WebRTC and Web Design
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WebRTC and Web Design



Another version of the WebRTC overview, with materials on designing WebRTC into enterprise and edu sites for community, tech support, customer service, and social media.

Another version of the WebRTC overview, with materials on designing WebRTC into enterprise and edu sites for community, tech support, customer service, and social media.



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  • Client-side innovation is in full swing. We provide the backend for these kinds of things; web servers don’t cut it

WebRTC and Web Design Presentation Transcript

  • 1. How WebRTC Will Impact WebDesign
  • 2. 2> Web Real-Time Communications> New standard that allows browserto be endpoint for communications> ―Allows developers to add real-time voice calls, video chats andfile sharing to their web appswithout the need for plug-ins.‖ –TechCrunch> Javascript, open sourced byGoogleWebRTCWhat It Is, Exactly
  • 3. 3 Communications at Web SpeedNothing short of a communications revolution
  • 4. 4> A softphone in a browser> Complexity reduction> Real-time everywhere> $2 trillion industry re-invented> Skype, but better, based on standardsThe Vision of WebRTCApproaching reality at Web speed
  • 5. 5 Browser SupportHeading Towards AdoptionChrome• Desktop: Full support• Mobile: Coming soonFirefox / Firefox Mobile• Desktop: Full support and interop withChrome• Mobile: Announced (Android)Safari• Apple focused on Face Time walled gardenand H.264• Third party plugin: e.g. webrtc4all• iOS is closed and prevents third partybrowsers from accessing certain functionsOpera• Mobile: Available (Android)IE• Via ChromeFrame plugin• Microsoft chose a proprietary path
  • 6. 6Features• Codecs• Encryption• NATtraversal• BandwidthmgmtSignaling• SIP• XMPP• ProprietaryHow Does It Work?Simple, its (almost) all in the browserWebSocketsWebSockets
  • 7. 7 Basic DiagramPutting the pieces together
  • 8. 8> Voice• Opus (royalty free, opensource)> Video• Google and Mozilla and W3Cfavor VP8 (patent free andopen source)• Microsoft, Cisco, Apple favorH.264 (requires a license)> Microsoft• Remember RTAudio andRTVideo?Ongoing Fight over Codecs and PatentsWebRTC attempts to set a new standard for open source and royalty free codecs
  • 9. 9> Email, such as Outlook,Zimbra> CRM, such as Salesforce> Not just voice/video, butscreen-sharing, right in theapp> Communications-enablementbecomes the standard for webapps, especially at workCommunications-Enabling Web AppsAdding Voice, Video, Screen Share, and Chat capabilities
  • 10. 10Unite Zimbra first version• Initiate calls (click-to-call)• Presence integration• Unified messaging / call history• Conference management• Corporate address book• Calendar free / busyUnite Zimbra second version• Voice / video in the browser• Screen sharing from the ZimbraUI• Integrated chat / group chatVMware Zimbra Communications EnabledWebRTC brings voice / video / screen sharing right into the Zimbrabrowser UI
  • 11. 11> Fresh Tilled Soil created VideoChat Widget for websites> Twelephone-WebRTC-basedservice to use your Twitter handleas your phone #, but works onlyin browser> BananaBread game: peer-to-peer, multiplayer WebRTCtechnology> CubeSlam: play face-to-face withfriendsSome Cool ExperimentsApplications in Social Media, eCommerce, Gaming, more!
  • 12. ―A Million Touchpoints‖:Changing the Function ofWebsites Forever
  • 13. 13> Websites become a keycustomer service function• Yes, a function> Scores, on large sites, hundredsof endpoints where a call can—and will—originate> Forget click-to-chat on sites, thewebsite is the customer service,and sometimes sales, hubChanging What Websites Can DoNever Further from Brochureware
  • 14. 14> WebRTC will be integrated theway social needs to be now> Part of the evolution to website asapplications> Once it’s accepted, will need toplan for WebRTC as a key part ofany serious enterprise orconsumer-facing websiteChanging Websites’ FunctionSites Become More Interactive In A Way Social Leads
  • 15. 15> eCommerce> EDU sites> eLearning: Any site can enable real-time learning withvoice, chat, and video> Social Media: With applications like Twelephone, socialmedia becomes a true endpoint in the customer servicechain> CommunityImpacts Many FunctionsWebRTC Creates Thousands of Touchpoints Across A Site
  • 16. Designing the WebRTC-Enabled Site
  • 17. 17> Add where it will benefit> Think about how WebRTC can enhance the:• User experience• Lead generation and sales process• Customer support experience• Community> Add in functionality in areas where it will have significantimpact, given the internal needs to support real-timecommunicationsReasons to Add WebRTCImprove Functionality, UX, Stickiness
  • 18. 18> Need to be Designed Thoughtfully> Where are we putting real-time on oursite?• Where does it make sense, in terms offunctionality, to have voice? Chat? Video?• Tempting to be a kid in a candy store• Too many different functions, and it canbecome cumbersome to manageQuestions to Ask at the Start of a ProjectDesigning WebRTC Into a Site Creates Great New Capabilities
  • 19. 19> Many orgs are still not handling social media correctly,and now WebRTC is social cubed> Does this need to tie into the phone system?> Who is responsible within the organization formanaging the inbound and outboundcommunications?• PR?• Customer service?• Sales?• All of the above?• What gets routed where?Is the Organization Ready?And how to get clients ready for WebRTC
  • 20. 20> Connect to phone system• SIP> Social media> Customer service• Call center• Email> Ensure pieces are in place, backend will support it, andresponsibilities identified before a project kicks offPlanning IntegrationMaking WebRTC Work with the Rest of Organizational Infrastructure
  • 21. 21> Consumer adoption first lead the way, pushing theenvelope and leading other applications> Will start to drive enterprise demand> Applications to customer service and social the greatest> Consumer sites with service focus> Organizations will need to know when, how to apply to beeffectiveWhat Next for WebRTC?Some predictions