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Imagine (behind the song)
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Imagine (behind the song)


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  • 1. Imagine (behind the song) by Elvis José AlvesJohn Lennon’s famous song, Imagine (1971).
  • 2. SCENE 1. AIRPORT. INS/DAYAn airport check-in line, year 1970, John Lennon is waitingin queue, simply dressed, long hair and long beard, around30 years old. A young man, also simply dressed approaches. YOUNG MAN Hey John Lennon. I’m a huge fan, can you give me your autograph?The young man gives him a pen and a piece of paper. JOHN (taking the pen and the paper) Sure! YOUNG MAN (while John autographs the paper) So John, let me ask you something: do you smoke pot? JOHN No, I’m a nice guy. I want to go to Heaven and stuff... YOUNG MAN Imagine there’s no Heaven. JOHN I don’t know if I can do this... YOUNG MAN It’s easy if you try. JOHN It will send me to Hell! YOUNG MAN No Hell below us. JOHN But Heaven is up above, right? YOUNG MAN (shaking his head negatively) Above us only sky. JOHN People would be crazy!
  • 3. 2. YOUNG MANImagine all the people... JOHNGoing crazy? YOUNG MAN (shaking his head negatively) for today! JOHNI have to pass the frontier rightnow, so... YOUNG MANImagine there’s no countries. JOHNOh, not again... YOUNG MANIt isn’t hard to do. JOHNBut that would make the wars juststupid. YOUNG MANNothing to kill or die for. JOHNYeah, as if the Church would letit... YOUNG MANAnd no religion too. JOHNPeople would get lost... YOUNG MANImagine all the people. JOHNGetting lost? YOUNG MAN (shaking his head negatively) life in peace! JOHNAny Priest would say yourpossessed, bro’...
  • 4. 3. YOUNG MANImagine no possessions. JOHNThat I can do! YOUNG MANI wonder if you can. JOHNI just said that I do! YOUNG MANNo need for greed or hunger. JOHNOk, that’s just not making senseanymore. YOUNG MANA brotherhood of man. JOHN (laughing)That sounds like a gay club. YOUNG MANImagine all the people... JOHNIn a gay club? YOUNG MAN (shaking his head negatively)...sharing all the world! JOHNYou’re a kind of a dreamer. YOUNG MANYou may say I’m a dreamer. JOHNI just said that... YOUNG MANBut I’m not the only one. JOHN (looking around)I really hope you are...
  • 5. 4. YOUNG MAN I hope someday, you’ll join us... JOHN To make the world be as one? YOUNG MAN No dude, so we can get wasted together!The queue walks and John just pass the frontier, leaving theyoung man without an answer.SCENE 2. RECORDING STUDIO. INS/DAYRecording Studio, year 1971, John Lennon is sitting with aguitar on his lap, simply dressed as always, long hair andlong beard, around 31 years old. Phil Spector is in front ofhim, with a mixing table on his side. PHIL John we need a great hit for this album! Please tell me you have something great for me? JOHN (thinks for a while) Yes, I have something. And I really think you’re gonna like it... PHIL Play it and we’ll see...John starts playing Imagine. The screen gets darker and thesound slowly fade away until it all disappear. THE END.