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Presentation by Dieter Holle of Tourvest at the E-Tourism Africa Summit 2011 in Cape Town

Presentation by Dieter Holle of Tourvest at the E-Tourism Africa Summit 2011 in Cape Town

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. money burned, lessons learnedDon’t Panic!
  • 2. Late 1990’s PANIC
    E-commerce has emerged and will put us out of business within 10 years!
    PANIC!–Let’s build a better website!
    Travel Agents, Tour Operators and all printed material will cease to exist!
    PANIC!– Yes, the new website will replace that too!
    Every second household in our source markets with internet access!
    PANIC!–Problem, we don’t speak B2C…
  • 3. Mid 2000’s PANIC
    It’s for real this time. Everything is online, soon there won’t be books for amazon.com to sell!
    PANIC!–Let’s follow the herd & go B2C
    Travel Agents & Tour Operators only serve those who still don’t have internet...
    PANIC!–B2C and we will do everything!
    Suppliers are undercutting and going direct all via the internet...
    PANIC!–Buying power will keep us competitive!
  • 4. Reality Check
    Travel Agencies & Tour Operators continue to flourish
    TDM Brochure material in high demand. Digital not as practical.
    Price is not everything – service critical
    Less is more, don’t try to do it all. Focus!
  • 5. Focus!
    Focus on our traditional B2B space with technology
    Assist our customers to grow – empower with tools
    Place service & ease of use as priority
    Approach online B2C opportunities gradually
  • 6. E-Commerce / Technology
    B2B Connect Range
    Internal Process Optimization
    Extranet & Collaboration Applications
    Focused web presence B2B & B2C
    Managed Social Media
    CRM and Electronic Marketing
  • 7. E-Commerce / Technology
    Rate, Content Distribution & Online Res Facility
    - Online real-time booking facility
    - Client specific setup/rate levels etc.
    - Lookup rates & T&C’s
    - Print suitable images
    - Export information for re-import
    - Database change alerts
  • 8. E-Commerce / Technology
    Connect B2B Adobe Desktop AirApp
    - Lightweight Desktop Application
    - Rapid access to rates, T&C’s & info
    - Desktop presence
    - Social Media Integration
    - Expandable
  • 9. E-Commerce / Technology
    Connect B2B Host2Host XML
    - Full XML connectivity to TDM
    - Integrate our large key accounts
    - Seamless flow of bookings/information
    - Supplier integration
  • 10. E-Commerce / Technology
    Internal Process Optimization
    - Efficiency through B2B & Host2Host
    - Efficiency through supplier connections
    - Technology to aid processes- & quality control
    - Effective reporting
  • 11. E-Commerce / Technology
    Extranet & Collaboration Applications
    - Supplier facing Extranet to aid content/data updates
    - Employee collaboration in managing data
  • 12. E-Commerce / Technology
    Focused Web Presence B2B & B2C
    - Brand specific focused websites/portals B2B
    - Product specific B2C sites
  • 13. E-Commerce / Technology
    Managed Social Media
    - TDM specific Social Media Policy
    - Selective access to Social Media in the work environment
    - Social Media efforts focused on target market (B2B)
    - Executive buy-in
  • 14. E-Commerce / Technology
    CRM and Electronic Marketing
    - In-house developed, integrated SalesNet CRM
    - Use of technology to enable tracking of online marketing- campaigns
  • 15. Lesson’s Learnt
    Focus On What You Do Best!
    Don’t Follow, Innovate!
    Don’t Panic!