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Blogging for Business

  1. 1. Blogging for BusinessA Low Cost, High Return Marketing Tool Juanita McDowell President and Owner InMotion Real Estate Institute GAR Instructor of the Year 2010 and 2011
  2. 2. Course Objectives● Learn how to set up a blog● Learn about blog publishing tools● Learn how to use a blog for real estate leads● Learn how to use Wordtracker tool to discover niche subjects● Learn how to network and link yourself to others● Learn blogging tips● Learn how to make money from blogging
  3. 3. What is a blog?● web + log● Regular entries of commentary● Descriptions of events● Website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order.● Provides commentary or news on a particular subject● Evolved from personal online diaries
  4. 4. Anatomy of a Blog Title – the title or name of the blog Tagline – a brief description of what the blog is about Blogroll – a list of links to other blogs and websites; helps to share readers and increase the bloogs Google PageRank. Archives – links to past articles; stored based on the date published.Definitions adapted from: (22) Debow, Brant. Blog Terminology. Graphics - 2004, Emerging Blogs
  5. 5. A Typical Blog Combines● Text● Images● Links to other blogs or web pages.● Interactive format ○ Video (vlog) ○ Music (MP3 blog) ○ Audio (podcasting) ○ Photograph (photolog)
  6. 6. REALTOR Example
  7. 7. First Things First ● Determine Your Strategy and Goals ● Establish Your Niche ● Research and study first ● Wordtracker tool (free) ● Write…Write…Then Write some more
  8. 8. One REALTOR’s Strategy
  9. 9. Who Blogs?● Someone with something to say● Someone eager to disseminate info ○ Individuals ○ Corporations ○ Non-profits
  10. 10. Why Blog?● Communication ○ Branding ○ Marketing● Community Building ○ Conversations
  11. 11. When should you blog?● Frequently ○ Weekly ○ Daily● Regularly● When you have something to say…
  12. 12. Getting Started● Blogging publishing tool● Strategy and goals● A Niche● Content● Links
  13. 13. How can you blog?● Blog Publishing tool ○ Free ○ Fee ○ Software
  14. 14. Publishing Tools ● TypePad ● Blogger ● Blog Harbor ● WordpressThey all have their advantages but one of them is a clear winner -Wordpress. JGM
  15. 15. Using Blogger by● Easy and Quick● Good Place to Start Demonstration● Advantages● Disadvantages
  16. 16. Why Wordpress?● It’s FREE● Very powerful● Runs on a mySQL database quick● Hundreds of FREE themes to download● Hundreds of plug-ins ○ Extra functionality
  17. 17. Getting started is as easy as1-2-3● 1. Buy a domain name and hosting pkge ○ Hostgator● 2. Select the one click installation option● 3. Install your blog. Done!
  18. 18. Strategy and Goals● What do you hope to accomplish?● How to grow your audience? ○ Who will your subscribers be? ○ What will you offer them?● Exercise
  19. 19. A Niche● Geography● Occupation● Buyer type (first-timer, move-up, luxury, empty-nester)
  20. 20. Content is … ● … the foundation of everything ● … what will get you good quality traffic ● … KING Build it and they will come? NOT
  21. 21. Getting Links● Comment on other blogs in your niche● Use a service like Twitter to get into a conversation● Create Top Tens (linkable content)● ‘Skimmable’ Format ○ pictures ○ bullets● Networking
  22. 22. Blogging Essentials● Tracking mechanism● Participation in forums● Google Adsense● Affiliate Relationships● Advertisers● Register your blog
  23. 23. Tracking Mechanism● Tools to help you understand how people are finding your site and which key words are working. ○ Google Analytics ○ Site Meter● FREE
  24. 24. How to Find Forums● Google your niche● Add “forum”● Social Networking sites ○ Facebook ○ Twitter ○ Digg,Meet-up ○ MySpace ○ LinkedIn
  25. 25. Adsense● How it works● Easy to set up with Blogger● Plug-in for● Not all blog publishing tools allow● First set up Google account● Cut and paste Google code
  26. 26. Affiliates● Sprinkle recommendations in your entries● Hot links to your recommended sites via your affiliate link● You get paid when your visitor makes a purchase● You must track this
  27. 27. Advertisers● Legitimize your blog● Must haves first: ○ a large readership to attract ○ consistent entries ○ valuable content ○ subscribers● Now you have a money making blog
  28. 28. Register Your Blog● Blog Search Engine● Blog-specific directories Handout
  29. 29. 3 Tips to Writing a Good BlogPost● Create a great title (aka Headline)● KISS is back – Keep It Short and Simple● IEEE – Inform, Educate, Entertain, Empower Taken from SEO Blog -
  30. 30. What is an RSS Feed?● Real Simple Syndication● Makes a section of the website available for others to use● The RSS format contains elements for: ○ Link ○ Publishing Date ○ Category Taken from (31) Hamman, Robin. 3 Types of Blogs
  31. 31. How to add an RSS Feed1. Go to Blogger Dashboard2. Select Layout3. Click on “Add Page Element”4. Copy the RSS link URL5. Paste the RSS link URL6. Save Changes
  32. 32. Success StoriesForbes Web Celeb – TOP 51. Jessica Lee Rose - YouTube star2. Perez Hilton - Celebrity gossip blogger3. Markos Moulitsas aka KOS - Political blogger4. Matt Drudge - News web site editor5. Seth Godin - Marketing guru
  33. 33. Making $$ from a Blog● Advertising ○ Google Adsense, Microsoft Adcenter, Text Link Ads ○ 43% of blog visitors noticed advertisements ○ 33% of bloggers have clicked on an advertisement while blogging● Product or Service Sales ○ Find new clients, advertise yourself ○ Merchandising, e.g. ebooks, t-shirts, etc.
  34. 34. Making $$ from a Blog● Perks ○ Free books and products, access to events, interviews● Paid Assignment● Affiliate Commissions ○ Recommending CDs or Books, e.g. Amazon
  35. 35. Final Thoughts● Determine strategy and goals● Be yourself● Impart humor if you can● Update consistently● Accept feedback● Content before $$● MOST OF ALL● KEEP IT SIMPLE ...Have fun
  36. 36. ContactJuanita McDowellTechnology Real Estate Instructor andSpeakerTo Book