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30 fastest growing-careers_for_2008_and_beyond
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30 fastest growing-careers_for_2008_and_beyond


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. 30 Fastest-Growing Careers for 2008 and BeyondInterested in getting a new job this year? Here is a list of the 30 fastest-growing careersaccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Network systems and data communications analysts2006 employment: 262,0002016 projection: 402,000Percent growth: 53.4Salary range: $46,360 or moreEducation/training: Bachelor’s degree2. Personal and home care aides2006 employment: 767,0002016 projection: 1,156,000Percent growth: 50.6Salary range: Less than $21,220Education/training: On-the-job training3. Home health aides2006 employment: 787,0002016 projection: 1,171,000Percent growth: 48.7Salary range: Less than $21,220Education/training: On-the-job training4. Computer software engineers, applications2006 employment: 507,0002016 projection: 733,000Percent growth: 44.6Salary range: $46,360 or moreEducation/training: Bachelor’s degree5. Veterinary technologists and technicians2006 employment: 71,0002016 projection: 100,000Percent growth: 41Salary range: $21,260 - $30,560Education/training: Associate degree6. Personal financial advisors2006 employment: 176,0002016 projection: 248,000Percent growth: 41
  • 2. Salary range: $46,360 or moreEducation/training: Bachelor’s degree7. Makeup artists, theatrical and performance2006 employment: 2,0002016 projection: 3,000Percent growth: 39.8Salary range: $30,630 - $46,300Education/training: Postsecondary vocational award8. Medical assistant2006 employment: 417,0002016 projection: 565,000Percent growth: 35.4Salary range: $21,260 - $30,560Education/training: Moderate on-the-job training9. Veterinarians2006 employment: 62,0002016 projection: 84,000Percent growth: 35Salary range: $46,360 or moreEducation/training: First professional degree10. Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors2006 employment: 83,0002016 projection: 112,000Percent growth: 34.3Salary range: $30,630 - $46,300Education/training: Bachelor’s degree11. Skin care specialists2006 employment: 38,0002016 projection: 51,000Percent growth: 34.3Salary range: $21,260 - $30,560Education/training: Postsecondary vocational award12. Financial analysts2006 employment: 221,0002016 projection: 295,000Percent growth: 33.8Salary range: $46,360 or moreEducation/training: Bachelor’s degree
  • 3. 13. Social and human service assistants2006 employment: 339,0002016 projection: 453,000Percent growth: 34.3Salary range: $21,260 - $30,560Education/training: Moderate on-the-job training14. Gaming surveillance officers and gaming investigators2006 employment: 9,0002016 projection: 12,000Percent growth: 33.6Salary range: $21,260 - $30,560Education/training: Moderate on-the-job training15. Physical therapist assistants2006 employment: 60,0002016 projection: 80,000Percent growth: 32.4Salary range: $30,630 - $46,300Education/training: Associate degree16. Pharmacy technicians2006 employment: 285,0002016 projection: 376,000Percent growth: 32Salary range: $21,260 - $30,560Education/training: Moderate on-the-job training17. Forensic science technicians2006 employment: 13,0002016 projection: 17,000Percent growth: 30.7Salary range: $30,630 - $46,300Education/training: Bachelor’s degree18. Dental hygienists2006 employment: 167,0002016 projection: 217,000Percent growth: 30.1Salary range: $46,360 or moreEducation/training: Associate degree19. Mental health counselors2006 employment: 100,0002016 projection: 130,000
  • 4. Percent growth: 30Salary range: $30,630 - $46,300Education/training: Master’s degree20. Mental health and substance abuse social workers2006 employment: 122,0002016 projection: 159,000Percent growth: 29.9Salary range: $30,630 - $46,300Education/training: Master’s degree21. Marriage and family therapists2006 employment: 25,0002016 projection: 32,000Percent growth: 29.8Salary range: $30,630 - $46,300Education/training: Master’s degree22. Dental assistants2006 employment: 280,0002016 projection: 362,000Percent growth: 29.2Salary range: $21,260 - $30,560Education/training: Moderate on-the-job training23. Computer systems analysts2006 employment: 504,0002016 projection: 650,000Percent growth: 29Salary range: $46,360 or moreEducation/training: Bachelor’s degree24. Database administrators2006 employment: 119,0002016 projection: 154,000Percent growth: 28.6Salary range: $46,360 or moreEducation/training: Bachelor’s degree25. Computer software engineers, systems software2006 employment: 350,0002016 projection: 449,000Percent growth: 28.2Salary range: $46,360 or moreEducation/training: Bachelor’s degree
  • 5. 26. Gaming and sports book writers and runners2006 employment: 18,0002016 projection: 24,000Percent growth: 28Salary range: Less than $21,220Education/training: On-the-job training27. Environmental science and protection technicians2006 employment: 36,0002016 projection: 47,000Percent growth: 28Salary range: $30,630 - $46,300Education/training: Associate degree28. Manicurists and pedicurists2006 employment: 78,0002016 projection: 100,000Percent growth: 27.6Salary range: Less than $21,220Education/training: Postsecondary vocational award29. Physical therapists2006 employment: 173,0002016 projection: 200,000Percent growth: 27.1Salary range: $46,360 or moreEducation/training: Master’s degree30. Physician assistants2006 employment: 66,0002016 projection: 83,000Percent growth: 27Salary range: $46,360 or moreEducation/training: Master’s degree