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Indianapolis: A Young Professional’s Guide, First Edition (2008)
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Indianapolis: A Young Professional’s Guide, First Edition (2008)


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Here's the first edition of my guide to Indianapolis for the Young Pro, Indianapolis: A Young Professional's Guide. It was published in 2008 - and the second edition is available at …

Here's the first edition of my guide to Indianapolis for the Young Pro, Indianapolis: A Young Professional's Guide. It was published in 2008 - and the second edition is available at double the info, and new interviews with 20 of Indy's finest!:

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  • 1. Indianapolis:A Young Professional’s Guide by Erin Albert
  • 2. AuthorHouse™1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200Bloomington, IN 47403www.authorhouse.comPhone: 1-800-839-8640© 2008 Yuspie, LLC. All rights reserved.No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmittedin any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning,or otherwise, except as permitted under Section 107 or 108 of the 1976 United StatesCopyright Act, without the prior written permission of the CEO of Yuspie, LLC.Limit of Liability/Disclaimer of Warranty: While the publisher and author have usedtheir best eff orts in preparing this book, they make no representations or warranties withrespect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this book and specifically disclaimany implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. No warrantymay be created or extended by sales representatives or written sales materials. Neither thepublisher nor author shall be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damages,including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages. Theinformation contained herein is not necessarily the opinion of the author or the publisher.Designations used by companies to distinguish their products are often claimed by trademarks.In all instances where the author or publisher is aware of a claim, the trademarks havebeen noted where applicable. The inclusion of a trademark does not imply an endorsementor judgment of a product or service of another company, nor does it imply an endorsementor judgment by another company of this book or the opinions contained herein.First published by AuthorHouse 3/4/2008First Fabulous EditionISBN: 978-1-4343-6161-5 (sc)Printed in the United States of AmericaBloomington, IndianaThis book is printed on acid-free paper.
  • 3. In memory of my grandmother--Fannie, who taught me that anything is possible.Also, to my friend and original yuspie at heart--Eva, who has always inspired me and others to live with passion and tenacity.
  • 4. ContentsIntroduction ....................................................................................xiBlah Blah Basics ...............................................................................1 Five Sites to Hit the Indianapolis Ground Running....................2 Five Publications to Hit the Indianapolis Ground Running ........3Arts & Cultural ................................................................................5Awards for (Young) Professionals ....................................................18Business & Professional Development ............................................22 Business Organizations For Women .........................................26 Just for Entrepreneurs...............................................................29Coffee & Cake ...............................................................................47Comedy Clubs & Venues ...............................................................49Communities Online .....................................................................50Computers .....................................................................................52Dating Organizations ....................................................................54Dining ...........................................................................................57 Restaurants with Communal Tables .........................................62Diversity ........................................................................................63Domestic Arts ................................................................................70Farmers’ Markets ............................................................................74Festivals & Shows Throughout Central Indiana ..............................77Fun on the Internet ........................................................................90Going Green in Indy ......................................................................92Image .............................................................................................95Leadership Training ........................................................................98
  • 5. Life Sciences .................................................................................102 For Physicians ........................................................................105 For Pharmacists ......................................................................106 For Nurses ..............................................................................107Local Bands ..................................................................................108Malls & Outlet Malls ...................................................................109Media & News .............................................................................112Missed Connections .....................................................................120Movie Theatres .............................................................................121Moving to Indy/New to the City ..................................................124Organic & Other .........................................................................127Newsletters & e-Newsletters .........................................................129Pets ..............................................................................................131Philanthropy ................................................................................135Politics .........................................................................................147Private Clubs ................................................................................148Professional Sports .......................................................................149Retro ............................................................................................152Schools - Colleges ........................................................................154Singles/Young Adult Groups for Religious Background ................157Singles Organizations ...................................................................160Sister Cities & States ....................................................................161Smart(er) ......................................................................................163Social Networking Organizations .................................................165Sport, Fitness and Activity Organizations .....................................168Third Spaces with Free Wi-Fi .......................................................173
  • 6. Utilities ........................................................................................175Venues..........................................................................................180Wine ............................................................................................183Writers and Writing......................................................................186Young at Heart .............................................................................189The End .......................................................................................190Bibliography.................................................................................194Acknowledgements.......................................................................196Index ............................................................................................199
  • 7. IntroductionThe feeling I have about writing introductions is similar to how I feelabout Indianapolis at times: difficult to know where to start, but worthfiguring out (and I’m from Indiana, so I can say this even as an insider).If any of the following applies to you, this would be a handy book foryou to own:You are: a. new to Indianapolis. b. a yuspie (a young, urban single professional of Indiana). c. thinking about moving to Indianapolis. d. a young professional. e. living or working already in Indy as a young professional, but too busy working and living to have a lot of time to figure out how to get connected to the city.Why was this book written? First, Indianapolis tends to be very hardon itself. Although Indianapolis is the 12th or 13th largest city inthe country, (based upon population and which poll you review) it isconsistently ranked as one of the worst cities for young professionals andsingles in the entire country in list after list in the past. Also, Indy has aproblem with brain drain. One really can’t turn on the news or read thepaper without the buzz term of ‘brain drain’ coming from all directions, xi
  • 8. yet nothing much has been done about it, particularly for singles.Although I understand why many young/single professionals fledIndiana after college graduation (myself included), I personally believeIndianapolis is turning itself around and undergoing a Renaissance ofmindset. The city is also lucky to have an increasing number ‘boomerang’Hoosiers coming back to Indiana after spending some time out of state.In the past, we have been slow to change, but progress is happening, andthose with the passion for Indy are slowly but surely dusting off stodgy,stoic mindsets and shaking things up.Secondly, I selected more than one answer in the multiple-choicequestion above. Four years ago, I was working for an east coast basedcompany in which I traveled more than half of my week, every week,but lived in Indy. One morning (while traveling for work) I woke up ina strange hotel environment not quite remembering where I was initially(not unusual if one travels extensively) and suddenly had an epiphany:What was I doing with my life? What was I doing to give back? Whathave I done for my city lately? What have I done for the people thathave given me so much? Honestly, at the time, I had no really goodanswers for these tough questions, and being between quarter and mid-life crises, decided it was time to do something about it.So, I quit my day job, took some time off, and decided to start acompany called Yuspie® (Young, urban single professionals of Indiana)with a simple mission: to connect young single professionals - eitherto each other (via social networking) or more importantly, to the cityof Indianapolis. This is my small way of helping plug the brain drainand give back to the city I love, but at the time, knew very little about.Yuspie has now been in business since 2006 and is one of several optionsfor young single professionals in Indy to get connected. This book willalso share the other organizations that we know about with you. xii
  • 9. The experience of opening a company led me to the discovery of anentire level existing in Indy of what I call second stream opportunitiesand information for young professionals. First stream is all the stuff onehears in traditional media - newspapers, books, radio, and television.After reviewing the first stream in Indy, frankly, I didnt learn muchabout how to get connected to the city. After not finding answers onhow to get involved through this first stream, I then went to the secondstream - word of mouth, buzz, the internet, and my personal network,which could tell me much more about opportunities for young and/orsingle professionals. This stream was much more revealing and helpful,but building a network in a city that one didnt spend a lot of time inwas also a daunting challenge. Without investing time in constructionof a strong personal network, learning about these opportunities wouldhave been nearly impossible.Here is the good news for you after building my network and extensivelyresearching Indy: believe it or not, there actually is a lot going on inthe city for young professionals. Here was the opportunity for me andthe great news for you: this book! With it, you can skip over the timeit took me to compile the info and get straight to the connecting part,which is the best part about getting involved in Indy.Welcome to the first and only young professional’s guide on Indianapolis,with tons of second stream info jammed within it. My goal is to shareways for you to get connected to the city of Indianapolis that mightnot be initially top of mind if you are new, unconnected (for whateverreason), or just too busy to connect. My culminating research and toilis now in one handy guide for you to easily get out there and attachyourself to the city in the fashion you would prefer. There is a jokethat Indy is known as “India-no-place,” but I am now hereby callingit along with this guide, “India-KNOW-place.” You, by having this xiii
  • 10. book, will have the knowledge of how to connect to the city rightin your hands without the hassle of having to seek all the wonderfulways to get connected in Indy. (But I’m guessing along the way inyour own personal journey to get connected, you will find some greatopportunities to get involved AND great people, just as I did.)Finally, just a note on some technicalities: I use the word ‘we’ throughoutthis book, and when I say ‘we,’ I mean my collective social network inIndy of young professionals and yuspies. Several people made this bookcome to life by providing their feedback and comments, and there isno way this book could have been written without their support andencouragement. Please review the acknowledgements section of thisbook and if you or someone you know helped create this book in anyway, thank you (and them) for helping to make Indy a little moreuser friendly to all. Also, if I used quotations on any descriptions orparagraphs, I took them directly off the company’s website or marketingmaterials. Since I am including web addresses, I will consider thecitations duly noted (the science geek in me needed to insert a citationdisclaimer).What This Book Is NotIt is also important for me to share with you what this book is not.It is not an encyclopedia on the history of our city, nor is it a tourguidebook for someone that wants to visit for a week or two or someoneattending a convention. There aren’t going to be a bunch of picturesof Indianapolis, nor a lot of sports history or hotel reviews. If you wantany of the aforementioned, a good bibliography on books about Indianaand Indianapolis is included for further exploration at the end of thisbook - please review those options. There is also a listing of periodicalsin the media section of this book. xiv
  • 11. If you seek a book on philanthropic organizations, business development,meeting others, leadership training, or just want to find a restaurantwith a communal table, you’ve got the right book in your hands. Also,if you get through this book and feel I have missed something, pleaselet me know. Email me at: and let me know yourthoughts, as I want to help you get connected to Indy in any way thatI can and improve this guide so others can also get connected. Futureeditions are planned. If you are new to the city and find this helpful,I am glad and also want to hear from you on how it can be improved.We need your feedback! Although we have tried to do our best and tryout as much as possible, we couldn’t meet with absolutely everyone andevery organization mentioned in this book.Indianapolis really is a great city, it can just be a little hard to get toknow at first…or, at least it was until now. xv
  • 12. Blah Blah BasicsWe will try not to bore you with too many of the no-brainers, becauseIndy really is a pretty user-friendly city. However, if you by chancelanded from another planet, here are a few basics to get you acclimatedquickly to our fair circular city: • Depending upon what list you look at, Indy is the 12th or 13th largest city in the country, with 6 cultural districts - Mass Ave, Broad Ripple, Canal/White River State Park, Fountain Square, Indiana Avenue, and the Wholesale district. There are a lot of people that commute from outside Indianapolis proper into the city now as well, from SoKo (everything between Indys northern boundary and Kokomo on the north side), to Greenwood, Southport, and even as far away as Bloomington and Lafayette. • The people here have Midwestern hospitality and are generally nice, but the city also has a notorious side, as well as a very conservative side (to which I will refer you to history books on Indianapolis, most notably The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis by David Bodenhamer). • The phone area code for Indianapolis is 317. Outer rim area codes start with 765. 1
  • 13. • The origin of the nickname for Indianapolis - The Circle City - is up for debate, but it in part is probably due to Monument Circle being in the center of the city and the fact that the loop around the city, 465, is circular as well. Although many live outside the 465 circle now, the Indianapolis proper boundaries generally lie on the inside of the loop. • Its pretty easy to get around Indy if you have a car. The east/ west streets are numbered on the north side starting with the circle going north (for example, 49th Street is further south than 96th Street.)Five Sites to Hit the Indianapolis Ground RunningIf you need a quick start on Indy, here are a few sites that can give youa lot of information in a little bit of time: 1. The Indianapolis Star - - local largest newspaper. A free weekly publication (, formerly InTake) is also available on newsstands throughout the city on Thursdays. 2. Indy Arts Council - - the hub of all things artistic in Indy. If you are new to Indy, check out the ‘Discover Indy’ section of the portal, and get your free Indy Arts Card for discounts at the art venues. 3. Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association - www. - although we promised this would not be a visitor’s guide, this site has a good list of basics on the city. 2
  • 14. 4. Indianapolis Downtown Incorporated - - The best site to look for parking in Indianapolis, economic development projects, and the cultural districts. 5. Nuvo - - Indy’s “alternative voice” lists original stories and has a lot of coverage on Indy’s live music scene. Also has a free weekly publication all over the city. (The best column in it is the legendary Steve Hammer’s commentary.)Five Publications to Hit the Ground Running inIndianapolis (Besides the Book in Your Hands):Ditto per above, except with paper: 1. The Indianapolis Star, Sunday Edition - The local paper with all the goodies on Sunday. The Star also publishes the Sunday edition early on Saturday afternoon, and both are under $2.00. 2. The Indianapolis Business Journal’s 2008 Book of Lists - There are a lot of references to this handy little guide throughout this book, and more on it is to come. 3. ICVA’s Official Visitor’s Guide to Indianapolis - Solid, bi-annual publication from the Indianapolis Convention & Visitor’s Association at hotel rooms or at the airport and it is free. 4. Indianapolis Downtown Inc.’s Cultural Districts Guide - If you are new to the city and trying to figure out the six cultural districts, this is the 411 guide. You can also pick it up at the airport and it is free. 3
  • 15. 5. The Indianapolis Monthly City Guide - Indianapolis monthly typically puts the city guide out sometime during the year, in the past has been in late spring. 4
  • 16. Arts & CulturalA common complaint among young professionals is that there is a lackof arts & cultural events in Indy. However, it may be due to a lack ofknowledge of all the great things that do exist in Indy rather than a lackof things to do. Not only does Indy have a great set of museums, butthere is a thriving arts & cultural calendar of events and theatres thatone can obtain a slice of culture from just about any night of the week.What we found is below, so if you are feeling starved for some eye orear candy, grab an event and go! The best culminating website for thearts in Indianapolis is the Arts Council of Indianapolis, At this site, you can register for your own free Indy Arts Card,which can get you discounts on tickets and information. Also, Indyhub( has a Passport to the Arts where for $85, you cansample 5 different arts venues.For a taste of all live theatre, a great show to attend is the KiwanisInternational’s annual fundraiser, Spotlight. This program (in thepast held at Clowes Hall on Butler University’s campus) features all thelive arts programs throughout the city. It is a veritable pu-pu platter ofthe theatre arts here in Indy. (Watch for details.)Also, is a good site to purchase Indiana madeproducts and learn more about cultural organizations in town.Note that we have organized the organizations or initiatives by name,website, contact info (if available) and an about section. We have done 5
  • 17. our best to keep everything updated, but printing times obviouslylag.ArtBig Carwww.bigcar.orgBig car is a not for profit with a gallery and performance venue in theFountain Square neighborhood (in the Murphy Art Center) that helpsother not for profits in the arts promote their work. They host a newart show every month.The Harrison Center for the Artshttp://www.harrisoncenter.org317.396.3886“The Harrison Center for the Arts seeks to be a catalyst for renewalin the city of Indianapolis by fostering awareness, appreciation, andcommunity for arts and culture.”Indianapolis Art Center“Started in 1934, the Indianapolis Art Center is a not-for-profitcommunity arts organization that strives to make art accessible to allpeople and enhance people’s lives through art.” They have great classeson different types of art media, from painting to glass blowing.Indianapolis Downtown Artists & Dealers Association (IDADA)“IDADA, the Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association,is a non-profit membership based organization of studio artists, artgalleries and arts-related businesses within the 20 block square ofthe center of Indianapolis.” Also sponsors First Fridays, which isan arts open house at a gallery and usually enjoyed by a lot of youngprofessionals. 6
  • 18. Indianapolis Museum of Art“The Indianapolis Museum of Art is among the largest and oldest generalart museums in the United States. Founded in 1883, the Museum nowboasts a permanent collection of more than 50,000 works of art thatspan the range and scope of art history.”Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA)“iMOCA will bring contemporary exhibitions and programs to ourcommunity to stimulate minds, inspire new discoveries and demonstratethe vital connections between visual culture and life.”Southside Art League“Instructional classes are offered in oils, watercolors, acrylic, drawing,portraiture and pottery. One day and weeklong workshops are alsooffered. The Southside Art League currently has eight instructorsteaching 15 classes. Classes are available for both adults and children.”DanceDance Kaleidoscope “• To create, produce and maintain a repertoire of outstanding dance by internationally recognized choreographers. • To strengthen and broaden the understanding and appreciation of contemporary dance. • To develop and sustain diverse audiences.”Motus Dance Theatre 7
  • 19. “Motus Dance Theatre is Indy’s groundbreaking new modern dancecompany.”Naptown Stomp Lindy Hop Society“The place for Indy hop and east coast swing dancing in the Indianapolis,IN area.”FilmThe Heartland Film Festival/Truly Moving Pictures“Heartland Film Festival, a non-profit organization, was establishedin 1991 to recognize and honor filmmakers whose work explores thehuman journey by artistically expressing hope and respect for thepositive values of life.”GeneralArt with a Heart“Art With a Heart is the premier not-for-profit visual arts organizationin Indianapolis, who with its collaborative partners, provides excellent,innovative, visual arts programming resulting in measurable positiveimpact on the personal development of at-risk urban youth in becomingcreative, productive, successful members of their communities.”Arts Council of Indianapolis Arts Council of Indianapolis has a mission to, “advance andpromote the arts through funding, advocacy, business, artistic andtechnical assistance, public and private support, and technology.” Thisis the place to also obtain your FREE IndyArts Card, which can get 8
  • 20. you discounts to arts events all over the city. You can also see a listingof the discounts the arts card will get you at any given time.Circle City Chess Clubhttp://www.circlecitychess.orginfo@circlecitychess.orgClub that plays chess in tournaments for anyone interested in chess.Trust me when I say, playing chess well is an art form in and of itself!Clowes Memorial Hallhttp://www.cloweshall.org317.940.6444“For 40 years, Clowes Memorial Hall has remained one of the Midwest’spremiere performing arts facilities. Keeping in line with our mission oflifelong learning in and through the arts, Clowes hosts several programsthroughout the year for the community in music, performing arts, andcultural events.”The Indiana Humanities Council“The Indiana Humanities Council strengthens communities throughtargeted initiatives in leadership, education, and culture.”Indianapolis Artsgarden“The Indianapolis Artsgarden provides a magnificent environment formore than 300 free performances and exhibits each year, and housesthe city’s only centralized cultural concierge information service.”Indianapolis Bridge Centerhttp://www.indianapolisbridge.com317.845.5587Playing Bridge is awesome - just ask Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, whohave spent millions on getting young people engaged in the game. Justlike Chess, playing good Bridge is an art form. 9
  • 21. Indianapolis Cultural Development Commission“The Indianapolis Cultural Development Commission was created in2002 to support and encourage an environment where arts and cultureflourish and to let the world know about the city’s vibrant culturalscene.”Madame Walker Theatre Center“Our vision is to become the primary provider of African-Americanarts in central Indiana presenting new or lesser-known art forms to thecommunity at large.”Spirit and Place Festival“Spirit & Place is an annual festival of the arts, humanities and religion.Organizations around Central Indiana collaborate to produce 17 days ofprograms—dialogues, exhibits, performances, worship services, tours,and more—that create a citywide celebration.” Awesome festival unlikeany other in the country!Storytelling Arts of Indiana“Storytelling Arts of Indiana was founded in 1987 as Stories Inc.. Thename was changed to Storytelling Arts of Indiana on January 1, 2001to better reflect who we are and what we do.”SullivanMunce Cultural Center“The SullivanMunce Cultural Center features a wide range of exhibits,events and programs designed for anyone interested in celebrating theculture of a historic town where the past is preserved and the future isembraced.” 10
  • 22. VSA Arts of Indiana“VSA arts of Indiana has a mission to educate through quality artsexperiences, advocate for children with disabilities, and provide accessto the arts to all individuals.”Young Audiences of Indiana“Young Audiences of Indiana values the right of every child to haveaccess to the arts and the participatory arts experiences that unlockminds, expand lives, and fulfill creative and intellectual potential.”MuseumsThe American Muscle Car Museum12024 Exit Five Parkway, Fishers, IN 46037 museum is not currently open to the public yet; however, you cancontact them about special arrangements.The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis3000 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, 46208http://childrensmuseum.orgTheir mission is, “To create extraordinary learning experiences thathave the power to transform the lives of children and families.” One ofthe biggest and best children’s museums in the country, this museumis good for big kids too.Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War War Museum that features locals from Indiana. 11
  • 23. Conner Prairie-Fishers, INwww.connerprarie.org317.776.6006Open-air living history museum.The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art“The Eiteljorg Museum is the only museum of its kind in the Midwest,and one of only two museums east of the Mississippi that showcase bothNative American and Western art, culture and history.” Eiteljorg alsohas a young professionals group called Agave.Freetown Living History Museum“Freetown Village’s mission is to educate the public about AfricanAmerican lives and culture in Indiana through living historyperformances, the collection and preservation of artifacts, exhibits andallied programs.”Indiana Historical Society“Since 1830, the Indiana Historical Society has been Indiana’s storyteller,connecting people to the past by collecting, preserving, interpreting anddisseminating Indiana history.”Indiana State Museum“The Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites preserves, interprets andpresents material evidence of Indiana’s cultural and natural history ina context that encourages people to actively participate in discoveringtheir world.” 12
  • 24. Indiana War Memorial Museum museum contains the names of all Hoosiers who participated inWW I and all Hoosiers killed or missing in action from WW II, Korea,and Vietnam, and a free military museum that portrays the history ofIndiana’s gallant veterans from the Battle of Tippecanoe, through theseveral wars in which we have been engaged, to the present.Indianapolis Zoo“The Indianapolis Zoo inspires local and global communities tocelebrate, protect, and preserve our natural world through conservation,education, and research, and by providing an enriching and wondrousenvironment for our visitors and the animals in our care.”National Art Museum of Sporthttp://www.namos.iupui.edu317.274.3627The museum contains the largest collection of sports related art.NCAA Hall of Champions“The NCAA Hall of Champions is designed to create an appreciationfor the trials and triumphs of the student-athlete.”MusicBands of America or http://www.musicforall.org317.636.2263Music For All’s mission is, “to create, provide and expand positivelylife-changing experiences through music for all.” You can volunteer toserve at their competitions, donate, or be a music advocate. They havea podcast too. 13
  • 25. Birdy’swww.birdyslive.comA good place to catch live music (must be 21 to enter).The Ensemble Music Society The Indiana Historical Society450 West Ohio StreetIndianapolis, IN 46202317.232.1882Chamber music and increasing music education in public schools.The Festival Music Society of Indiana“Founded in 1966, we were the second U.S. early music organization.Today we have the distinction of being the nation’s oldest early musicpresenter in continuous operation.”Fine Arts Society of Indianapolis Box 1706, Indianapolis, IN 46206The mission of the FASI is to, “promote the understanding, appreciation,and enjoyment of classical music in Central Indiana through radiobroadcasting, education, and community events.”Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra“The Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra serves today’s diverse audienceand builds tomorrow’s audience with professional performances ofmusic for the small orchestra and meaningful educational programs.”Indianapolis Children’s Choir“The goal of the Indianapolis Children’s Choir is to provide high qualitychoral music instruction and performance opportunities for children 14
  • 26. of all backgrounds, while fostering personal and social growth andpromoting a sense of self-esteem.”Indianapolis Opera“With a strong artistic and educational vision, Indianapolis Operaadvances its mission to produce and present opera in performances ofthe highest quality and to develop and sustain audiences for opera.”They also have Opera Lite for younger adults.The Indianapolis Symphonic Band, Inc.“The Indianapolis Symphonic Band, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation formed by Bob Phillips, our founder, to ensure thecontinuation of the musical endeavors he began in the 1950’s.”Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra“As one of America’s leading orchestras, our mission is: To advance theenjoyment and appreciation of symphonic music through performancesat the highest artistic level and innovative programs that challenge,educate, enrich, and entertain.” The symphony also has a pre-show foryoung professionals on occasion.Indianapolis Women’s/Men’s Choruses“Indy Choruses is a nonprofit musical organization whose membersjoin together to strengthen the spirit of pride within the gay and lesbiancommunity, to build bridges of understanding with all people of Indiana,and to enable their audiences and the general public to perceive the gayand lesbian community and its members in a positive way.”Indy Jazz Fest 15
  • 27.“Indy Jazz Fest became a not for profit organization and beganformulating and implementing educational outreach initiativesthroughout Indianapolis Public Schools leading up to the second-annual festival.”Verizon Wireless Music Center - Noblesville musical venue with major concert acts playing during thesummer months.The Vogue club and live musical events.TheatreAsante Children’s Theatrehttp://www.asatechildrenstheatre.org317.652.3727 orACT is a “community-based, professional theater organizationcommitted to preserving African American theater. The ACT usesperforming arts to develop young people age 8-21 years of age.”The Children’s Theatre Institute“CTI exists to educate and inspire young people through theatrearts.”The Indiana Repertory Theatrehttp://www.indianarep.com317.635.5252 16
  • 28. “The Indiana Repertory Theatre (IRT) values live theatre as anentertaining and educational event created by professional artistsespecially for our audience.”Indianapolis Civic Theatre mission of the ICT is “To foster a love of theatre through imagination,education, and participation.”Indianapolis Fringe Festival“48 performers. 216 shows. Five stages. And 10 days of splashy spectacle,provocative pageantry and outrageous outbursts of off-beat theatricalfun.” The Fringe actors also meet the last week of the month to socializeyear round, called Fringe Fridays.The Phoenix Theatre plays to the community. Also have classes for budding artists.ShadowApe Theatre Company“Through collaborative exploration, ShadowApe Theatre Company, inalliance with the audience, seeks a shared experience that is innovative,stimulating, entertaining, enlightening and extraordinary.”Theatre on the Squarehttp://www.tots.org317.685.TOTS“Theatre on the Square is a professionally managed theatre started inSeptember 1988 by the theatre’s current Executive Artistic DirectorRon Spencer and a group of friends.” 17
  • 29. Awards for (Young) Professionals inIndianapolis & IndianaNot all the awards below are just for young professionals, but weincluded them because they were interesting and fun to aspire to whenwe grow up (if that ever happens). After reading them, if you knowsomeone that fits the bill, please nominate them....we want to honor ouryoung professionals that care enough to try and make Indianapolis andIndiana a better place to live, work and play.40 Under 40 - The Indianapolis Business Journal’s annual awards for40 Indianapolis area young talented individuals that have achievedprofessional success at a young age. This award program is open to menand women under the age of 40, and a call for nominations typicallyoccurs in late fall, with an announcement, publication, and live eventnear the beginning of each year. For details and past winners, Pharmacists’ Alliance Distinguished Young PharmacistAward - Awards are distributed during the Indiana PharmacistsAlliance (IPA) Annual Convention in the fall. For details, logon Michigan Area’s Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year®Award - For over 20 years, Ernst & Young LLP has honored youngprofessionals (selected from an independent panel of judges) in theLake Michigan area regarding different categories. Categories include:Turnaround, Energy & Environmental Services, Health Sciences,Technology, Retail/Consumer Products, Financial Services, Services,Emerging, Automotive & Transportation, and Manufacturing & 18
  • 30. Distribution and others. E&Y also has a national awards program foryoung entrepreneurs:’s Award for Tomorrow’s Leaders - The Indiana HumanitiesCouncil and the Office of the Governor honor 12 finalists that promotecivic engagement each year. The 2007 recipients were honored ata luncheon in September. For the 2007 list, review: Care Heroes - This has traditionally been an annual awardsprogram via the Indianapolis Business Journal, honoring those inhealthcare that go above and beyond the call of duty and are leadersin their chosen healthcare professions. For details, logon to Businesswomen’s Association, Indiana Chapter RisingStar - The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, Indiana Chapternominates and annual rising star or up and coming young professionalwoman in healthcare. For details, logon to: Woman Award - Award program sponsored by theIndianapolis Business Journal that was skipped for a few years, butnow is back. Nominations in 2007 were in summer with a large (soldout) awards breakfast in November and a supplement of the multiplewinners in the IBJ weekly publication. This is not an award for youngprofessionals per se, but one worth watching: Achievement’s Annual Best and Brightest - Each year, JuniorAchievement teams up with local business sponsors to present one oftheir biggest benefits, which also honors ten young professionals in10 different professional categories (accounting, banking & financialservices, education & non-profit, government, health & life sciences,law, manufacturing, retail & services, media, entertainment & sports,real estate development & construction, and technology. The dinnerprogram also announces one winner of 10 in each of the categories.Nominations are typically made in the summer. In 2007, the dinnerprogram held in September held over 900 people. For details and listsof past winners, check out: or JuniorAchievement’s website at: 19
  • 31. NAWBO Indy’s Awards - The National Association of Women BusinessOwners, Indiana Chapter hosted their annual holiday luncheon andaward program in December, 2007. They honor a member of the year,a woman business owner of the year, and the Indianapolis ChoiceAward, who achieves his or her potential, improves the business climatefor women, and fulfills the potential of their economic and socialcontributions to Indiana -’s Networker of the Year - The Network of Women inBusiness (NOWIB) honors a businesswoman of the year, but also hasa Networker of the Year. Winners were announced in September, 2007- Awards - Annual awards program that honors hospitality industryworkers throughout the city of Indianapolis. Award ceremony in 2008will be held in March. Nominations are due by mid-January. Fordetails, logon to: of the Wabash - The award is typically given to the rockstars of Indiana--astronauts, presidents, artists, musicians, politicians,and healthcare professionals that have contributed greatly to Hoosierheritage. (If you have never heard the term ‘Hoosier’ before, that is thename for someone from Indiana.) The award, while prestigious, can bebestowed upon anyone by the governor at anytime, and the same personcan win the award more than once. In 2006, Mitch Daniels (the currentgovernor of the state of Indiana) also created the Sachem Award, whichgoes to only one person per year in the state. Neither award is exactly foryoung professionals, but we wanted to give you something to aspire to.A press release on the creation of the Sachem award can be found here: Entrepreneurial Woman Award - This award was inspired byHelen E. Marschke, an entrepreneur and restauranteur who lived untilage 97 and managed her own financial affairs well into her 90s--thingseveryone should aspire to be and do! Logon to either: or to submit an application. Winnersin the past have been announced at the live awards event, as well aspublished in Indianapolis Woman magazine. 20
  • 32. The Next Awards (The Indianapolis Urban League YoungProfessionals & The Talented) - According to the website, the NextAwards are, “A salute to young urban professionals changing thecommunity though service and leadership.” Twenty recipients werehonored in May, 2007. For more information, logon to The IndianapolisUrban League’s website at: Awards (Indiana Commission for Women) - Not reallyan award for young professionals, this award instead is for women in thestate of Indiana in various categories regarding professional achievementin the state. Nominations started in October, 2007 and the live awardsevent occurred in January, 2008. Check out: fordetails.Young Professionals of Central Indiana’s Young Professional ofthe Year - Each year, YPCI holds a call for nominations for a youngprofessional of the year. For details, check out: 21
  • 33. Business & Professional DevelopmentEconomic development is evolving in Indiana. In this section, we sharewith you some of the organizations that are helping to keep Indianacompetitive in the global marketplace. We also have a section forwomen in business, as well as a listing of resources just for buddingand new entrepreneurs (Indiana in the past has been ranked as oneof the best cities in the country to start a business). For a list of thelargest public and private companies in Indiana, you can check out theIndianapolis Business Journal’s 2008 Book of Lists.Central Indiana Chapter of the International Institute of BusinessAnalysis (IIBATM)“The IIBA™ is the independent non-profit professional associationserving the growing field of Business Analysis.”Economic Club of Indianapolis“For over 30 years, the Economic Club of Indianapolis has been centralIndiana’s most important forum for discussion of important publicissues by leading national luminaries.”Fishers Chamber“The Fishers Chamber of Commerce (FCC) is an ultimate businessresource in Hamilton County. As a member-driven organization, the 22
  • 34. Chamber regularly assesses the needs of local business owners andexecutives.”Indiana Chamberhttp://www.indianachamber.com317.264.3110“The mission of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce is to workproactively on behalf of its members and constituents.”Indiana CPA Society“Our mission is to enhance the professional success of our memberswhile promoting the public interest; to encourage and facilitate theadherence to high ethical and professional standards; and to facilitaterelationships that will benefit our members.”Indiana Innovation Network“The Indiana Innovation Network (IIN) is a network created by ATAIN,a non-profit organization established to enhance technology transfer inthe state of Indiana,” with a mission to, “accelerate technology transferand commercialization in the state by strengthening the connectionsbetween and within Indiana’s research institutions and the marketplace.”Sign up at their site for event notifications.Indiana InternNet one stop matching shop for interns and internships in Indiana (highschool and college).Indiana State Bar Association Young Lawyers Section“The mission of the Young Lawyers Section is, among other things, toserve the community and the legal profession through furtherance ofthe ISBA’s goals and purposes.” 23
  • 35. Indianapolis Chamberhttp://www.indychamber.com317.464.2200Indianapolis Jaycees“The Indianapolis chapter of the United States Junior Chamber ofCommerce (Jaycees) was created to help develop personal skills in ourmembers, such as team building and leadership, through serving ourcommunity.”Lacy Leadership Association“The Lacy Leadership Association develops, engages and mobilizescurrent and future leaders to encourage philanthropic involvement thathelps our community thrive.” (See the Leadership section of this bookfor more details on what the LLA offers.)Organizational Development Breakfast Group - NorthsideThey typically meet the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:30 am atLePeep’s Restaurant, 2258 West 86th Street (across from St. VincentHospital), discuss and network regarding organizational developmentissues. To get on their listserv for meeting notifications, email RushYelverton at Business Administration (SBA)“The Indiana SBA District Office delivers a variety of programs andservices, including startup and operational assistance through smallbusiness training and counseling.”Small Business Development Center, Indianahttp://www.isbdc.org317.234.2082 24
  • 36. “The Indiana Small Business Development Center is a state basedorganization offering a wealth of free and low cost information,management counseling, and educational services designed to supportIndiana small business owners and potential entrepreneurs.”SCORE“SCORE “Counselors to America’s Small Business” is a non-profitorganization dedicated to the formation, growth, and success of smallbusinesses nationwide.”The Professional Association for Design (AIGA)“AIGA, the professional association for design, is committed tofurthering excellence in design as a broadly-defined discipline, strategictool for business and cultural force.”Toastmasters many to count - there are 69 chapters of Toastmasters in the Indyarea! St. Luke’s UMC has a singles Toastmasters group.“At Toastmasters, members learn by speaking to groups and workingwith others in a supportive environment. A typical Toastmasters clubis made up of 20 to 30 people who meet once a week for about anhour.” 25
  • 37. Venture Club of Indiana“Creating an entrepreneurial, business-friendly environment attractiveto investors is critical to the continued success of Indiana’s emergingcompanies and established businesses.”YPCI“Young Professionals of Central Indiana (YPCI) was founded in 2002 toattract young professionals from diverse professions and organizationaltypes.”Business Organizations For WomenAssociation for Women in Science“AWIS is a national organization that promotes equity and fullparticipation for women in science, mathematics, engineering andtechnology.”Central Indiana Women’s Business Center (CIWBC) organization helps women and minority business owners start,grow or expand their businesses.Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA)“Today, the HBA serves its members in a variety of posts and diverseareas, but remains true to its roots: firmly committed to helping womenin healthcare advance their careers.” 26
  • 38. National Association of Women Business Owners“NAWBO is a non-profit organization and is the only dues-basednational organization representing the interests of all women businessowners.”Network of Women in Businesshttp://www.NOWIB.cominfo@nowib.comThe Network of Women in Business is a businesswoman’s networkinggroup serving women in Central Indiana. The Network is dedicatedto the development and advancement of women as leaders and valuedresources in business.Society of Women Engineers“The Society of Women Engineers stimulates women to achieve fullpotential in careers as engineers and leaders.”Women & Hi Tech“When you join Women & Hi Tech, you become part of an organizationcommitted to making a difference for people in Central Indiana,especially women interested in the world of technology.” 27
  • 39. 28
  • 40. Just for the Current & FutureEntrepreneurs of IndianapolisFirst of all, if you are thinking about becoming or already started asan entrepreneur, congratulations. You’ve managed to take on a reallytough but equally rewarding role, and frankly, we need more people incentral Indiana with an entrepreneurial mindset. Although it can beargued one can act and think like an entrepreneur in any job, we wantedto focus one part in the business and professional development sectionof this book just for the bold, the daring, and the slightly crazy futureand current entrepreneur.When I started my first business in 2005, I had absolutely no idea whatI was doing. Furthermore, although I had a nice MBA in marketingdegree in my back pocket, I didn’t have a lot of places to go and seekout practical, real world help on how to start up a business here inIndianapolis. It took awhile for me to not only get acclimated to theprocess of starting a business, but it was also a challenge to learn whereI could find good help locally.Fast-forward 3 years, and now there are a lot of fabulous resources tohelp the individual get started on a business. In fact, there is almostan overwhelming array of places to get help. Some places specialize incertain aspects of the business development process, while others canassist with nearly every stage of the business lifecycle. One of my personalgoals was to make this process a little easier for current and future 29
  • 41. entrepreneurial peers in Indy, as many people and organizations helpedme along the way. There is a lot of talk about economic developmentin Indiana and Indianapolis, and I am in hopes that I can help othersby providing what I have uncovered on the next page of this text: byproviding to you the organizations that can help you throughout thebusiness lifecycle.The diagram I am providing is not industry specific; only you knowyour particular industry and therefore you will have a much better ideaabout professional organizations relevant to the industry in which youmay want to start a business. However, if you want the nuts and boltsof running a business, below are explanations of organizations in centralIndiana (some may be a repeat of the business section), how they helpthroughout the business lifecycle, and how they can potentially helpyou start and grow your business.Finally, as a side note, if you have been thinking about starting abusiness, I would strongly encourage you to stop merely thinking aboutit, grab a pen, and get busy! As my father always stresses (a nativeHoosier and entrepreneur himself), we only get one life and one chanceto do what we love. Consider taking an educated chance and employthese great groups and organizations to assist you on your journey. Ihave listed the organizations on the following diagram in alphabeticalorder after the diagram so you can obtain a few more details on each.You can visually see where they fit into the lifecycle of a business onthe diagram itself: 30
  • 42. The Business Lifecycle & Where to Get Support In Indianapolis Launch Should I start Business HR IT & Web Public Policy & a business? plan •Techpoint Development Incubating •Main •Media- Legislation Networking •BOI (NSI) •Purdue Street Sauce •Chambers of •BOI (NSI) •BNI Exit Strategy/ •ISBDC Research Park Institute conferences Commerce •Techpoint •PRE Recapitalization, -small bizU (Lafayette) •BOI (NSI) •IAWBO •ISBDC •Chambers* & Selling Your •SCORE •Indianapolis •Main •Economic •SCORE •WINK Business •Venture Club Enterprise Street Club of •Indy •NOWIB •Techpoint of Indiana Center Institute Indiana Partnership •NAWBO •IBJ’s Book of •Center for •IU Emerging •Techpoint •Techpoint (research) •eWomennetwork Lists: Entrepreneurship Technologies •Indiana •Rainmakers Mentoring -Venture Capital BSU Venture Center Venture •Techpoint •SCORE Firms Capital/ •Purdue Tech31 -Ground Floor Center •BOI (NSI) •BOI (NSI) -Private Equity program Loans Center of •IMCPL •HBA (life sci) •HBA (life sciences) Firms •IBJ’s Book of Indianapolis •Not for profit: Business •IHIF (life sci) •Indiana Venture -Investment -IMCPL Lists 2008 •inVenture idea •Indy CREW Center Banking -SCORE •IEDC’s (Bloomington) •BOI (NSI) •BWC •Venture Club of Indiana -Stu Sobel list of sources •See list in •ISBDC •EWI Marketing & •BWC Accelerating -BOI (NSI) •Venture Club of IBJ’s Book of •SCORE •Venture Public Relations •Butler Business Accelerator Indiana Lists 2008 •Techpoint Club of •PRSA ($5-$50 M in revenue) •ISCDC MBE/WBE Indiana Bootcamps •BOI (NSI) •Techpoint •BOI (NSI) Certifications •Online** •IEDC - Indiana •IBJ •ISBDC •Techpoint (city, state, Entrepreneurship •Indianapolis Downtown Inc. •Association of Corp. •Indiana national) Week •Main Street Institute Growth (ACG) Venture • •Indiana Venture •Indy Chamber Slingshot •Indy Chamber Center • Center Slingshot (AngelNet) •ISBDC •Incubicity •WBENC •Venture Idol (Lafayette) General: *There are several city chambers, including Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, etc. Google your city to see if you have one. Also, there is an Indiana chamber, the Indiana Black Chamber of Commerce, The Indiana State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Rainbow Chamber, and national chambers of commerce. **Online: see descriptions in listing section of book. Media Resources: Indianapolis Business Journal’s 2008 Book of Lists -, Indiana Small Business Resource Guide -,
  • 43. ACG Indiana - Association for Corporate Growth Indiana“ACG - Indiana is dedicated to helping professionals create deals andgrow businesses. ACG members are leaders driving much of the strategiccorporate growth and mergers & acquisitions in the world today. Theirtitles - CEO, CFO, senior corporate development officer, equity partner,banker, lawyer, accountant - reflect significant levels of leadership andprofessional achievement.”BBA - Butler Business Accelerator317.940.6500 BBA is a relatively new organization, but helping businesses incentral Indiana in a niche area: companies with $5-50 million inannual sales grow their already existing businesses. Also, the programuniquely pairs students up with businesses to work on projects thatwill challenge and stimulate the students, and hopefully retain themin Indiana.BNI - Business Network International, Indiana Box 19827Indianapolis, IN 46219317.891.0355hazel@bni.comBNI is a referral marketing and professional networking organization.If your business relies heavily on referrals, you might want to checkthis organization out, which has several different city chapters. Also,Hazel Walker who heads the BNI Indiana chapters is the queen ofnetworking, and teaches her techniques in several different classes andthrough organizations in the city. Look under Online NetworkingSources** below to read more about Hazel. 32
  • 44. 33
  • 45. BOI - Business Ownership Initiative - Formerly NSI - TheNeighborhood Self Employment Initiativehttp://www.nsibiz.org4755 Kingsway Dr., Suite 314Indianapolis, IN317.917.3266information@nsibiz.orgIf, for some reason, someone told you that you could only go to oneplace to get educated on the entrepreneurial process in Indy, this is theplace. The classes and workshops here are reasonably priced and theyhost some of the best professionals in the city to share their knowledge.Their Business Beginnings and Life Skills courses are amazing, realworld, and practical. They also provide business counseling, and manyother great classes that are worth every penny. If I had to do it all overagain, I would have started right here to learn about how to plan, setup, and run a business.BWC - Business Women Connecthttp://www.businesswomenconnect.com120 E. Market Street, Suite 930Indianapolis, IN 46204317.634.8006info@businesswomenconnect.comOrganization with a mission to develop women in business viamentoring, connections and resources for growth professionally. Groupalso meets for live events. Thus through their mission, this is a possibleorganization to network and provide mentoring.Center for Entrepreneurship - Ball State University W. University Ave.,Muncie, IN 47306800.382.8540For the, “ultimate entrepreneurial experience” (according to theirwebsite) you can consider learning more from the Miller College ofBusiness Entrepreneurship Center. They can assist businesses withconsulting and internship programs. Or, if you have been thinking 34
  • 46. about a MBA, you can earn one in entrepreneurship. They throughthis program also study intrapreneurship, which is something equallyvaluable for the state of Indiana and the people that live and workhere.Chambers of Commerce* - there are several chambers in the vicinityof central Indiana. Here are a few of probably many more (and to findone, just GoogleTM with the city name you desire...). Some chambersdo more networking, some do more legislative work, and others supportleadership programs and marketing efforts of small business owners.Each has slightly different missions, so check out the ones of interestand find out if they are a good fit for you.Carmel Chamber – Chamber – http://www.fisherschamber.comGreater Greenwood Chamber – Indianapolis Chamber – Christian Chamber – State Chamber – http://www.ishcc.orgIndianapolis Black Chamber – Chamber - ClubSM of Indianahttp://www.economicclubofindiana.comIn conjunction with the Indiana state chamber, this organization’smission is, “to promote an interest in, and enlighten its membershipon, important governmental, economic and social issues.” They bringin some phenomenal speakers for their meetings as well.EWI - Executive Women International: Indianapolis Chapter women’s networking organization allows members to meet andexchange ideas & information.eWomenNetwork Indianapolis chapter is part of a national organization that has“Accelerated NetworkingTM” monthly lunches at the Skyline Club. 35
  • 47. HBA - The HealthCare Businesswomen’s Association: IndianaChapter the HBA is for people in healthcare and life sciences, they dooffer a mentoring program, which may be particularly useful for womenin the entrepreneurial arena. They also have live events and networkingopportunities.IBJ - The Indianapolis Business Journalhttp://www.ibj.comAlthough the IBJ is a publication, it still has a wonderful resource calledthe Book of Lists, which includes tables in the 2008 Book of Lists forbiggest Indiana Venture Capital firms and biggest business incubatorsin the state. (See the media section for more details on the book of listsand how to get it.)IEDC - The Indiana Economic Development CorporationOne North Capitol, Suite 700Indianapolis, IN 46204317.232.8800 site has a section just for entrepreneurs - with subsections onfunding of a business and starting a business. This is a good site to startwith before you even take your first class or write your first businessplan. Keep your eye on it for some big, great changes in 2008 to makestarting a business even easier!IHIF - The Indiana Health Industry Forum351 W 10th Street, Suite 216Indianapolis, IN 46202317.278.9970 not for profit organization is great for networking if your businessis in the life sciences sector. Also, they have a great online resource ofcompanies in Indiana in life sciences, and a company state map. 36
  • 48. IMCPL - Central Library40 E. St. Clair StreetIndianapolis, IN 46204317.275.4100Believe it or not, the central library now has classes on entrepreneurship,as well as grant writing for not for profits (we heart the library)! Justcheck out their calendar of events: - Official Website of the State of Indiana is another good site just starting out as a business owner, whichincludes the Secretary of State’s Guide to Starting a Business (, and other forms forstarting a business with the state. Also, this is the place to learn moreabout becoming a certified minority and/or women’s business enterprise(MBE/WBE) with the state of Indiana. Here is the specific page forthat process: Indiana Venture Center902 N Capitol Ave., Suite 302Indianapolis, IN 46204317.684.6700http://www.incubicity.comIncubicity is specifically for north central Indiana. However, theyhold seminars and events to help entrepreneurs turn great ideas intobusinesses. 37
  • 49. Indiana Entrepreneurship Weekhttp://www.indianaentrepreneurship.comA bunch of really cool organizations and people gather in Novemberfor Indiana Entrepreneurship week. (The organizations included area few of the not for profit organizations we mention in this section,along with some for profit businesses, including Bitwise Solutions)to host a fabulous, all-things-entrepreneurial week. World renownedspeakers have been in, there is a long calendar of events on the websitefor entrepreneurs around the state to attend, and a Collegiate Idolcompetition where students can get their business plans out into theuniverse. If you haven’t been but have the entrepreneurial bug, considerattending in 2008.Indiana Venture Center902 N Capitol Ave., Suite 302Indianapolis, IN 46204317.684.6700 Venture Center can assist with a range of work along the businesslifecycle, from an entrepreneur self assessment online, all the waythrough to funding and accelerating a business. The organizationalso hosts SmallBizU, an online tutorial, and AngelNet, which bringsinvestors and businesses together.Indianapolis Downtown, Inc.111 Monument Circle, Suite 1900Indianapolis, IN 46204317.237.2222http://www.indydt.comIDI is a not-for-profit organization that manages, markets and developsdowntown Indianapolis and the cultural districts. They also havea groovy database of ongoing construction projects and parking fordowntown (when events make it a challenge to find a decent space).Also, they have a free newsletter with things to do and places to goin downtown Indianapolis, which is a must for small business ownersmarketing in the downtown area. For their members, they also have acalendar of events coming up in downtown Indy. 38
  • 50. Indianapolis Enterprise Center55 South State AvenueIndianapolis, IN 46201317.634.7393 In October 2007, this firm was purchased by an undisclosed Californiacompany. Prior to purchase, the incubator assisted small businesses toprosper during early stages of business development.Indy CREW - The Indianapolis Chapter of Commercial Real EstateWomen450 E. 96th Street, Suite 500Indianapolis, IN 46240317.581.6155http://www.indycrew.orgNetworking organization for people in and around commercial realestate.Indy Partnership111 Monument Circle, Suite 1800Indianapolis, IN 46204317.236.6262http://www.iedc.comNot for profit organization that helps businesses in Marion andsurrounding counties by providing research in key sectors of business(like life sciences, manufacturing, IT, logistics, and motorsports). Theyhave an information warehouse on their - City of Indianapolis websiteThis is the site for WBE/MBE certification with the city of Indianapolis.Specific details are found here: (If you seek a certification with thestate, it is a separate certification from the city’s certification process.Why? Not sure. It would appear to make more sense to have the sameapplication with a box to check for both certifications, but then again,when did the government ever make logical sense?) 39
  • 51. inVenture501 N. Morton St., Suite 100Bloomington, IN 47404812-335-7356http://www.inventuretech.comThis is Bloomington’s business incubator/office park. As a side note,Bloomington is a great place to start a business too. There are a lot ofgreat entrepreneurial minds in this seemingly small college town. Thisfacility has a lot of great monthly events and leases office space andresources to business owners.ISBDC - Indiana Small Business Development Center organization provides business information resources to the smallbusiness owner, and classes/workshops on business development. Hasa “small biz toolbox” on its site for the start up.ISCDC - Indiana Statewide Certified Development Corporation is Indiana’s “largest lender of funds from the US Small BusinessAdministration 504 loan program.”Main Street Institute Main Street Institute is a partnership project between the IUKelley School of Business and the Greater Indianapolis Chamber ofCommerce. This partnership program hosts classes and workshops forthe small business owner on topics ranging from HR, to technology,and marketing.Online Networking Sources**I listed this in the flow chart under networking generically, but thereare hundreds if not thousands of online networking organizations.Indianapolis has some Meetups just for entrepreneurs ( LinkedIn, Plaxo, Ryze, Orkut, Jigsaw, Spoke, Ecademy,Fast Pitch, and social sites can be utilized for business as well, such asFacebook, MySpace, Second Life, Cyworld and Friendster, among 40
  • 52. others. There are several different types of networking organizationshere in central Indiana and online (like, butfrankly, the best place in town to learn networking professionally isfrom Hazel Walker at The Referral Institute. The website is: or you can Google Hazel. Tell her wereferred you.NAWBO - The National Association of Women Business Owners:Indiana Chapterhttp://www.nawboindy.orgThe NAWBO Indy chapter is one of the largest in the nation with over200 members and growing. This dynamic group of women meets on amonthly basis and hosts various prominent public figures in and aroundbusiness in central Indiana, and supports women business owners withan annual end of the year awards luncheon. Some members of thisorganization have also started a separate policy and political actioncommittee called IAWBO for issues of women business owners in thestate. Although NAWBO does have political action at a national level,the IAWBO also works at the state policy level for women businessowners.NOWIB - The Network of Women in Businesshttp://www.nowib.comNOWIB has monthly meetings for their members, one of which is anentrepreneur/business owner monthly breakfast the first Thursday of themonth at LePeep Restaurant at 8487 Union Chapel Road, Indianapolis.They also have a life balance group and others on their website. Finally,they honor a networker of the year through this organization, as well asa Businesswoman of the year.PRE - The Professional Referral Exchangeh t t p : // w w w. p r o r e f x . c o m /i n d e x . c f m ? f u s e a c t i o n = h o m e .chapters&ID=22There are several chapters of the PRE in and around Indianapolis fornetworking, including Castleton, Carmel, Fishers, Northeast, Willow 41
  • 53. Lake, Zionsville and Indy South. This organization can assist memberswith professional referrals.PRSA - The Public Relations Society of America - HoosierChapter317.264.3634 organization consists of over 400 members and growing. However,for the business owner, the most important contact this organizationprovides is to the media. They have frequent ‘meet the media’ eventswhere business owners can literally meet the press. If you are a youngermedia professional, you can join Hoosier New Pros, which is a groupthat meets monthly to network and learn more about the world ofmedia & PR.Purdue Research Park3000 Kent AvenueWest Lafayette, IN 47906-1075765.494.8645http://www.purdueresearchpark.comAlthough the park lies in West Lafayette, it offers a lot to businessowners. There are incubation services, and the Purdue GatewaysProgram in order to help businesses work more effectively with theuniversity.Purdue Tech Center of IndianapolisThe ‘coming soon’ research park was announced in June, 2007 to be partof the Indianapolis landscape and utilized as a business accelerator park.It will be near the midfield terminal of the Indianapolis InternationalAirport.RainmakersTM is a business networking organization in Indianapolis andhas meetings around the city. 42
  • 54. SBA - The US Small Business Administration - Indianapolis DistrictOffice8500 Keystone CrossingSuite 400 Indianapolis, IN 46240-2460317.226.7272 US Small Business Administration is another basic site to start atwhen beginning a business. Site also has links to federal governmentbusiness guides.SCORE - Indianapolis - Chapter 00068500 Keystone Crossing, Suite 401Indianapolis, IN 46240317.226.7264http://www.indyscore.orgSCORE provides free business counseling to small and new businessowners, hosts workshops, and has working and retired executives donatetheir time as counselors.Slingshotc/o Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce is a program hosted by the Indy Chamber, Eli Lilly andConexus Indiana, in which established but smaller businesses gain anaudience with larger potential companies to showcase their companyin hopes to accelerate revenue growth for emerging businesses. If youare a smaller business owner and want to get an audience in Slingshot,you must fill out the application at the website above.Stuart Sobel Consulting1.866.477.5012 is not a lot of detail on not for profit business set up here, but ifyou are in the mood for exploring how to set up a not for profit businessin central Indiana (or anywhere for that matter) there is a great resourceright here in Indianapolis to learn from on this process, Mr. Sobel. Ifyou are lucky, you can catch his how to set up a not for profit business 43
  • 55. class he occasionally teaches at SBDC. If nothing else after taking oneof his classes, you will understand and appreciate how much work it isto start a not for profit business.Techpoint7820 Innovation Blvd., Suite 220Indianapolis, Indiana 46278“The group’s mission is to transform Indiana into a recognizedtechnology leader by developing relevant policy, catalyzing change,and measuring the state’s progress.” They offer classes, a calendar ofevents, and work on advocacy of technology business owners at the stateand policy level. They also work on Entrepreneurship Week in Indiana(typically in November). If you want to start a business that involvestechnology, this is a good place to check out.Venture Club of IndianaAttn: Marketing Department11 South Meridian StreetIndianapolis, IN 46204317.231.6447http://www.ventureclub.orgThis is a member-based organization that creates opportunities fornetworking and hearing some of the best speakers in the world onentrepreneurship (think Guy Kawaski...and if you don’t know who heis, Google him.) This group meets for lunch on a regular basis. Theyalso host Venture Idol, a really cool program to allow young start upcompanies to compete for a $10,000 grand prize, plus the opportunityto show their company off to VCs, Angels and other entrepreneurs.WBENC - The Women’s Business Enterprise National Councilhttp://www.wbenc.orgThis is the national level certification platform for WBEs. They alsohave a lot of reports and information included on their website. Oneof their best tools is a ‘should I be certified’ tool right under their ‘getcertified’ tab. 44
  • 56. 45
  • 57. WINK - Women Increasing Networking KnowledgeSponsor: National City Bank21 N Rangeline RoadCarmel, IN 46032317.846.4043 x 236wink@nationalcity.comThis is a networking organization sponsored by National City Bankin Indy that holds live events for women. As a side note, it’s cool to seea bank actually doing something else for the community beyond itstraditional role. 46
  • 58. Coffee & CakeMarie-Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake.” Originally thought of asa mean spirited comment to the French people, I think the sister wason the right track instead. Throw in some coffee along with the cake,and I’m hooked for life. Now you have the background on why coffee& cake are together - I can’t live without either one!Even if you don’t drink coffee, first off - thanks because that meansmore for us - but you still probably need a few coffee houses or two tomeet others in a third space (which many define as a place other thanhome or work). If you are tired of the large coffee chains, there arealternatives in Indianapolis. One of our local favorites is Hubbard &Cravens ( Not only do they have coolspaces, but they also have free wi-fi, which is mission critical if you areworking out of the office.Finally, if you like to support the local coffee houses (and who doesn’t),check out the website: Not only does thissite tell you where the indie coffee spots are in town, but it also tells youwhether or not they have free wi-fi and other services. If you prefer teato coffee, try Tea’s Me - 140 East 22nd Street Suite B, Indianapolis, IN46202 - 317.920.1016, If you don’t have enoughcoffee at your office or other facilities, try Mission Coffee & TeaCompany, Inc. ( Not only can theysupply your space with great coffee and tea – the coffee company “with 47
  • 59. a conscience” donates back portions of their revenue back to charitiesof the customer’s choice – a total win-win for the coffee fanatic. Also,if you are REALLY into coffee, you can join The Indianapolis CoffeeMeetup -, to go along with that fabulous cup of steaming brew, one musthave cake, or something with a little sugar in it. Here are our picks forsweet treats deluxe in Indy:Rene’s Bakery - - the littleblue house in Broad Ripple rocks. Everything is carryout, but it’s goodenough not to care. Hell, it’s good enough to eat right there on the spot.Go in and pick something fresh and you will thank us.Taylor’s Bakery, on the way toCastleton (6216 N Allisonville) and in Fishers (8395 E 116th Street) isa staple in the Indianapolis community, and has some stellar cakes andfresh goodies that you too can carry out.If you want something one-of-a-kind, The Whimsical Wisk and owner Clare Welage can whipsomething up for you. As Indianapolis’ first patisserie, she customdesigns orders for the client.If yeast donuts are what you crave, head to Long’s Bakery - 1453 N.Tremont Street, Indianapolis, IN - 317.632.3741 and stock up.Finally, if you need a birthday cake, it is still arguable, but the bestcake in town our collective opinion is Kroger’s ( cake with the whipped icing is super yummy and will put asmile on a birthday cake lover’s face. 48
  • 60. Comedy Clubs & VenuesEveryone needs a good laugh now and then. Here are some IndyComedy Clubs to get your funny bone going:ComedySportz721 Massachusetts Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204www.comedysportz.com317.951.8499Crackers Comedy Club247 S Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225www.crackerscomedy.com317.631.3536Crackers Comedy Club6281 N. College Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46220www.crackerscomedy.com317.255.4211One Liners Comedy Club50 Airport Parkway, #E, Greenwood, IN 46143www.onelinerscomedy.com317.889.5233 49
  • 61. Communities OnlineWhether you are networking locally, regionally or nationally online,here are some no-brainer resources to network in and around Indy andthe global community at large:Craig’s List’s list is a catch all for classified ads, people looking for roommates,dates or...other things. One of the best sections on Craig’s List is the‘Missed Connections’“Facebook is a social directory that enables people to share information.Launched in February 2004, Facebook helps people better understandtheir world by giving them access to the information that is mostrelevant to them.”“With more than 30 million members, Friendster is the best way to stayin touch with your friends and it’s the fastest way to discover the peopleand things that matter to you most.”Indymojo“Indianapolis’s 100% free locally focused community web site.” Theyhave various channels, topics, and updates on live events in and around 50
  • 62. Indy. People can also login and setup profiles and blogs of their ownon topics.LinkedInwww.linkedin.comMore of a business networking site, it is used by many in professionalcircles in Indianapolis.Meetup - Indy Groupswww.meetup.comThere are too many Indy meetups to count!An online meeting and events link up, which you are probably alreadyfamiliar with - there is an Indy singles meetup group, and others whichwe try to call out throughout this book in relevant topics.MySpacehttp://www.myspace.comMyspace probably needs no introduction.Smaller“SI makes creative people and innovative ideas easier to find.” 51
  • 63. ComputersComputers are everywhere, but technical support isn’t. Here are someplaces in Indy to go for computer help, should you need it in order toprevent reenactment of scenes from Office Space.Applepickers user’s group in Fishers.The Apple Store - Keystone at the Crossing store has a live Genius bar that you can schedule appointments withonline at the link above. I love it when my computer breaks and I cantalk to a human being face to face. (Not into phone tech support.)HoosierMac Consultinghttp://www.hoosiermac.com317-534-0562info@hoosiermac.comHoosierMac does everything from one person setups to creativedepartments in large companies for Apple computers. They also offerhosted services such as collaborative/spam-free email, and they do housecalls!Indianapolis Marion County Public Librarywww.imcpl.orgIf you have a library card, you can get on one of their computers towork on the internet at any of their branches. You can also take classesat some of their branches on computer use. 52
  • 64. eWireless.netwww.ewireless.netHas the grooviest wi-fi hotspot directory so you can work on the go.Just go to their homepage and click on ‘hotspot directory’ for a listingof all the free hotspots in town...then bookmark the site. This is oneyou’ll want to keep.Fry’s9820 Kincaid DriveFishers, IN317.594.3101 you need a weird computer piece, an external hard drive, or anythingelectronic, chances are this place has it. Caution: do not let the sizeof the place overwhelm you, just ask one of their associates wearing awhite shirt and black tie where something is and they’ll give you therow number. Just try not to get lost!Meetupwww.meetup.comJust plug in Indianapolis and you’ll find a PHP developer’s club, mySQL,Linux, a developer’s meetup, and even a graphic artists meetup group.Online helpTry,, or if you have a Mac, Ofcourse, the Geek Squad ® works out of the Castleton area and can assist.Info is in on the website: to Recycle ComputersCheck out Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s list here: 53
  • 65. Dating OrganizationsIf you are single and seeking that special someone, check out theseonline and offline options for“We provide the conduit that allows people to get together to seek outother singles for fun, dating, romance or friendship.” They have localspeed dating events - go to the site and plug in your zip code to see thelocal Indy events.Eharmony.comwww.eharmony.comRelationship matchmaking site.Eligible“Eligible Greeks is a Greek personals and Greek friends communitydesigned to help you meet that special partner.”Great Boyfriendswww.greatboyfriends.comFind a great, recommended catch here.Great service for singles, with a local office at: 3500 DepauwAve, Indianapolis, IN. 54
  • 66. Indy Lock & Key Events events where one gender gets the locks, the other gets the keys andyou pair up.IndySingleScene.com with a goal is for those attending their live events to makeconnections with other singles, whether for networking, friendship,dating or more.Jdate.comhttp://www.jdate.comInternet dating site for those of Jewish faith.Match.comwww.match.comOne of Indy’s most popular dating sites.No Strings Speed Dating & Introduction Servicewww.nostringsdate.comSpeed dating service. Check website for local events.Plenty of Fish online dating profile site.The Singles Coach“Amy Owens, The Singles Coach, is an experienced and trusted guidefor singles who are serious about finding life mates.”Have local events, but some of the workshops are in their final rounds,ever. Hurry! 55
  • 67. Togetherwww.togetherdating.comIntroduction service with an office at: 11495 North Pennsylvania Street,Suite 220, Carmel, IN 46032.Yahoo Personals website, and equally as popular in Indy as 56
  • 68. DiningHere’s the deal with this section: there are so many organizations andgroups already that list out dining opportunities, reviews, and restaurantlistings, we just aren’t going to go with a listing of the hundreds if notthousands of choices in central Indiana where you can get a meal. But,in this section, we can tell you where to look for ideas on restaurants,and yes, we’ll even give you a few of our favorites (in our very biasedopinions)!First, if you seek a general directory on Indy and surroundingarea restaurants, try Indianapolis Dine magazine, For twelve bucks, you can get a one-yearsubscription. This mag will list out all things restaurant-y for you. Also,Indianapolis Monthly magazine has a listing of restaurants in the Indy area every month at theback of their publications. Finally, if blogging is more your thing, youcan read Feed Me, Drink Me, which is a local Indy blog on the culinary scene.If you are a vegetarian, we have a couple of recommendations: Abyssina(5352 W. 38th Street, which servesEthiopian cuisine and has a lot of options for vegans and vegetarians,Iaria’s Italian Restaurant (317 S. College Ave, not all vegetarian, but good Italian with vegetarian options, andCheesecake Factory (Keystone at the Crossing Mall, http://www. 57
  • 69. although a chain, has many vegetarian options.The Indianapolis Vegetarian Society ( has a link with some vegetarian options in town too.Now--onto our very biased opinions on the best spots in town to feedyour belly (and maybe even your soul a bit too). First, we went all local(no chains here, unless of course they are local chains). Second, thefood just rocks at these do check them out and support yourlocal foodie entrepreneurs that are spicing up our city, to speak:Blu Martini96th & Gray RoadIndianapolis, IN 46240317.566.8650 have very few bars/clubs in this book. However, Blu Martiniis much more than just a bar. If you love sushi and a great martinitogether, this is probably the only place in the city where you can getboth at the same time. You can also reserve booths for special events,and owner Bill is a classic young professional that we love to support!Elements415 N. Alabama StreetIndianapolis, IN 46204317.634.8888 food is a little pricey here, but it’s worth it. If you want somethinga little off the beaten path or have some pretentious friends coming infrom out of town and think we only eat at fast food joints, this may bea good option for you. It is also around the new cultural trail so youcan see construction moving along nicely, view the big noisy head outto the restaurant’s side, and have some really eclectic, groovy food.GT South’s Rib House5711 E 71st Street, Indianapolis, IN (Castleton) 46220 317.849.6997 58
  • 70. 4919 S Emerson Avenue, Indianapolis, IN (Beech Grove) 46203317.791.6637 restaurant has been voted the best in the city for barbecue formany years as the first and only real southern BBQ restaurant. Theyalso sell their sauce. If you aren’t into ribs, they also have amazingcomfort food.L’Explorateur653 Ferguson St.Indianapolis, IN 46220317.726.6906 chef Neal Brown rocks the house - literally at L’Explorateur.The restaurant is in an old house, but it’s sleek and modern on theinside, and the food matches. It too is a little pricey, but if you likeBroad Ripple and want to make things a little special for the evening,stop in or make a reservation. Also, Brown is trying some wine andhors d’oeuvres events at his shop - keep your eye on InTake/Indy.comfor details on when they occur.Matteo’s40 N. 9th StreetNoblesville, IN 46060317.774.9771 are plenty of places to get Italian in and around the city, but this isour favorite. Their fresh herb bread is phenomenal, and the restaurant isright on the Noblesville square, so after dinner, you can walk the carbsoff. You will not leave hungry.Oh Yumm!5615 N. Illinois StreetIndianapolis, IN317.251.5656 59
  • 71. Between the name and the cozy space, this place is so cute, you justwant to pinch it. The food is great to boot. They also cater (and actuallystarted as a catering business). The 56th & Illinois corridor is also agreat old school version of what a strip mall should be - independentswith unique one-of-a-kind items. (Like Kincaid’s meats and G. ThrappJewelers’ estate and antique jewelry.)Petit Patachou823 Westfield Blvd.Indianapolis, IN 46220317.259.0765 Patachou actually is a local chain started by Martha Hoover, whichnow has grown to several locations throughout the city. The cutest ofthem all is Petit Patachou, where you can meet for a cozy brunch thenhead over to Broad Ripple and explore. The omelet of the day comeswith fresh homemade toasted bread varieties and fruit - yum! The onlyway Petit could be better is to serve the hazelnut coffee available overat Cafe Patachou on 49th & Penn, but the plain Jane coffee is prettydarn good too.R Bistro888 Massachusetts AvenueIndianapolis, IN 46202317.423.0312 Regina Mehallick is awesome because she tries her best to uselocally grown ingredients and keep things simple, so she’s really beengoing green even before it was cool. She has won countless awards forher cooking, and R is even open for lunch.Sakura7201 N. Keystone Ave.Indianapolis, IN317.259.4171 60
  • 72. If you love sushi, this is the place to be in town. Sit in Becky’s sectionwhen you go, and if you like beef, try the Negimayaki. The soft shellcrab roll is what they are known for too. They also have carryout if theyare packed to the gills, and the menu is online.Sawasdee1222 W. 86th Street (86th & Ditch)Indianapolis, IN 46260317.844.9451Get your Thai on here. It is unpretentious, cozy, and always packed,but great place to get some of the best Thai in town.Shapiro’s Deli808 S Meridian, Indianapolis, IN 46225 317.631.4041918 S Rangeline Road, Carmel, IN 46032 317.573.3354 original Shapiro’s Deli downtown was opened in 1905 as a smallgrocery store, and today is a staple in the Indianapolis community. Youcan get the best corned beef sandwich in the city here AND enjoy freewi-fi. They also have carryout, and cleverly stick their pies and cakes atthe front of the line at your weakest moment--but the carbs are worthit.Some Guys Pizza6235 N. Allisonville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46220 317.257.136412552 N. Gray Road, Carmel, IN 46033 317.706.8888 was some heated debate regarding the best pizza place in town,but not only is the pizza great at Some Guys, but their flatbread andhouse salad make a meal in and of itself. The place is always packed tooon the weekends, so try takeout if you can’t get a table.St. Elmo’s Steakhouse127 South Illinois StreetIndianapolis, IN 46225317.635.0636 61
  • 73. You can’t mess with tradition, and St. Elmo’s has been around since1902. The item they are best known for is not only steak, but alsothe shrimp cocktail, which is horseradish hot and dee-lish. They alsoopened sister restaurant Harry & Izzy’s downtown recently too.Taste Cafe & Marketplace5164 N. College Ave.Indianapolis, IN 46205317.925.2233www.tastecafeandmarketplace.comThis is a relatively new lunch/brunch spot in Broad Ripple that is superyummy. They have great salads, sandwiches, and they too have thesticky sweet stuff right up at the register to tempt you.Yats5463 N. College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 317.253.8817659 Mass. Ave, Indianapolis, IN 317.686.63808352 E. 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 317.585.1792www.yatscajuncreole.comOwner Joe Vuskovich was born in New Orleans and has blessed us withhis cooking. (Thanks Joe!) Not only is the cajun/creole food tasty, but italso is bargain priced, which has built in some fierce young professionalloyalists (myself included). Try the Chili Cheese Etouffee. Caution:you’ll find that once you start, it’s hard to live Yats-free. Don’t say wedidn’t warn you.Restaurants with Communal TablesA communal table is a restaurant that usually has one large table thatanyone can sit at and meet total strangers over a meal. It is a prettycool concept, but there is only one place we know of in the city with acommunal table, listed below:Chancellor’ Place, IUPUI campus 62
  • 74. DiversityIndianapolis enjoys a diverse cultural population, thanks in part byall the following organizations that promote diversity in the city andstate:100 Black Men of Indianapolis“Today the organization has grown to over 106 chapters with morethan 10,000 members who continue to strive to improve the qualityof life in our communities and enhance the educational and economicopportunities for African Americans.”American Turkish Association of Indiana“Founded in 2001, the American Turkish Association of Indiana (ATA-IN) is a non-political, non-profit (tax-exempt) organization foundedto promote better understanding between the American and Turkishpeoples.”Asian American Alliance“The mission of Asian American Alliance is to promote and advancecentral Indiana’s Asian Community toward civic leadership andcommunity service.”Asian Help Services“Asian Help Services (AHS) was established in 1986 as a not-for-profitnonsectarian organization by the United Methodist Church Metropolitan 63
  • 75. Ministries. AHS assists immigrants, business people, students, andvisitors and their families from Asia to Central Indiana.”Association of International Women of Indianapolis“To facilitate social interaction between women from the USA andother countries.”The Athenaeum Foundation Athenaeum Foundation supports the Rathskeller and the Ath-enaeum Building in downtown Indianapolis. The Rathskeller has beenvoted the best German Restaurant seven years in a row in downtownIndy.The Diversity Roundtable of Indianapolis“The Roundtable provides a forum for leaders, advocates, andsupporters of organizational diversity efforts to network, enhancediversity competencies, and advocate for diversity-sensitive policies andpractices.”Fiesta Indianapolis“The mission of Fiesta Indianapolis, Inc. is to promote and preserveLatino culture.”Gay Indy“GayIndy.Org is a not-for-profit volunteer organization designed to bean online clearinghouse of information for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual,and Transgender community in Indiana.”German American Klub of Indianapolis includes clubs within the Klub, and they have rental spacefor events. 64
  • 76. German Language Video Center of Heidelberg Haus7625 Pendleton PikeIndianapolis, Indiana 46226-5298Rare and old German movies are available here. And while there, youcan get some home made German pastry at the Heidelberg Haus.The Hispanic Center/El Centro Hispano E North Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204317.636.6551Advocacy & Human rights organization serving the Hispaniccommunity of central Indiana.India Association of Indianapolis“ India Association of Indianapolis is a non-profit organization thatbrings together people of Asian-Indian origin who live in the centralIndiana area.”Indiana Black Expo’s mission is. “To be an effective voice and vehicle for the social andeconomic advancement of African-Americans.” It is one of the largest(if not the largest) black expo in the entire country.Indiana Council on World Affairs“ICWA fosters public understanding of world conditions andappreciation of the significance and effect of these conditions on theUnited States.”Indiana Youth Group - supporting LGBT Youth 65
  • 77. “IYG provides a safe place, a confidential environment, youthdevelopment programs and support services which foster personalstrength and wellness among self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual andtransgender young people.”Indianapolis Latvian Community Center“The Indianapolis Latvian Community Center is located at 1008 W.64th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46260. “The Center” is frequentlythe location of Latvian-sponsored events including plays, dance andchoir performances, speeches, and holiday celebrations. It is alsoavailable for rent to both members of the Latvian community and thegeneral public.”Indy Pride, Inc.“Indy Pride Inc., through its purpose, fosters events that seek toeducate, honor the history of the GLBT communities and celebratethe diversity of and create unity, in and between, the Lesbian, Gay,Bisexual, Transgender and Straight communities.”Indy Rainbow Chamber of Commerce“The Indianapolis Rainbow Chamber of Commerce seeks to: Promotebusinesses owned by, operated by, or supportive of the local GLBTAcommunity.”International Center of Indianapolis“As the best community resource for people with international needs, theInternational Center of Indianapolis (ICI) helps the greater Indianapoliscommunity to welcome and connect people of all cultures.” As a sidenote, the International Center of Indianapolis develops and prints theInternational Guide to Greater Indianapolis, which is a phenomenalguide for those moving to Indy from other countries and published inEnglish, Spanish, and French. For a copy, logon to their website andcontact information is included under ‘publications.’ 66
  • 78. IUPUI Max Kade German-American Center“The Center provides the Indianapolis community, the state of Indiana,and the eastern area of the Mid-West with a center for conductingresearch into its German-American history and heritage.”Jack and Jill of America, Indianapolis Chapter“The mission of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. seeks to create a medium ofcontact for children which will stimulate their growth and developmentand provide constructive educational, cultural, civic, recreation, socialand service programs for children.”Japan-America Society of Indiana“The Japan-America Society of Indiana (JASI) is a not-for-profit culturaland educational organization whose mission is to serve as a bridge offriendship between the people of Indiana and Japan.”Jewish Community Center“The JCC shall be guided by the principles of Judaism and democracyand shall promote an understanding of, and commitment to, Jewishthought, beliefs and values.” JCC also has a singles group.Mexican Civic Association“It is our mission to address the needs of the community by providinginformation and help with problem solving to ensure the most basichuman rights of each individual in the community.”National Black MBA Association of Indianapolis of MBA professionals & students. 67
  • 79. National Coalition of 100 Black Women“The NCBW mission is the development of socially conscious femaleleaders who are committed to furthering equity and empowerment forwomen of color in the society-at-large.”National Organization for the Professional Advancement of BlackChemists and Chemical Engineers“NOBCChE is committed to the discovery, transmittal, and applicationof knowledge in the fields of science and engineering.”The National Society of Black Engineers“The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) with more than18,000 members, is the largest student-managed organization in thecountry.”National Society of Hispanic MBAs - Indianapolis Chapter“The National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) is a professionalorganization that was created in 1988 to “foster Hispanic leadershipthrough graduate management education and professional developmentin order to improve society.”Nationalities Council of Indiana“The Nationalities Council is a non-profit, all-volunteer educationalfoundation comprised of more than 50 ethnic or national affinityorganizations.”Nur-Allah Islamic Center East 46th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46205Islamic community in Indianapolis. 68
  • 80. Scottish Society of Indianapolis Society promotes education about Scottish culture through itsmonthly meetings, participation in activities such as the InternationalFestival, & other festivals locally.Sister Cities International - Indiana State Chapter North Meridian Street, Suite 300, Carmel, IN 46032Indy has sister cities! Check them out at this website.World Trade Club of Indiana“The World Trade Club of Indiana is an independent, nonprofitorganization founded to promote interest and activity in world trade,and to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and innovations formutual cooperation and assistance among those engaged in internationaltrade and services.” 69
  • 81. Domestic ArtsThis section was a bit of a challenge - where do you stick organizationslike quilting bees or gardening clubs? So, we created a section fullyfocused on all things domestic. Stand back Rachel Ray and MarthaStewart, there’s some domestic Hoosier peeps coming to kick domesticarts up a notch! (By the way, our definition of “domestic” is, “fond ofhome life and household affairs” so men and women can equally beinterested in and excel within the domestic arts.)Cooking & The Culinary ArtsChef’s Academy of Indianapolis Appliance Classes’s Gourmet Foods Greg Fine Lines Class by Estridge (click on what’scooking)Ivy Tech Community College 70
  • 82. Lawrence Township Community Education Classes’s - 5151 E 82nd Street, Indianapolis, 46250 - 317.841.1974This Michael’s store offers an in store calendar of classes and events yearround, including a Wilton Method Cake Decorating Class.Oakley’s Bistro Chef for a Day Programhttp://www.oakleysbistro.comPalomino Sunday Lunch Class (Sign up for email listserv on dates andtimes for classes.)GardeningIMA Horticultural Society more about gardening through this organization, or socializewith other green thumbs in Indy. Also, check out the greenhouse atthe IMA for some exotic plants in spring & summer.Indianapolis Hosta Society“Our members are hosta gardening enthusiasts who gather regularlyto learn more about shade gardening, to work together on club andcommunity projects, and share our gardening experiences with eachother and the public.” They host a big display at the Orchard in BloomFestival in May.IUPUI’s CLN Home and Garden Course on “Decorate YourOutdoor Living Space” in the summertime, this class helps you figure out how to masterplan your green thumb and trick out your outdoor space. 71
  • 83. Home DecoratingIUPUI Community Learning Network have classes on room decorating all the way up to a certificateprogram on Home & Garden. Look online at the course catalog under“Home and Garden”.Sewing & Textile ArtsIndianapolis Art Centerhttp://www.indplsartcenter.orgThey host classes on fabric decor, and textile design (how to read apattern, take measurements and do seams.) Project Runway, here wecome!Knitting Guilds in Indianapolis are too many to list here, but you can check them all out at thewebsite above.Quilters Guild of Indianapolis“The Quilters Guild of Indianapolis, Inc., is a non profit organizationopen to anyone interested in quilts or quilting.”SWIFT - Spinners & Weavers of Indiana Fibers & Textiles“We are spinners, weavers, dyers, knitters and others who encouragelearning and doing fiber activities in the State of Indiana through anetwork of contacts.”WoodworkingIndianapolis Art Center820 East 67th StreetIndianapolis, IN 46220 72
  • 84. 317.255.2464 IAC offers basic and intermediate woodworking classes.Woodcraft7330 East 86th StreetIndianapolis, IN 46256317.578.3400 have a bunch of classes listed on their site about woodworking- basics (intro to woodworking), how to make a pen, how to veneer,and learn to turn! 73
  • 85. Farmers’ MarketsOne of the best ways to go green is to buy local goods grown right herein Indiana. Check out any of the farmers’ markets below to buy fresh,locally grown good stuff.38th & Meridian Farmers’ Market United Methodist Church - 3808 N Meridian St.Mid May through October - 4-6:30 pm ThursdaysAbundant Life Farmers’ MarketNo website, but at the Abundant Life Church - 7606 E 82nd St, IndyJune 8 -Sept 284-7 pm Thursdays317.585.9162Broad Ripple Farmers’ Market Ripple Village AssnMay 27-Oct 288 am-12 noon Saturdays - Near Broad Ripple High School317.251.2782Carmel Farmers’ Marketwww.carmelfarmersmarket.comJune 3- Sept 30 7:3011 am Saturdays317.710.0162 74
  • 86. Farmers’ Market at the BarnNo web info available at press time - but across from Indiana State FairThrough Sept 309 am - 1 pm Saturdays1201 E 38th St, IndianapolisFishers Farmers’ Marketwww.fisherschamber.comJune 3-Oct78 am - 12 noon Saturdays317.578.0700Indianapolis Farmers’ Market Market - Downtown Indianapolis - 222 E Market StreetMay through October - 10 am-1:30 pm.Currently undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation, you must checkout this original city market, one of only a few left in the entire country.With their grand re-opening this spring, they will offer many new andexciting events year round.Johnny’s Market6335 N. College Ave.Indianapolis, IN 46220Spring until ChristmasOk, not technically a Farmer’s market, but Johnny’s has been aroundIndy for a long time, and has the best Christmas trees in the winter(Frasier and Noble Firs are right out of a storybook.) For you greeniesout there, the Green gurus say it’s best to buy a fresh tree over a fakeone anyway, so splurge and go fresh when you can.Noblesville Farmers’ Market Oct 148a-12:30p Saturdays Noblesville Main St.317.776.0205 75
  • 87. Traders Point Creamery Farmers’ Market Moore Road, ZionsvilleOrganic Farmers’ market and it runs year round.Zionsville Farmers’ Marketwww.zionsvillechamber.orgJune 3-Sept 307:30 am - 10:30 am Saturdays317.873.3836 76
  • 88. Festivals & Shows Throughout CentralIndianaIt is a bit of a challenge to list all Indianapolis area festivals with exactdates, so we instead listed them by general time of the year they occur(by month). Also, if you would like a listing of festivals occurringthroughout Indiana, try the Indiana State Festivals Association’swebsite - which lists all festivals inIndiana by month.Here are some of the bigger and better known Indianapolis basedfestivals with rough dates listed by month. Make sure you check themout online to verify dates and times, as they change from year to year.JanuaryHearthside SuppersEnjoy the hands on experience of 19th-century meal preparation.A guided tour of the Conner Prairie home follows the dinner. Jan -Mar.317.776.6000Indianapolis Home ShowOver 750 exhibits from gardening to decorating and remodeling.Indiana State fairgrounds.317.705.8719 77
  • 89. The Annual Greater Indianapolis Garage SaleIf you love bargain hunting and junque-tiquing, this annual sale isover 30 years old and draws a phenomenal crowd every year at the statefairgrounds. Get your bargain face on, and get there early.317.236.6515Indiana Convention Center Bridal ShowAll things bridal usually comes in January in Indy. Check the conventioncenter’s calendar for details: Restaurant Week - WinterThe 2008 running of Indy Restaurant week is Jan 21-Feb 2, 2008.There is a summer tour as well. Building Green SymposiumLearn how to build a LEED building, and take Indiana into the nextwave of building with a green conscience. History Month CelebrationThis event highlights the accomplishments and contributions of African-Americans. Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.317.334.3322MarchBig Ten Conference Women’s Basketball TournamentBig Ten Teams compete for the title of conference champion. ConsecoFieldhouse.317.846.6601 78
  • 90. Flower and Patio ShowOver 230,000 square feet of gardens, which include trees, flowers,ponds and fountains. Indiana State Fairgrounds.317.576.9933IHSAA Boy’s State Basketball FinalsIndiana’s top high school boy’s basketball teams compete for the classchampionship. Conseco Fieldhouse.317.846.6601IHSAA Girl’s State Basketball FinalsThe top girl’s high school basketball teams in Indiana contend for fourclass titles. Conseco Fieldhouse.317.846.6601National Concert Band FestivalEnjoy three days of performances by the country’s best high schoolconcert bands. Clowes Memorial Hall.317.636.2263NCAA Men’s Basketball TournamentFirst and second rounds of men’s college basketball. RCA Dome.317.917.6222St. Patrick’s Day ParadeLarge Irish parade featuring step dancers, bagpipes and bands.Downtown. Mar-Apr.317.237.2222AprilEarth DayIndiana’s largest environmental event includes music, food, speakers,and exhibits. American Legion Mall and Veteran’s Memorial Plaza.317.767.3672 79
  • 91. Hoosier Horse FairThis annual show features exhibits and activities with horse lovers inmind. Indiana State Fairgrounds.317.692.7115NCAA Women’s Final FourThe top four women’s teams in the country contend for the top spot andthe trophy that comes with it. RCA Dome.317.917.6222Taste of IndianapolisIndy’s top restaurants gather to provide samples while proceeds go tolocal charities. This used to be in Glendale Mall.317.237.9288MayBroad Ripple Art FairArtists display and sell their work on the grounds of the IndianapolisArt Center.317.255.2464Indianapolis 500The greatest spectacle in racing located at the Indianapolis MotorSpeedway. Over 400,000 fans in attendance.317.481.8500Indianapolis 500 Festival Memorial ServiceIndiana’s largest memorial service. Honors those who gave their lives inservice to the United States. Monument Circle.317.614.6127Indianapolis 500 Festival ParadeElaborate downtown parade with bands, floats and Indy car drivers.317.638.4296 80
  • 92. Indianapolis Life 500 Festival Mini-MarathonThe nation’s largest half-marathon is followed by a rest party in MilitaryPark and usually sells out long before the first of the year.317.614.6464JuneEiteljorg Museum Indian MarketOver 180 artists representing more than 50 tribes will participate inthis festival. Native American pottery, jewelry, sculptures, paintingsand clothing.317.636.9378Grand Prix - United StatesU.S. host of the international Formula One Race. Indianapolis MotorSpeedway. Held previously in June, and there is controversy whether ornot it will return to Indy (stay tuned).317.481.8500Indiana Avenue Jazz FestivalLocal and national jazz performances on Indiana Avenue at the MadameWalker Theater Center.317.236.2099Indy Jazz FestLocal, national and international artists perform jazz, blues, zydeco,rock, gospel, funk and more. Military park and IUPUI Library lawn.317.940.9944Italian Street FestivalAn Italian feast and festive dancing. Traditional Italian religiousprocession is held. Holy Rosary Church. 520 Stevens Street.317.636.4478 81
  • 93. JuneteenthCelebration marking the end of slavery. The event includes African-American games, historical skits, African art, food and other activities.The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.317.924.5431Middle Eastern Festival of IndianapolisTwo-day celebration featuring a silent auction, music, children’s games,dancing, cultural displays and market. St. George Orthodox ChristianChurch. 4020 N. Sherman Drive.317.547.9356Midsummer FestIndiana’s largest contemporary musical festival with jazz, rock, reggae,blues and country music. Monument Circle.317.637.4574Strawberry FestivalHomemade shortcakes, vanilla ice cream, strawberries and whippedcream, oh my! A 30-year tradition on Monument Circle. Proceedssupport local, national and international charities.317.636.4577Talbot Street Art FairIndiana’s oldest art fair. Artists display and sell their work in a three-block area. North Talbot Street between 16th and 19th Streets.317.927.9823The Wicket World of CroquetEnjoy a game of croquet at this fundraiser event for the Harrison home’seducation and restoration projects. Held at the home of former PresidentBenjamin Harrison.317.631.1888 82
  • 94. Tour De CureMore than 500 bicyclists race around the Indianapolis Motor Speedwayat this fund-raiser for the American Diabetes Association.317.352.9226Vintage Indiana Wine and Food FestivalAward-winning wine, food, art booths, live entertainment anddemonstrations. Military Park.800.832.9463White River Folk FestivalThis interactive music festival includes workshops, art, dancing andvarious folk artists. Conner Prairie.317.776.6000ZoobilationBlack-tie event at the Indianapolis Zoo. More than 60 food establishmentsand several local bands.317.630.2026July4th FestMusical entertainment, picnics and fireworks on the World War Plazadowntown.317.633.6363Black ExpoCelebrates African-American culture and heritage, supports youth andeconomic development programs. Indiana Convention Center and RCADome.317.925.2702CircleFestDowntown, family-oriented festival with food, children’s activities andentertainment. Local bands perform.317.237.2222 83
  • 95. Fourth of July Ice Cream SocialOld-fashioned ice cream social includes outdoor games and a tour of thehistoric Harrison mansion. Held at the President Benjamin HarrisonHome.317.631.1888Glorious FourthBarn dances, ice cream making, games, storytelling and live periodmusic entertainment. Conner Prairie.317.776.6000RCA Tennis ChampionshipsFeaturing some of the best tennis players in the world as well as finedining, shopping, and state-of-the art product display.317.632.4100Capital City Ford Indianapolis Air ShowAnnual air show features aerial demonstrations with planes from variouseras. Mt. Comfort Airport. July/August.317.335.3371AugustIndiana State FairFeatures agricultural show, marching bands, balloon race, harnessracing, country music concerts, a rodeo, awesome food, and more.317.927.7500Indy Fringe FestivalLive outdoor and indoor theatre in and around downtown Indy - MassAvenue - and you can participate too in their year round Fringe Fridaysprogram.317.822.4386 84
  • 96. The Brickyard 400400 miles of NASCAR competition feature the biggest names in stock-car racing. Indianapolis Motor Speedway.317.481.8500Forester’s FestivAleSponsored by the Cystic Fibrosis foundation, FestivAle has samples ofbeers from different local breweries and food from restaurants. Proceedsgo to benefit CFF.317.202.9210Meijer SkyconcertSpectacular fireworks show set to classical music and patriotic favoritessimulcast on Mix 97.1 FM and Channel 13 WTHR. White River StatePark. August/September.317.266.9700OktoberfestGerman celebration with music, beer, food and dance. Held at GermanPark. 8602 S. Meridian Street. August/September.317.888.6940Rib America FestivalFeatures award-winning barbecue and entertainment. Murat Theatregrounds. August/September.317.249.2710SeptemberFiestaLatin American event includes arts and crafts, food, performances,soccer games and a Fiesta street dance. Veterans Memorial Plaza andAmerican Legion Mall.317.767.5312 85
  • 97. Greek FestivalGreek cuisine, folk dancing by parish school children, authentic craftsand traditional folk music. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. 4011N. Pennsylvania.317.283.3816Hoosier Storytelling FestivalFestival of fairy tales, folk tales, literary and personal stories in OptiPark near the Indianapolis Art Center.317.255.7628Indy Irish FestEthnic celebration with food, dancing, cultural activities and an IrishMarket. Military Park.317.713.7117Massachusetts Avenue Fall FestivalFeatures music, crafts, arts and food. Surrounded by historicneighborhoods.317.637.8996National Hot Rod Association MAC Tools U.S. NationalsThe oldest drag-racing event in the NHRA’s Powerade Drag RacingSeries. Indianapolis Raceway Park.317.291.4090Old Southside Fall FestivalRides, food, bingo, gambling, children’s activities and more. SacredHeart Catholic Church.317.638.5551Penrod Arts FairIndiana’s largest art fair on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museumof Art. Hundreds of regional artists. Music and dance performancesthroughout the day. Wide variety of food vendors.317.252.9895 86
  • 98. Western Festival and Chili CookoffArts, crafts and culture from the American West combined with a chilicookoff. Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art.317.636.9378OctoberCoca-Cola Circle City ClassicTwo historically predominantly black college football teams compete.Many events surrounding the game. RCA Dome and other downtownlocations.317.237.5222Headless HorsemanThis Halloween tradition offers square dancing, storytelling and otherchildren’s activities. The hayride includes special appearances by theheadless horseman. Conner Prairie.317.776.6000Heartland Film Festival/Heartland Truly Moving PicturesRecognizes filmmakers who produce family-oriented, life-affirmingfilms. Also presents film screenings and workshops.317.464.9405Indianapolis MarathonThis event includes Indy’s only full marathon-length road race, a four-person marathon relay, and a children’s marathon. Proceeds go tovarious charities.317.826.1670The Historic Irvington Halloween FestivalThe event offers arts and crafts, stage performances, music, children’sactivities and a costume parade.317.356.3375 87
  • 99. Cystic Fibrosis Guys & Dolls AuctionThis is one of CFF’s largest charity fundraisers in central Indiana. Thegala is a black tie event with a bachelor & bachelorette auction of datepackages. The auction and CFF also have a year round fundraisingcampaign with social activities. October/November.317.202.9210NovemberAnnual Spirit and Place FestivalThis is a 15-day exploration of the arts, humanity, religion andcommunity. Various locations throughout central Indiana. November.We know of no other cities that have this awesome festival, so checkit out!317.274.2455Bands of America Grand NationalOver 90 high school marching bands from around the country competefor top honors. This event is accompanied by a workshop and an expo.Indiana Convention Center and the RCA Dome.317.636.2263Christmas Gift and Hobby ShowEnjoy holiday entertainment and over 300 vendors at the Indiana StateFairgrounds.317.576.9933Circle of LightsSoldiers and Sailors Monument decorated with thousands of tinylights. This 30-year-old Hoosier tradition takes place the day afterThanksgiving.317.237.2222Follow the North StarThis interactive role-playing program gives insight into the experienceof escaping slaves before and during the Civil War. Conner Prairie.317.776.6000 88
  • 100. International FestivalCelebrates over 40 cultures from around the world. Booths, performersand international food in the Exposition Hall at the Indiana StateFairgrounds.317.236.6515 x 106DecemberChristmas in the VillageFestive, family-oriented event in downtown Zionsville. Carriage rides,caroling and other attractions.317.873.3836Kroger Christmas at the ZooWinter wonderland at the Indianapolis Zoo. Begins the day afterThanksgiving through the end of December.317.630.2001 89
  • 101. Fun on the InternetOk, we admit it - this category really has nothing to do with Indianapolis.But if you are having a bad day, check one of these sites out and it mayjust give you a giggle or make things a little lighter/easier.Angry Little Girls the comic strip writer on the Angry Little Asian Girl. If yourgirlfriends are having a bad day - you can send them a postcard fromthis site for free.Box.net site isn’t sexy, but it’s useful. You can store up to 1 GB of informationonline and access it anywhere for free.Cool People Carehttp://www.coolpeoplecare.orgWhatever amount of time you have, you can help the world with infoon this site.Cute Overloadhttp://www.cuteoverload.comThe quintessential site for cuteness on the internet.The Daily Candyhttp://www.dailycandy.comGood site for finding out new stuff in major metropolitan citieshappening - but we wonder: when will there be an Indy version? 90
  • 102. The Onion (over 18 only)“The Onion is a national publication and website that offers award-winning news and views that readers can’t get anywhere else. Everyweek, our attention-grabbing headlines and renowned photojournalismpaint a picture of the world that informs.”YouTube online video hosting site phenomenon that started it all. Free topost videos and share them online.Woothttp://www.woot.comSells one overstocked electronic or techy item per day. Also has apodcast. 91
  • 103. Going Green in IndyIt is not always easy being green, including when in Indianapolis. Therecycling process can be nil in some locations, to downright expensivein others; but like the city itself, it is getting better. If you live insidethe city of Indianapolis, there are two general sites worth checkingout. First is the Department of Public Works (DPW) -’s.htm. Thissite discusses the curbside recycling program.The second general site to check out is Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’sRecycling Program site: Or,the same site has the recycling programs listed by product to be recycled: If you liveoutside Marion County, the recycling programs become a little trickier.Contact your county’s DPW to see what they recycle and where theyrecycle it.Finally, if you are passionate about finding solutions to Indiana’senvironmental issues, check out The Hoosier Environmental Council( This organization, “Addresses Indiana’s majorenvironmental challenges through education and advocacy.” You cangive back your time through volunteerism, or you can attend theireducational events. If you are trying to do the right thing and go green while saving yourown green, here are some suggestions to move in the right direction 92
  • 104. above and beyond what are listed in the two general sites we sharedabove:Five Ways to Go Green in Indy: 1. Read You can check to see where the hard copy edition can be picked up for free, or purchase a subscription. 2. Check out the Recycling Coalition - 3. Donate to the School paper recycling program - find your nearby school and look for the green recycle bins - you can help out by dumping your paper in the recycle bins AND the schools get the proceeds for recycling. Some of the Marion county libraries have them too. (If they could only get some glass, plastic and metal recycling bins right along side the paper box, we’d be set!) 4. Save your pop tabs - Ronald McDonald House every year in Indy collects their pop tabs as one of their largest annual fundraisers. If you want to get pop tab saving going on at your space, logon to: help#soda. 5. When all else fails - hit the former O’Malia’s/new Marsh Marketplace downtown - yes, the former O’Malia’s in downtown Indy (at the intersection of New Jersey and New York streets or 320 N. New Jersey) has the mother of all recycling bins. You can store it all up and chuck it in their monster bin - glass, paper, plastic, and aluminum. (Again, not sure why these aren’t all over the 10 county area, but it’s an excuse to get downtown every once in awhile...) Keep Indianapolis Beautiful 93
  • 105. also has a list of other recycling centers here: 94
  • 106. ImageWhat does your brand look like? Feel like? If you need some help oneverything from a business card all the way through to a printer, hereare some graphic arts professionals and printers in town that might beable to help you brand you or your businesses and get you to look likea million bucks:Buckaroo Technology Group, Inc.www.buckarootechnology.com7987 Wolford Ct Ste 200Fishers, IN 46038-1251317.845.0830info@buckarootechnology.comServices include: creative, email marketing, web, database development,and communication management.Cassiswww.cassisdesign.com118 E. 49th StreetIndianapolis, IN 46205317.924.9006Cassis, “offer[s] creative services including brand strategy, graphic design,web & interactive design, video production and public relations.”Funnel : Eric Kass : Utilitarian + Commercial + Fine : Art Kass provides evocative, award-winning brand development,creative direction, graphic design and original artwork fit for a wide 95
  • 107. range of patrons from start-ups to in-house to agencies around the globe.People have worked with Eric from New York, Asia, and Europe…yethe’s right here in Carmel, IN.Harris Printingwww.harrisprinting.net317.403.6260harrisprinting@yahoo.comHarris Printing is a certified MBE with the city and state, and doescommercial offset printing.Integrity Document Solutions woman owned enterprise with work in communicationprinting and document management solutions for business.KAJ Design and Communications Box 47458Indianapolis, IN 46247-0458317.418.1874amy@kajcommunications.comMadeUlook Graphic Design Studiowww.madeulook.biz920 Carolina WayAvon, IN 46123317.272.1407eye@madeulook.bizFirm that does work in print, web and photography.Repro Graphixwww.reprographix.com437 N. Illinois St.Indianapolis, IN 46204 96
  • 108. 317.637.3377iRepro@reprographix.comCertified Woman owned enterprise that does large format copying,color scanning, digital printing, specialty copying, digital poster prints,and digital plotting/inkjet color plots and prints.Scheitlin Communications, Inc.www.scheitlin.com330 N Range Line RdCarmel, IN 46032-1747317.846.3399scheitlin@scheitlin.comIntegrated communications firm. 97
  • 109. Leadership TrainingWhat is leadership? Can it be taught?Edwin Friedman said, “Leadership can be thought of as a capacity todefine oneself to others in a way that clarifies and expands a vision ofthe future.” So, Mr. Friedman is suggesting that leaders are people withvision and inspired to actually implement great ideas. We need morepeople with vision for the future, and any city that teaches people howto lead is a city that is headed somewhere better.Indy has a handful of strong leadership and mentoring programs. Thelist is below. Costs for training programs vary from free to severalthousand dollars. Check with your employer to see if they will assistwith tuition (and if they are on the fence about helping pay for youreducation, feel free to share Mr. Friedman’s quote with them). Yourcompany’s investment in you is an investment in a better future for thecompany and for Indianapolis.Central Indiana Women’s Fund OPTIONS Program - “OPTIONSenables women to explore philanthropic opportunities and discoverthe ones that match well with their interests, objectives and values. Atthe same time, it allows them to connect with other central Indianawomen who have both contributed to and benefited from charitableorganizations. Participants also network with Women’s Fund AdvisoryBoard members who have already established themselves as involvedcitizens.” 98
  • 110. Any woman 25-45 years old (as of January 1, 2008) and who is passionateabout the challenges facing women and girls in our community canparticipate in this program. For details on how to apply and FAQs,logon to: Leadership Academy of Greater Indianapolis - “DLAGIis for leaders - those who are able to affect major change within theirorganizations and cascade the knowledge of diversity management areprimary candidates. We welcome leaders from a cross-section of thecommunity - business, civic, nonprofit, government, education, religious,and others to apply. Class participants are chosen through an applicationprocess.” The application and information on this program are includedon this page: Bob Orr Indiana Entrepreneurial Fellowship - “TheGovernor Bob Orr Indiana Entrepreneurial Fellowship works to retainand inspire Indiana’s brightest minds. It serves as an applied trainingvehicle for the State’s future entrepreneurs and organizational leaders.”This is a great program for college grads. Logon to: for details.Hamilton County Leadership Academy - This organization works to,“inspire leadership and community involvement in Hamilton County.”The selection process begins for selecting future graduates is July 1st.For details and the application process, logon to: Women in Leadership Forum - The Tobias Center forLeadership Excellence hosts next France Cordova, President of PurdueUniversity in a reception and lecture (free to the public) On Wed,March 19, 2008. However, this forum has lectures throughout theyear from prominent community leaders - for info, logon to: Business Women’s Association, Indiana ChapterMentoring Program - If you working in the life sciences, mentoringis a great way to hone and develop your leadership skills. The 2007mentoring pilot program is already underway, but the next class is 99
  • 111. starting to form…if you are interested in learning more, logon to, click on chapters, then Indiana to get the details.Indiana Leadership Forum - “In 1993, the Indiana Republican Partysaw a need to train the next generation of leaders. It was with thisgoal in mind that the Indiana Leadership Forum was formed. In the14 years since, over 285 new leaders across the state of Indiana haveparticipated in the ILF and are using their talents to better the Partyand their communities. Our graduates have gone on to serve as electedofficials, work in the background of political campaigns, and acceptgovernmental appointments. They are teachers, doctors, attorneys,and businesspeople: men and women with a desire to become moreinvolved.”The 2008 class has been selected for the ILF program, but if youare interested in applying for a class, watch their website at: Leadership Association - The Lacy Leadership Association (LLA)develops, engages and mobilizes current and future leaders to encouragephilanthropic involvement that helps our community thrive.Not only is LLA the host of the Get on Board event (in the past held in thefall), but also this organization provides a plethora of leadership learningopportunities throughout the year, such as the Leadership Educationand Development (LEAD) program, Opportunity Indianapolis (OI)and the Stanley K. Lacy (SKL) Executive Leadership Series, which isa prestigious program that has been ongoing in Indianapolis for over30 years. To learn more about these programs, logon to their websiteat: For the SKL program application process,the information is found at the Greater Indianapolis Chamber website, Ventures - This not-for-profit organization provides training,facilitation, and consulting for people and not for profits that want tosharpen their skills in not-for-profit work. The organization providesanother great program called Indy ONboard, which helps match peopleto serve on boards for not-for-profits. Finally, Leadership Venturesprovides follow up training for attendees of the Lacy Leadership Get 100
  • 112. on Board event. To learn more about their programs, logon to: Learning Center - “Peace Learning Center (PLC) offers a varietyof personal and professional development programs focused on improvingcommunication, productivity and passion within organizations. Theseprograms include board and staff retreats, personal and professionalrenewals, trust-building and communication skills workshops.” Logonto for more details.The Richard G. Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series - Themission of this series is, “To increase the number and influence ofHoosier Republican women in elected and appointed governmental andpolitical positions at the local, state and federal levels.” The applicationprocess for this program is involved, but from what those have gonethrough it have shared, it is very well worth the investment. Logonto for information, and has application information.United Way of Central Indiana Leadership United Program -“Leadership United is United Way of Central Indiana’s comprehensivecommunity leadership and board development program. LeadershipUnited programs utilize a combination of classes and practicalexperiences to help participants develop their leadership skills, increasetheir knowledge of the community, and acquire the skills necessary tobe successful community leaders.”They provide 4 different leadership series based upon individual needs- the Ardath Burkhart Governance and Management Series (for currentboard members), the Women’s Leadership Series, the Leadership Trainingand Development for Diversity Series, and the Generation Now Series,which targets emerging leaders under the age of 35 who want to learnmore about central Indiana and the not for profit community. Forapplication deadlines and program outlines, go to: 101
  • 113. Life SciencesIndiana is big on life sciences. There is even a Life Sciences initiative inthe state (you can read about it here: or for anice, basic tour of biopharmaceutical info, you can logon here: If you are a young, budding and/or new healthcareprofessional, below are some ideas on where to begin getting connectedto the Indy medical, life science, and health scenes:General Healthcare & Life Science OrganizationsAssociation for Women in Science - Indianapolis Chapter monthly meetings for this group have been held on the campus ofIUPUI at Au Bon Pain Cafe - 901 Indiana Avenue, the third Tuesdayof the month at 7 pm.BioCrossroads300 N. Meridian St. Suite 950Indianapolis, IN 46204317.238.2450www.biocrossroads.comThe mission of BioCrossroads is to, “be a catalyst for the continuedgrowth of Indiana’s robust life sciences industry.” They also have acalendar of life science educational opportunities throughout the state,and host seminars every year around the life sciences. 102
  • 114. 103
  • 115. Executive Women in “To create an integrative force among women leaders in healthcare, which inspires exchange of knowledge, new relationships, personaland professional growth, and community involvement.” Also, thisgroup holds an annual awards banquet at the end of the year.Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association - Indiana Chapter Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association is an international not-for-profit organization consisting of several chapters, one of which is inIndiana. Currently, the organization has over 120 members and hostsseveral educational programs throughout central Indiana. Members arealso invited to attend other chapters’ events and national HBA events,including the prestigious annual Woman of the Year Award.Indiana Health Industry Forumwww.ihif.orgTheir mission is to, “create an environment where Indiana is a premierlocation for the creation and growth of health industry enterprises.”They too host educational meetings and also have a stellar directoryof life science companies in Indiana online at their website. Theyalso have links to other organizations, such as the Indiana BiomedicalEntrepreneur Network (IBEN), and larger global organizations like theBiotechnology Industry Organization (BIO).Barnes & Thornburg Life Science Lunch Series11 South Meridian Street5th Floor Conference CenterIndianapolis, IN third Tuesday of the month from 11:30 am -1:00 pm B&T andIHIF host a free seminar series covering various topics on life sciencesand how they impact Indiana. Experts are brought in and the program 104
  • 116. is videoconferenced across Indiana. If you would like to get on theirlistserv for meeting notifications, check out the website.For PhysiciansIf you are fresh out of residency, fellowship, or new to town, check outthe following groups/societies to see how you can get connected toIndy.Indiana Academy of Family Physicians55 Monument Circle, Suite 400,Indianapolis, IN provides advocacy and professional development for physiciansas well as student and resident physicians in the state of Indiana. Nowover 2400 members strong, the site also has a fellowship directory forfamily practice.Indiana State Medical Association322 Canal WalkIndianapolis, IN 46202317.261.2060800.257.4762www.ismanet.orgThis organization does a lot for the doctors of Indiana, but it has ayoung physicians society and specialty societies within it.Indianapolis Medical Society631 E New York StIndianapolis, IN 46202317.639.3406www.imsonline.orgThis site has a nice directory search for physicians by specialty, and wasestablished way back in 1848. If you’d like to join as a physician or as aspouse of a physician, call them or email them at: 105
  • 117. For PharmacistsWith the advent of a few massive pharmacy employers coming to townalong with several different practice opportunities in pharmacy availablein Indianapolis (hospital, clinical, academia, industry, communitypractice and managed care) it is a great place to be a pharmacist.Below are some organizations that you can connect to as a pharmacytechnician or pharmacist.Central Indiana Association of Pharmacists (CIAP)www.ciaprx.orgAn organization founded in Indianapolis in 1892, this organizationnot only provides regular meetings and educational events, but it alsoprovides scholarships to pharmacy students.Community Pharmacies of Indiana (CPI) their website: “One of CPI’s main goals as an organization is topromote pharmacy as a profession and the role of the community retailpharmacy in the American concept of free enterprise by maintainingfreedom of choice of pharmacy to all citizens of the state.”Indiana College of Clinical Pharmacy (INCCP) group, an extension/chapter of the American College of ClinicalPharmacy (ACCP) meets on a regular basis for dinner and educationalevents.Indiana Pharmacists Alliance (IPA)www.indianapharmacists.org729 North Pennsylvania StreetIndianapolis, IN 46204317.634.4968webmaster@indianapharmacists.orgWith a mission of, “serving its members to improve the health ofIndiana residents by enhancing the profession of pharmacy” the IPAis the largest organization for pharmacists in the state of Indiana. The 106
  • 118. organization also holds continuing professional development courses andlive events. In their quarterly publication, they also cover articles fromother organizations within the IPA - Indiana Academy of CommunityPharmacists (IACP), Indiana Academy of Long-Term Care Pharmacists(IALTCP), Indiana Academy of Pharmacy Technicians (IAPT), andISHP, the Indiana Society of Health-System Pharmacists.For NursesThere are probably too many to list here, but a great starting pageis here: Although this page lists national organizations, there aresome local organizations listed as well, including the Indiana StateNurses Association (, the Indiana Leaguefor Nursing, the Indiana Association of Nurse Anesthetists (, the Black Nurses Association of Indianapolis, andthe Indiana Nursing Workforce Development Coalition ( 107
  • 119. Local BandsTry the following sites for local band info:, or Indianapolis ( has music weekly picks. Indy In Tune: has a podcast on live band action in Indy.David Lindquist at the Indy Star usually follows the music scene.Best venues to see live music include: Birdy’s, The Vogue, The Murat,Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville (summer only), and TheJazz Kitchen.The best place to buy music (other than iTunes, of course) is LunaMusic, where they still even have vinyl (and we hope everyone readingthis book remembers vinyl records...):LUNA music midtown5202 North College AvenueIndianapolis Indiana 46220317.283.5862weloveyou@lunamusic.netLUNA music downtown431 Massachusetts AvenueIndianapolis Indiana 108
  • 120. Malls & Outlet MallsInteresting side note that the Simon mall empire is headquartered righthere in Indianapolis.MallsCastleton Square Mall6020 E 82nd Street, Indianapolis, INwww.simon.com317.849.9993Circle Center Mall49 W Maryland Street, Indianapolis, INwww.simon.com317.681.8000Clay Terrace14300 Clay Terrace Blvd, Carmel, INwww.simon.com317.566.0011The Fashion Mall at Keystone8702 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, INwww.simon.com317.574.4000Glendale Mall6101 N. Keystone Avenue, Indianapolis, INwww.shopglendalemall.com317.251.9281 109
  • 121. Greenwood Park Mall1251 U.S. 31 N, Greenwood, INwww.simon.com317.881.6758Lafayette Square Mall3919 Lafayette Road, Indianapolis, INwww.simon.com317.291.6390Washington Square Mall10202 E Washington St, Indianapolis, INwww.simon.com317.899.4567Outlet MallsThere are no outlet malls in Indianapolis proper; however, there area few only an hour or two away from Indy for the die-hard bargainshoppers, and listed below:Edinburgh Premium Outlets11622 N.E. Executive Drive, Edinburgh, IN 46124812.526.9764 closest outlet mall to Indy, Edinburgh recently added on to it’salready large number of retail stores. They also open early for blackFriday at midnight on Thanksgiving (and the place is packed).Indiana Factory Shops9401 S. Factory Shops Blvd., Daleville, INwww.horizongroup.com765.378.1300 110
  • 122. Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets601 Wabash Street, Michigan City, IN 46360219.879.6506 outlet mall is closer to Chicago than Indy, but has outlets no otherplace in Indiana has - such as Ecco shoes, Burberry, Dana Buchman,and Yankee Candle.Seymour Outlet CenterI-65 at exit 50-A at Hwy. 50 EastSeymour, INInfo here: once Tanger Outlet mall is 45 minutes north of Louisville and 1hour south of Indianapolis. 111
  • 123. Media & NewsPrintatFishers, atGeist and atLawrence.com and hardcopy monthly newsletter on local events and businesshappenings in Fishers, Geist and Lawrence.Bloom Magazine lovely little gem of a magazine on all things related to lifestyleand culture in Bloomington, IN for free locally in Bloomington andpublished bi-monthly. You can also order a subscription to be deliveredright to your door.Branches Magazine of Indy’s best kept secrets, Branches covers a lot of really coolholistic and spiritual events in and around Indy. They also have a listingof free classes and events around Indy, and publish every other month.It is free to pick up, but you can also subscribe and have it delivered toyour door for $20 a year.Broad Ripple Gazettewww.broadripplegazette.comPublished bi-weekly, this paper covers everything in and around BroadRipple. Subscriptions can be purchased, or you can pick one up at anyof their sites listed online for free. 112
  • 124. Carmel Magazine publication of the Indianapolis Star about the faces & placesin Carmel, IN.Fishers/Geist Magazine publication of the Indianapolis Star about people & placesin Fishers & Geist.High School Sports school sports in Indiana covered. You can pick up a copy of themagazine at Blockbuster stores.Indiana Business Magazine oldest business magazine in the state of Indiana. Also has a greatannual golf guide.Indiana Herald North Illinois StreetIndianapolis, IN 46202317.923.8291African American and multi-ethnic newspaper for Indiana.Indiana Minority Business Magazine magazine covering Indiana business with sections on lifestyle,diversity, education, entertainment, politics, technology, health, andcareers.Indiana Lawyer that covers all things legal in Indiana. 113
  • 125. Indiana Living Green Magazine publication on how to live green in Indiana - we love it! You canfind it free at outlets listed on their website, but can also subscribe fora year under twenty bucks.Indiana Jewish Post & Opinion newspaper and website for the Indiana Jewish community.Indianapolis Business Journalhttp://www.ibj.comIndiana Business publication - published weekly. Also publishes theBook of Lists annually. The Indianapolis Business Journal 2008Book of Lists is great if you need a basic guide to the business side ofIndianapolis, this is THE book (or magazine, technically) to purchase.At first glance, the $35 price tag for a magazine may seem a little steep,but it is well worth the money. It includes lists on the largest for profitbusinesses in the Indy area, as well as not for profits, organizations, andcan also provide basic demographic information on several industriesin the area – such as IT, real estate, media, professional services, travel,and healthcare. The usual book outlets have the publication year round– and it will be in the magazine business section if you are looking forit.Indianapolis Dine publication on where and what to eat in Indiana.Indianapolis Monthlywww.indianapolismonthly.comThis glossy glamtastic magazine is published monthly and gives thelow down on new restaurants, good feature stories on the faces ofIndianapolis, and trendspotting. Also, the publisher hosts occasionallive events to complement some of their features. 114
  • 126. Indianapolis (coming soon!)One of Indy’s newest publications on not for profit work in Indianapolis.Awesome publication if you want to learn more about how to getinvolved in not for profit work. Pick up a copy at local not for profitsor check the new website coming soon.Indianapolis Recorderhttp://indianapolisrecorder.comStarted in 1895, this then church bulletin has turned into one of themost prominent black newspaper publications in the country.Indianapolis Starhttp://www.indystar.comThe local daily paper. Also prints the Sunday Star early on Saturdayafternoon. Also publishes the free InTake/ weekly magazineavailable at the red InTake newsstands all over the city.Indianapolis Woman“Our mission at Weiss Communications has always been to educate,inspire, and to motivate the readers of our publications in a proactiveway.” Monthly publication, free at outlets (Marsh and Kroger amongothers), and a home delivery option for a fee.Indy Men’s Magazine the magazine is now defunct, the website is still live, andfrankly, we are a little sad that it’s gone. Faves were ‘spot the fake ad’in every edition and ‘what this woman wants’ - and next time around,add in a ‘what this man wants’ section too!Indy Sports Men’s MagazineMagazine is available in print at newsstands.Indy’s Child 115
  • 127. Parenting guide for Indy parents - can pick it up at library and otheroutlets.InTake/Indy.comwww.indy.comThe weekly free Indianapolis Star publication for the younger crowd.The Noblesville Ledger newspaper for Noblesville, Cicero and northern HamiltonCounty.Nuvohttp://www.nuvo.netFree weekly publication put out by an independent publisher. We digSteve Hammer, who keeps us all thinking and in check.Outdoor Indiana published every other month. Shockingly covers Indiana.Perfect Wedding Guide to all things needed for a wedding, and a great little free guidefor ideas on venues and info for parties. Usually, they also sponsor awedding expo at the fairgrounds in Indy in January.Topics.com free newspapers covering north side communities Carmel, Fishers,Geist, Lawrence, Northern Marion County.Urban Times every other month that serves the Mass Avenue Art & TheatreDistrict and covers historic downtown neighborhoods. 116
  • 128. Worshipping Warriors Magazinewww.worshippingwarriorsmagazine.orgTouching lives through the arts, WWM is a bi-monthly publication tohelp you live your best life.Zionsville Times Sentinelwww.timessentinel.comZionsville local paper.TelevisionWCLJ 42 20 - PBShttp://www.wfyi.orgWHMB 40 63 8 - CBS 65 23 6 - ABC the way, Todd & Trisha - we heart the 5, 6, and 7 pm news!) 117
  • 129. WTHR 13 - NBChttp://www.wthr.comWTTV 4 – WB 59 - Fox are not very many shows that cover central Indiana and what ishappening beyond the usual news programs, with the exception of afew programs focusing on Indiana:Across IndianaPBS that shares everything Indiana that you probably never knew.Focus on Central IndianaFOX 59 focused show on central Indiana on Sunday mornings onFox.Indiana LawmakersPBShttp://www.wfyi.orgShow regarding legislative issues on Indiana.Inside Indiana Business with Gerry DickVarious times & stationswww.insideindianabusiness.comWeekly show with updates on Indiana and Indianapolis business. Alsohas show online on demand. 118
  • 130. Radio ListingsIndy Links of all local radio stations.On the Radio of local radio stations.Our favorite old school radio channels include:National Public Radio90.1 FMwww.npr.orgThe Diamond88.7 FM & Classical music.WIBC93.1 FMwww.wibc.comNews, talk, and weather in Indy.WTTS92.3 FM, Bloomington rock.PodcastsIndianapolis Business Journalhttp://www.ibj.comWeekly podcast on business developments in Indianapolis andsurrounding areas iTunes 119
  • 131. Missed ConnectionsIf you didn’t get up the nerve to get the girl’s number or you didn’t talkto the guy with the great smile, you can check out these methods toreconnect with those in the universe here:Craig’s List Indy Missed Connections’s List has an online forum for ‘missed connections’ in majorcities.Nuvo’s Encounters (print and web)http://www.nuvo.netNuvo Weekly prints ‘Encounters’ in its weekly print magazine in thepersonals section. 120
  • 132. Movie TheatresIf we only could have one theatre open in Indy, it would have to beKeystone Arts Cinema, because they host all the wacky indie moviesyou just can’t see anywhere else. IMAX is also a great one for the BIGpicture. Also, in the summertime, the Indy City Market has a summermovie series and the Indianapolis Museum of Art has an outdoorsummer movie series. Here is a list of the theatres.Clearwater Crossing 12 – AMC4016 E. 82nd Street, Indywww.amctheaters.com317.595.6234Glendale Mall – Kerasotes6101 N. Keystone Avenue, Indianapoliswww.kerasotes.com317.475.0899Greenbriar Cinema Grill1289 W. 86th Street, Indywww.cinemagrillonline.com317.254.1995Greenwood Corners1848 East Stop 13 & US 31, Indianapoliswww.cinemark.com317.882.0202 121
  • 133. IMAX Theater650 W. Washington Street, Indiana State Museum, Arts Cinema8702 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolisht t p://w w nd ma rk t he at re s.c om /Ma rket / Ind ia napol is /KeystoneArtCinemaB.htm317.579.3009Regal Shiloh Crossing Cinema 1810400 East U.S. 36www.regalcinemas.com317.273.8780ShowPlace 16 – Kerasotes4325 S. Meridian Streetwww.kerasotes.com317.784.1367Sony Cherry Tree9529 E. Washington Streetwww.enjoytheshow.com317.592.9771Sony College Park3535 W. 86th Streetwww.enjoytheshow.com317.592.9770Washington Market10455 E. Washington Street, Indywww.cinemark.com317.898.1990 122
  • 134. United Artists Circle Center 949 W. Maryland Street, Indywww.uatc.com317.237.6490United Artists Galaxy Stadium 148105 E. 96th Avenue, Indianapoliswww.uatc.com317.570.5970United Artists Regal Village Park 172222 E. 146th Street, Carmelwww.uatc.com317.843.1681United Artists Eagle Highlands 104015 Shore Drive, Indianapoliswww.uatc.com317.298.2091 123
  • 135. Moving to Indy/New to the CityIf you are checking this book out because you are moving to Indy- welcome! We are glad you decided to join a great city. If you arelooking to move into downtown Indy, there is a great resource that youshould definitely check out: the book, Living in Downtown Indy byNorm Crampton. Although it is officially out of print (the copyrightis 2004 on the copy we picked up) you should still be able to check acopy out at the Indianapolis public library, or find a one at Half PricedBooks and/or another used bookstore in town. There are probably abillion different sites relating to Indy and moving into Indy, but hereare some of our favorites:Angie’s List - - If you live in an old home or arethinking about home repair, this is a great subscription-based service toconsider. For a small fee, you can join and check out any contractorsyou might want to use for a job on this site. The only people that canprovide feedback are actual members of Angie’s list, so the comments arelegit, and sometimes contractors will provide an Angie’s List discountwhen doing work for you if you are a member. Angie actually startedthis business right here in Indianapolis, and it has spread throughoutthe country in many major metro areas.Zip Skinny - - if you haven’t figured out quite yetwhich zip you want to live in when moving to Indy (or anywhere else forthat matter), check this site out. Another site to try for demographicsin Indy is from the Polis Center. 124
  • 136. MIBOR - - the city’s most comprehensivedatabase on real estate for sale in the Marion county and surroundingareas. You can search by township, price range, and features of a houseto check out what is available. (Much like, but a little morespecific to Indy real estate here.)Tucker Real Estate - - this largerealtor to the Indy area has a great interactive map that you can plug indetails for property (much like MIBOR) but you can see the propertieson a map. Really cool if you need a geographical lay of the land.The Indianapolis Cultural Sampler - For a sampling of what Indyoffers in terms of diversity for the performing arts, theatre, and visualart, the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis CommunityLearning Network offers this great basic introduction to the arts course,where students get to go behind the scenes of cultural venues and seethem up close and personal. Classes typically meet one night a weekfor 4 weeks (at 4 different cultural venues.) Cost of the class at presswas $49 - well worth the ROI. Go to:, click oncourse catalog, then Arts & Humanities, and it should be listed in thissection.The Indianapolis New in Town Meetup - website where you can join others new to town forsocial - - Thiswebsite has a listing of apartments for rent in the Indy metro area andsurrounding areas. Also, has agood listing of affordable rentals in town.Indianapolis Business Journal’s 2008 Book of Lists - This 2008 guide to lists important for business in central Indiana hasa listing of upscale Indianapolis-Area Condo Communities, if you arelooking for – The Indianapolis/Marion County Public library has agood basic site on Indianapolis, go to the main website and click on“Your Link to Indy” for hi-lights. 125
  • 137. 126
  • 138. Organic & OtherIf you are trying to live a tox-free life, try these spots for organic andaromatherapy to go au naturale. (Or you can go online to Green Peopleto get an Indiana statewide directory here: Natural Foods Market4375 Georgetown RoadIndianapolis, IN 46254317.293.9525 foods market, along with wellness products, and a calendar ofevents/cooking classes for special dietary needs on the west side.Good Earth Natural Food Company6350 Guilford AveIndianapolis, IN 46220317.253.3709 Ripple based natural foods, bath products, herbals, and lifestyleproducts.Trader Joe’s5473 E 82nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46250 317.595.89502902 W 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46268 317.337.1880http://www.traderjoes.comNational alternative market with a large organic product line. The twostores in Indianapolis are always packed, but they have stuff you just 127
  • 139. can’t get anywhere else. (Including the infamous 3 buck Chuck, whichwe don’t think is organic…)Wellspring PharmacyNorth – Community Hospital North, 7120 Clearvista Parkway, Suite1900, Indianapolis 317.621.5273East – Community Hospital East, 1400 N. Ritter Ave, Suite 140,Indianapolis 317.355.3030South (Coming 2008) – Community Hospital South, 1550 E. CountyLine Road, Suite 150, Indianapolis, IN 46227 is the uncommon, yet traditional pharmacy, with a twist. Locatedwithin the hospitals, the outpatient pharmacies have some uniqueservices (free UPS shipping), herbals, and a certified nurse in clinicalaromatherapy. You can buy medical grade aromatherapy oils and takeclasses on complementary and alternative medicine. Check their websitefor details.Wild Oats/Whole Foods Market1300 E. 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240 317.706.090014598 Clay Terrace Blvd, Carmel, IN 46032 317.569.1517 sure when or if the name of the Wild Oats’ stores will be changing toWhole Foods, but this national chain is known for organic products. 128
  • 140. Newsletters & e-NewslettersIf you are new or just want to get involved in what’s happening in Indy,not just read what is in the papers, here are some good suggestions forsome communications via the old-fashioned listserv. The one we won’tmention on the list but would recommend is ours, of course! TheYuspie monthly newsletter - - is a great way to learnabout singles and young professional events in Indy and all you have todo to sign up is email us at: and put ‘add me to thenewsletter’ in the subject line. Also, IBJ and Inside Indiana Businessboth have great free daily newsletters - head to their sites to sign up.Other Good Indy e-Newsletters:Amazingly Always News - This E-newsletter lists what’s happening indowntown Indy, and sponsored by Indianapolis Downtown, Inc.. Tosign up, go to and you can type in your email addressto be added to the - The newsletter is free and is a good straightforwardlist with hotlinks to events going on around the city via category (specialevents, sports, music, etc.) Log on to the website and to the right ofthe home page there is a ‘free stuff ’ heading, and the newsletter link isright under it for signing,, or - If you live or workin or around any of these communities, the newsletters for the sitesabove are built by the community and are excellent for new businessesand what’s new in the respective community. If you log in to any of the 129
  • 141. sites, you can sign up for the newsletters under ‘register now’ halfwaydown the page on the right.Business Notes from RoundPegSM - This is one of the best, mostcomprehensive monthly electronic newsletters on all business relatedevents in the city of Indianapolis. Go to and headto the bottom of the homepage to join the mailing Newsletter - “Professional and college sportscoverage in the central Indiana region, will be unlike any other in thearea.” Go to to sign up.Friday Night Facts from the Office of Faith-Based and CommunityInitiatives - a nice, short newsletter on not-for-profit work and training& development opportunities that is always a welcome site (because it’spublished on Friday)! To be added to the list, check out the website or email: and ask tobe added to the list. 130
  • 142. PetsGeorge Eliot said, “Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask noquestions, they pass no criticisms.” Most pet owners would probablyagree with that quote, and just like most major cities, we love our petsin Indianapolis! The Indianapolis Star also has a website just for pets- You can post your pet pics or look for petfriendly things to do on the site. If you are a dog owner and want to hita bark park, Indianapolis now has three off leash parks: Broad RipplePark (North), Eagle Creek Park (West), and Paul Ruster Park (SouthEast). For info on bark parks and pooch passes (dog tags), you can hitthe Indy Parks website here: you don’t yet have a dog, but like to help them out on occasion,Indianapolis has a unique program called Walk a Hound, Lose aPound where you can volunteer to take a dog from Animal Care &Control for a walk during the spring and summer months - so youcan have a nice workout, help out a dog, and maybe meet a 4 leggedlove for life! For details on this awesome program, check out theIndyGov website: course Indianapolis has the usual animal suspects such as the Zoo,which we previously mentioned (, the HumaneSociety (,,) and 131
  • 143. other surrounding county animal humane societies, which can be foundonline at, but the city and surrounding areaalso has many other organizations to help animals and/or people withanimals. Below are just a few:Agape Therapeutic Riding Resources, Inc.24950 Mt. Pleasant RoadCicero, IN organization provides therapy for the impaired and youth at riskwith horses. Pairing people and animals together for healing - howcool is that?!?Animal Care & Control2600 South Harding St., Indianapolis, IN 46221 is more than you ever wanted to know at this site on lowercost spay/neutering, animal resources, and lost & found. (The factsheet is here and it is fabulous: Proactive Animal Welfare (PAW)P.O. Box 729Carmel, IN 46082317.345.6773 all-volunteer organization has a simple mission, “To use educationand advocacy to reduce the number of animals who are euthanized inIndiana.” You can help them (if you already have a pet) by sendingthem your Purina weight circles off Purina packages so they can helpfeed other animals in need. 132
  • 144. Indianapolis Vegetarian Society with info on veganism and vegetarianism.Indy FeralP.O. Box 30054, Indianapolis, IN 46230-0054317.596.2300 “As part of our belief in respect and compassion for all livingcreatures, IndyFeral Inc. seeks to reduce stray and feral (wild) catoverpopulation through the non-lethal method of Trap-Neuter-Return(TNR), not “trap and kill.””Indy Homes for Huskies8103 E US Hwy 36, PO Box 227, Avon, organization helps to find homes for Huskies. Their Pars for Pawsouting at the end of summer is a great fundraiser for golf aficionadosthat want to help the charity, and Howl-o-ween is another fun annualfundraiser.The Indianapolis Pug Meetup Group you heart pugs, here is a group just for you in Indy! This meetup has238 members and has live events for pug lovers to meetup. There is alsoa separate meetup for Puggle lovers. Pugtastic!Purrs & Gurrs E. 116th Street, Fishers, IN 46037317.915.8700Pet bakery, boutique, and pet sitting. The treats have no fillers and arenaturally preserved. 133
  • 145. Three Dog Bakery844 Broad Ripple Ave,. Indianapolis - 317.466.1646444 Massachusetts Ave., Indianapolis - 317.238.0000www.threedog.comThis is a chain, we get that, but we don’t care - this is a cool store if youare pet owner. (And yes, they have kitty treats too.) Nothing is betterthan taking your dog down the Monon Trail for a walk and then overto Three Dog if s/he was really, really good for a treat! 134
  • 146. PhilanthropyCurrently, there are over 60,000 not-for-profit organizations in Indiana!That’s obviously a lot, and a tree would be murdered listing them allhere. However, there are a few tricks to weeding through them all tofind the philanthropic work of your dreams. First, you might want tocheck out a charity to make sure everything is sound with them fiscallyby running it through either: or On GuideStar, for example, you can look at thecompany’s previous tax form (typically known as a Form 990). Youcan also check out if you prefer to do it yourselffor your charitable work.Secondly, keep your eye on Lacy Leadership Association ( for their annual event for not-for-profits in Indycalled Get On Board. In 2007, it was hosted in November, but inthe past it has been earlier in the year. At this free event, you canshop the booths for not-for-profit board opportunities. Many not-for-profit organizations in central Indiana need great young professionals toliterally get on an advisory board. If you attend this event, LeadershipVentures ( actually does some great followup training so you can better learn what it takes to be a good not-for-profit advisor. They also have great one on one matching for local not-for-profits with individuals. 135
  • 147. There is a great new publication for the Indy not-for-profit scene calledIndianapolis ORG. You can grab a copy at most of the local not-for-profit offices, or you can send $15 along with your address for asubscription to: IPQ, PO Box 686, Danville, IN 46122. The website(coming soon) is: If you also just need ideas, trylooking at a copy of The Rainbow Book by Connect2Help (, if you are ambitious enough to start your own not-for-profit, oneof many people in Indy to learn about starting a not-for-profit is StuartSobel of Stuart Sobel Consulting, Inc. ( Not only does Mr. Sobel know how to work throughthe nonprofit tax status process, but he also hosts a weekly radioshow called “Wise Choices” (, he teaches a not for profit initiation class. If you arelucky, you can catch him teaching a class through Indy SCORE orSBDC ( or Goldberg said, “If every American donated five hours a week,it would equal the labor of 20 million full-time volunteers.” That is apretty powerful thought. There are many articles on the increasing needof younger people to step up and replace the older generations retiringfrom work in the Indianapolis region. By donating just 5 hours perweek, even one person could make a big difference.Check out the following organizations below to see how you can getinvolved and/or help out:Ambassadors for Children“Ambassadors for Children (AFC) is a not-for-profit, charitableorganization that provides meaningful travel opportunities, volunteerismtrips and travel packages to help children in need around the world.” 136
  • 148. Contact@ ambassadorsforchildren.orgAmerican Diabetes Association, Indiana Chapter“The American Diabetes Association is the nation’s leading nonprofithealth organization providing diabetes research, information andadvocacy.”317.352.9226American Liver Foundation, Indiana Chapter“The American Liver Foundation is the nation’s leading nonprofitorganization promoting liver health and disease prevention.”info@liverfoundation.orgAmerican Lung Association, Indiana Chapter“The mission of the American Lung Association® is to prevent lungdisease and promote lung health.”317.573.3900American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis“A humanitarian organization led by volunteers that will provide reliefto victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for, and respondto emergencies.”arc@redcross-indy.orgIndianapolis Animal Care & Control“The Animal Care & Control Division works in partnership with thecommunity to address problems associated with pet overpopulation.”317.327.1397Arthritis Foundation, Indiana Chapterht t p : //w w w.a r t h r it i /c om mu n it ie s /c h apter s /c h apter.asp?chapid=22 137
  • 149. “The Indiana chapter is a source of help and hope for the nearly 1.7million Hoosiers living with arthritis.”AYSwww.ayskids.orgOrganization that provides after school programs for grade 1-middleschool students, early kindergarten programs, Montessori programs,summer day camps, and other child care resources.Back Pack Attack Indianapolis“Helping Indianapolis children by providing them with the tools theyneed to be successful in school.” They collect school supplies for kidsbetween June and July of the year.317-921-1301Best Buddies“Best Buddies is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing thelives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities forone-to-one friendships and integrated employment.” This organizationalso has a social networking organization called Business Buddies,where young professionals meet on a monthly basis to network and raisefunds for Best Buddies. Check their website for details on BusinessBuddies.Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana“Big Brothers Big Sisters is the oldest, largest and most effective youthmentoring organization in the United States.”Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis“To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reachtheir full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.” 138
  • 150. Central Indiana Corporate Partnership“The Central Indiana Corporate Partnership is an alliance of Indianabusiness and research university leaders coming together to foster long-term prosperity for the region.”317.638.2440Champions for Children - Indiana“Champions for Children is a coalition of volunteers aligned to supportthe prevention of abuse and neglect of children.”Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, Indiana Chapter“The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America is a non-profit,volunteer-driven organization dedicated to finding the cure for Crohn’sdisease and ulcerative colitis.”Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Indiana Chapter“The mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation--a donor-supported,nonprofit organization--is to assure the development of the means tocure and control cystic fibrosis (CF) and to improve the quality of life forthose with the disease.” They have a great annual program for bachelors& bachelorettes to get involved in their annual Guys & Dolls auctionfundraiser - check out: for details.The Damien Center“Programs and services are designed to empower persons to overcomethe challenges encountered when living with HIV/AIDS, to remainindependent and productive.”Girl Scouts of Hoosier Capital Council“Girl Scouts is the World’s preeminent organization dedicated solelyto girls.” 139
  • 151. Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana“Goodwill is in the business of helping people find jobs and providesprograms and services for people who want to work.”317.524.4313Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis“At Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis we are on a journeyhaving completed 285 homes since 1987, but our journey is far fromover.”317.921.2121Help Indy Online“HIO is a web based volunteer center designed with the needs ofIndianapolis area high school and college-aged students in mind.”Hoosier Environmental Council“Through education, advocacy, and citizen empowerment in Indiana,the HEC works to protect and restore the natural systems upon whichlife depends.”Indianapolis Ambassadors“Indianapolis Ambassadors is a group of about 500 civic-mindedindividuals who share a goal of helping others and the community ofIndianapolis through volunteerism.”Indianapolis Urban League Young Professionals“IULYP is a network of young professionals, aged 21 to 40, who provideleadership development, economic empowerment and communityvolunteer opportunities for other young professionals. The organizationtrains, develops and educates young professionals to take leadership 140
  • 152. roles within the National Urban League, corporate and governmentsectors, and the community-at-large.”Indianapolis Parks Foundation“The mission of the Indianapolis Parks Foundation is to enhance therecreational, educational and cultural life of the Indianapolis communityby encouraging and soliciting support for our city’s parks system.”317.860.3250Indy Feral“IndyFeral offers Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and colony managementassistance for unowned, free-roaming stray & feral (wild) cats in centralIndiana.”317. 596.2300Indy Reads“The program serves adults 18 years of age and older in Marion Countywho read at or below the sixth grade level or who are learning Englishas a new language.”317.275.4040Junior Achievement of Central“Junior Achievement of Central Indiana, Inc. was established in 1957and has served nearly 1 million children since opening its doors. Locally,our vision is to know we have changed lives by connecting people in abusiness education community.”Junior League of Indianapolis is, “an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism,developing the potential of women and improving the communitythrough the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.” 141
  • 153. Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.“Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.’s mission is to unite people tobeautify the city, improve the environment, and foster pride in thecommunity.”Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis“One of the premier service clubs in the nation. Boasting a membershipof over 300 community leaders, Downtown Kiwanis, as it’s known,is one of the largest Kiwanis Clubs out of approximately 8,000 clubsthroughout America and the world.” Kiwanis is a social society thathelps children and other charitable organizations. There are severalKiwanis clubs in Indy, but the downtown chapter is one of the largerof the groups.Mosaic Cafe“Mosaic: An International Conversation Café Community’s missionis to bring grassroots people together with subject matter experts tothink and talk together about topics and issues we are interested in orthat affect us our family and our community. Mosaic partners withcommunity restaurants, cafés, and other businesses to provide meetingplaces.” To join their listserv, logon to the website and add yourself tothe list.National FFA Organization“The National FFA Organization is dedicated to making a positivedifference in the lives of students by developing their potential forpremier leadership, personal growth and career success throughagricultural education.”317.802.6060 142
  • 154. Peace Learning Center Learning Center is a community educational institution thatteaches peace building and communication skill to youth and adults.317.327.7144Planned Parenthood Young Leaders“We are a group of young, like-minded professionals who gatherto socialize, network and learn more about the mission of PlannedParenthood of Indiana.”317.637.4350Rebuilding the Wall“Provides a program that helps families purchase a home.”317.290.7090Ronald McDonald House of Indiana provide housing for children and their families visiting RileyHospital for Children in Indianapolis. Not only can you save your poptabs for their big annual collection, but they also need packaged foodand items year round, so check out their website for their wish list.Rotary Club of Indianapolis“Rotary is an organization of business and professional leaders unitedworldwide, who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethicalstandards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in theworld.”317.631.3733Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation 143
  • 155. 144
  • 156. “For more than 20 years, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundationhas been a global leader in the fight against breast cancer throughits support of innovative research and community-based outreachprograms.”317.638.CURETeachers’ Treasures“The mission of Teachers’ Treasures is to serve the educational andcreative needs of children in the greater Indianapolis area by providinga unique means to transfer donated merchandise from businesses andindividuals to teachers for use in their classrooms and school.”The Damar Guild“We, as caring volunteers, help Damar Services, Inc., and theirclients achieve their highest potential by raising funds and generatingcommunity awareness.”The Humane Society of Indianapolis“Providing services to our animal friends for over 100 years, the HumaneSociety of Indianapolis is the area’s first and largest charitable animalshelter.”Trusted Partners“Trusted Partners is a citywide mission of Immanuel UCC to addressthe causes of homelessness and thereby prevent it.”317.985.5041Vista College Mentors for Kids“College Mentors for Kids! Inc. is dedicated to cultivating ongoingone-on-one relationships between college and elementary aged studentsthrough shared experiences on the campus and in the community.” 145
  • 157. Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound between Animal Care & Control and NIFS - walk a houndup for adoption… 146
  • 158. PoliticsWith a presidential election right around the corner, we thought it wasimportant to include this category just in case there are any passionateyoung professionals out there that want to get more involved in politicalaction in Indiana.Guide to Indiana Political Action Committees - 2007 Young Democratswww.yda.orgThere are several groups in Indy for young Democrats - go to thenational website, plug in your zip code, and presto - a listing of clubswill pop up. Indy club targets young professionals from 18-36.Indiana Young Republicanswww.yrnf.comClick on state clubs to find the Indiana state organization, and theIndiana chapter includes young professionals from 18-40.Meetup.comSite has several different meetups based upon political candidate forpresident of choice in the Indy area. They also have a fair taxationmeetup, and a Democracy for America meetup, and a Libertarian Partymeetup.New Generation Republican Women and Butler have college chapters, but there is a New Generationchapter in Indiana as well. 147
  • 159. Private ClubsThe private club in central Indiana is still alive, although there are notas many as in years past. There are several private golf courses withcountry clubs. A listing of golf courses can be found in the IBJ Book ofLists, or there is an online listing of golf courses at the Central IndianaGolfer’s Guide website:,com_ggms/task,course_list/region_id,47/itemid,95/. Below arethe private clubs in central Indiana that are not directly affiliated witha golf course at their club site:Columbia ClubMonument Circle, Indianapoliswww.columbia-club.orgA private club since 1889, Columbia Club is one of a handful of privateclubs left in Indianapolis. For young professionals, the club has theHarrison Society, which has a mission to, “foster the social andprofessional growth” of the young professional members of the club.The club also hosts open houses and has a monthly ‘meet the artist’series. Club membership initiation fees and monthly fees are dependentupon age. Nominations for membership are required.Skyline Club/The Indianapolis SocietyOne America Square, 36th Floor, Indianapolis, 46282 private club is owned by ClubCorp. Membership for this privatebusiness-dining club is by invitation. Club membership initiation feesand monthly fees are dependent upon type of membership. “YoungProfessional” members must live or work within 50 miles of the cluband be under age 35. 148
  • 160. Professional SportsIndy is the amateur sports capital of the world. Also, we have a few ofour own professional teams, like the Pacers, and the world championColts.Brickyard 400Indianapolis Motor Speedway - NASCAR eventwww.brickyard400.com317.481.8500Indiana BlastIndiana’s only professional soccer team. Plays in the A-League of theUnited States Soccer League.www.indianablast.comIndiana BlazeIndiana Women’s Soccer FeverConseco Fieldhouse - Women’s National Basketball PacersConseco Fieldhouse - Men’s National Basketball 149
  • 161. Indianapolis 500Indianapolis Motor Speedwaywww.indianapolismotorspeedway.com317.684.6747Indianapolis Colts - National Football LeagueRCA Domewww.colts.com317.297.2658Indianapolis Ice - National Hockey LeaguePepsi Coliseumwww.indianapolisice.com317.927.7536Indianapolis Indians - AAA BaseballVictory Fieldwww.indyindians.com317.269.3542Indianapolis Motor Speedway things Indy 500 and track related.Indy Racing Leaguewww.indycar.com1.866.INDYCAROfficial site of the IRL. Buy tickets and get gear on this site. If you area real hard core IRL junkie, check out Taylor Velodrome“The Major Taylor Velodrome has been host to many national andinternational competitions, including the 1987 Pan American Games.”One of 18 velodromes in the nation.w w y/DPR /Parks/SportsComplexes/Major+Taylor+Velodrome.htm317.327.8356 150
  • 162. Naptown Roller GirlsIndiana State Fairgrounds’s roller derby.USA Track & Field - Indiana Invaderswww.indianainvaders.comTrack & field. 151
  • 163. RetroWhether you call it antiquing, collecting, bargain hunting, junque-tiquing, going old school, or recycling, buying vintage is always a greatoption (especially for those of us wanting style on a budget.) There areplenty of options here in the Indy area, but here are some of our favoritesif you want to do any of the above:AuctionsThere are plenty of auction houses right here in Indiana. For a listingof the goodies, times, and places for auctions, the back page of TheIndianapolis Star Sunday Classifieds lists them all out. Live auctionsare more fun than eBay anyway, as you get free entertainment whilewatching the goods change hands.Broad Ripple Vintage824 E 64th StIndianapolis, IN 46220317.255.4135www.broadripplevintage.comIf you need a funky cocktail dress, a retro T-shirt, or groovy accessories,this is a great place to visit. The best stuff is behind the front counter- ask to check it out and gently go through the rack--it’s usually totallyjammed up with awesome clothes.Indianapolis Indiana FreecycleTM you have good stuff to give away, or need some stuff and don’t wantto pay for it, check out Indy Freecycle. It is a great way to reduce, reuse,and recycle stuff for the best price of all - free. 152
  • 164. Meridian2201 N Meridian StIndianapolis, IN 46208317.923.2201Groovy, hip, mid-century retro furniture and accessories.R. Beauchamp Antiques, Inc.16405 Westfield Blvd.Westfield, IN 46074317.896.3717http://www.beauchampantiques.comBeautiful, amazing, and fabulous European authentic antiques andfurniture. Pricey, but some of the goods are museum quality. The shopalso at one point had a great collection of new and antique fountains.Southport Antique Mall317.786.8246Southport exit off of I-65 South (head west, just past train tracks, andthey are on the right.)http://www.southportantiquemall.netWinding booths and cases (over 100) full of treasures. 153
  • 165. Schools - CollegesBelow are a list of schools & colleges in the Indianapolis area.Ball State Universitywww.bsu.eduThe university was ranked a research intensive institution by theCarnegie Foundation. Wireless campus.2000 W University Ave., Muncie, IN 47306765.285.1555Butler Universitywww.butler.eduButler is a nationally recognized, private liberal arts university. One ofthe first colleges in the nation to accept women.4600 Sunset Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46208800.368.6852Indiana Business Collegewww.ibcschools.edu550 E. Washington Street, Indianapolis IN 46204800.422.4723Indiana Institute of Technologywww.indianatech.eduIndianapolis campus focuses on adult education. Fully accredited. (Ft.Wayne campus too.)1600 E Washington Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46803800.937.2448 154
  • 166. Indiana Universitywww.indiana.eduOne of the major public colleges in Indiana, with their central campusin Bloomington, and shared campus with Purdue in the city (IUPUI).The medical school and one of two law schools for IU are also in theIndy area.107 S Indiana Ave., Bloomington, IN 47405-0700812.855.4848IUPUIwww.iupui.eduCombination of Indiana University and Purdue University and locatedin downtown Indy.425 University Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46202317.274.4591Indiana Wesleyan Universitywww.indwes.edu4201 S. Washington Street, Marion, IN 46953Has a campus in Indy for MBA and business programs.765.674.6901Ivy Tech State Collegewww.ivytech.eduTwo year technical college.1 W 26th St, Indianapolis, IN 46208317.921.4800Marian Collegewww.marian.eduPrivate liberal arts college, which just turned into a university not toolong ago.3200 Cold Spring Road, Indianapolis, IN 46222800.772.7264 155
  • 167. Purdue Universitywww.purdue.eduState University known for pharmacy and engineering programs.1011 N 725 west, West Lafayette, IN 47906765.494.4600University of Indianapoliswww.uindy.edu1400 E. Hanna Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46227317.788.3368 156
  • 168. Singles/Young Adult Groups for ReligiousBackgroundThis category includes young adult and singles ministries andorganizations in central Indiana.Archdiocese of Indianapolis: Young Adult MinistryYouth & Young Adult MinistriesOffice of Catholic Education1400 N. Meridian Street, PO Box 1410Indianapolis, IN 46206-1410317.236.1447 or 800.302.9836 Archdiocese lists several different opportunities for young adultsto meet - a young adult mass, a young adult speakers series calledTheology on Tap, Communion and Liberation, and Catholic YoungAdult Network. Contacts for the respective groups are found on thewebsite listed above.The Crossing SinglesThe Church at the Crossing9111 Haverstick RoadIndianapolis, IN 46240317.844.9355www.churchatthecrossing.orgThe Singles Ministry is open to all singles but most are in their 30sand 40s (according to their website). To hear about their social events,email: and ask to be added to their listserv. 157
  • 169. JCC SinglesThe Jewish Community Center6701 Hoover Road.Indianapolis, IN317.251.5467http://jccindy.orgThe Jewish Community Center has a Jewish singles group that meetssocially.Noblesville First United Methodist Church 20s & 30s Group is a newer singles group ran by Noblesville First UMC. They haveevents on their calendar online.Northview SinglesNorthview Christian Life Church5535 E. 131st StreetCarmel, IN 46033317.846.2884www.nvlc.orgThe singles ministry is for single adults 21+, and share information andsocial opportunities. If interested in learning more, go to the website forcontact info, or email: to be added to the listservfor events.St. Luke’s SinglesSt. Luke’s United Methodist Church100 W. 86th StreetIndianapolis, IN 46260“St. Luke’s Singles, a ministry of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church,is an open, non-denominational community service to single adultsgathering to seek personal growth and friendship in an atmosphere ofacceptance, caring and support.”317.846.4826 158
  • 170. Zionsville Presbyterian Church SinglesZionsville Presbyterian Church4775 W. 116th StreetZionsville, IN 46077317.873.6503 ext 1020www.zpc.orgThe Director of Singles Ministry is Mr. Craig Olney, who in our opinionis one of the good guys. He does a great job at promoting events atZPC another other places for singles with a weekly newsletter update.Check out their website or if you’d like to chat withhim to learn more. 159
  • 171. Singles OrganizationsWell, the only singles organization that we know of in the entire cityfor singles that isn’t focused solely on dating is ours, Yuspie ( We have a monthly newsletter, a blog on our homepage,and space for members only on our site. We also party crash other liveevents and get young single professionals connected to the city withoutthe sometimes cheesy/comical process of “dating”.Also, Indianapolis Monthly Magazine typically runs a singles articleon 20 professional singles in the city in February (and in the past hasalso thrown a party to meet the 20 singles.) (Thanks to IMM for payingattention to the awesome singles living and working in Indy!) 160
  • 172. Sister Cities & StatesWe are living in a society now that is shrinking--with the internet,mobile technology, and a 24/7/365 lifestyle, our world never sleeps.We, right here in Indiana, even have sister cities and states all over theworld. Because our connections are shrinking, it is more critical nowthan ever to think global, but act local or “glocally”.What is a sister city? According to Sister Cities International ®, therelationship, “is a broad-based, officially approved, long-term partnershipbetween two communities in different nations.” Better yet, their site, has an international directory of sister cities.For a listing of Indiana sister cities, logon to: An alternative site put together by theNationalities Council of Indiana ( of the sister cities have Sister City Partnership Committees. Tolearn more about a sister city or how to work with a sister city, learnwhere your city’s Partnership Committee meets and ask them forinformation. Your next business partner or connection could be nextdoor, or half way around the world.For some of the local areas, below are listings of the correspondingsister cities, along with Sister City Partnership Committee websites (ifavailable): 161
  • 173. Anderson -> Bernburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, GermanyBloomington -> Luchou Township, Taiwan -> Santa Clara, Cuba -> Posoltega, NicaraguaCarmel -> Kawachinagano, Japan -> Billericay, England -> Monza, Lombardia, Italy -> Piran, Cankova-Tisina, Slovenia -> Taipei Municipality, Taiwan -> Cologne, Germany official links to Indy sister cities along with more information onthe Indy sister cities program, logon to the Indy website at: -> Changhua, ChinaNoblesville -> Nova Prata, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil -> Cittadella, ItalyShelbyville -> Kambara, JapanSouth Bend -> Czestochowa, Poland -> Arzberg, Germany -> Crans Montana, Switzerland 162
  • 174. Smart(er)Learning is fun. Or at least it is at these places and sites:Indianapolis Art Center, teens, and adults can all take classes here on everything from“first time artists” to drawing, jewelry, printmaking, woodworking,computer, photography and glass blowing.IUPUI Community Learning Network said school couldn’t be fun? Check out their comprehensive list ofclasses to take as an adult and learn everything from flower arranging,to how to program in html, to a cultural sampler in Indy.Lawrence Township Community Education Classes like the above, except in and around Lawrence township!MIT Open Courseware that fancy east-coast education without forking out the big bucks.Who’s smart now?!?National Public Radiohttp://www.npr.orgMy problem with traditional radio is I have to listen to their showswhen they put them on the radio. However, online, it’s all on demand.Catch your favorites when you want to at their site (for free) and learnsomething new. 163
  • 175. TED TV“Inspired talks by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers.” Best part?The cost, which equals nada. Check out the TED prizewinner list - ifthat won’t inspire you, nothing will.The New Yorkerhttp://www.newyorker.comThey had a conference on the year 2012 with different topics, whichincluded items like Genius, Intellectual Property, The Web, Architecture,Power, and Solutions. All videos are free, and all are brilliant. (Whenyou logon to their site, type in “2012” into their search and the videosshould pop up.) 164
  • 176. Social Networking OrganizationsIf you want to find some local social networks to connect to, (other thanYuspie of course if you are single), here are a few choices:[alphaChicks]Girls who make things better “just by showing up”Founded in 2007 by Stephanie Williams, [alphaChicks] was based onthe idea that young women professionals need an opportunity to meeteach other and connect. They provide monthly meetings with a rotatingtheme of “giving back”, “educating yourself”, and “making money”. It isan avenue for women who want to make a difference, want to be supportedby other like-minded women, and who strive to be the best in their fields.Visit their blog: or email them in order to join their listserv.Friday Lunch Club“Friday Lunch Club Indianapolis, Inc. is a diverse membership-basednetworking group designed to promote professional and personaldevelopment in the Indianapolis area through activities and eventsconducted primarily in casual, informal settings.”Indy Hub“Getting connected. Getting involved. Energizing the City. In a nutshell,that’s what we’re about.”Spencer and Nate Productions 165
  • 177. 166
  • 178. “We are a vehicle whose purpose is to provide networking opportunitiesfor the professional community.” Host live events around the city.The Talented“The Talented was created to: Serve as a Central Portal of Informationfor Indianapolis Urban Professionals.” 167
  • 179. Sport, Fitness and Activity OrganizationsIf you are new to the city and/or looking for a gym, a listing of thelargest Indianapolis-Area Health and Fitness Clubs can be found in the2008 IBJ Book of Lists (on page 134). Another good list is located golf is what you seek, IBJ’s Book of Lists also covers the most difficultcourses. The Central Indiana Golfer’s Guide is also a free publicationwhich you can usually find at the airport, and also lists golf coursesonline here:,com_ggms/task,course_list/region_id,47/itemid,95/. This site also has alist of Indiana Golf Schools (for those of us that don’t exactly havea great handicap). Finally, there are golf associations for singles herein town (ASGA - and women (Indy Women’s Golf League - you are looking for some action as a team athlete, check out CircleCity Athletics - They not only havesporting events in volleyball, dodge ball, rock climbing and bowling,but they also host social events throughout the city. If you are justlooking to follow sports here in central Indiana, you can check outCircle City Sports - This site has adaily free newsletter and podcast for all things sporty here in the Indy 168
  • 180. area not only professionally, but this site follows college, motorsports,golf, and high school athletics.American Singles Golf Association“The American Singles Golf Association is a group of chapters throughoutthe United States and Canada composed of real people you meet face-to-face and, of course, play golf with.”1.888.465.3628Ballooning (Hot Air) in Central Indiana’t you like to ride in a beautiful balloon? If so, check out thelisting of places you can hop a ride in Indianapolis. Also, the State Fairin August has a hot air balloon race that is fun to watch - just be sureto get up early for it.Central Indiana Bicycling Association organization with over 2000 members in central Indiana. Hasa lot of references and resources about cycling in Indiana on site. Alsoinvolved in sponsoring the NITE ride in the summer.Circle City Athletics & Social Club“CCA is your connection to recreational sports, social events, andvolunteer opportunities in the community.”info@circlecityathletics.comCardinal Fitness gym/club - various locations. 169
  • 181. Curves For Women gym/club for women only - various locations.1.800.848.1096FitCity“FitCity is a collaboration funded and facilitated by The HealthFoundation, United Way of Central Indiana, the City of Indianapolis,Marion County Health Department and Information and ReferralNetwork.”FitCity@thfgi.orgHigh Life Adventures“Founded in Chicago in 1996, Highlife Adventures was one of the firstorganizations to provide activities for singles where they can have funand meet people in the process.”Indiana Sports Corporation“For more than 25 years, we’ve brought the very best sporting eventsto Indianapolis ‚ from the 1987 Pan American Games to NCAA FinalFours to The 2005 Solheim Cup.”info@indianasportscorp.comIndiana/World Skating“I/WSA provides for the physical and educational needs of both amateurand professional athletes in figure skating, hockey and speed skating.”Indianapolis Skydiving have tandem dives for first time divers and certification forexperienced divers. Must be 18 or older. 170
  • 182. Indy Dancerswww.indydancers.comCentral Indiana’s - Indianapolis - premiere upbeat dance club since1983. We are a unique, self-help organization that dances “Just for thefun of it”.317.767.5665Indy“Indy Runners is a volunteer, not-for-profit club that serves to promoterunning and walking as a healthy life-style activity and as a competitivesport.”Indy Swim Fithttp://www.indyswimfit.comIndy Swim Fit is your one stop shop if you are interested in participatingand development of your swimming ability. Mel Goldstein is theDirector of this program. Contact him at goldsteinmel@sbcglobal.netor via phone at: 317.253.8289.Indy Swing Dance Club“We invite you to join us for a chance to dance, learn and make newfriends.”isdc@indyswing.orgIndy Walkers group within Indy Runners. Can join up to workout for the minimarathon in the spring.INShape Indiana for the governor’s challenge for Indiana to get fit. Includesinformation on obesity and a great set of resources on 171
  • 183. National Institute for Fitness and Sport (NIFS)“The National Institute for Fitness and Sport is dedicated to enhancinghuman health, physical fitness and athletic performance throughresearch, education and service for people of all ages and abilities.”317.274.3432Out Run the Sun“The vision of Out Run the Sun, Inc. is to implement its educationalinitiatives with the ultimate goal of decreasing the number of melanomaand other skin cancer cases.”anita@outrunthesun.orgO’Rielly Raceway Parkhttp://oriellyracewaypark.comPark where you can watch or participate in racing.317.291.4090Source Yoga Center“Source Yoga Center seeks to be your source for high quality yogainstruction. We strive to provide yoga classes designed to enhancemental, physical and spiritual well-being.”info@sourceyoga.netYMCA“To put Christian principles into practice through programs thatenhance personal growth and improve health of spirit, mind, and bodyfor all.” 172
  • 184. Third Spaces with Free Wi-FiThe site has a listing of free wi-fi spots around thegreater Indianapolis area, and has a listing of freewi-fi spots. Below are just a few of our own favorites when it comes to3rd spaces with wi-fi:Broad Ripple Brew Pub E 56th Street Indianapolis, IN 46220 317.ALE.BREWBoulevard Place Caféht t p : //cit y g u ide. a ol.c om /i nd i a n a p ol i s /d i n i n g /venue.adp?sbid=1044383584155 Boulevard Place, Indianapolis, IN 46208317.283.2233Café Patachouhttp://www.cafepatachou.com3 locations: 4911 N Pennsylvania, Indy; 8691 River Crossing Blvd,Indy; 4733 126th Street, Carmel, IN. And don’t forget Petit Chou onWestfield.Cornerstone Coffeeht t p : //cit y g u ide. a ol.c om /i nd i a n a p ol i s /d i n i n g /venue.adp?sbid=104438358651 E 54th St, Indianapolis, IN317.726.1360 173
  • 185. Eddie Merlot’shttp://www.eddiemerlots.com3645 E 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN317.846.8303Hubbard & Cravenshttp://www.hubbardandcravens.comSeveral in town - see website800.545.2009Nothing But Noodleshttp://www.nothingbutnoodles.com2 - 903 Indiana Ave, and 3625 E 96th Street866.566.6353Panera Bread locations - see website317.576.6100Ruth’s Chris Steakhousehttp://www.ruthschris.com2 locations - north side 96th street and downtown317.844.1155Blu Martinihttp://www.blumartini.com4705 E 96th St, Indianapolis, 46240317.566.8650Sidelines Sports Pubhttp://www.sidelinessportspub.com141st Street and SR 37, Noblesville, IN 174
  • 186. UtilitiesIf you are new to the city, welcome! Below are a list of some of the basicutilities in town. Your providers may vary a bit based upon location,but some cut across the area.BMVBureau of Motor Vehicles100 N Senate Ave., Indianapolis, - IndianapolisComcast5330 E 65th St, Indianapolis, IN - Indy and surrounding areasBrighthouse3030 Roosevelt Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46218317.972.9700www.mybrighthouse.comCable - Indy and surrounding areasTime Warner Cable3030 Roosevelt Ave., Indianapolis, IN 175
  • 187. Cable - Indy and surrounding areasInsight Communications15229 Stony Creek Way, Noblesville, IN 46060317.776.0660www.insight-com.comContractors - listing serviceAngie’s List160 W Carmel Drive, Carmel, IN 46032317.297.5478www.angieslist.comElectric - Hendricks CountyHendricks Power Cooperative86 N County Road 500 E, Danville, IN 46122317.745.5473www.hendrickspower.comElectric - IndianapolisIPL2102 N Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN 46020317.261.8222www.ipalco.comElectric - Indy and surrounding areasCinergy1000 E Main Street, Plainfield, IN 46122800.521.2232www.cinergy.comElectric - Johnson CountyJohnson County REMC750 International Drive, Franklin, IN 176
  • 188. Gas - IndianapolisCitizen’s Gas2020 N Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202317.924.3311www.citizensgas.comGas - Indy and surrounding areasVectren Corporate20 NW Fourth Street, Evansville, IN 47708800.777.2060www.vectren.comGas - WestfieldWestfield Gas Corp606 Park St, Westfield, IN 46074317.896.2581Post Office - Carmel275 Medical Drive, Carmel, IN 46032317.846.1566www.usps.comPost Office - Fishers8550 E 116th Street, Fishers, IN 46038317.849.01114www.usps.comPost Office - Indianapolis Main456 N Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204317.464.6000www.usps.comPost Office - Noblesville1900 Pleasant Street, Noblesville, IN 177
  • 189. Streets in Indy - Cleaning & RepairCity-County Building200 E Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204317.327.4622TelephoneSBC220 N. Meridian Street, Indy800.742.8771www.sbc.comTravelFlyClearThe Indianapolis Airport is one of 13 airports in the country offeringthis service. RegistrationIndiana Secretary of State302 W Washington Street, Indy317.232.3939 - CarmelCarmel Utilities130 1st Avenue Northwest, - GreenwoodIndiana American Water CorporateP.O. Box 570, Greenwood, IN800.492.8373www.amwater.comWater - Indianapolis and Surrounding AreaIndianapolis Water Company 178
  • 190. 1220 Waterway Boulevard, Indy317.631.1431www.indianapoliswater.comWater - LawrenceLawrence Utilities9001 E. 59th Street, 179
  • 191. VenuesThere is no way we can list all the venues to have a great meeting, event,or program at around Indy - there are just too many. However, here isa list of our favorites. If you haven’t been to them to check them out -you really should seize the opportunity. Better yet, create it yourself andthrow a party at these places - they are awesome (and in alphabeticalorder).Butler University - Holcomb Gardens4600 Sunset Ave.Indianapolis, IN 46208www.butler.edu800.368.6852Butler was founded in 1855, and if you have never been to the HolcombGardens tucked away on Butler’s campus in the spring or summer,you really should see it. The path to the gardens is behind HolcombObservatory (also another cool place to view the stars.) There is noindoor space at the gardens, however. Spring and summer events aresecond to none when the weather is awesome!The Central Library40 E. St. Clair StreetIndianapolis, IN 46204www.imcpl.org317.275.4100At press time, the central Library was re-opening after its multi million-dollar facelift. However, the updated central library boasts a newauditorium that seats 350 (Clowes) and many other new spaces. 180
  • 192. The Columbia Club121 Monument CircleIndianapolis, IN 46204www.columbia-club.org317.767.1361Not only is this building historic (and we might add beautiful on theinside) but it also has space for meetings and hotel accommodations.Only trick with this facility is - you have to be a member to rent spaceand/or be sponsored by a member. Its worth the extra work, though,if you like history and the views of the circle.The Eiteljorg MuseumWhite River State Park500 W. Washington St.Indianapolis, IN 46204 museum also has awesome indoor and outdoor spaces for rent.The Indianapolis Zoo & White River Gardens1200 W. Washington StreetIndianapolis, IN 46222www.indyzoo.com317.630.2014There are several options to hold a special event at the Zoo, and in thesummertime, White River Gardens is amazing. They also hold one oftheir biggest black tie fundraisers annually - Zoobilation - that sells outquickly (but is a must see).Laurel Hall - The Ruth Lilly Conference Center5395 Emerson WayIndianapolis, IN 46226www.laurel-hall.org317.275.3390Many in Indy or new to Indy have probably never seen nor heard ofLaurel Hall, but it is everything you think it might be - in a very GreatGatsby kind of way. Former home of a think tank, a girls’ school, and 181
  • 193. the original home of the Fletchers, they now have a good website withideas on how to plan your event. If you want space on the weekend,book in advance - way in advance. This is one of the hottest placesin the city for wedding receptions. The house also has an executiveboardroom - a great space for small, exclusive events. 182
  • 194. WineWe may not be mountainous, have a lot of natural lakes around us, norbe in the Napa or the Noir Valleys, but we do have our own varieties ofwine (and enjoy it, thoroughly). If you dig wine like we do, share yourpassion with others and/or learn more about it at the following placesand with the following people:Butler Winery & Vineyards based winery with tastings, tours, and winemakingsupplies.Chateau Thomas Winery by Dr. Thomas, this winery has a club, tastings, and a fun listof events on their website calendar.Easley Winery oldest winery in the state, located in downtown Indianapolis. Theyhave free tastings and host private parties.Ferrin’s Fruit Winery based wine store based in Carmel.Grape Inspirations Winery IN based winery. 183
  • 195. Indy International Wine Competition the state fair, winemakers from around the world send theirwares in, and the public is encouraged to attend and sample.Indy Vinos that meets socially monthly and guessed charge at the door.Kahn’s Fine Wines mother load of all fine wines. The refrigerated room in the Carmelstore you just won’t want to leave.Local Wine, Indianapolis of wine tastings and wine happenings in and around Indy.Madison Vineyards it out if you get south in Indiana.Massachusetts Avenue Wine Shop’s the cool thing about Jill Ditmire’s newest addition to Mass Ave- she has a “wall of wine” which includes wine that retails for $15 orless. They also have a deli with imported meats and cheeses, and havelive events where you can sample and learn about not only wine, butalso other things, like how to furnish your home.Oliver Winery Winery on the way to Bloomington that everyone should stopand see. They can also host private parties and tours. They also havewhite and red selections. 184
  • 196. Turtle Run Winery Corydon, IN (the first state capitol of Indiana).Vintage Indiana Wine Festival Festival is held in the summer in Military Park.WFYI’s Annual Indy Wine Fest festival and tasting as a major fundraiser for public television,WFYI in Indianapolis. The 2008 Fest is in February at the IndianaRoof Ballroom.Wineries of Indiana all things related to Indiana and wine, including events and allthe Indiana wineries. 185
  • 197. Writers and WritingWriting a book can be a daunting, yet exhilarating and wonderfulexperience. However, it is not always easy to find places to start. We’velisted a few below:Spring 2008 Vivian S. Delbrook Visiting Writers SeriesButler University4600 Sunset Ave.Indianapolis, IN 46208 spring writers’ series brings in this year seven top shelf writers fromaround the country and events are free and open to the public. Forspecific info on dates and times, call 317.940.9861.AuthorHouse1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200Bloomington, IN 47403888.519.5121http://www.authorhouse.comOne of the largest self-publishing houses is right here in Indiana!Bloomington based AuthorHouse now has published over 60,000 titles,and is a great option for people who are passionate to publish and don’twant to fight traditional publishers to get the word out. (Yes, this bookwas published by AuthorHouse.)Indiana Authors BookstoreIndiana Author’s Institute36 East Maryland Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204 186
  • 198. 317.633.4070317.633.4055 fax Authors has a writers’ group that meets frequently to discussand support the writing process.Indianapolis Marion County Public LibraryCentral Library: 40 E. St. Clair StreetIndianapolis, IN 46204317-275-4100Occasionally, the library offers writing & publishing classes. To searchfor one at a branch near you, logon to their calendar at: A little sidebar hint for you,especially if you are new to the area - if you live in a doughnut countyoutside Marion, you can still get privileges to check out books and obtaina library card in Marion county for $30 a year by purchasing an Indianastate library card, which will get you into any Indiana library (that’sthe cost of 2 books on Amazon - well worth the money). For a list ofall the libraries in the state of Indiana, go here: Finally, the library has book clubs(and writers know that in order to write well, they have to be voraciousreaders): Community Learning Network620 Union Drive, Suite 244 Indianapolis, IN 46202317-278-7600 IUPUI CLN has a great, comprehensive listing of adult educationclasses that are reasonably priced and interesting on their website.Creative writing is a course offered in the Arts & Humanities section.Classes are ongoing throughout the year. 187
  • 199. The Indiana Writer’s CenterMailing address: P.O. Box 30407; Indianapolis, IN 46230-0407Center address: 812 E. 67th St.; Indianapolis, IN 46220317.255.0710 organization has community-based writers’ workshops andeducational events for potential or current writers in order to nurtureand support potential writers. They also have a listing of readings attheir website.Write Stuff WritersPO Box 36097 Indianapolis, IN 46236-0097http://www.writestuff writers.comWrite Stuff Writers holds writers’ conferences all over the US, even righthere in central Indiana. Their website also has a lot of links to otherwriting inspired resources. 188
  • 200. Young at HeartYou are probably wondering what this category is about. Well, wewanted to give a shout out to the young at heart and share a fewawesome resources for those over age 50 in the Indy area. If you areyoung at heart and moving into the city (or know someone who is), alisting of the largest Indianapolis-Area Retirement Communities canbe found in the 2008 IBJ Book of Lists.Another interesting group is called OASIS ( This is a group for those 50 plus that is a not-for-profit,service and education program in the Indianapolis area, now with over25,500 members and it is free to join. So, if you are a young professionalat heart (or your mom or dad is) have them join this group. Even thebaby boomers can get into social networking.Also, there exists Indy Creative Aging ( which is a central Indiana website, “dedicated to activities,services, events and life enrichment opportunities for visitors 50 andolder.” They have categories in culture, life long learning, recreation &fitness, and volunteer & leadership. Finally, The Rainbow Book writtenby Connect2Help (formerly Information & Referral Network) has alisting of senior centers included in the 2007 edition of the book. Youcan order a copy of The Rainbow Book online at www.connect2help.comor by checking the reference section at the library. 189
  • 201. The EndThis is the part where we say thank you for reading our guide, and hopeit is not the end for you, but merely the beginning of a great start forgetting connected to Indianapolis. We hope you found it helpful insome way, shape, or form, and again, if we forgot anything, please letus know. Check out our website ( and contact us viaemail at: if you want something included in the nextedition. There is also a form included in the back of this book if you’dlike something included that we forgot.In closing, we thought we’d share with you our young professionals’wish list for Indy, which would include the following: 1. Mass transit - connecting not only the ‘burbs to downtown, but from Indy to Chicago in a bullet-train-get-there-in-less- than-an-hour fashion would be fantastic. Most major cities know they have ‘made it’ by having mass transit, and Indy is overdue for such a system. This will cost a lot of cash, but couldn’t we have a massive lottery fundraiser in order to make it happen? Maybe down the line the lottery could pay for mass transit instead of just reducing car license plate taxes. 2. Education reform - our public school system in the city is less than perfect. We need more charter schools, and after school programs that will help our students learn in thousands of different ways. It actually costs the state of Indiana more money 190
  • 202. to incarcerate a criminal for one year than it does to educate a person on how to start a business. Granted, not everyone is going to neither head off to Harvard nor be the next Warren Buffett, but nearly everyone has a dream in their head and heart along with a desire to fulfill their destiny. Why can’t we teach everyone about the intra/entrepreneurial mindset at a minimum? The new economy will reward those societies that create knowledge workers rather than factory workers.3. Healthier Hoosiers - Our smoking rates are still some of the highest in the country, and our obesity rates aren’t much better either. It would be great if employers would start focusing on wellness and allowing discounts or some partial healthcare spending flexibility on gyms and wellness programs in Indiana. Also, it would be swell if we could have some healthcare 401Ks to reward those trying to be healthy with some savings for healthcare in the future. Ditto with living greener: why couldn’t we give some breaks to people who go out of their way to reduce, reuse, and recycle?4. More people who care - We desperately need more young people to get involved in Indy civically - there will be a record number of vacant advisory board positions in the next decade for Indiana charitable organizations. On the flip side, there are many benefits for the individual to get involved in a community, as he or she improves the satisfaction of his/her own life by giving back. We hope that through initiatives like this book, young people will understand how valuable their ideas are to the future of Indiana and get connected to the city and state. I know it is tough to look at the big picture when you are trying to just make ends meet, but trust me when I say, there 191
  • 203. is someone out there that is always worse off than you and can use a helping hand. Count your blessings by helping others, because what you put into the universe will come back to you in a much bigger way. If you already give a damn: you rule. Keep up the stellar work!5. Big ideas - Indiana hasn’t exactly been on the cutting edge of revolutionary ideas in the past. However, young professionals can change that. We can become more open to new and big ideas and embrace them. The east and west coasts have their own issues too, and we can maximize our advantages to expand our intellectual capital in this state. That takes big thinking, and big ideas. Someone said, go big or go home. If you’re from Indiana, you can go big and stay home. Instead of TED (www., a website I’m currently addicted to) being held just in Monterey, California, once a year, for example, why can’t Indiana have it’s very own big ideas conference and invite young professionals to share their best ideas, with city and state officials taking notes in the audience? If you are a big thinker, logon to the Linkedin for big thinking - and you can share your big ideas while staying home too. Example of big thinking opportunities: recently, the city was trying to figure out what to do with the interim public library--why not rent out space within it to young business startups for nothing and give them an opportunity to collaborate with each other and with the downtown marketplace? Even if there are no formal venues in the near future for ideas, please share your awesomeness and ideas each day with those who will listen and don’t let someone tell you something can’t 192
  • 204. be done - just ignore the naysayers/negative Nellies and go for it!Indy is a great city for young professionals and can be even better in thefuture--with your help. So, to those of you out there living your livesand dreams in Indy - keep on rocking, connecting, and making this aneven greater city to live, play, and work! 193
  • 205. BibliographyBelow are some great written resources on Indianapolis that you mightwant to check out (beyond our book, of course). For a comprehensiveguide on publications about Indianapolis, or books written by IndianaAuthors, you can either check out the Indy Scribe blog online (, the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library (, in particular their reference section at the main library downtown),or any of the local or national bookstores. BTW, one of our favoritebookstores here in town is Half Priced Books. Also, the library sells offbooks at ginormous discounts a few times a year - keep your eye peeledon their website for the IMCPL book sales. Other picks for bookstoresinclude Indiana Authors Bookstore (downtown and full of booksby people from Indiana), Northside News Cafe (in Broad Ripple,best place to get magazines) and Big Hat Books in Broad Ripple (anindependent with a great motto of-- Live. Large. Read.).Berry S, Ketzenberger J. The Insider’s Guide to Greater Indianapolis.Indianapolis: Indianapolis Newspapers, Inc. 2nd Edition, 1997.Bodenhamer D. The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis. Bloomington:Indiana University Press, 1994.Connect2Help. The Rainbow Book. Indianapolis, IN. 2007. (Availableat:, N. Living in Downtown Indy: Your Total Guide To What’sWhat & Where. Gaithersburg, MD. 2004. 194
  • 206. Diebold P. The History & Architecture of Meridian-Kessler. Indianapolis:The Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association, 2005.Price N. Indianapolis Then and Now. San Diego: Thunder Bay Press,2004.Waller G. Butler University: A Sesquicentennial History. Bloomington:Indiana University Press, 2006. 195
  • 207. AcknowledgementsThis book would NOT have been possible without the following peopleassisting:Yuspie Advisors - To all my 2006, 2007 and 2008 advisors: you rule.Especially want to give a shout out to the following advisors who madethe magic happen: Mark Albert, Traci Rush, Kevin Dungee, ChrisHamilton, Carrie St. Thomas, Callie Smith, Natalie McMahon,Eva Kantanas, and expert travel correspondent, Dr. Cathy Sass. Aparticular shout out goes to Chris Russell, the guardian of crazy ideas(and my sanity at times).Yuspie Members - You are all the best! Thank you for taking a chanceand trying something new and different in terms of social networkingin central Indiana.Advertisers in this book - Thank you for caring about the youngpeople of central Indiana: [alphaChicks], Bitwise Solutions, BNI,NOWIB, RepuCare, Rotary, and Stephanie Williams & WestpointFinancial.Dorothy Albert - not only my co-writer, but my editor and mom -thanks. Also to my sounding board and father, John Albert.All the business rock stars of central Indiana that gave me ideas andthoughts to share, particularly around the business/entrepreneur sectionof this book: Dr. Chris Bojrab (Indiana Health Group), Ryan Grimes(HoosierMac Consulting), Ron Brumbarger (Bitwise Solutions),Bruce Kidd (IEDC), Billie Dragoo (Repucare and NAWBO) HazelWalker (BNI, The Referral Institute), Sharon O’Donoghue and TriciaGuagliardo (BOI, formerly NSI), Chris Harlow at the Butler BusinessAccelerator, and Sue Finkam at Clarian for her help with the leadership 196
  • 208. section of this book, and Dr. Tiffany Beaver for her suggestions ongoing green.My book mentor: Dr. Elaine Voci. Without you, book 1 and book 2would never have existed.Other superstars of Indy: Butler University College of Pharmacy &Health Sciences, most specifically Dr. Julie Koehler and Dean MaryAndritz for continuing to encourage me to forge ahead with my crazyideas. Diane Snyder, the women’s mastermind group (Andrea, Linda,Lisa, Molly, and Julie), Sara Risley (Ronald McDonald House), SvetaPoluektova, Colleen Fanning (, Cindy Ball(Mosaic Cafe Conversations), the gals of NAWBO--Billie Dragoo,Kay Fleming, Liz Hoover, and Mary Zarolinski. HBA Indiana, andPlanned Parenthood of Indiana - thank you for your support.Last but certainly not least, thanks to all the young professionals inIndy trying to make this a better place to live and work. Thank you fortrying and succeeding in making this a city that is on the upswing! 197
  • 209. IndexSymbols Sale, The 78 125100 Black Men of Indianapolis 63 Applepickers 5238th & Meridian Farmers’ Market 74 Apple Store, The 5240 Under 40 18 Archdiocese of Indianapolis: Youth4th Fest 83 Adult Ministry 157 129A Arthritis Foundation, Indiana ChapterAbundant Life Farmers’ Market 74 137, 138Abyssina 57 Arts Council of Indianapolis 5, 8ACG Indiana 31, 32 Art with a Heart 8Across Indiana 118 Asante Children’s Theatre 16Agape Therapeutic Riding Resources, ASGA 168, 169 Inc. 132 Asian American Alliance 63Agave 12 Asian Help Services 63, 64AIGA - see Professional Association for Association of International Women of Design, The 25 Indianapolis 64[AlphaChicks] 165, 166, 196 Association of Women in Science 26,Amazingly Always News 129 102Ambassadors for Children 136, 137 112, 129, 130American Diabetes Association, Indiana 112, 129, 130 Chapter 137 Athenaeum Foundation, The 64American Liver Foundation, Indiana 112, 129, 130 Chapter 137 AuthorHouse iv, 186American Lung Association, Indiana AYS 138 Chapter 137American Muscle Car Museum, The 11 BAmerican Red Cross of Greater India- Back Pack Attack Indianapolis 138 napolis 137 Ballooning 169American Singles Golf Association Ball State University 31, 34, 154 (ASGA) 169 Bands of America 13, 88American Turkish Association of Indi- Bands of America Grand National 88 ana 63 bark parks 131Anderson 162 Barnes & Thornburg Life ScienceAngelNet 38 Lunch Series 104Angie’s List 124, 176 BBA - see Butler Business AcceleratorAngry Little Girls 90 32Animal Care & Control 132, 137, 146 Best Buddies 138Annual Greater Indianapolis Garage Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central 199
  • 210. Indiana 138 32, 196Big Car 6 Butler University 154, 180, 186, 195,Big Hat Books 194 197Big Ten Conference Women’s Basketball Butler Winery & Vineyards 183 192 CBioCrossroads 102 Cable TV 175, 176BioWorksu 102 Cafe Patachou 60, 173Birdy’s 14, 108 Canal/White River State Park 1Bitwise Solutions 38, 45, 196 Capital City Ford Indianapolis AirBlack History Month Celebration 78 Show 84Black Nurses Association of Indianapo- Cardinal Fitness 169 lis 107 Carmel 162Bloomington 1, 162 Carmel Chamber of Commerce 31, 35Bloom Magazine 112 Carmel Farmers’ Market 74Blu Martini 58, 174 Carmel Magazine 113BMV 175 Carmel Utilities 178BNI - see Business Network Interna- Cassis 95 tional 31, 32 Castleton Square Mall 109Bodenhamer, David 1, 194 Center for Entrepreneurship, Ball 90 University 31, 34Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis 138 Central Indiana Association of Pharma-Branches Magazine 112 cists (CIAP) 106Brick Street Inn 197 Central Indiana Bicycling AssociationBrickyard 400, The 85, 149 169Brighthouse 175 Central Indiana Chapter of the Inter-Broad Ripple 1, 59, 60, 74, 80, 112, national Institute of Business 127, 131, 134, 152, 173, 194 Analysis (IIBA) 22Broad Ripple Art Fair 80 Central Indiana Corporate PartnershipBroad Ripple Brew Pub 173 139Broad Ripple Farmers’ Market 74 Central Indiana Golfer’s Guide 148,Broad Ripple Gazette 112 168Broad Ripple Vintage 152 Central Indiana Women’s BusinessBuckaroo Technology 95 Center (CIWBC) - see The Busi-Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) 175 ness Ownership Initiative 31,Business Buddies 138 34, 196Business Network International (BNI) Central Indiana Women’s Fund OP- 31, 32, 33, 196 TIONS Program 98, 99Business Ownership Initiative (BOI) Champions for Children - Indiana 139 31, 34, 196 Chancellor’s 62Business Women Connect (BWC) 31, 135 34 Chateau Thomas Winery 183Butler Business Accelerator (BBA) 31, Cheesecake Factory 57 200
  • 211. Chef ’s Academy of Indianapolis 70 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, IndianaChildren’s Museum of Indianapolis, The Chapter 88, 139 11, 82 Cystic Fibrosis Guys & Dolls AuctionChildren’s Theatre Institute, The 16 88, 139Christmas at the Zoo 89 Cyworld 40Christmas Gift and Hobby Show 88Christmas in the Village 89 DCinergy 176 Daily Candy, The 90CircleFest 83 Dance Kaleidoscope 7Circle Center Mall 109 Department of Public Works 92Circle City, The 2 Diamond, The 88.7 FM 119Circle City Athletics 168, 169 Diversity Leadership Academy ofCircle City Chess Club 9 Greater Indianapolis 99Circle City Classic 87 Diversity Roundtable of Indianapolis,Circle City Sports 130, 168, 169 The 64Circle of Lights 88Citizen’s Gas 177 EClarian 196Clark Appliance 70 Earth Day 79Clay Terrace 109, 128 Easley Winery 183Clearwater Crossing 121 Ecademy 40Clowes Memorial Hall 9, 79 Economic Club of Indianapolis 22,Coca-Cola Circle City Classic 87 31, 35Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum 11 Eddie Merlot’s 174Colts 149, 150 Edinburgh Premium Outlets 110Columbia Club 148, 181 Educational reform 190Comcast 175 54ComedySportz 49 Eiteljorg Museum Indian Market 81Communal Table 62 Eiteljorg Museum of American IndiansCommunity Pharmacies of Indiana and Western Art, The 12, 181 (CPI) 106 Elements 58Conexus Indiana 43 Eligible Greeks 54Connect2Help 136, 189, 194 Ensemble Music Society, The 14Conner Prairie 12, 77, 83, 84, 87, 88 Eric Kass 95Cool People Care 90 Ernst & Young 18Cornerstone Coffee 173 53, 173Crackers Comedy Club 49 EWI - Executive Women InternationalCraig’s List 50, 120 31, 35Crampton, Norm 124, 194 eWomenNetwork 31, 35Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, Indiana Executive Women in HealthCare 102 Chapter 139cultural districts 1, 3, 38 54 Facebook 40, 50Curves For Women 170 Farmers’ Market at the Barn 74Cute Overload 90 Fashion Mall at Keystone at the Cross- 201
  • 212. ing, The 109 Glendale Mall 80, 109, 121Fast Pitch 40 Glorious Fourth 84Feed Me, Drink Me 57 Goodwill Industries of Central IndianaFerrin’s Fruit Winery 183 140Festival Music Society of Indiana, The Good Earth 127 14 Governor’s Award for Tomorrow’s Lead-Fiesta 85 ers 19Fine Arts Society of Indianapolis 14 Governor Bob Orr Indiana Entrepre-First Fridays 6 neurial Fellowship 99Fishers 162 Grand Prix, United States 81Fishers/Geist Magazine 113 Grape Inspirations Winery 183Fishers Chamber of Commerce 22, 23, Great Expectations 54 31, 35 Greater Greenwood Chamber of Com-Fishers Farmers’ Market 75 merce 31, 35FitCity 170 Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Com-Flower & Patio Show 79 merce 24, 31, 35, 40, 43FlyClear 178 Great Boyfriends 54Focus on Central Indiana 118 Greek Festival 86Follow the North Star 88 Green People 127Forester’s FestivAle 85 Greenwood Corners 121Fountain Square 1, 6 Greenwood Park Mall 110Fourth of July Ice Cream Social 84 GT South’s Rib House 58Frasier’s Gourmet Foods 70 GuideStar 135Freetown Living History Museum 12 Guide to Indiana Political Action Com-Friday Lunch Club 165 mittees 147Friday Night Facts from the Office of Faith-Based and Community H Initiatives 130 Habitat for Humanity of Greater India-Friendster 40, 50 napolis 140Fringe Fridays 17 Half Priced Books 124, 194Fry’s 53 Hamilton County Leadership AcademyFunnel 95 99G Harrison Center for the Arts, The 6 Harrison Society, The 148Garage Sale, The Annual Greater India- Harris Printing 96 napolis 78 Hazelett Women in Leadership ForumGay Indy 64 99Geek Squad 53 HBA - Healthcare Businesswomen’sGeorgetown Natural Foods Market 127 Association 19, 26, 31, 36, 99,German American Klub of Indianapolis 100, 104 64 Headless Horseman 87German Language Video Center 65 Healthcare Businesswomen’s Associa-Girl Scouts of Hoosier Capital Council tion, Indiana Chapter, Rising 139 Star 19 202
  • 213. Healthcare Business Women’s Associa- Incubicity 31, 37 tion, Indiana Chapter Mentor- India Association of Indianapolis 65 ing Program 99, 100 Indiana Academy of Family PhysiciansHealth Care Heroes 19 105Hearthside Suppers 77 Indiana American Water CorporateHeartland Film Festival/Truly Moving 178 Pictures 8, 87 Indiana Association for Women Busi-Help Indy Online 140 ness Owners (IAWBO) 20, 27,Hendricks Power Cooperative 176 41HH Greg Fine Lines Class 70 Indiana Association of Nurse Anesthe-High Life Adventures 170 tists 107High School Sports 113 Indiana Author’s Institute 186Hispanic Center/El Centro Hispano 65 Indiana Authors Bookstore 186, 187,Historic Irvington Halloween Festival, 194 The 87 Indiana Avenue 1, 81, 102Holcomb Gardens 180 Indiana Avenue Jazz Festival 81HOMExperience by Estridge 70 Indiana Black Expo 65, 83HoosierMac Consulting 52, 196 Indiana Blast 149Hoosier Environmental Council, The Indiana Blaze 149 92, 140 Indiana Building Green Symposium 78Hoosier Horse Fair 80 Indiana Business College 154Hoosier Storytelling Festival 86 Indiana Business Magazine 113Hubbard & Cravens 47, 174 Indiana Chamber 23, 35Humane Society 131, 132, 145 Indiana Christian Chamber 35 Indiana College of Clinical PharmacyI (ICCP) 106Iaria’s 57 Indiana Commission for Women 21IAWBO - see Indiana Association for Indiana Convention Center Bridal Women Business Owners 41 Show 78IBJ - see Indianapolis Business Journal Indiana Council on World Affairs 65 3, 18, 19, 22, 31, 36, 114, 119, Indiana CPA Society 23 125, 129, 148, 168, 189 Indiana Economic Development Cor-ideas, big 192 poration (IEDC) 31, 36IHIF - Indiana Health Industry Forum Indiana Entrepreneurship Week 38 31, 36, 104 Indiana Factory Shops 110IHSAA Boy’s State Basketball Finals 79 Indiana Fever 149IHSAA Girl’s State Basketball Finals 79 Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF)IMAX 121 31, 36, 104IMA Horticultural Society 71 Indiana Herald 113IMCPL - see Indianapolis Marion Indiana Historical Society, The 12 County Public Library 125 Indiana Humanities Council, The 9, 19IMCPL book sales 194 Indiana Innovation Network 31, 37 Indiana Institute of Technology 154 Indiana InternNet 23 203
  • 214. Indiana Jewish Post & Opinion 114 Indianapolis Artsgarden 9Indiana Lawmakers 118 Indianapolis Art Center 6, 72, 80, 163Indiana Lawyer 113 Indianapolis Black Chamber 35Indiana Leadership Forum 100 Indianapolis Bridge Center 9Indiana League for Nursing 107 Indianapolis Business Journal 3, 18, 19,Indiana Living Green 93, 114 22, 31, 36, 114, 119, 125, 129,Indiana Minority Business Magazine 189 113 Indianapolis Business Journal’s Book ofIndiana Nursing Workforce Develop- Lists 3, 22, 31, 36, 114, 119, ment Coalition 107 125, 148, 168, 189Indiana Pacers 149 Indianapolis Chamber - see GreaterIndiana Pharmacists’ Alliance (IPA) 18, Indianapolis Chamber of Com- 106, 107 merce 24, 31, 35, 40, 43Indiana Pharmacists’ Alliance Dis- Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra 14 tinguished Young Pharmacist Indianapolis Children’s Choir 14 Award 18, 106, 107 Indianapolis City Market 75, 121Indiana Proactive Animal Welfare Indianapolis Civic Theatre 17 (PAW) 132 Indianapolis Coffee Meetup 48Indiana Repertory Theatre, The 16, 17 Indianapolis Colts 150Indiana Secretary of State 178 Indianapolis Convention & VisitorsIndiana Sports Corporation 170 Association 2, 3Indiana State Bar Association Young Indianapolis Cultural Development Lawyers Section 23 Commission 10Indiana State Fair 75, 84 Indianapolis Cultural Sampler, The 125Indiana State Festivals Association 77 Indianapolis Dine 57, 114Indiana State Hispanic Chamber of Indianapolis Downtown Artists & Deal- Commerce 35 ers Association (IDADA) 6Indiana State Medical Association 105 Indianapolis Downtown IncorporatedIndiana State Museum 12, 122 (IDI) 3, 31, 38, 129Indiana State Nurses Association 107 Indianapolis Enterprise Center 31, 39Indiana University 155, 194, 195 Indianapolis Farmers’ Market 75Indiana Venture Center 31, 38 Indianapolis Freecycle 152Indiana War Memorial Museum 13 Indianapolis Fringe Festival 17, 84Indiana Wesleyan University 155 Indianapolis Home Show 77Indiana Writer’s Center, The 188 Indianapolis Hosta Society 71Indiana Young Democrats 147 Indianapolis Ice 150Indiana Young Republicans 147 Indianapolis Indians 150Indiana Youth Group, Supporting Indianapolis Jaycees 24 LGBT Youth 65, 66 Indianapolis Latvian CommunityIndiana/World Skating Academy 170 Center 66Indianapolis 500 80, 150 Indianapolis Life 500 Festival Mini-Indianapolis 500 Festival Memorial Marathon 81 Service 80 Indianapolis Marathon 87Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade 80 Indianapolis Marion County PublicIndianapolis Ambassadors 140 Library 31, 37, 125, 180, 187, 204
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  • 216. 147, 155 Kroger Christmas at the Zoo 89IU Kelley School of Business 31, 40IUPUI 62, 67, 71, 72, 81, 102, 155, L 163, 187 L’Explorateur 59IUPUI Community Learning Network Lacy Leadership Association 24, 100, (CLN) 71, 72, 163, 187 135IUPUI Max Kade German-American Lafayette 1 Center 67 Lafayette Square Mall 110Ivy Tech Community College 70 Laurel Hall 181, 182Ivy Tech State College 155 Lawrence Township Community Edu-J cation Classes 71, 163 Lawrence Utilities 179Jack and Jill of America, Indianapolis Leadership Ventures 100, 135 Chapter 67 LEAD - see Lacy Leadership AssociationJapan-America Society of Indiana 67 24, 100, 135Jazz Kitchen, The 108 Life Sciences Initiative 102JCC Singles 158 Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets 55 LinkedIn 40, 51Jewish Community Center (JCC) 67, Living in Downtown Indy 124, 194 158 184Jigsaw 40 Long’s Bakery 48Johnny’s Market 75 Luna Music 108Johnson County REMC 176Juneteenth 82 MJunior Achievement’s Annual Best and Madame Walker Theatre Center 10 Brightest 19 MadeULook Graphic Design Studio 96Junior Achievement of Central Indiana Madison Vineyards 184 19, 141 Main Street Institute 40Junior League of Indianapolis 141 Major Taylor Velodrome 150K Marian College 155 Marsh Marketplace 93Kahn’s Fine Wines 184 Mass Ave 1, 86, 184KAJ Design & Communications 96 Mass transit 190Kass, Eric 95 Massachusetts Avenue Fall Festival 86Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. 53, Massachusetts Avenue Wine Shop 184 92, 94, 142 55Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s Recycling Matteo’s 59 Program 53, 92 MediaSauce 31Keystone Arts Cinema 121, 122 Meetup 51, 53, 125, 133, 147Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis 5, 142 147Kiwanis International 5, 142 Meijer Skyconcert 85Knitting Guilds 72 Meridian 153Kokomo 1 Mexican Civic Association 67Kroger 48, 89, 115 MIBOR 125 206
  • 217. Michael’s 71 NAWBO - National Association ofMiddle Eastern Festival of Indianapolis Women Business Owners 20, 82 27, 31, 41, 196, 197Midsummer Fest 82 NCAA Hall of Champions 13Mini Marathon, The 81 NCAA Men’s Basketball TournamentMission Tea & Coffee 47, 48 79MIT Open Courseware 163 NCAA Women’s Final Four 80Monon Trail, The 134 Neighborhood Self Employment Initia-Mosaic Cafe Conversations 142, 197 tive (NSI) 34Motus Dance Theatre 7, 8 Network of Women in BusinessMovie Theatres 121 (NOWIB) 20, 27, 28, 196Muncie 162 New Generation Republican WomenMurat, The 108 147MySpace 40, 51 Next Awards, The 21 Noblesville 162N Noblesville Farmers’ Market 75Naptown Roller Girls 151 Noblesville First United Methodist 20sNaptown Stomp Lindy Hop Society 8 & 30s Group 158National Art Museum of Sport 13 Northside News Cafe 194National Association of Women Busi- Northview Singles 158 ness Owners, Indiana Chapter Nothing But Noodles 174 (NAWBO) 20, 27, 31, 41, 196, NOWIB’s Networker of the Year 20 197 NOWIB - Network of Women in Busi-National Black MBA Association of ness, The 20, 27, 28, 196 Indianapolis 67 No Strings Speed Dating & Introduc-National City Bank 46 tion Service 55National Coalition of 100 Black NPR 119, 163 Women 68 NSI, see Business Ownership InitiativeNational Concert Band Festival 79 31, 34, 196National FFA Organization 142 Nur-Allah Islamic Center 68National Hot Rod Association MAC Nurses 107 Tools US Nationals 86 Nuvo 3, 108, 116, 120National Institute for Fitness and Sport Nuvo’s Encounters 120 (NIFS) 172 ONational Organization for the Profes- sional Advancement of Black O’Malia’s 93 Chemists and Chemical Engi- O’Rielly Raceway Park 172 neers (NOBCChE) 68 Oakley’s Bistro Chef for a Day ProgramNational Public Radio 119, 163 71National Society of Black Engineers 68 OASIS 189National Society of Hispanic MBAs OFBCI 130 - Indianapolis Chapter 68 Office Space 121Nationalities Council of Indiana 68, Oh Yumm! 59 161 Oktoberfest 85 207
  • 218. Old Southside Fall Festival 86 ROliver Winery 184One Liners Comedy Club 49 R. Beauchamp Antiques 153On the Radio 119 R Bistro 60Opera Lite 15 Rainbow Chamber 35Opportunity Indianapolis (OI) - see Rainmakers 31, 42 Lacy Leadership Association RCA Tennis Championships 84 100 Rebuilding the Wall 143Organizational Development Breakfast Recycling Coalition 93 Group 24 Referral Institute, The 41, 196Orkut 40 Regal Shiloh Crossing 122Outdoor Indiana 116 Rene’s Bakery 48Out Run the Sun 172 Repro Graphix 96 RepuCare 103, 196P Rib America Festival 85 Richard G. Lugar Excellence in PublicPalomino Sunday Lunch Class 71 Service Series 101Panera Bread 174 Ronald McDonald House 93, 143, 197Peace Learning Center 101, 143 Rose Awards 20Penrod Arts Fair 86 Rotary Club of Indianapolis 143, 144Perfect Wedding Guide 116 RoundPeg 130Petit Patachou 60 Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse 174Pharmacists 18, 106, 107 Ryze 40Phoenix Theatre, The 17Physicians 105 SPlanned Parenthood of Indiana 197Planned Parenthood Young Leaders Sachem Award 20 143 Sagamore of the Wabash 20Plaxo 40 Sakura 60, 61Plenty of Fish 55 Sawasdee 61Podcasts 119 SBC 178PRE - Professional Referral Exchange Scheitlin Communications 97 31, 41 SCORE 25, 31, 43, 136Professional Association for Design, Scottish Society of Indianapolis 69 The 25 Second Life 40PRSA - Public Relations Society of Seymour Outlet Center 111 America, The 31, 42 ShadowApe Theatre Company 17Purdue Research Park 31, 42 Shapiro’s Deli 61Purdue Tech Center of Indianapolis 31, Shelbyville 162 42 ShowPlace 16 122Purdue University 156 Sidelines Sports Pub 174Purrs & Gurrs 133 Singles Coach, The 55 Sister Cities International 69, 161Q SKL - Lacy Leadership Association 24, 100, 135Quilter’s Guild of Indianapolis 72 Skyline Club/The Indianapolis Society 148 208
  • 219. Slingshot 31, 43 Taste of Indianapolis 80Small bizU 40 Taylor’s Bakery 48Small Business Administration (SBA) Tea’s Me 47 24, 31, 43 Teachers’ Treasures 145Small Business Development Center, Techpoint 31, 44 Indiana 25, 31, 136 TED 164, 51 Theatre on the Square 17Society of Women Engineers 27 The Crossing Singles 157SoKo 1 The Damar Guild 145Some Guys Pizza 61 The Damien Center 139Sony Cherry Tree 122 The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis 1, 194Sony College Park 122 The Indianapolis Marion County PublicSource Yoga Center 172 Library (IMCPL) Central Li-South Bend 162 brary 180, 194Southport 1 The New Yorker 164Southport Antique Mall 153 The Noblesville Ledger 116Southside Art League 7 The Onion 91Spencer and Nate Productions 165, The Rainbow Book 136, 189, 194 166 The Wicket World of Croquet 82Spinners & Weavers of Indiana Fibers third space 47 & Textiles 72 Three Dog Bakery 134Spirit & Place Festival 10, 88 Time Warner Cable 175Spoke 40 Toastmasters 25Spotlight 5 Together (dating) 56St. Elmo’s Steakhouse 61 116St. Luke’s Singles 158 Torchbearer Awards 21St. Patrick’s Day Parade 79 Tour De Cure 83Starkey Entrepreneurial Woman Award Trader Joe’s 127 20 Traders Point Creamery Farmers’ Mar-Storytelling Arts of Indiana 10 ket 76Strawberry Festival 82 Trusted Partners 145Street Cleaning & Repair, Indianapolis Tucker Real Estate 125 178 Turtle Run Winery 185Stuart Sobel Consulting 31, 43, 136SullivanMunce Cultural Center 10 USusan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foun- United Artists 123 dation 143, 145 United Way of Central Indiana Leader-SWIFT - Spinners & Weavers of Indi- ship United Program 101 ana Fibers & Textiles 72 University of Indianapolis 156T Urban Times 116 USPS 177Talbot Street Art Fair 82Talented, The 21, 167 VTaste Cafe & Marketplace 62 Venture Club of Indiana 26, 31, 44 209
  • 220. Venture Idol 31 Worshipping Warriors Magazine 117Verizon Wireless Music Center 16, 108 Write Stuff Writers 188Vintage Indiana Wine Festival 83, 185 WRTV 117Vista College Mentors for Kids 145 WTHR 85, 118Vivian S. Delbrook Visiting Writers WTTS 92.3 FM 119 Series 186 WTTV 118Vogue, The 16, 108 WXIN 135VSA Arts of Indiana 11 YW Yahoo Personals 56 Yats 62Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound 131, 146 YMCA 172Washington Market 122 Young Audiences of Indiana 11Washington Square Mall 110 Young Professionals of Central Indiana’sWBENC 31, 44 Young Professional of the YearWCLJ 117 21Wellspring Pharmacy 128 Young Professionals of Central IndianaWestern Festival and Chili Cookoff 87 (YPCI) 21, 26Westfield Gas Corp 177 Young Urban Single Professionals ofWestpoint Financial 196 Indiana (Yuspie) xiiWFYI 117, 185 YouTube 91WFYI’s Annual Indy Wine Fest 185 YPCI - see Young Professionals of Cen-Whimsical Wisk, The 48 tral Indiana 21, 26White River Folk Festival 83 Yuspie xii, 129, 160, 165, 190, 196,White River Gardens 181 211WHMB 117Wholesale district 1 ZWIBC 119 Zionsville 162Wild Oats/Whole Foods 128 Zionsville Farmers’ Market 76Williams, Stephanie 126, 165, 196 Zionsville Presbyterian Church SinglesWineries of Indiana 185 159WINK - Women Increasing Network- Zionsville Times Sentinel 117 ing Knowledge 31, 46 Zip Skinny 124WIPX 117 Zoobilation 83, 181WISH 117WNDI 117WNDY 117Women & Hi Tech 27Women Increasing Networking Knowl- edge (WINK) 46Woodcraft 73Woot 91World Trade Club of Indiana 69 210
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