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Webinar javier lopez aranguena 16 de enero
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Webinar javier lopez aranguena 16 de enero


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Webinar de Desarrollo del Talento ¿Cómo desarrollar una carrera internacional? Javier López Aranguena, Industry Manager Education, eGaming & BIM en Google Moderador: José Díaz Canseco, Socio- Director de The Human Touch y profesor de EAE Business School 16 de Enero de 2014
  • 2. Welcome Students & Staff
  • 3. Nuestra sesión de hoy
  • 4. Empiezo por presentarme Javier López Arangüena 2012... 2010-12 MBA - INSEAD, Singapur/Fontainebleau 2006-08 javierlopeza Industry Analyst Google @ Google (sector Finanzas, Local, Educación, B2B y gaming) 2009 javier.lopez.aranguen a javierlopeza Industry Manager @ Google (sector Educación, B2B y online gaming) Consultor, The Boston Consulting Group 2000-06 2000-05 Licenciado en ADE - Univ. Pontificia Comillas Licenciado en Derecho - Univ. Pontificia Comillas 1998-00 Becario United World College, UWC-USA, NM
  • 5. Un paso atrás - ¿por qué estamos aquí? ¿Hacia dónde vamos?
  • 6. El momento de la verdad...
  • 7. El triple salto mortal ¿podemos? Geografía Industria Función
  • 8. Paso 1: reflexión ¿Quiero una carrera internacional? ¿He sopesado bien todos los pros y contras profesionales y personales? ¿Con qué nivel de internacionalización? (ej. cambio permanente de residencia vs. trabajar en proyectos esporádicos) ¿Cuántos “saltos” me planteo dar? ¿Es realista? ¿Qué habilidades/capacidades puedo ofrecer que se valoren fuera? (Y por supuesto… idiomas, permisos de trabajo…)
  • 9. Paso 2: ¿Cuándo quiero dar el salto? ¿Es realista? ¿Me falta algo? Formación adecuada Contactos Idiomas Experiencia previa en industria/función objetivo
  • 10. Paso 3: tu red profesional es la clave (Sin olvidar a… tu jefe… tu escuela/universidad… tus profesores)
  • 11. Paso 4: perseverancia y paciencia (Que no te quepa duda alguna: lo vas a conseguir)
  • 12. Y ya por fin…
  • 13. While we wait... Please sign up:
  • 14. Understanding Google Benefits and Culture Opportunities Q&A
  • 15. Understanding Google
  • 16. Google Trivia • • When was Google Founded? • Who are the Google Founders? • What was Google’s first product? • How does Google Make Money? • What is Google’s Mission?
  • 17. Google’s mission Organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful
  • 18. More than just search Users Advertisers Publishers
  • 19. Innovating globally
  • 20. Our products Over 1 Million AdWords users Barriers to entry continue to fall and businesses today can be global from day one Advertisers Publishers
  • 21. Benefits & Culture
  • 22. Are the rumors true? • Celebrities come to talk & perform at the office • We get a free massage for our birthdays • We get paid to give back to the community • We are never more than 150 ft away from food at work • There are game rooms in the Google offices • We throw an official company party every week
  • 23. A look inside Google
  • 24. Dublin Office • • • • 2.500+ Googlers 65 nationalities 67 languages From various academic backgrounds (Business, History, Languages, Cultural studies, Computer Science, ...) • 4 Cafés, changing ethnic food lanes • Age Engage
  • 25. Google diverse culture • Hundreds of internal groups o sports, culture, travel, language exchange, bee keeping, ... • Over 10 ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) o Gayglers, Women at Google, Greyglers, BGN, ...
  • 26. Opportunities
  • 27. Google Online Marketing Challenge The Challenge: Create a real life marketing campaigns using Google AdWords and Google+ for a client of your choice Application: • Pre-registrations are now open • Challenge starts: Jan • Challenge ends: Jun • Winners announced: Jul
  • 28. Internship Programme The Programme: • • 3 or 6-month project with a Google host Placements in a variety of roles in Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR, Finance, Analytics or slightly technical fields • • • Assigned own project Mentored by a Google Team member Fun, fun, fun! Application: •
  • 29. Full-time positions in SMB
  • 30. SMB Associate Account Strategist • • SMB Sales SMB Global Customer Services • • • • Customer-facing role Gaining transferable skills Develop strong network within Google Build deep understanding of our products and customers Part of the Business Associate Program • Two-year curriculum • On-the-job training, • Classroom based sessions • Projects
  • 31. Application Process Online Application • • • • • • • 3-4 months before available for full-time role English CV (cover letter not required) Phone interview with HR; sometimes phone interview with peer 3-4 peer interviews (mostly face-to-face or video conference) Internal review Offer extension
  • 32. Q&A
  • 33. Keep in touch
  • 34. ¡Gracias!