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Presentation by Maud Larpent, Trip Advisor at the E-Tourism Africa Summit, Johannesburg 2009

Presentation by Maud Larpent, Trip Advisor at the E-Tourism Africa Summit, Johannesburg 2009



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  • Before we start, a couple of questions how many of you know TA How many use it to plan their trips How many have written a review on TA Last month (Oct 09) 4.1 million people researched their trips to Africa on TripAdvisor
  • (18 new posts contributed every minute of every day) To give you an idea of size, received 619K UVs worldwide in September (according to Comscore)
  • Numbers are for Europe but represent a global trend and they are researching trips around the world, including Africa
  • South America: 10.1 Million Asia: 53.1 Million
  • A majority of the users who look at Africa on TA are based in Europe, but that covers a wide array of situations: example of SA and Tunisia
  • Online shoppers still plan to travel but 46% will spend less over the next 12 months Consumers are shopping around more than ever: 42% visited 3 sites or more for their last purchase Nearly all consumers are spending more time online 77% of online shoppers look to user ratings and reviews to help them spend in a savvy way - TA highest click days this year
  • Consumers are more and more turning to social content to help their travel decisions - they are no longer satisfied with reading the official DMO information / the Travel agent’s brochure / the hotel website, they are after recommendations from people like them… it’s the wisdom of the crowds!
  • WHY? Trust Consumer opinions generate the highest level of trust User reviews are always fresh Authenticity Traveller photos tell the real story Wisdom of the crowds : the opinion of like-minded people complement the “expert” opinion Examples / quotes These are not anecdotal, reviews on review sites tend to be positive
  • Also be prepared for Hit and Miss
  • Several products available: Self-service products: Badges “Recommended on” / “Rated on” / “Featured on” TripAdvisor “ Bravo” badges Widget with overall rating and latest review titles Contracted products: Widget (or API) with overall rating, traveller photos, latest 5 reviews All content is updated in real time and available in several languages
  • . UGC is here to stay (because people want to listen to other people's opinions, because it's fresh, etc.) . UGC is very valuable in that it genuinely helps conversion (people are more confident to book if they know what to expect) . The good news is that you can join the conversation and make the most of UGC (we can help)

Trip Advisor Trip Advisor Presentation Transcript

  • E-Tourism Africa Summit Johannesburg - December 2009 12/8/2009 7:20 PM
  • Who are we? TripAdvisor is the most popular and largest travel community with… • more than 25 million unique visitors per month • 11 million registered members • 30 million reviews and opinions on … •… 1 million+ destinations, hotels, attractions, and restaurants We’re all about UGC! 1
  • TripAdvisor worldwide presence The site is now available in 10 languages and 14 countries… more to come! 2
  • Why bother with Internet and Social Media (in case you were wondering) The majority of online consumers rely on the internet for travel research Base: 12,677 European Adults Source: Forrester’s Technology Benchmark Study Q2 2008 3
  • Travellers research their holidays to Africa on TripAdvisor Total Page Views in Oct 09: 23.9 Million 30,000,000 25,000,000 20,000,000 15,000,000 Up 90% year-on-year! 10,000,000 5,000,000 0 Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep- Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep- Oct- 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 09 09 09 09 09 09 09 09 09 09 4
  • A Global Audience OTHER Page Views by country of IP 20% GBR 26% ITA Visitors looking 2% Visitors looking at Africa at South Africa IRL 2% AUS 2% OTHER CAN 2% 23% FRA 3% NLD ZAF GBR 3% DEU 19% 37% 7% USA 14% CHE OTHER 2% USA 13% 2% NLD CAN 2% 2% GBR 30% BEL Visitors looking CHE 2% 2% at Tunisia BEL ZAF 4% 2% DEU ESP 5% 4% ESP USA FRA 4% 7% ITA 9% ITA 5% 7% DEU 7% TUN FRA 8% 23% 5
  • What are the consumers searching for? • Online shoppers still plan to travel but spend less • Consumers are shopping around more than ever • 77% of online shoppers look to user ratings and reviews to help them spend in a savvy way Source: JupiterResearch for Bazaarvoice and richrelevant, based on a survey of 800 consumers, February 2009 6
  • From Eric Schmidt at the Gartner conference in Orlando in October: “(There is) a fundamental shift to user-generated content which has a lot of implications. Most people’s information will come from other information as opposed to traditional sources. You’ll tend to listen to other people more than anything else.“ 7
  • Why are user reviews so successful? Reviews from like-minded 76% people most useful UGC is important part of 65% travel research UGC is more reliable than 63% travel agents UGC had strong impact on 60% accommodation choice UGC photographs are for 50% entertainment Concerned about "planted" 48% reviews UGC had strong impact on 47% destination choice Too much UGC available 22% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Percentage of Online Travel Researchers Using UGC in their research Source: Jupiter Research US Online Travel Consumer Survey Published May 2008 8
  • Why are user reviews so successful? 1.Trust Travellers are today’s opinion 2.Freshness formers 3.Authenticity “Very, very happy with the location, the staff “Most relaxing, and the amazing amazing place on owners” earth” - Guest who stayed at - Guest who stayed at Blackheath Lodge, Cape Funzi Keys, Mombasa Town 9
  • More Raves than Rants Reviews on TripAdvisor Are Largely Positive – Average Score is 3.74 45% 38.6% 40% 35% 33.4% 30% 25% 20% 15% 12.5% 11.3% 10% 4.1% 5% 0.04% 0% 1.5 2 - 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 - 5 Traveller Rating 10
  • Don’t Miss Out!! • Community sites are where the conversations are happening now • It’s cheap to get involved • The viral effect can be extremely effective 11
  • How can you use this trend to your benefit? 1. The Basics 2. Get Involved 3. Serious About UGC 12
  • The Basics Listen to what travellers say about your property / destination! • Google Alerts • Sign up to RSS feeds for the TripAdvisor forums • TripAdvisor Email notification for property owners 13
  • Get Involved • Create a Facebook Page • Twitter • On TripAdvisor: Add photos and videos Engage in the TripAdvisor forums Respond to Reviews 14
  • Serious About UGC Integrate traveller generated content on your site • Consumer reviews drive conversion • Greater depth of info to refine decision-making • Embracing dialogue drives loyalty • All content is co-branded to associate with TripAdvisor authority and independence 15
  • Hotel, Attraction and Restaurant Reviews 16
  • Partnerships with Destination Organisations 17
  • In Summary… • User Generated Content is here to stay… •… and is very valuable for customers • Join in the conversation and make the most of it! 18
  • Questions? 19