Group Work within Design and Technology

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  • 1. The Jolly Postman Design and Technology TaskCharlotte Cheesman Hayley Manger Sabina Miah Beth Perry
  • 2. Planning• We worked as a group to brainstorm our story box idea.• Once we had selected The Jolly Postman we decided to link all three tasks together with a common theme.• We looked through the book to get ideas for each of the tasks.
  • 3. Relevance• We used The Jolly Postman because we could instantly identify lots of different creative ways to incorporate DT.• The story follows the Postman as he visits many well- known fairy tale characters so we felt we had plenty of scope to use our imaginations!• All of the tasks that we carried out could be adapted for children to tackle with adult supervision.
  • 4. Story Box• As the story centres around letters sent to each of the fairy tale characters and includes actual envelopes within the book, we decided to make our box into an envelope by painting it.
  • 5. Story Box making things move• Our moving parts were selected as:The Postman’s BikeThe Cottage DoorThe Beanstalk
  • 6. Team Work
  • 7. Creativity
  • 8. Designing and MakingThe second part of our D&T was to design and make a piece ofclothing.For this we decided to link it in with the theme of the JollyPostman and make a Postmans bag.First we did a brainstorm design of what we wanted it to belike. Then we made it…
  • 9. Postman’s Bag The Final Product…
  • 10. Food Technology…And Finally...We had designed and madebiscuits adapting it to our StoryBox Theme.We made gingerbread letterbiscuits.
  • 11. Gingerbread Letters
  • 12. And Enjoy… By