State of Internet Marketing - Session 2


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Content + Social Media = A Good Search Marketing Plan (Content, Social Media and Search - How They all Play Together)

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State of Internet Marketing - Session 2

  1. 1. Content + Social Media = A Good Search Marketing Plan
  2. 2. Internet Marketing is Permission Marketing • Understand the Value of Content • Encourage your input & questions • Take one thing that you can apply to your company • Walk away with knowledge about how content, social media and search engine marketing plan together. For the full presentation and handouts go to:
  3. 3. Why Content?Content is the force multiplier when it comes to marketing.
  4. 4. Content Creates ImpactContent impacts:• Social media marketing• Search engine marketing• Public relations
  5. 5. Content and Social MediaContent impacts social media. It fuels social media efforts.Without content social media is like having a car with no gas –it’s just all show, with no go.
  6. 6. Content and Search MarketingContent wows your search engine marketingefforts.Search engine rankings involve having high qualitycontent and publishing often.
  7. 7. Content and Public RelationsContent drives public relations.Your ability to create fresh content around the needs ofprospects and customers has become MORE valuable than aproduct or service announcement.
  8. 8. We Use Content in…• Newsletters• Websites• Sales Letters• Thank You Letters
  9. 9. Now We Must Also Create Content for…• Blogs• Facebook• Twitter• Google+• YouTube
  10. 10. Value of ContentGood Content Produces Traffic
  11. 11. Forms of ContentContent is Graphics
  12. 12. Forms of ContentContent is Blog Posts.
  13. 13. Forms of ContentContent is Long-Form Articles
  14. 14. Forms of ContentContent Can Be Resources and Tools
  15. 15. Forms of ContentContent Can Be Audio and Video
  16. 16. Search Benefit of ContentAll forms of content have the ability to bring in traffic from consumers searching.
  17. 17. Social Benefit of ContentAll forms of content have the ability to bring social media traffic.
  18. 18. Social Benefit of ContentContent can go viral on social media networks by getting shared and linked-to all over the web.
  19. 19. What Do I Write About?The biggest dilemma business owners face is what to write on.
  20. 20. Content Idea Generators
  21. 21. Idea Generators #1Image Search – Search images for inspiration and ideas.
  22. 22. Idea Generator #2News – Turn news stories into ideas.
  23. 23. Idea Generator #3Google Alerts – Filter the news by relatedkeywords in your industry and have themdelivered via email.
  24. 24. Idea Generator #4Google Search – Use Google, type in differentphrases and pay attention to the suggestedsearches.
  25. 25. Idea Generator #5 Q & A Forum – A great source of content ideas can come form Q&A forums like LinkedIn Groups/Answers and Quora.http://www.quora.com
  26. 26. Now You Have Ideas…. It’s time to create a content strategy. Content is the keystone to inbound marketing, create a process that is scalable and can be repeated.
  27. 27. Where Do You Start? Create a content strategy plan that you can scale and repeat.
  28. 28. Phase 1 – Think Ahead - Get OrganizedThe Where When and How Often!• Where do you need content? List every area that you must supply content to. (Newsletter, Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc)• Which Channels? (Social Media, Print, Video, Web)• How often do you need to post content in these channels?
  29. 29. Create a Content Calendar• How Often Will You Draft Content – Daily, Weekly, Monthly?• Organize your calendar by: – Channel (Web / Mobile / Email / Print / Television) – Audience – Program – Format (Text / Video / Photos / Presentations)
  30. 30. Phase 2 – Squash Writers Block and Generate Ideas Easily• Brainstorm• Mind Mapping• Tickler / Pending File• Stories• Old Archives - Content recycling rule - for every piece of content you recycle you must create two new pieces, dont cheat yourself.• Web and Email Analytics - This data will show you what people looking.
  31. 31. Phase 3 – Use Social Media to Drive ContentHow does social media fit into the content mix? Social media is themarriage of content and conversation.Social media conversations can be made into content by: – Highlighting trending topics – Publishing Q & As – Summarize DebatesUse social media to drive content for you by using it to: – Asking questions – Soliciting feedback from your followers – Refining your content ideas based on comments that you receive.
  32. 32. Consistency is Key! Create a Manageable Strategy
  33. 33. Putting It All Together
  34. 34. Content / Search / Social Success Formula• Keep a clear and workable plan, collect ideas and data, write your content or get others to help.• Implement and allow content to serve as a force multiplier for you in social media, search marketing and public relations.• Start with a goal of at least one new piece of content per week.
  35. 35. Time for Questions
  36. 36. For the full presentation and handouts go to: Please call or email with questions. Laura Lake 816.842.0100