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Trip Advisor (2011)
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Trip Advisor (2011)


Presentation by Helena Egan from Trip Advisor at the E-Tourism Africa Summit 2011 in Cape Town

Presentation by Helena Egan from Trip Advisor at the E-Tourism Africa Summit 2011 in Cape Town

Published in Technology , Travel
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  • Our travelers It really is all about the user journey, they think about: Where to go, How to get there, where to stay and what to doClick 1    Where to go (Inspiration 30-40%)Destination pages and forum pages +71k cities We did an internal survey of our members and found that 32% of our users are looking at TripAdvisor for inspiration on which destination in the world to go to. To back this up further we have also carried out studies with an OTA that found that when we served display advertising directly into a series of specific destinations 47% of the users ended up purchasing a different destination from the one first researched ** all this data is further outlined in the appendixClick 2    How to get there (Inform & Research 60-70%)Seat Guru and Flight Meta Since our launch in 2000 we have built out an ever increasing number of ways for travelers to research their modes of transport from flights search, flights meta, seatguru, which allows you to find the best seat on the aircraft and Cruise Critic for the ever expanding cruise industryClick 3    Where to stay Business Travel & New filter graphic +460k hotels This was very much the heart of our content in 2000 but as you can see we are now much more than just hotel reviews however the scale of our content now reaching +40m reviews and opinions has allowed us to incorporate new functionality beyond filtering by price and star rating. You can now filter reviews by people who were on a similar type of holiday to you. E.g. Romance, Family, Couples, Business etc. We have also more recently been expanding into the holiday rental sector as well to make sure that we can offer a user the choice between a B&B, a Big Chain Hotel, a villa to a boutique hotel.Click 4    What to do Mobile App Graphic +640k attractions and restaurants on the site This is also a core section of the site and we have over 640k restaurants and attractions on TA now This content is great for the TripAdvisor travelers but is also fantastic in the Social Media and Mobile environments for people in their home markets as well as when travelling
  • Change to specific country
  • Social key initiative for TA – we are working on products to enable users to tap into the wisdom of their friendsOn siteMillions of FB users connecting per month and seeing friend content relevant to the cities they are planning their trips toFB users are more engaged – they are doing more of the things we want on the site, spending more time, viewing more pages, etc.FB users are 2x more likely to contribute contentOff site – Cities I’ve Visited Facebook appContinues to be engaging app on the platformMore than 20 million users1.5 billion pins added
  • This is great information for a creative on TA for the hotel industry, if you want to boost interaction and conversion rates it looks like that you should consider: Layering in the review/rating that your property has on TA. Examples are Hilton and Sol Melia in Europe using their ratings and our brand on the CPM creative If you have a good location you might want to show a map on a creative rotation to showcase the property next to great attractions or restaurants etc in the area
  • In the last week of August, “Reviews at a glance” debuted on all of TripAdvisor’s English-language domains. The feature appears on more than 20,000 properties – any property that has received at least 50 reviews in the last two years. The two-to-three word statements that appear most often in their reviews are displayed, in order of frequency. Travelers can click down on any of the terms to see the reviews behind them and gather more detail.
  • People were asked which social media tools they expected companies to use. 40% of consumers expected onsite reviews of products and services


  • 1. TripAdvisor
    E-Tourism Summit Africa
    Helena Egan
    15 September 2011
    Sept 2011
  • 2. Agenda
    TripAdvisor & market changes
    Modern traveller on TripAdvisor
    What does this all mean to you
  • 3. TripAdvisor Media Group
    Sept 2011
  • 4. TripAdvisor – 30 domains, 21 languages
    • 495.000 hotels
    • 5. 145.000 attractions
    • 6. 689.000 restaurants
    • 7. 89.000 destinations
    • 8. +50 million monthly unique users
    • 9. +20 million registeredmembers
    • 10. +50 million reviews
    • 11. 23 reviews & opinions postedevery minute
    Source: ComScore e TripAdvisor August 2011
    Sept 2011
  • 12. TripAdvisor Unique Users
    TripAdvisor is the Worlds largest travel site with 52m Unique Users
    Middle East
    Sept 2011
  • 13. TripAdvisor – Worldwide
    The world’s largest travel website and another record traffic month!
    TripAdvisor is:
    +53% larger than Expedia
    +69% larger than Yahoo Travel
    Sept 2011
  • 14. Our Travellers – Your Potential Customers
    It is all about the user journey
    Where to go?
    How to
    get there?
    Where to stay?
    What to do?
    Sept 2011
  • 15. Augmented reality & cool stats…
    Sept 2011
    • 10 million unique monthly visitors on mobile &tablet in May 2011
    • 16. iPadapp number 1 free travel app in Apple App Stores in 85 countries
    • 17. TripAdvisor apps are available in more than 123 countries
  • South Africa on TripAdvisor
    Sept 2011
    2009 average
    2010 average
    2011…average so far:
    Visual Sciences Sept 2010
     Hotels: 1.086 , B&Bs: 1.451, Self Catering: 812 , Restaurants: 1,451 Things to Do: 883
    Cape Town
    Helena Egan
  • 18. South Africa – Seasonality of Pageviews
    2009-2011 stats – TripAdvisor Worldwide Pageviews South Africa
    Visual Sciences 2010
    Cape Town
    Helena Egan
    Sept 2011
  • 19. Growth of the social networking
    eMarketer Jan 2011
    Cape Town
    Helena Egan
    Sept 2011
  • 20. TripAdvisor Working With Facebook
    TripAdvisor Internal data Q3 2010
    Sept 2011
    +20m active users
    +1.5 billionpins!
    +5m new pins every day
  • 21. Friends’ opinion matters…
    JWT Intelligence July 2011
    Cape Town
    Helena Egan
    Sept 2011
  • 22. Instant personalisation
    Facebook users are 2 x more likely to contribute content
    Sept 2011
  • 23. Flight search with cool functionality
    Sept 2011
  • 24. The Modern Traveller on TripAdvisor
  • 25. Holiday planning
    Inform & Research
    Inform & Research
    This process takes
    approximately 30days
    Source: December 2009 TripAdvisor travel trends survey – 1,200 respondent
    Advertiser feedback and Comscore / Google Study 2007
    Cape Town
    Helena Egan
    Sept 2011
  • 26. TripAdvisor travellers choosing destination
    Inspiration - Destination Selection
    Sept 2011
    of our travellers book a different geo to the one they first started researching
    use TA at the beginning when I am looking to be inspired with a destination to visit**
    use TA at the beginning when I am choosing between destinations**
    OTA report Q1 & Q3 2010
    December 2009 TripAdvisor Travel Trends Survey – 1,200 respondents **
  • 27. When booking a hotel, which of the following
    will be your biggest influence of purchasing decision in 2011?
    Sept 2011
    TripAdvisor Traveller Trends Survey – Q4 2010
  • 28. Travellers get more selective
    Sept 2011
  • 29. Power of The Positive Opinion
    Sept 2011
    Average score is 3.90
    TripAdvisor % of all reveiws Oct 2010
  • 30. What Does This All Mean to You?
  • 31. What do the travellers want to see…
    Sept 2011
  • 32. Register to the Owner Centre…it’s FREE!
    Sept 2011
  • 33. Manage your presence on TripAdvisor
    Sept 2011
  • 34. Add content to your site…
    Sept 2011
  • 35. Sept 2011
    Add your photos & videos
    Tourism Turkey
    • 14 videos currently loaded
    • 36. 55k video views
    • 37. Rating of 4.2 average viewer
  • Add your details to Traveller Articles
    Sept 2011
  • 38. Be active in the forums
    Sept 2011
    90% of the forum
    posts are responded to
    in 24hrs!
    South Africa FORUMS:
  • 39. How can I get better presence…
    Sept 2011
    If I was considering two comparable properties, the presence of management responses on one would sway me in its favor.
  • 40. Do respond!!
    Sept 2011
  • 41. But often the community self-regulates too…
    Sept 2011
  • 42. What would consumers like to see on your site
    Whichsocialmedia tools do you expect companies to use?
    UK Customer Satisfaction Index, July 2010
    UK Customer Satisfaction Index, July 2010
    Sept 2011
  • 43. Samples on who is already using UGC…
    Turisme Barcelona
    Deutschland Tourismus
    Sept 2011
  • 44. And what do Consumers really think about it?
    Case study: Visit Scotland
    VisitScotland.com users agree:
    81% : TripAdvisor reviews are appropriate
    79%: TripAdvisor reviews are useful
    72%: TripAdvisor reviews enhancecredibility
    53%: More likely to book on VisitScotland.com
    Base - all who have seen Tripadvisor reviews on VisitScotland.com
    Sept 2011
  • 45. Traveller Forums on your site!
    Sept 2011
  • 46. Get more reviews – enrich your content
    Barcelona Turisme: hotel, attraction and restaurant reviews
    Sept 2011
  • 47. Three powerful forces transforming travel
    Real Opinions
    Relevant to you
    Friend Graph
    Always Available
    Location Based
    Socially Aware
    Sept 2011
  • 48. Take-aways….
    Sept 2011
    Note to self:
    Register with the new Management Center today– FREE!
    Upload photos and videos to TripAdvisor – FREE!
    Use reminder tools to encourage guests to write reviews – FREE!
    Sign up for new review notification and respond to reviews – FREE!
    Add TripAdvisor content to your website with badges and widgets – FREE!
  • 49. Thank you
    Helena Egan
    Head of Destination Marketing Sales
    Europe, Middle-East, Africa & Asia
    Tel. +44 7714 765 154
    Email: hegan@tripadvisor.com
    Victoria Delany
    Sales Manager Destination Marketing
    Africa, Turkey & Eastern Europe
    Email :vdelany@tripadvisor.com
    Sept 2011
  • 50. Sept 2011