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Eadd kenya kokiche dairy company ltd brochure


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Brochure about Kokiche Dairy Cooling Plant Limited. Kokiche is one of the farmer owned cooling plants assisted by the EADD project.

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Eadd kenya kokiche dairy company ltd brochure

  1. 1. Milk Intake Kokiche Dairy Cooling Plant Ltd COOLING AIRY PLMilk collection is handled by the company ED AN Hwhich started collecting raw milk on August KOKIC T LTD16, 2009 where 148 litres of raw milk wascollected in the first day and has beenincreasing albeit at a slow pace to nownearing 2,000 litres per day as of November,2009. In collaboration with For more information contact: The Chairman Kokiche Dairy Cooling Plant P.O. Box 744 Litein Tel: 0725 034 233
  2. 2. Our History Our Mission is to to double the farmers Our JourneyKokiche Dairy Cooling Plant Limited is a income through dairy industry in collabora-Farmer Company incorporated on August 27, tion with our major partner East Africa Dairy2009. Its main activities include collecting, Development Project and other like mindedbulking, chilling and selling of raw milk. individuals and institutions.The company comprises of 17 registered Our Vision is to achieve excellence insocial groups and one Dairy Company fromKonoin District which comprises of 3 Divisions collecting, bulking chilling and marketing ofnamely Konoin, Kimulot and Cheptalal. The quality milk in the domestic Marketname Kokiche therefore refers of the threedivisions within the district. These 3 Divisionsmake up 15 locations. The company expects Our Objectives are:to over 15, 000 dairy farmers from the threedivisions. 1) To collect, bulk, chill and market Membership milk and pay farmers regularly.The company has a membership of 2,070 all 2) To provide farmers with training andof who are partly shareholders. The company extension services to double theirhas located its coolers in two places inorder production and their reduce the cost of transport incurred byfarmers. The main chilling plant which is 3) To provide services to farmers in ayet to be put up is to be located in Konoin transparent and accountable manner.District,Cheptalal Location, Kipkoibettrading centre and another in Kaptengechawhich is on a renovated building belongingto Simoti A.I.C Church.
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