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Analyze Data Simply
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Published in Business
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  • When I’m analyzing average visits per month, there are two places I like to go.Sources Report (i.e. organic search, social media)Pageviews ReportNow, pull up screen showing sources report.Then, pull up screen with pageviews report
  • When I’m analyzing average visits per month, there are a few places I like to go.Sources Report Landing Page ToolList ToolNow, pull up screen showing sources report.Then, pull up screen with landing page tool.Lastly, walk through list tool.
  • Content HomeLanding Pages Tool
  • “….Based on your historical data (i.e. past 3-6 months)”“i.e. Don’t compare Math Business Unit vs. Science Business Unit, audiences may perform differently.”
  • “Using historical data and benchmarks, you will be able to better determine your SMART goalsThese can be short term goals or long term goals”You can even set your smart goals in the hubspot dashboard,
  • “Using historical data and benchmarks, you will be able to better determine your SMART goalsThese can be short term goals or long term goals”
  • Image from the Hubspot website (a good example of primary and secondary CTAs)--- 1. Because the majority of this blog’s traffic is going to be new traffic, the primary CTA is very top-of-the-funnel, educational offer2. Because the growing reach of the blog is a main goal, the secondary CTA promotes a subscription to the blog.If you’re trying to increase new contact numbers:Find landing page with most new contactsPromote this page on social media sites or through PPCWhen talking about email workflows, mention that this tactic can help improve lead quality
  • Measure historical vs current campaign data. Include increases or decreases. Highlight how it fits with your smart goals.


  • 1. Prepared byeSocial StrategiesAnalyzeYour DataSimply
  • 2. Camberley WoodsFounder of eSocial by:
  • 3. Look at Historical DataSet BenchmarksDetermine SMART GoalsReach SMART GoalsAnalyze DataOverview
  • 4. #1 Look at Historical Data
  • 5. AverageVisits PerMonthAverageLeads PerMonthNumberof BlogPosts PerWeekNumber ofLandingPages PerWeekYou will want to look at…
  • 6. FindingAverage VisitsPer MonthSometimes weeven analyze usingGoogle AnalyticsPageviewsHelps us identifywhich pagespeople arevisitingSources ReportHelps us see totalwebsite traffic bysource
  • 7. List ToolsAllows us to exportall leads within acertain timeframeand the dataassociated withthese leadsLanding Page ToolsAllows us to filterthrough landing pagesby views, contacts,new contacts, etc.Sources ContactsReportAllows us to viewtotal number ofcontacts by sourceFinding Average LeadsPer Month
  • 8. Number of Landing PagesPer WeekThere are two placeswhere you can findthese numbers
  • 9. Number of Blog Posts Per WeekThere are two placeswhere you can findthese numbers
  • 10. AverageVisits/Month:859,412BlogPosts/Week:4LandingPages/Week:5AverageLeads/Month: 2,188
  • 11. #2 Set Benchmarks
  • 12. “A standard ofexcellence of whichsimilar things should bemeasured or judged.”What is aBenchmark?
  • 13. Use your own benchmarksinstead of industry benchmarksCompare apples to applesThings to keep in mind…
  • 14. Back-To-SchoolMarketingCampaignBenchmarkAverage %Increase in LeadsEnd of SchoolYear Campaign/Back-to-SchoolCampaign:16.28%AverageLeads/Month: 2,188
  • 15. #3 Determine Smart Goals
  • 16. SMART goal settingSPECIFIC: Significant, SimpleMEASURABLE: Meaningful, ManageableATTAINABLE: Appropriate, AchievableRELEVANT: Results-oriented, RealisticTIMELY: Time-oriented, Time-basedSMART-Hubspot
  • 17. SMART goal settingSPECIFIC: Increase number of leads routed tooutbound call center during Back-To-School 2012CampaignMEASURABLE: HubspotATTAINABLE: Increase Leads by 16.5%RELEVANT: Results-oriented, RealisticTIMELY: Back-To-School Campaign (September2012-November 2012)SMART-Hubspot
  • 18. #4 Reaching Your Goals
  • 19. o Bloggingo Social Mediao Organic Searcho Emailso Paid SearchIncrease Traffic! But how?
  • 20. o Call-to-actions1. Primary CTA2. Secondary CTAo Landing Pageso Offerso Email Workflows…and Increase Leads!-Hubspot
  • 21. #5 Analyze Data
  • 22. AverageVisits PerMonth:897,666AverageLeads PerMonth:2,641Numberof BlogPosts PerWeek: 6Number ofLandingPages PerWeek: 8You will want to look at…
  • 23. Now, measureagainst your SMART GoalsCompare historical vs.current campaignWhat has increased ordecreased?Do results align withyour SMART goals?
  • 24. Questions
  • 25. View these slides at