Online Fundraising in 7 Basic Steps


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Online Fundraising in 7 Basic Steps:

1. Time it right.
2. Build an awesome Donate Page.
3. Plan user navigation
4. Schedule promotion
5. Send emails.
6. Share on social media.
7. Ring in the money!!!

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Online Fundraising in 7 Basic Steps

  1. 1. Online Fundraising 7 Steps to a Smashing End-of-Year Donation Campaign
  2. 2. Why End-of-Year? The end of the year is a huge time for non-profit fundraising. Big donors will decide who to give tax-deductible donations. A few small choices will make a big difference in your fundraising.
  3. 3. YOU HAVE 6 WEEKS! 1. Time it right. 2. Build an awesome Donate page. 3. Plan the perfect navigation. 4. Schedule promotion. 5. Send emails. 6. Share on social media. 7. Ring in the money.
  4. 4. 1. Time it Right DECEMBER TIPS Many people choose where to donate at the very end of the year. Many people will decide where to donate on the last Be ready to put your days of the year. organization and its work front and center. Build a great Donate page, plan the perfect navigation, schedule your promotion, send emails, and share on social media!
  5. 5. 2. Website Donate Page
  6. 6. Donate Page TIPS Minimize text. Say "tax-deductible". Pre-select a specific donation amount. Pre-select email sign-up. Show how money is spent. Give specific examples. Include credit card fields directly on page. Make donate button clear to click. Show security authentication next to donate button.
  7. 7. 3. Plan User Navigation TIPS Direct people to a "Thank You" page. Include Facebook "Like" + Twitter "Follow" buttons. Include Facebook + Twitter share buttons, and email forward fields on the Thank You page.
  8. 8. 4. Schedule Promotion Website Dec. 1: Complete Landing Page + Thank You Page. Email Dec. 7: Email to all previous donors. Dec. 21: Email to entire email list. Dec. 28: Email to previous donors, special ask to previous large donors. Dec. 29: Personal emails from staff + board members to previous large donors. Social Media Dec. 21: Post Donate Page on social outlets: Ask - When we meet our donation goal, what do you think we should do first? Dec 28: Post Donate Page on social outlets: How close are you to your donation goal, how much more do you need per supporter to reach it?
  9. 9. 5. Send Emails TIPS Make buttons and links obvious to click. Say it's tax-deductible! Say "Donate" !! -- Don't say: "Give", "Contribute", "Support", "Help", etc. Segment previous donors and large donors. Ask for a specific amount. Make it "from" a real person.
  10. 10. 6. Share on Social Media Ask people: "what would you do?" TIPS Engage with people directly.
  11. 11. 7. Ring in the Money
  12. 12. Thanks!!! Eric Shutt, eSocialMediaShop. Email: Phone: (202) 569-3175 Twitter: @eshutt