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Design Practice Assignment - Free Circle
Final presentation slideshow of research, development and final outcome

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  1. 1. free  circle Logo  &  Identity  Design  Proposal Eadaoin  DempseyFriday 16 December 2011
  2. 2. meet  the  client ‘Free  Circle’ Free   Circle   is  a  Fair  Trade   clothing  label   that   supplies  clothing  ranges  for   men   and   women.   They   believe   strongly   in   their   goal   for   fair   pay   and   work  conditions  within  the  textile  and  clothing  industry.   They   work   with   exclusive   designers   to   create   lines   that   are   contemporary   while   also   affordable.   They   want   to   harness   online   technology   and   require   an   identity   and   website   design   to   build   awareness  of  their  brand  and  their  cause.Friday 16 December 2011
  3. 3. research give unloosen head hot air innocent bubbles balloon charity innocent seed nature escaped free detached sun circle circle of life release free-soil moon complete unrestricted liberal whole world early  ‘word  association’  brainstorming mind  mapping   mind  map  illustrating  company   ethos,  direction,  competitors   and  customers initial  ideas/thoughtsFriday 16 December 2011
  4. 4. trend  analysisFriday 16 December 2011
  5. 5. logo clean,  strong,  stylish,  logo clever  and  quirky  element   brand ‘edun’  =  ‘nude’ design a  little  help  from  your  friends brand   has   a   huge   celebrity   following  due   to  close   contacts   within  that  world,  but   the  brand   is   a   success   within   it’s   own   right,   from   it’s   design   vision   to   it’s  fair-­‐trade  ethosFriday 16 December 2011
  6. 6. web site design website   pages   follow   same   clean,   simple   layout  throughout. large   image   of   model   on   both   fashion   and   fair-­‐trade  pages n e u t r a l   t o n e s   t o   incorporate   idea   of   ‘natural’   products,   ‘fair-­‐trade’  ideals  etcFriday 16 December 2011
  7. 7. logo brand design logo   is  pure  typography,  appears   in   different   forms,   but   mainly   inspired  by  pointillism. p i c t u r e   l o g o   a c c o m p a n i e s   children’s  collectionFriday 16 December 2011
  8. 8. web site design website   is   a   lot   more   ‘designer’   orientated,   beautiful   product   displays,   sliding   bars,  very   clean,   high  end  and  chic.Friday 16 December 2011
  9. 9. LOVED LOGOS Just   a   tiny   pick   of   some   the   most   inspiring   logos   out   there,   showing   different   forms  available-­‐  from  the  iconic   WWF   panda   to   the   kings   of   logo   Paul   Rand   and   Saul   Bass.   All   take   on   various   attributes   -­‐   loose,   structured,  clean,  fun   powerful..but   all   with   one   clear   message-­‐   brand   brand   brand,   longevity   and  clarity  of  messageFriday 16 December 2011
  10. 10. hot LOGO  inspiration|development air balloon Initial   ideas   led   to   thoughts   of   a   hot   air   balloon..incorporating   the   ‘circle’   and   ‘free’  aspects  of  the  company  name. On  the  left  are   images  of  hot  air   balloons   in   different  forms,  on  the  right  are  loose   sketches  of  logo  development.Friday 16 December 2011
  11. 11. small inspiration|development faces The   unisex   aspect   of   the   brand   lead   me   to   experiment   with  faces,  silhouettes  and  combinations  of  both.   In  the  bottom  right  I   incorporated  a  ball  of  string  as   the   brain  of  a  human..the   idea  being   that  ‘clothing  is   on   the   brain’. This   is   where   I   began   my   study   into   balls   of   wool,   capturing  the  brand  industry,  simplicity  and  clarity  Friday 16 December 2011
  12. 12. sew sew inspiration|development sew Developing   ideas   further,   I   wanted   to   incorporate   symbols   of   the   ‘clothing   industry’  into  the  ‘free  circle’  logo. So   I   began   to   research   balls   of   wool   to   capture   the   ‘circle’   aspect   and   the   looseness  of   wool/string  would  fulfil   my   ‘free’  attributes.Friday 16 December 2011
  13. 13. nature, LOGO  inspiration|development naturally free circle After   deciding  the   initial  direction   for   the   logo,  I  decided  to   !"##$%&"%# look   for   inspiration   from   nature,   plant   forms,   to   combine   !"##$%&"%# with   my   ideas   and   form   a   strong   rooted   logo.     A   study   of   dandelions  above   and  combining  these  ideas  with   the  ball  of   wool  to  the  right. From   top,  I   began   with   one   main   ball   of   wool   (the   flower)   and   a   second,   smaller   ball   of   wool   (leaf).   Working   my   way   free circle through,  I  landed  on  the   idea  of  a  ball  of  wool  and  a  ‘needle’.   !"##$%&"%# I   was   getting   somewhere,  but   knew  I  was  not   ‘there’  yet,  I   free circle had  not  reached  my  eureka  moment.Friday 16 December 2011
  14. 14. bring LOGO  development it on From  paper  to  illustrator,   measuring  out  the  sizes,  line   weights  and  placement Completed  illustrator  logo black+white,  colour  play Returning   to   earlier   concepts,   I   found   myself   drawn  to  one  in  particular,  top  left,  a  ball  of  wool   as  the  earth,  too   cliché  etc.  but  it  was   the  simple   structure  of  the  ball   of  wool   leading  into  the   font   that  caught  my  eye.   Keep  It  Simple,  Stupid.    I  began   to   work  through   this   idea   of   the   ball   of   wool   forming   into   the   brand  name.  Friday 16 December 2011
  15. 15. type LOGO  development it Trying  to  match  a  font  to  the  logo Script   was   preference   as   I   felt   it   !"##$%"$&# monoment font freecircle blessed day font worked   well   with   the   brand   nam,   vision  and  logo !"##$%"$&# I   went   through   a   series   of   logos   and   eventually   came   across   jellyka delicious cake font a la nage font brannbol   smal   font,   which   worked   well !"##$%"$&# !"##$%"$&# miama font before the rain font freecircle billy argel font brannbol smal font Logo   and   font   in   black   and   white   and   a   colour  play  example. But   something  did  not   look   right,  through   manipulation  and  ‘correcting’  I  had  lost  my   original   design   and   ended   up   with   a   very   corporate,   boring,   non   entity   logo.   Not   what   I   had   in   mind-­‐back   to   the   drawing   board!!Friday 16 December 2011
  16. 16. re- LOGO  development wind Early  logo  concepts,  I  took  a  font  that  I  liked   ‘momoment  ‘  and  drew  it  out,  rather  than   selecting  it  on  the  computer I  also  replaced  the  first  ball  of  wool  as  I  was  not   happy  with  the  overall  shape  and  look  and   sketched  another  one.  I  drew  these  out  as  one   and  scanned  it  into  illustrator,  the  initial  result   was  what  I  expected,  a  little  rough  and  grainy,   but  already  it  felt  much  more  suitable  than  my   previous  attempt. I  began  to  tweak  the  shapes,  fill  in  gaps  etc  and   finally  got  the  result  I  was  looking  forFriday 16 December 2011
  17. 17. working LOGO  development it Initial  illustrator  scan  left  the  font   grainy  and  rough  looking,  and  the  wool   ball  looked  weak  and  unfinished First  attempt  at  creating  logo,  filling  in   gaps  etc.  more  working  required.  Font   needs  manipulated  and  fixed Final  working  of  the  logotype lines  cleaned  up,  font  straightened,   moved  and  reworkedFriday 16 December 2011
  18. 18. colour LOGO  deliverables it Orange Logo R 188 G 69 B 25 #BC4519 Grey/Green Logo R 48 G 51 B 45 #30332D Black Logo R0 G0 B0 #000000 White-Black Logo R0 G0 B0 #000000 R 255 G 255 B 255 #FFFFFFFriday 16 December 2011
  19. 19. free  circle Branding  GuidelinesFriday 16 December 2011
  20. 20. Brand  &  Identity  Vision “To   create   a   strong   and   purposeful   identity   that   is   both   versatile   yet   functional.     This   brand   is   defined   by   a   strong   fair   trade   ethos,   outstanding  quality  of  products  and  personality.    This  will  be  achieved   through   unique   logo   design,   style   and   expression.     This   used   in   conjunction   with   a   bold   colour   palette   helps   to   achieve   a   distinctive,   clear  look  for  the  brand. Colour   overlays,   classic   font   matched   with   modern   style,   type   layout   and   a   bespoke   illustration   scheme   throughout   help   to   challenge   the   brand    and  create  a  unique,  individual  style.”Friday 16 December 2011
  21. 21. Brand  Guidelines:  Approved  Logo This is the preferred free circle logo. It should be produced as shown. Logo should be used confidently, as large as the grids dictate, and placed strongly on the page. -------------------------------------------------------------- Logo should not be crowded, please ensure there is enough ‘negative space’ surrounding the logo, as detailed on the right The smallest this logo should be displayed as shown -------------------------------------------------------------- In monotone applications, logo may be produced as shown.Friday 16 December 2011
  22. 22. Brand  Guidelines:  Colour  Palette primary colour palette r: 52 c: 70 r: 188 c: 19 r: 124 c: 55 g: 55 m: 61 g: 69 m: 85 g: 151 m: 31 b: 53 y: 64 b: 25 y: 100 b: 153 y: 36 k: 56 k: 9 k: 2 Pantone: 447c Pantone: 167c Pantone: 5497c secondary colour palette r: 79 c: 62 r: 169 c: 36 r: 85 c: 63 g: 85 m: 47 g: 173 m: 25 g: 186 m: 4 b: 42 y: 93 b: 159 y: 37 b: 183 y: 32 k: 39 k: 1 k: 0 Pantone: 7498c Pantone: 414c Pantone: 7472cFriday 16 December 2011
  23. 23. Brand  Guidelines:  Typeface These are the approved typefaces to be used with the free circle brand Please use only these typefaces in any material for the free circle brand The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog Georgia Regular The quick brown fox jumped over the Georgia Bold lazy dog The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog Georgia Regular Italic The quick brown fox jumped over the Georgia Bold Italic lazy dogFriday 16 December 2011
  24. 24. free  circle Website  Design,  Development  &  ProposalFriday 16 December 2011
  25. 25. illustrate me LOVED websites I  decided  quite  early  on  that  I  wanted   a  ‘hand-­‐drawn’  feel  to  the  website   design.    I  felt  it  would  add  to  the  ‘fair   trade’  ethos  and  if  done  effectively   could  create  a  really  unique  style. Here  are  a  few  websites  I  took   inspiration  fromFriday 16 December 2011
  26. 26. illustrate Early  Concept  Sketching you Early   hand   sketched   mock   up   ideas   of   the   website-­‐early   images   surface   such  as:  cog  wheels,  circles  to  display   images,  simplicity. Design   and   layout   naturally   changed   and   developed   as   I   brought   it   into   Photoshop,  but  the  bones   are  clearly   seen  hereFriday 16 December 2011
  27. 27. colour me Colour  Scheme  Decisions stupid Orange   was  the  colour  from  the  offset,  I  thought   about   it,   fell   in   love   with   it,   let   it   go,   went   for   others,  played  with  them,  it  didn’t  work. Hence   my   returning   to   orange,  it’s   vibrant,   fun,   cool,  funky,  sophisticated,stimulating   and  wants   to   be   noticed...all   the   perfect   attributes   for   my   brand. Now   all   that   was   left   to   do   was   to   get   my   complimentary   colours,   sub   colours   and   my   colour  scheme  was  set. Amazing   inspirations   for   the   colour   came   from   illustrator   Matt   Taylor   and   fashion   website     I   found   this   whale   illustration   on  my  travels  and  understandably  fell   in  love!Friday 16 December 2011
  28. 28. colour me Colour  Palette  Final sensible r: 52 c: 70 r: 188 c: 19 r: 124 c: 55 g: 55 m: 61 g: 69 m: 85 g: 151 m: 31 b: 53 y: 64 b: 25 y: 100 b: 153 y: 36 k: 56 k: 9 k: 2 Pantone: 447c Pantone: 167c Pantone: 5497c r: 79 c: 62 r: 169 c: 36 r: 85 c: 63 g: 85 m: 47 g: 173 m: 25 g: 186 m: 4 b: 42 y: 93 b: 159 y: 37 b: 183 y: 32 k: 39 k: 1 k: 0 Pantone: 7498c Pantone: 414c Pantone: 7472cFriday 16 December 2011
  29. 29. let’s get Web  Mock-­‐ups  Final real Final   images   of   the   final   web   mock-­‐up   pages.     On  the  left   is  the   homepage  and   below   shows   when   you   click   into   ‘women’s  collections Here   you  can  see   where   I  have   combined  all   my   learning,   inspiration,   information,   colour   schemes,   layouts,   personality   to   create   a   very   unique,  distinctive  style  for  the  brand. It   was   through   my   research   where   the   quirky   ideas   came   from,   by  using  these  speech   bubbles   throughout   my   research   presentation   to   differentiate   my   comments  as  opposed  to   titles,   it   occurred   to   me   to   do   the   same   in   the   website...and   I   was   so   happy   that   it   worked   really  well  and  gave  that  little  ‘quirky’  aspect.Friday 16 December 2011
  30. 30. 2   final   pages  of  the  web  mock-­‐up   pages.     On  the   left   is  the  meet  the   team  page   and   below  shows  the  contact  us  pageFriday 16 December 2011
  31. 31. Web  Navigation  Diagram HOME women men about contact evening tops + skirts + tops + denim + about fair contact t-shirts wear sweaters shorts sweaters pants free circle trade us denim + night meet the free circle outerwear lingerie outerwear accessories pants wear team blog images images description description price priceFriday 16 December 2011
  32. 32. Web  Grid  Design homepage grid layout collection page grid layoutFriday 16 December 2011
  33. 33. Web  Grid  Design contact page grid layout meet the team page grid layoutFriday 16 December 2011
  34. 34. Web  ‘save  down’  buttonsFriday 16 December 2011
  35. 35. Web  ‘save  down’  buttonsFriday 16 December 2011
  36. 36. Web  ‘save  down’  buttonsFriday 16 December 2011
  37. 37. free  circle favicon,  Iphone  &  facebookFriday 16 December 2011
  38. 38. favicon,  Iphone  &  facebook  icons free circle favicon icon free circle iphone icons free circle facebook profileFriday 16 December 2011
  39. 39. free  circle print  deliverable t-­‐shirt  designFriday 16 December 2011
  40. 40. free  circle  print  deliverable t-­‐shirt  designFriday 16 December 2011
  41. 41. Thank YouFriday 16 December 2011