How to write a Fable


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How to write a Fable

  1. 1. How to write fable. A step by step guide
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  3. 3. How to plan your fable?Lion and the mouse or Ant and the dove Problem Event Big animal A big animal with a helps little problem. animal. Ending Little animal Start helps big A little animal. animal with a problem.
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  6. 6. How to plan your fable?The boy who cries wolf Problem Event Something Gets bored really does calls for happen. help! Ending Something Start terrible A little boy happens. with a problem.
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  8. 8. Heres one I made earlier!• Opening• Under the blue glistening sea, Nemo the fish was swimming happily along on his way to school. Suddenly, he was swimming but not moving anywhere. He had been caught up in the fisher boats net.
  9. 9. Event• Even more terrifying, coming towards him was Olli the Octopus. His scales were shaking like a wobbly jelly. But to his surprise Olli untied the net and set him free. Nemo thanked him over and over again and promised that one day he would return the favour. Olli laughed and swam off to eat his dinner.
  10. 10. Problem• On his way home from school, Nemo could here someone calling for help. When he went to see what was happen, he noticed Olli was all in a knot. The naughty puffer fish had raced around him so much. He had tied himself in a knot.
  11. 11. Ending• Nemo felt so sorry for Olli, especially as he had helped him on the way to school that morning. Nemo couldn’t think of what to do to help! Then he had an idea, he tickled Olli until he untied himself. Olli was ever so grateful!
  12. 12. Here’s another one!• A little girl was playing in the street, she was extremely bored. All of her friends had gone on holidays. She thought, how can I do something fun.
  13. 13. Event• The little girl decided to phone the fire brigade and tell them there was a fire in her street. She thought it would be fun to see them running around. The fire engines arrived. The fire officer was very angry to see that the little girl had called them out, when they were not needed. The following week the little girl had no friends to play with, so she rang the fire brigade again. This time the fire officer was extremely angry.
  14. 14. Problem• The following day, the little girl was bored again. So she thought it would be a good idea to play with matches in her house. She dropped the lit match on the floor and her carpet set fire. The living room was filling up with smoke. She ran outside and phoned the fire brigade.
  15. 15. Ending• The fire brigade thought the little girl was lying again and did not want to waste any more of their time being tricked by her. So unfortunately the little girl’s house burned down. Her dad was not very pleased.