Claws Hoofs


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Claws Hoofs

  1. 1. CLAW/HooF H C un s2 3 - 2 6 . T h e str u ctu r e o f th e h o o f w al l and of the underl yi ng l ami nar dermi s. 1 , p e r io p lic d e r m is; 2 , co r o n a r y d e r mi s; 3, horn tubul es grow i ng from e^pi thel i um over papi l l ae (3') of the coronary d e r mis ( e n la r g e d in le ft in se t) ; i, str a tum medi um of w al l consi sti ng of horn tubul es embedded i n l ess stru c tured i n t e rtu b u la r h o r n ; 5 , d e r m a l la m in a e th at i nterdi gi tate w i th the horny l ami nae of the hoof w al l (see al so i nsets to the r i g h t) ;6 , p e r io p le ;6 ' , str a tu m e xte r n u m of w al l (dri ed peri opl e) /6 7 rJ 23-27.A, Transverse L L I u u u t the digit at the level of PIII, proximalsurface.,B, Ground surfaceof the hoof lnrcunn L r t l . llr G Ux E a, ll4llbvcls9 sectionof L u s u r El L d L tr r e r u Yu r ls Ptv^ I4 q r ;Schematic. i t,2,3, Stratumexternum,medium, and internum; 3', white line, slightlynarroter than 3; 4, wall; 5, primary hornyj ilaminae;6, primary dermal laminae; 7, interdigitatingsecondarylaminae; 8, horn tubules; 9, Iaminar dermis; 10,1 lpigmented horn produced by terminal papillae; 11, sole; 11', angles of sole; 12, frog;13, paracuneal groove; 14, heel;l 15, bulb of heel.
  2. 2. CLRIiIHCCF ncunr 38-1. Axial and ground surfaces of the hoof. 1, A xi al surface of w al l ;2, dorsal border of w al l ; 3, abaxi al surface of w al l ;4, sol e;5, di gi tal pad (bul b) of hoof. plcunr 32-13. Dermis over which the horny hoof is pro_ d u ce d . .4 , B, C, Ab a xia l, a xia l, and ground'surface. D , Dorsal surface of dermis and hoof, 1 , Pe r io p lic d e r m is; 2 , co r o n ary dermi s; 3, l ami nar d e r m is; 3 ' , te r m in a l p a p illa e a t the di stal ends of the la m in a e ; 4 , so le d e r r n is;5 , d e r m is of the bul b; 6, peri opl e; 7 , wa ll o f h o o f. /- , irl
  3. 3. CLAW/HOOF F lcu RE 1 6 - 8 . .4, Transecti on of dog's cl aw . B , C orrect tr im m in g o f dog's cl aw s. C , A xi al secti on of the di si t of th e d o g . 1 , Un g u icul ar processof di stal phal anx; 2, w al l of cl aw ; 3 , la m in a r d e rmi s; 4, crumbl y sol e of cl aw ; 5, dorsal el asti c lig a m e n t; 6 , mi ddte phal anx; 7, deep di gi tal fl exor tendon; 8 , d ista l se samoi dbone; 9, di gi tal pad; 10, sw eat gl ands. FrcuRE 32-11. Sagittal section of the medial dieir of the forefoot. 1, Proper (medial) digital extensor; 2, common digital iFtcuRE 21-25. Ground surface of the hoof. The insetr extensor; 3, coronary dermi s; 4, l ami nar dermi s ; 5, mi ddl e l s h o w s t h e d ir e ctio n o f h o o f n a ils sta r te d a t th e whi te l i ne. ghal a1x,6, di stal phal anx: 7, sol e dermi s cove red by s ol e: 8, di gi tal cushi on;9, deep di gi tal fl exor; 9', fi b ers oi deep 1 , W a l l ; 1 ' , u n p ig m e n te d p a r t o f wa ll; i", heel ; 1"', digital flexor to the middle phalanx and navicular bone; l b a r ; 2 , w h i te lin e ( u n io n o f wa ll a n d so le ) ; 3 , so l e; 4, frog;; 10, navicular bone; 11, collateral navicular ligament; 12, j 5 , b u l b s o f th e h e e ls; 6 , p a r a cu n e a lg r o o ve . i palmar ligaments of pastern joint; 13, superficial digitat nexor.
  4. 4. CLAW/VTOOF p l c ;u n nl0 - [6 . Sch e r n a ticr e p r e se o ta tio nof nai l , cl aw , and hoof. ;l -C , l ..ongi tucJi nar secrrol , pal mar surface ancl h eac j -orr v i e w o f h ttn la n fin q cr tiP. D, E, L o n g itucl i nalsecti on and pal mar surfacc oi cani ne cl aw . Ii b, I-ongi tudi nal secr ronand s r o un d su r fa cc o f e clu in eh o o f. 1 , Na il ( r .va ll) ;2 , "sr > leh o r n " o f n a il; 3, bul b of fi nger; 4, w al l of cl arv; 5. ..sol c ot cl arv; 6. cl i gi tal pacl ; 7, w al l of h o o l; 8 . so lc o l h o o f; 9 , fr o g . ( Ba se d o n E l l enberger and B aurn, 1943.) I -l: iI ite I fr A FlGUii f C*1. .{ Mi.irrgittirl sectior) thlor-rghthc cltrw of'the dog: a, str:lturn co,ne.,ln of the epicleLmisof the cla*; Ja,, stratln cor.nellln o1 the epiclenrrisof the sole; lr,b', cleep, norrcorniffed- epidermal l:ryersol the dolsurn zurcl sole of' I tlie chw; c, corirrrr (papillatecli:r the alc'a of tlie sole); cl, clLLrv lbld; dl', lirniting funow sep:rrltiltg the sole {iorn the straturn gralulosunr trnd luciduur; g, tubular, i dieiti l pnd; e. skin rvith liiir ancl glancis;1, epiclentrisof the digital-paclwith elirds'in the cligitirl pad: li, articular cartilage ol tlre tlrird phirlanx; i, meniscus; k, Sharpey's fibers frorn a tenclor.r irsertion; l, ungrial cf;st; r'lr, lirt cnshion rvithin the digitrl prrcl;n, lirmellar corpuscle. (Fr:om TrautrnernnA, Fiebiger J: lFllcl,rrlentirls of the Histolcrgyo{ l)ornestic Anirnirls. Copyright 1952 by Comell Uuiversitv. Reprinted by pennission of rvith the cl:w growing back into the pad. C, Onychornalacia with tl-recl:rwsl lCor.nell Ulrversity Press.)D.-Onyclrocrlptosis
  5. 5. CrAeiHccF '-:,- ?+ =<:1,i ,ill ' 1,1 Frcu,RE23-28. Ground surfaceof the hoof. Half ',:; rjlllll of the I ^ "'' hoof has beenremoved expose dermis. ro the .'aliii; l 3r,:,r.+...t{.. 1, Position navicular of bone;2, position the insertion FrcuRE 23-29. Dermis exposed by removal of l of the hoof :l_t:, j.:,o",lexortendon:, t"iri""i' ; ''- - - ' p";;ii;".'i;,ft., Sc hm elt z 1Qt t I rqrrrrqv n r r L r 1.,Perioplic dermis;1,, widened perioplic - - . . . '| 4 . . . |'L L 'I , dermisat rhei bulb of.the heels; coronary 2, dermis;3, L;;;;-l;'l'' l ( 4,.terminalpapiffae tn-tfre'"nos the a".rul lu;ninu"lti;i of rqrr,rrau, i J, cll:edceof skin; 6, ergot. :)'N ),,,'l lf 1 ', ii,,u,um liii' :irli. :'i:t:.' lii FrcuRE32-12. Groundsurface the hoofsof the of forefoot. ntcunr 32-14. Dorsal and lateral views of the hoofs of a .3lf: Tl: whit e t ine; 3. . s ole; bulb; 4, , 4, dorsaparr l i:ylorn quickly overgrowth, sortnoin ", ,ir. g..rrO surlace of of bulbl 5,2, "1 .Y"1 ] ' abaxiaj driesafterbirth. groove,olvldrng wall from bujb.