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Law of-attraction-how-to-use-affirmations

  1. 1. EagerLearners Law of Attraction BlogLaw of Attraction: How to Use Affirmations Top Recommended Resources To affirm means to declare what is already present. It Ultimate Brain Power is the same with creating and using affirmations to Beyond "The Secret" attract or to transform the things which we desire. The Science of Getting Rich from the Teachers of "The When you create an affirmation you are declaring to Secret" yourself and the universe that the desire is already The 11 Forgotten Laws created. As you continue to repeat these affirmations The Money is In Your Mind you are also holding your thoughts clearing with intense focus on the creation that you have made. Zero Limits Quantum Mind Power Affirmations serve many purposes when trying to Attractor Genie manifest the things you want. Applying the law of Law of Attraction Software attraction can be hard when you try diligently to Genius Brain Power maintain positive uplifting thoughts. Its almost Brainwave Entrainment MP3 impossible to monitor your thoughts twenty four hours Success Accelerator a day but when you create clear affirmations with Subliminal Videos details they become a great tool in controlling your thoughts and in turn influencing the law of attraction in your favor.Here are three ways to use affirmations with your law of attraction practice to get greatresults.1. The first step to using the affirmations is to become very clear about what you want. Inorder to become clear you would need to write out all the details that you would like to seeand experience in the thing that you want. The clearer you are about your intentions themore power you give to your affirmations.2. Write a clear positive affirmation in the first person stating your desire as if it is alreadyFollow Me on Twitter @Leona_L
  2. 2. EagerLearners Law of Attraction Blogcomplete. Never make statements such as, ?I wish I could be?or someday I can have or Idont want to do?Top Recommended Resources These three statements are the most ineffectiveUltimate Brain Power statements when creating your affirmations. TheBeyond "The Secret" affirmation must be created with power and faith inThe Science of Getting Rich order to fully shift the law of attraction in your favor.from the Teachers of "TheSecret" You must absolutely omit any words that tie you to the thing which you do not want. If you want to stopThe 11 Forgotten Laws thinking in a negative way, it is best to state, ?I nowThe Money is In Your Mind think and feel in the most positive way. I thoughts areZero Limits happy and positive every moment of the day.?Quantum Mind Power 3. Move into the affirmation with feeling. Feeling addsAttractor GenieLaw of Attraction Software the power to your desires. Feelings generate an internal energy that allows your whole being to absorbGenius Brain PowerBrainwave Entrainment MP3 your statement.Success AcceleratorSubliminal Videos Many people find it a bit hard to really create success with their affirmations and that is as a result of stuck emotional energetic patterns that are difficult tochange. There are many incredible techniques that can shift those affirmations quitedeeply that they make the attraction process even easier and more effective without themindless repetition.How deeply are you willing to go to see the changes that you know are possible to have?Recommended Free ResourcesFree Hynosis Albums MP3Free Subliminal Albums MP3Free Binaural Beats Albums MP3Follow Me on Twitter @Leona_L
  3. 3. EagerLearners Law of Attraction BlogFree Mind Power Albums MP3Free Isochronic Visualization Video More Free Self Help Resources Disclaimer & DisclosureFollow Me on Twitter @Leona_L