Estoril Echo 2 : EAHIL2010 Newsletter


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Estoril Echo 2 : EAHIL2010 Newsletter

  1. 1. Estoril Echo 2 EAHIL Council Meeting First Timers´ Reception Over thirty EAHIL Council Although 93 people, members gathered together registered as First Timers, at the Estoril Conference only 50 turned up for the Centre on Tuesday at 14.00 occasion and those who did with Arne Jakobsson, Past not come missed a very President, well assisted by interesting evening in Marshall Dozier as Cascais, a small fishing facilitators. After the normal town along the coast from business matters, the main point on the agenda was Estoril. First of all we visited the Santa Marta fort and how can EAHIL support new members’ participation and lighthouse and the museum. The fort dates from 1650 how members can support EAHIL in achieving this. The while the lighthouse started operation in 1868. In brainstorming of this issue was facilitated by the 1981 the lighthouse was automated thus dispensing of splitting into four groups, each one with the objective the need for keepers. We then walked over to the of coming up with one major idea. Some of these Santa Maria House, beautifully situated at the were: entrance of the Cascais bay, designed by Raul Lino, attract young members by granting them the famous architect who believed in the return to financial assistance, such as student traditional Portuguese styles. Combined with a registration fees; cocktail of fruit, wine and a variety of hors d’oeuvres periodically have online conferences – we were permitted to see this beautiful treasure. The however, this was countered by the argument house was built in three phases; 1902, 1914, 1918 and that personal contact was one of the most is covered in 17th and important aspects of attending conferences; 18th century tiles, with conference costs could be reduced by putting a magnificent wooden out to tender hotel accommodation and oil painted ceiling reduced registration (reduced fees for group attributed to Antonio registrations). Booking accommodation de Oliveira Bernardes. through EAHIL conferences should never be These tiles were taken more expensive than booking directly which from an old convent in is often the case; Lisbon and depict the theme of the struggle between virtue and vice. workshops between conferences should really be small, focussed, unexpensive events; These First-Timers’ evenings have as their aim to participation to conferences and EAHIL welcome and introduce newcomers to EAHIL as well membership should be professionally as a unique chance to make friends at the beginning rewarding through an accreditation system of the conferences/workshops. This evening certainly which our President Suzanne Bakker realised these objectives and a very pleasant and appropriately named “ EAHIL miles”. memorable time was had by all attendees. The meeting was concluded on an optimistic note after three hours, spent over nice coffee and cookies. Ioana Robu Suzanne Bakker and Flatiel Vilanculos with a Turkish Delight picture of architect Raul As a forerunner to the EAHIL Workshop in Turkey Lanco in the background in 2011, all participants are invited to visit the Turkish delegation at their stand. Gussun Gunes, Huriye Golaklar; Didar Bayir, Tyba Akbaytork and Ayla Gunel are looking forward to meeting you.
  2. 2. Estoril Echo 2 Opening Ceremony Conference Catering Over 300 participants Everyone appreciated attended the Opening the excellent lunch ceremony in the served on the first Estoril Congress floor cafeteria, with an Centre. After opening extensive seating area. speeches from the It was a sumptuous Chair of the LOC, buffet and vegetarians Margarida Miera and were well catered for the Chair of the being offered a separate menu. Scientific Programme, Isobel Andrade and the EAHIL President, Suzanne Bakker, Alexandre Quintanilha took the floor. Alexandre currently chairs the Council of Associated Laboratories of the Ministry of Science in Portugal. He has an impressive portfolio of scientific Welcome Reception, Hotel Palacio, Estoril publications and always has been involved in This took place in science policy. His keynote speech on the Evolution of the palatial settings Knowledge and its Impact on Bioethics was inspirational in of the Hotel Palacio. its currency and relevance to current issues to which They even had laid everyone could relate. Many people commented that down a red carpet it was one of the best Opening speeches at any for us! This was an EAHIL conference and this was reflected in the ideal time for social appreciative ovation he received from the delegates. networking with friends, colleagues and new acquaintances. The Estoril Congress Centre is very well equipped to handle an EAHIL conference, offering spacious The buffet was enjoyed accommodation for the exhibitors’ area (ground by all who attended, floor), poster display on the first floor as well as accompanied by a local providing an excellent forum for networking and brass band who played a social interaction. medley of familiar tunes. Even visiting the toilets Participants will have benefited from the fact that the was an experience in exhibition area was open from registration enabling a lavishness and luxury of longer period in which to meet the exhibitors. bygone times. However, though no numbers have been allocated to the stand, it is hoped that everyone will us the As in previous EAHIL meetings the Editorial opportunity to meet the representatives from these well-known companies who support EAHIL. Don’t team will be delighted to meet participants forget that there are free promotional gifts, many of and listen to their comments and viewpoints which are very useful. regarding the conference.
  3. 3. Estoril Echo 2 CEC Reports Marion and Hans really outdid themselves this time. They held, or should we say “performed”, a highly A search strategy for systematic reviews Mala Mann interesting and intensive course. The very important Whatever your background in evidence searching you and complex world of EBM searching strategies and would have enjoyed her presentation and shared her techniques was given in a most attractive and direct enthusiasm that transforms medical librarians into way, making this highly complex subject really helpful partners of physicians. You would have understandable and applicable. They should be discovered a great Medline searching interface, work complimented for their well worked out course on improving search strategies, learnt how to balance scenario, for their artistic skills (they even performed search sensitivity and specificity, or simply shared tips for us and we performed for them) all in order to and EBM teaching experiences fully illustrate and present the real-life situations we Francoise Paslan might face daily in our libraries. All course Navigating the evidence base: planning and delivering effective participants agreed that such a course would be more library services Andrew Booth than welcome on a future occasion. Andrew Booth is the editor of the only book in Evidence-based Librarianship (EBL) and has published a lot of articles on the subject. Andrew had a very practical approach to the course; he offered group work and went through the process of how to use evidence in our library according to evidence based librarianship. Emerging technologies and tools Guus van den Brekel Guus pulled off another excellent hands-on seminar, provided a visual wealth of interesting and useful How to design and start a library liaison program Internet sites and his use of multimedia to inform Blair Anton participants captured our attention. No-one was 10 people (far too small!) attended a very enthusiastic sleeping here! And I’m sure everyone will be taking workshop. She gave us an insight into how librarians home some inspiring ideas to try out can go into clinical departments and make the work of clinicians easier while at the same time demonstrate BioMedical web nuggets Friedhelm Rump that as librarians they have their own skills and Friedhelm Rump’s curse on “Biomedical web expertise. Finally, Blair stated that you should “keep nuggets” presented a clear overview on Internet always being a librarian”. Welch Medical Library search engines and special tools freely available on the recently decided to focus on liaison librarians for Internet. The hands-on approach allowed participants answering user needs instead of collections. Most to try searches in their own subject areas. books will be discarded. I am very curious about these developments. Maybe a theme for a next EAHIL conference workshop? First Timer comments Fons van den Eeckhout, The Netherlands Eva Alopaeus recommended us to come here as it’s easy to make contacts, important to follow new trends, opportunity to meet health librarians, I think it would be good if the material presented at collaborate and network. the CE courses could be made available for those Thomas Frantzen, Yommine, Maud, Frida, who did not have the opportunity to participate. Sahlgrenska University Hospital Library PICO workshop Hans Ket and Marion Heijmans Flatiel Vilanculos
  4. 4. Estoril Echo 2 Exhibitor Comments EBSCO Claire Honeybourne & Annalisa Science AAAS – Christina Schlecht & Kiki Mamberti Forsythe EBSCO have a great record of supporting EAHIL First time exhibitors at EAHIL. One of the reasons events. The position of the exhibition and location of for coming to EAHIL is to promote a new Journal their display has seen a heavy traffic flow to the Science Translational Medicine. This is an emerging EBSCO stand. As well as reinforcing existing branch of medicine that embraces research and publications and services they are keen to promote clinical trials with particular reference to cancer, new products such diabetes, nanotechnology, genetics and immunology. as “DynaMed”. A Librarians are seen to be in touch with clinicians, slight downside to researchers and other personnel in this inter- the first day was the disciplinary subject area. A number of people from timing of their many countries have taken up the special offer on the Presentations which journal. coincided with other sessions, and Special Federated Search Offer from WebLib sadly no-one turned for EAHIL Conference Participants up. Claire and Leave your visiting card at WebLib’s booth and Annalisa are looking forward to meeting more win a federated search engine. The winner of the delegates at their stand. draw will get her/his federated search for FREE the first year (2400 EUR value). You do not need Proquest – Jody Burton & Claudia Reyland to order to win!! Traffic has been lighter at our stand Van de Bilt Publishers’ Agents and long lulls Theo and Janet van de Bilt are freelance agents who between visits, work on behalf of a number of publishers. They hope unlike previous to raise their profile amongst healthcare librarians, years. Presentations who they see as a target market, particularly in the had not been area of electronic medical publications. They have advertised well and been pleased to see existing customers and meet it should be made potential new clients. They stated that some very part of the programme. good deals have been initiated through EAHIL and how worthwhile it is coming to be an exhibitor. Thieme – Uwe Stehle So far it is going very OUP – Tracy well – both new and James existing clients with OUP has been lots of queries. The represented at downside was no one previous EAHIL attended Thieme’s events and see the presentation – the conference as a timing in the big important programme conflicted market activity. with parallel sessions EAHIL is still very worthwhile Tracy said how beneficial it has been to have the supporting as you get to meet Healthcare librarians exhibition open from the start of the Conference. and people from all over Europe and indeed worldwide..
  5. 5. Estoril Echo 2 Public Health Information Group A Flying Start! EAHIL Public Health Information Group will have Yesterday morning EAHIL 12 was launched with the an informal Dinner gathering at the Restaurant Costa warmest of good wishes from the Chair of the Local Da Estoril, Ave Amaral (opposite the entrance to the Organising Committee, a senior official from the Conference Centre) on Thursday 18 June 2010 Gulbenkian Foundation (among our generous starting at 7.30 pm sponsors), and the Mayor of Estoril. We then heard an inspirational opening address from Alexandre The Business meeting of the EAHIL Public Health Quintanilha. If the role of a university professor is to Information Group to be held on Friday 19 June make his audience think, then he certainly 2010 at 10.45 -12.15 in the Auditorium Conference accomplished that. Expounding on the theme of The Centre. evolution of knowledge and its impact on bioethics, he cited Paivi Pekkarinen and Sue Thomas fascinating quotes from great thinkers and scientists over the last five hundred years. He explained that Mafra Palace-convent Library Tour without curiosity and imagination there is no The Library visit to the Mafra Palace convent takes knowledge. Curiosity influences/ determines the place this afternoon (Thursday 17 June 2010). The questions we ask; imagination influences/ library is housed in a beautiful Baroque Building, and determines how we attempt to answer those contains over 35,000 leather-bound volumes dating questions. With clear uncluttered slides and not a note from the 14th-19th century. in sight he highlighted the changes of the last 40 years underlining the paradigm shifts in the 1980’s that The coach will leave from the Conference Centre at have moved us from certainties to uncertainties. 2.30pm. The return journey will depart at 6pm from the Mafra Palace. Putting these in the context of healthcare he spoke of the role of health librarians in providing information/evidence to help us all struggling with Guess who braved the sea in Estoril? dilemmas. Librarians everywhere have a role in helping citizens to be free, responsible and autonomous. Quoting Richard Rorty (2009) he summed up his themes. Take care of freedom and truth will take care of itself. What a gripping opening address! As we go back to our daily work it will stay with us and inspire for years to come. Shane Godbolt, UK & Donna Flake, USA Are you concise? What is your opinion of the Estoril A small prize for identifying this EAHIL Conference? delegate. Answers to the Estoril Echo team by Sum it up in one sentence and the there will Friday midday. be a prize for the best answer!! Answers by midday to the Estoril Echo team! A really nice restaurant, already tested, Office behind the Information desk in the is the Reijos in Cascais. Rua Frederico foyer of the Congress Centre. Arouca 35. Tel: 21/4830311 Tuulevi Ovaska
  6. 6. Estoril Echo 2 Comments from the 1st Timers Flatiel Vilanculos, Mozambique, Lorraine Toews, Canada, Secretary- General Lorraine is working in a veterinary library in Calgary, of AHILA Canada. She heard about the EAHIL conference from colleagues in Canada and the USA and decided Flatiel came to to find out more the Association. Lorraine will be Portugal with two presenting a paper during the conference. main goals: Ann de Meulemeester, Belgium to ensure access to Portuguese language Ann is a Bio-medical Librarian who learnt about information resources; EAHIL from colleagues and decided to attend the to establish a partnership between the AHILA CEC and Conference. The course Emerging Technologies and EAHIL by tapping into the EAHIL and Tools by Guus Van den Brekel and Mala Mann’s experience regarding funding and association course Systematic Reviews were very useful for her. management. Mien Chew Chin, Singapore He is very happy to be here because he can learn a lot Chin hopes to meet a lot of medical librarians at the from our European colleagues that can be adapted to Conference. She works for the Ministry of Health in the mutual benefit of both associations. Singapore. Chin attended the PICO workshop which Claudia Leuker, Reference Centre for Ethics in was very good and the Writing for Scientific Publications the Life Sciences, Bonn, Germany which she really enjoyed. Both workshops met her Claudia attended this conference for the first time due expectations. to an EU grant regarding biomedical ethics. She is hoping other colleagues will e able to benefit from What was being said? other EU grants in the future. The Editorial team will award a prize for the Herminia Arrazola, Oviedo, Spain most amusing caption She was delighted to renew her attendance at an for this photo of EAHIL conference after a ten year break. Although Aileen and Christer an EAHIL member since 1992, financial constraints Lagvik from Sweden have hindered her attendance in the last decade. Linda Thorn & Karin Elinor Bastin, UK Bystrom, Sweden Eli comes from the Oxford Healthcare Library and Linda is a Biomedical was encouraged to come by other EAHIL members. librarian working in the Although a first timer, she is giving a presentation and Uppsala University while has submitted two posters. Karin works as a Medical Librarian in the hospital. Charlotte Van Der Valk, Netherlands Both decided to take the Charlotte enjoyed attending the PICO workshop. opportunity to come to Charlotte has taken on the role of Secretary for the EAHIL and found the Systematic Reviews workshop new Complementary and Alternative Specialist very good. When asked about their flight to Estoril Interest Group. The inaugural meeting of this group they stated that it was very bumpy on route and again will be on Thursday. on landing.