Authentic File Gateway


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Authentic File Gateway

  1. 1. EAIESB Software Solutions eaiesb Software solutions
  2. 2. EAIESB Expertise in Oracle Fusion Stack B2B BPM AIA Fusion SOA ADF
  3. 3. Oracle Fusion Books from EAIESB
  4. 4. EAIESB Products eAFG eErrorHandler Fusion eScheduler eFileTransfer
  5. 5. eaiesb Products eaiesb Authentic File Gateway
  6. 6. EAIESB Authentic File Gateway (eAFG) - AnalysisPatterns (Client(s) Requirements)• Exchange of messages with TPA with out any modifications• Exchange of messages (EDI) with TPA depending on destination Operating systems• Exchange of message on Demand (Business is going to schedule/trigger interface to transfer file)• Exchange of messages with TPA with encryption / Decryption• Exchange of messages with Banks with encryption /Decryption• Exchange of huge payloads with TPA• Exchange of EDI messages with B2B servers.• Exchange of messages with Multiple Partners (O2M)• Exchange of messages with HealthCare systems
  7. 7. EAIESB Authentic File Gateway (eAFG)Features• Supports Multiple Transport Protocols (FTP, SFTP, FTPS, B2B, JMS and Health Care)• Easy Trading Partner on boarding wizards• Flexible Management & Monitoring capabilities• Real Time & Batch Processing of data• Easy schedules• Huge Payload Processing• PGP Encryption & PGP Decryption• Resubmit/Reprocessing Capabilities• Enhancing eAFG with Transformation Services (X12, OAGIS, RosettaNet, HL7 and HIPAA)
  8. 8. eaiesb Products eaiesb Scheduler
  9. 9. eaiesb Products eScheduler Scheduled 3 Jobs Job 1 : Runs Project X for every 2 Minutes starting from 10 AM to 11 PM Job 2 : Runs Project Y for every 3 Minutes starting from 10 AM to 11 PM Job 3 : Runs Project Z for every 4 Minutes starting from 10 AM to 11 PM
  10. 10. eaiesb Products eaiesb Error Handler
  11. 11. EAIESB eError Handler1) eError Handler application provides option to handle errors and route as per the configuration 1) SOA Errors 2) BPM Errors 3) ADF Errors2) eError Handler developed using oracle Fusion stack3) eError Handler WebApp developed using Oracle Fusion ADF4) Configure your application, project and possible error and mechanism to handle errors5) Email Notifications / Tasks will be created to the users as per the configuration6) Tasks will be escalated to higher level management as per the configuration
  12. 12. EAIESBNEWS • EAIESB poster in Oracle SOA Community • ons_poster • notations-poster-from-eaiesb/ • EAIESB Poster in Oracle SOA Partner Community Newsletter, May 2012
  13. 13. EAIESB Authentic File Gateway (eAFG) Looking Forward to provide consulting services in• Oracle Fusion SOA• Oracle Fusion BPM• Oracle Fusion Health Care (SOA)• Oracle Fusion AIA• Migrating Java CAPS/SeeBeyond to Oracle Fusion
  14. 14. EAIESB Authentic File Gateway (eAFG) •