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Critique Prewrite & Outline
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Critique Prewrite & Outline

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  • 1. CRITIQUE Prewrite & Outline
  • 2. Choose a topic
    • Choose a topic for your critique.
      • It should be something you truly love or greatly dislike.
  • 3. Prepare
    • Take out five sheets of paper and a black/blue pen.
    • Place a heading on two of the sheets.
    • Title one of them as “Critique Prewrite: <love/dislike-topic>”
    • Title the other as “Critique Outline: <love/dislike-topic>”
  • 4. Create Prewrite
    • Create a Word Web in the following order – from the inner circle to the outer.
      • Topic (ex. “Love: PS3”)
      • Aspect (ex. “games”)
      • Fact (ex. “Black Ops”)
      • Explanation of Fact (ex. “Zombies”)
      • Connection to Aspect (ex. “Zombies make games fun”)
  • 5. Create Outline
    • Create an outline with the following:
      • An Introduction
      • 5 Aspects
      • A conclusion
      • (7 parts all together)
      • Write in Complete Sentences
  • 6. Introduction
    • Write down 1/2 a page of how you came to love/dislike your topic.
    • Write a thesis about how your topic is great/horrible based on those 5 aspects. (opinion)
  • 7. Body
    • Choose 5 aspects that you truly dislike/love about your topic.
    • Choose a fact about each aspect that makes it great/horrible.
    • Explain what about that fact makes it great/horrible.
    • Explain the connection between the fact and the aspect.
  • 8. Conclusion
    • Write a thesis stating that your topic is great/horrible because of those aspects. (fact)
    • Write 1/2 a page on what you hope will change or not change with you topic.
  • 9. What now…
    • Your Critique Prewrite is you Exit Ticket.
    • Choose your best 3 of the 5 aspects.
    • Write a 5 paragraph essay as your rough draft that covers each part.
    • Bring your rough draft next time.
    • Prewrite & Outline will be collected next time.