five building inside sales & support advisors, the customized to the blocks to define and deliver the right floor manager used the Daily Start business and the ob- customer experience: and the Lean Daily Management Sys- jectives  Brand values tem (LDMS) structure to continually  Customer profiles in the form of per- link their activities back to the brand sona’s identified by the group them- values, the customer insights and the selves desired customer experience. LDMS  Moments of truth based on known provided the structure to collect is-  Challenging the or- customer needs sues from the front line to challenge ganization to look  Channel characteristics the organization to improve. Using through their cus-  Customer context the 5 building blocks combined with tomers’ eyes to un- LDMS, the floor manager assumed derstand how to cre- the role of coach for her team and ate a branded cus- took on a new, more customer- tomer experience focused and effective leadership style. Impact  Leveraging the exist- Inside sales advisors became more ing Lean Daily Man- aware of their impact, committing to agement System from A branded experience handling customers differently in Six Sigma to highlight their customer contacts. issues and challenge The building blocks were customized to fulfill the brand promise, customizing the organisation to Net Promoter Score improved, deliv- resolve them the five building blocks to the inside ering the organization it’s first 10’s sales advisors role. EarlyBridge from customers. Employee Engage- trained the advisors in the five building ment for the team was leading for the blocks and the effort was translated region, far above other teams and the into a practical approach focusing on  A motivated team average. three themes in their customer contact: who was willing to  Positive language, putting the focus The Account Management Team, challenge themselves on the solution from the start their counterparts in Sales, reported to deliver a branded  Handling the customer request right that they were receiving better quali- experience the first time fied leads and less transferred calls as  Delivering simplicity for customers a result of the new approach. by providing customized solutions based on a vast knowledge of the in- ternal products and processes, brought in a relevant way