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  • "Our Mission is to help people achieve their dreams and goals.   We handle those dreams with care, and treat them as our own.   Our success depends on it."
  • It is the joy when I hear you sing the Universal Love songs daily. I am honored with such unique beauty that my tears of happiness flow freely. Your care requires my true and complete attention as your scent enhances fully. The pleasure I have to observe how profoundly you sweet flowers bloom with grace. To walk among you as the realness of your souls shine beyond any means known. Oh, my sweet Roses the depth of colors along with pleasant scent continues to be in awe. I ardor the richness of the Lilies as the Fountain of Love is dressed so finely with you. Still, I continue to be amazes with such varieties that your sweet scents mix well in love. Yes, the Dark Purple Morning Glory voice bring forth special feeling within my soul. Breathtaking Orchids your trueness along with excited fragrances captures my heart beat. Flowers, Flowers and Flowers so sweet you and I live in a world that proves to be a treat. Mountain of Love dressed with your attractiveness as news spread while love grows. Come all those hurting and needing encouragement to reach that Universal Love flow. I, Zen Master of Love from my paradise home am delighted to observe your sweet glow.
  • Packing List  DATE: _______________  TOFROMSHIP DATE: ___________________________________________________________________SHIP VIA: _____________________________________________________________________F.O.B. SHIPPING POINT: ________________________________________________________ACCOUNT NO.: ________________________________________________________________ORDER NO.: ___________________________________________________________________DEPARTMENT: ________________ TERMS - NO ANTICIPATION QUANTITYORDEREDQUANTITYSHIPPEDPRODUCTNUMBERDESCRIPTIONUNITWEIGHTTOTALWEIGHTTOTALCUBICFT.                                                                                                                         TOTALS TOTALS   COMMENTS         
  •    This Contract for Sale of Goods is made this __ day of _______, 20__ by and between _________, a [STATE OF ORGANIZATION OR RESIDENCE] [CORPORATION/PARTNERSHIP/SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP/RESIDENT], with its principal place of business at [COMPLETE ADDRESS], (“Seller”) and ___________, a [STATE OF ORGANIZATION OR RESIDENCE] [CORPORATION/PARTNERSHIP/SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP/RESIDENT], with its principal place of business at [ [COMPLETE ADDRESS] (“Buyer”) for the purchase of the goods described below: Qty.Item #DescriptionPriceTotal           
  • Previous    Next #21163 Billiard Table      Executive size deluxe billiard set includes felt covered table, two 36" cue sticks, plastic triangle ball frame, brush, 16 heavyweight poly billiard balls and 2 chalks. 36" x 20" x 8" high. Available: YES Retail Price:    $199.95 each
  • #13057 Fun And Play Water Fountain      What's more refreshing than a cool drink on a hot day? Beautiful bronze-look fountain shows two children at innocent play in the garden. Weathered finish adds instant antique appeal! Outdoor use only. 120 volts/ 60 HZ electric pump. Weight 30 lbs. Polyresin. Submersible pump included. UL Recognized. May Require Additional Freight Charge. 19 5/8" x 14 3/8" x 26 1/8" high. Available: YES Retail Price:    $249.95 each
  • Previous    Next #21943 Luxurious Luggage Set      A distinctive and versatile luggage set boasting the flexible strength that only fine Jute tweed can provide. Includes 2 Pullmans (Larger: 28" x 8 1/2" x 23"), Duffel Bag (21 1/2" x 12" x 11"), Carry-On (31" x 8" x 16" high) and Garment Bag (44" x 23" x 3"). Vinyl trim. May require additional freight charge. Set of 5 Available: YES Retail Price:    $199.95 each
  • #37161 Guardian Angel Glass Tabletop      Bless your home with this beautiful table! In her rose-toned robes and flowing ribbons, a golden-haired angel adds seraphic grace to a classical column base. Clear tempered glass top included. Polyresin base. May require additional shipping. 19" diameter x 28 3/4" high. Available: YES Retail Price:    $179.95 each
  • Previous    Next #39016 Woodstock Kid's Guitar      Give your budding musician a head start to learning with his or her very own guitar! Sized just right for little hands, this scaled-down replica plays and sounds just like the grown-up's instruments. Perfect for hours of fun play-along with a parent or older sibling! All wood construction. Ages 6 and up. 7 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 23" long. /! WARNING:CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrsAvailable: YES Retail Price:    $29.95 each
  • Previous    Next #39029 Spiritual Inspirations Tapestry Throw - Lord Is My Shepherd      Wrap yourself in the comfort of faith! Ablaze with rich color and intricate weavework, this tapestry throw illustrates the opening of the Lord's prayer, showing Jesus in repose, gently cradling a lamb. Tightly woven for lasting beauty and durability, this beautiful blanket is yours to treasure for years! Polyester/Acrylic fabric. Hand wash; line dry. 50" x 60". Available: YES Retail Price:    $49.95 each
  • #28396 Buck Clock      A magnificent buck rears his head over golden plains on this stunning wall clock. Wood. Uses 1 AA battery (not included). 21" x 15 1/8" x 1/3" thick. Available: YES Retail Price:    $49.95 each
  • #28206 "Love" Rose      The sentiment of “Love” is expressed in the glass beauty of a red rosebud in a gold-accented vase. 2 3/4" diameter pink mirror base. 2 3/4" x 8 3/4" high. Available: YES Retail Price:    $14.95 each
  • #12841 Wishing Well Solar Water Fountain      Grace your garden with rustic romance and the music of flowing water! Elegant faux cobblestone fountain features the convenience of two power options: Solar panels for cord-free enjoyment, or an optional electrical plug for shady locations or overcast days. Weight 17 lbs. Polyresin, stonepowder, and sand. Solar panel, pump, electrical adapter included. May Require Additional Freight Charge. Some Assembly Required. UL Recognized. 15 3/8" x 15 3/8" x 25" high. Available: YES Retail Price:    $259.95 each
  • The single-slide-presentation in-text citation i

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